Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1810: Fall Travel - Arvent Kingdom -

Shortly after finishing the battle over "The Leading Heavenly Horse (Angel Feather)". Kate decides to use the excess to sell the fight to Syndicate at once and to the Saru Count of the Arvent Kingdom, who manipulates it. Thus he rides the corona across the back of his former beloved horse, giving instructions to his beloved horse as he once did.



What do you think of a master aligned again after a few stars frost? Only the two of us can tell that. but to the instructions he once gave, Edna kicks the ground vigorously and spreads her wings. Thus, in just a few steps, he ended his escape and instantly rose to heaven and high.


Rising Edna stops on the spot as she misses where she once was, but at first glance simply waiting for Kate's instructions. Besides, Kite also got a slight sentiment.

"... I miss you"

This is how we used to run through thousands of moons. This is how I just closed my eyes across the back of my beloved horse, and I could remember that.

Nevertheless, I can't miss it forever. Therefore, when he instantly shakes off his sentiments, he marks the moon to determine the direction.

"Because the moon is over there... is Arvent Kingdom over there? Two thousand kilometers over there... or so. Can you ask for it?"


It's cheap. To Kate's desire, Edna kicks the void just as if the extent were not bitter.

That's one step. She kicks with all her might what blocks her and the unnecessary void of reluctance. That's all, she left the sound behind.

"... wow"

Some things change, others remain the same. That's what I thought, Kite, but I unexpectedly opened my eyes to Edna's stepping in, which obviously added strength. Much more powerful than he knew her, and most importantly, faster. So, one more step. She kicks the void. Then that alone emitted divine light.


Jump in the next step. Kite is silent and waits for Edna to make the leap that once saved her more than once. So, the third step. To leave the sound and the light behind, she broke through the walls of the dimension.

"... Huh?



Corona and Yuri's distracted voice strikes Kite in the ear. but kite just gets extremely impressed with this. No, later he says. If I had been alone on this occasion now, I would have swept around with great joy, he said. It was the best way to indulge in that emotional swing.

"Arvent Kingdom... just in the middle of it. It's still dusk."

Seeing the twilight scenery, Kate remembers somewhere sad. There was a sight just like that.

"Well... I wonder where His Excellency the Count's mansion was..."

"What's that?

"A map. Thought I'd punch you in... around."

To Corona's inquiry, Kate laughs at one and spreads the map. That's how the current position was immediately determined by the sight from above.

"Because the lake is here... almost west. I asked for it."

At the behest of Kate, Edna jumps the dimension again. Nevertheless, this time it was not as far away as Sasa. And so Corona opened her eyes to the woods that spread beneath her eyes.

"Ah... we were born in this forest."

"So it's definitely the home of the two"

It draws the blood of an elf species, albeit mixed. I guess you can hear those who live in the woods and the woods themselves. And if so, you're already in Count's territory.

"Do you know which one?

"Yes... over there"

"Okay...... please"

Kate runs Edna in the direction Corona pointed to. A few minutes like that. I was one with the three of them who flew through the dusk, but there I noticed something strange.


"Disturbance… I guess"


What I hear is people yelling. Something is happening. Enough to see that. And at the same time. The explosion sounds and the black smoke rises.

"... apparently..."


The slightest vigilance is twisted by two people, Kate and Yuri. It is the Count's residence that is being attacked. It was the mansion I was about to punch in. That seems to stand around pretty flashy, too. There was no appearance of any discretion in the destruction of the mansion. And, to such a vigilant kite, communications abruptly entered.

'Uh, uh... yes, thank you for everything. He's your handler. "

"... are you kidding me Viktor? It's a raid that lacks the smartness of a chamber of commerce."

'No way. Either that or you're a friend of Darling's. Smarter if I do. It's not a hobby to be violent. "

"Ha ha. I guess... but my friend..."

Since this case is only related to the Adventure Department and the McDawell family, I have not moved my own 'Uncrowned Troops (No Orders)'. So all the idiots involved in rough things and fun leave a message. With such a friend of his own, Kate was tilting her neck.

'No, probably not a direct friend of Darling's... no, some of your friends are on the other side. Most of them are not direct friends.'

"Hmmm...... so, what can I do for you?

'No, if you intervene before they kill you, I'll put it exactly in shape later. If it's possible, I'd like you to get some evidence.'

"I don't care if they kill me."

It's a vicious nobleman. As a kite, I don't care if you die. Nevertheless, when Salia comes in contact here, I guess there are circumstances that deserve better if she stays alive.

'That's right... I don't have a problem with his departure or where he was killed, either. I'm just having trouble bothering Lord Plata because of his demise.'

"Well, it will be true that there will be trouble... enough for the Chamber of Commerce to care?

"In fact, we have been kind enough to Lord Plata and his wife. I've been looking after your wife, especially for quite some time. It also has its edge, and the magic silver (misril) used in the new product is the finest from Plata. I'm sorry for the trouble they're having with so many small things.

"I see. Well, selling favors to Lord Plata isn't a bad decision."

After all, when you become a nobleman, most of them are inherently, big and small, and fear of removal exists. That is no different even in Lord Plata, the great nobleman. And it's not very good as a kite to influence Lord Plata's power.

As he mentioned earlier, Lord Plata and the McDawell family are relatively cordial. Selling one favor here was not a bad decision. Above all, I had not originally intended to crush the Earl of Frussia. It was troublesome when it came to Kate being too badly raped.

"Shh. It's a falling situation..."

Covering things up can be a hassle if you can get any more violent. Then Lord Plata could get into trouble, too. That's not what Salia wants, he said. Here's one thing, you should break a bone for your fiancée.

Fortunately, the purpose has been achieved without trying. After that, it was enough to threaten him a little, and he stepped on it. So Kite decided to look for someone she was likely to be able to cross, but Corona pulled his hem like that.

"Well... my dick hey... hmm?

"Oh, um... that..."

"Are those the guys running around? Is that... oh?

It's Kite, who saw the adventurers running around in the mansion somewhere surprised, but he blinks unexpectedly when he sees one of them. There were opponents who had fought together on several occasions in connection with the request.

"Is that... Hector's old man? Why are you here..."

"Do you know!?

"? You know that too? Hector's old man. I've been away for a while now..."


I guess it's because I heard Corona's surprise. Hector. An adventurer called that looked up and noticed the kites there. He raised his hand to Kite somewhere shy, with all those floating smiles.

"Well... I'm embarrassed to see you."

"Long time no see, Mr. Hector... so what are you doing here? I thought you said you were going to Union headquarters first. Or this would be Count Furth's mansion, though."

"Ha ha. Hey, it's for the wild. I'm here to punch you in with your friends."

Hector laughs and flaunts his shoulders at Kate's inquiry, which made him peek into his face from Edna's shadow. And to him like that, Corona raised her voice.

"Mr. Hector!

"... Damn, I'm surprised. I thought Corona had a voice... but I didn't know she was really there. Surely you were in Kucipos?

"Yeah... you know, a lot..."

"I don't know..."

Well, Hector could understand that there would be some circumstance at a time when Corona, who was in Kucipos, was in a distant arvent. And, from behind him like that, a giant fist is launched.

"This is... no way..."

Is that fool coming? Kate senses what was going on with the current blow and accidentally pulls her cheeks apart. And the man who showed up. That is now the total top of the Union. For one of the living legends, he was the only man with a rank EX title equal to those of the kites.

"Ah, Bal Chi"

"Mr. Balflair."

"Hmm? Ooh! Take Lord Dachi to Lord Dachi... Corona! That's a hiccup! It's been about three years!

Apparently Balflair knew about Corona, too. And then I can snort that Kite is also a direct friend. Hector has kept me close, but it's hard to say he's a close friend.

In contrast, it was no exaggeration to say bad friends and friends in the case of Balflair. That's why Kate was flourishing back against the upbeat Balflair.

"You... what are you doing... this is the Count's house for once..."

"Better than you...... so, what are you up to punching me in"

"You'll see. So what are you doing, what is it?"

Balflair is still the Union's top guild master, and one of the eight guilds < >. Whether that is the case or not, it is to enter the nobleman's mansion. It was a big problem. but there was more to him there than doing this.

"No, you can't keep your hands shut on our guild member kid more than they put you out. We've been sold. We'll buy all the fights, okay?

"So don't get involved..."

"Don't you say that."

"Go! Go! Go!

Kite and Balflair are entertaining. In other words, the number of punches made against noble opponents for the sake of kite and yukhara, or other punches made in the back, is such that I don't have time to list them. It was just a statement that put my own thing on the shelf no matter what anyone heard.

"Even so... you knew each other too"

"Oh... hey"

Apparently, there's something. Balflair invites Kite, who was on Edna's back. That's how he taught me to be hissohisso when I shouldered him with Kite.

"The father of Corona... is actually the descendant of the father of Mundus"

"Huh? What is Mundus... Mr. Mondo? Is that your predecessor?

"Yes, my father."

"Seriously? You mean, you had kids with that guy?

"He was there. A guy named my grandson came out after my dad died... and that's the ancestor of Corona."

Balfleur nodded slightly at Kite as she raised her face slightly and flushed Corona's face. Mondo is nicknamed this Mundus. Those who knew him at the time called him Mond because it was difficult to call him.

"Seriously though... then I'm convinced. So you had the information."

"Oh... let me gather information by turning my hand to the Union branch where Corona's father belongs."


I guess it's still a place called one of the heads of those who don't know what they're thinking. Balflair looks like this and specializes in detailed instructions. So he kept gathering information by putting some exploration into the Union branch, and he immediately grabbed Corona's parents' death, and he immediately grasped that Corona had been targeted by his lords. As a result, immediate intervention was possible.

"That means even this time?

"Oh... ask Hector to keep you both away for once. I didn't know you were ever going to leave... but you're the one who brought me here."

"Coincidence, coincidence"

Kate now had to laugh that way as she watched Edna see Balflair flush. In doing so, they exchanged information for a little while in order to understand each other's situation.