Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1806: Fall Travel - Brave Men/Assault -

A distant, distant past. From there, Kite moved to save the Tenma of Guidance (Angel Feather). It was an adventurer called Grimm, who somehow was alone across the continent, who became such a reinforcement to him.

It was once a warrior who unilaterally defeated the moment and fought each other with the abundance that borrowed his body. With such a black-clothed reaper on his side, Kate had carried out an assault on the 'Tenma of Guidance (Angel Feather)' capture operation that was taking place in the deepest reaches of Mount Cusipos with Yuri.


From the top of the mountain of Kucipos, Kate sees the depths of the mountain that have only once been turned into a battlefield and a Zutaboro.

"... ah"

I knew it was you. He once slept in kite, making kite zero voice.

"What's going on?

"... look at that. Herbal flock...... not scratched at all. Angel Feather has isolated the dimension only there."


At Kite's point, Yuri also noticed herbal flocks being moved somewhat out of phase. "Angel Feather of Guidance" took care of it so that he could use his powerful powers.

This is what we call a phantom beast. At the same time, it was the ultimate reason for the great controversy when it came to classifying "The Leading Heavenly Horse" as a demon.

"... I need to help."

"Oh...... fortunately, Doc's Reaper is on my side all this time. You can win."

To Yuri's words, Kate looks up only once. Grimm had already started the battle there, and the guild adventurers behind the boulders seemed to be very much on the rise as his intervention. Now if you want to attack. That was the situation.

"Come on... you've done so much trouble in our territory... you must be ready..."

Apparently, Grimm is finding out that he's lying. Then there is no need to cut back now. If so, I'll just let you know. Besides the man called Reaper, there was a man called Reaper. More death than death. That's how Kate jumped off the mountain and untied her disguise.

"It's you, please"

Once upon a time. My own ears heard the words when I decided to stay in the dead place. Then I had to show it. He said he was himself.

At the end of a long time ago, I had to inform him who kept an eye on me from the far side of the world of my husband's return. As such, Kite is directly beneath the Adventurers of the Leading Heavenly Horse (Angel Feather) and the Back Alliance at once. Descend to support the arms of the Alliance fighting in the air.



"Somebody or something... whatever. I've come to crush you, Reaper."

Further crushing the ground, Kite tells the noisy back guild adventurers with a fierce laugh. That's how he spread his hands and created countless weapons to the left and right.

"Come on...... run. If you can get away with it."


Those guild adventurers behind this scene don't know who Kite is. but I've figured out a few things. This man is definitely not an adventurer. And at the same time, this man will not miss himself. In this way, simultaneous firing with countless weapons is initiated.


Simultaneous shooting sideways, Kate exhales only once. Something unusual. Something unchanged. Various. Unusual objects are obvious. My current position. How to fight. The same thing is also obvious. My own life. Way of life. Mind.

Something unusual cannot be undone. Especially not the way to fight. Now that I have acquired far more advanced technology than I did back then, I can no longer fight in the same immature and powerful way that I did back then. But only the heart that dwells there doesn't change.

(I don't use that McDawell stream anymore, and now I can't use it anymore...)

Still. Cultured moves were not lost, and the pride that lived in that sword move is still in my chest. That's why Kate put a great sword in front of her like a knight, as she had once done, so that she could dare see it.

"What are you doing all of a sudden?

"... he was my beloved horse. I didn't know you were on The Leading Heavenly Horse."

"Is that it? But be reasonable..."

Yuri is unintentionally surprised by the sudden exposure, but I see, and convinced. Otherwise, more than once, Angel Feather will save you. And it's kite. No wonder I couldn't have done anything like that.

"Do you need a horse cabin or something?

"I don't need it."

To Yuri's inquiry, Kate closes her eyes only for a moment. That's how he ran out all at once with the weapons he throws.

"This guy...... fast!?

"That's all! Whoa!"

All weapons to be projected are... Only restraint to keep the enemy from escaping. Those who fall in restraint don't mind that. Kate was throwing countless weapons in such a condition. It is therefore he who can deal with the projection of his own weapon that he defeats directly.

"Huh! This guy! What an idiot! Huh!?"

"It's not just the power, is it?

Against whoever prevents his own blow, Kate immediately turns behind him and hits him in the back of it. Some of them managed to attack him while dealing with weapons projections like that.

"Ha, ha, ha!

"Yes, there you are!


He is an adventurer in the back guild who tried to slash him from the top toward the back of Kate, but such he stops slumped after Yuri, sitting on Kate's shoulder, turned around. but shortly thereafter. He was drunk by lightning strikes and blown away.

"Yes, besides"

Kite projects more weapons at the blown adventurer. but apparently this adventurer was rank S equivalent in rank. Use the momentum being blown as the first speed to accelerate and slow down Kite's relative speed with his weapon. When I used a one-handed sword, I cut it off, and at one point I was knocking it all off beautifully with a shield on my left hand.


It's something to do inside. Understanding that he avoided attacking himself with the signs behind him, Kite raised a slight eyebrow. In contrast, an adventurer who avoided his attacks disappeared. Metastasis. Apparently, he was an adventurer who would probably have made a name for himself as a super handyman even if he were truly alive.

"Ha! Huh!?

"Ho, do it"

"You do it too! I didn't know there was a guy on the table with that arm!

Play the reward of metastasis, and the adventurer of the back guild joyfully tells against Kate's praise. Metastasis is quite a skill. It can be used by those who carry out melee combat, so you can say it inside.

Though, that doesn't matter to Kate, and most importantly, I can't take the time for this guy right now. Therefore, he was distanced by metastasis without any stray.

"Oh, there!

Read the destination of the distanced kite and the adventurer of the back guild disappears. I went around behind Kate's back with more metastases. but just before transferring. As soon as the barrier disappeared - to move the barrier ahead and prevent Kate from leading the way because Kate was there before the transfer - a thunderstorm struck.

"Heh... to...?

"Ahhh. I knew this might be a power to Rank S."

"... Shit... I can't believe we're shooting at this gap..."

Down on the ground, the adventurer of the back guild joyfully offers an unspoken praise to Yuri's arm. He is a proximity adventurer. The breaking moment of the barrier in its metastasis is precisely a moment. further below the comma zero second.

Otherwise, I can't use the metastasis technique in the battle between Rank S. I shot at it. Successfully. It wasn't something I could do with my half-breed arm.

"Not a bad arm. Take this opportunity to regenerate."

"That's good."

"... Ha"

Yuri agrees to the word as Kate, who flaunted her own transfer, descends directly next to the fallen adventurer and sits on its shoulder. For the record, he was later captured by the military, and he said in his letter that he had entered the back guild to fight a strong enemy. He said that there were many people with bad arms, led by Kite and Grimm - who might have been surprised, but he was not a backing guild - so he took the opportunity to return to the surface society.

"Well... is that it? You're not, are you? Still coming."

Beating down an adventurer he thought was handsome, Kate provokes the remaining adventurers with pleasure. That was a rough face later when Yuri had a little fun not knowing which was the adventurer in the back guild. In that way, they were going to defeat the remaining adventurers.