Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1817: The Fall Way - The Battle of the Successors

Raids by the spirits of the evil gods near Mount Cusipos. As one of its defensemen, Kite was in the line. As such, he had stopped the invasion of enemies made of black moya with adventurers engaged in melee combat, but with the support of magicians - more specifically Tina - who refrained from going backwards, he was pushing further forward.

"Come on..."

Vigorously, have fun. Kate laughs joyfully and puts up a big sickle in front of a huge enemy made of black moya.

(You heard the story. Evil gods can summon the Divine Army again.)

Kite, who prepares for battle momentarily after losing sight, remembers only a moment ago. That was when Charlotte came back to life and heard more about the war. but this was no exaggeration, apart from its divine army summons.

"Come on... on what principle are you doing this? No, there's no brainwashing in your power in the first place... but if you say that, I doubt I know your < >."

Have fun, and be somewhere happy. Kate squeaked so before a giant black moya that took the shape of a protruding person.


If it's true, I want to attract more enemies to myself and reduce the damage. Kate only thinks so if she knows that this enemy has a number of ties to herself, and only if she knows that she has as much power as she can. but that results in exposing who you are, and most importantly, there's Alven here now. He hadn't forgotten that.

"… Alven"

"... what?

"You'll see when you see it, but it's been a long time since this guy attacked. It looks fast, and it's actually fast. But it's still this giant. Only the first speed commensurate with that leaves. Focus on avoiding it."

"... are you going to defeat me?"

"Can you take him down, can't you? We have no choice but to defeat them. I'll protect you. If you don't die, I can give it back to you alive."

Kite makes it clear that he will survive against Alven, who cannot hide his tensions before his mighty enemies. He's also a member of his own guild, even though he's not in formal form yet. Live and go home. That was his only unique assignment here. So a giant black figure waved his fist down at him like that.


Seeing the fist waved down, Alven kicks the ground instantly. Sure, Kate's right, it's fast enough and if you look at it as a whole, it's fast enough. but still. It was only the first speed commensurate with that giant, if we looked at the overall movement and included preliminary motion. Therefore, if we looked closely at the whole thing, we could avoid it. He was like that, but I'm greatly surprised and raise my voice that Kite stayed put.

"Oh, hey! Kite!"

"The God of the Underworld is here… Come, 'A Land Without Return (Kul Nu Gi A)'"

Against the giant fist to be waved down, Kate unfolds the power of the underworld god of Urk, known as Eleshkigal, who dwells in him. Create a place in your favor.


As if it were light.Kite, who called the underworld into the world only around herself, swung away with a sickle against her shaken fist. Then somehow countless slaughters erupt, causing huge arms to cleave.

To this extent, they decided that there was no problem with Charlotte's support now. I want to stand out, but I won't be able to do that. I should have thought about it to this extent.

"... what?

"That's sweet...... there's no way you can beat me right now with no resurrection. The state of the inhabitants on this side will only favour us."

Alven is unintentionally taken aback by Kite, who stopped the move by simply slicing a huge arm into a huge doll with a lift, a left hand that doesn't hold a sickle.

but as a kite, I haven't done anything strange. The fact that the enemy has not yet been resurrected paradoxically means that he is still a resident of the underworld. I guess I can be resurrected as a god, but beyond being a dweller of the underworld, and beyond the other master being a god of Mesopotamian mythology, Eleshkigal's power takes precedence over everyone and above all else.


It is a kite with one left hand holding huge enemies in place, but once again with both hands a big sickle. Only then will the enemy be broken down into a number of giant black lumps again. So Doshadsha, made the noise, and the black mass fell into the black wave.

"Ha... the miscellaneous fish"

"Ele...... gal......"

Some voice echoes into Kite, who has easily erased the black giant from intent. Besides, Kate blinked her eyes unexpectedly.


"Using the... of the underworld... you... are you?"


Apparently, the source that generates this black moya doesn't know much about Kate. Naturally. The Evil God himself will roughly understand about Kate, but that's because it's only him. Then if I hadn't listened to it in detail, it would have just seemed like someone who would use the same power of the world as my husband.

"Who... who, who. Right. Shall I say the godson of King Gilgamesh?"


Apparently, it sounds familiar. The source of the black Moya speaks its name as it recalls.

"Oh, yeah. I am now... No, we are all earthlings, the ones who grew up looking at his back. The first man of humanity. For the first time as a human being, I stood on the earth as an independent human being... and I am..."

He's the only godchild. Kite is small and speaks her own pride. And at the same time, I think it's a slight bitterness that's causal. Neither of us is. Despite this, Kate is for those she believes in. For God's sake, the enemy had no choice but to fight.


I don't know what happened between my husband and Gilgamesh is the source of this black moya. But still. The hatred and anger embedded at the time it was created had not disappeared. Therefore, the source of black moya no longer only as words were unnecessary created countless giant figures around kite.

"... what the hell, this"

"You're an evil spiritual soldier... focus on the battle"


Gu. Alven, to Kate's words, holds the sword again. Besides, Kite slightly fucking laughs. Not bad. That's what I thought.

"I mean, even now."


"You're too clever. What, that sickle"

"Oh, this. This is an artifact I got on a little edge. Can you deal with a boulder without artifacts?

"Are you serious..."

Did you even have such a thing? Alven looks at Kite's sickle and looks at her face unexpectedly. And that's where Charlotte came in to read.

"A servant. Hear me?

"Aimam, if it's your voice, it can't be reached this dark night."

'That's fine... here I come. They're marching in there pretty fast. "


Apparently, he recognized himself perfectly as his main enemy. No, of course not. With Charlotte's help, I made sure it did. So after that, we'll just fight.

"Alven. For now, think only of surviving."

"I've heard it many times."

"I'll tell you as many times as I want. Don't let them crush you."


That's the number on the boulder. I didn't even have to think about Alven or Kate not going the way she did earlier. Thus, a huge figure moved out simultaneously. Aim for everything, Kite. He thus floats away from Alven, while at the same time lightly lagging in his favour.


Against the fists that are unleashed, Kate uses the power of "A Land Without Return (Kul Nu Gi A)" to inhibit movement. Slightly dodging the delaying fist, he swings the Great Sickle with a returning knife and turns it into a black mass.

The figure was an elegant way to fight like dancing on the moon and night, just like his husband, Charlotte. And the clouds shall be broken, and the moon shall appear, as if they had been called unto it.


Illuminated by the moonlight, Kite raises her eyebrows slightly. The moon came out, that is, because that is what it is.

"... what?

Alven looks up unexpectedly at the countless flashes of silver poured down as the moonlight plunges in, fighting the countless dolls around him while avoiding the attack of a giant enemy. It was Charlotte with the moon on her back. She opens her mouth and speaks from far away from the sky.

"My servant. There he goes."


"Huh! What!?

but the sound sounds like something is going to bump and kite is blown out loud. Thus, on the slopes of Mount Cusipos far away, he landed.

"I'll do it..."

It's a blown kite, but there was still a grin on its face. Apparently, Gilgamesh, who enraged his husband, took precedence over Charlotte, who once defeated his own husband.

The spirits of the evil god who blew him up were pushing him in a straight line again toward Kite. And something clashed against the spiritual soldiers of the evil god who were thrusting into it as a flash of a black strip.



"Angel Feather!"

To Edna, who appeared to protect herself, those around her cheered. Such she unleashed a high-output laser of demonic power against the spirits of a blown evil god. The Lord grins for a moment, sidelined by the spiritual soldiers of the Evil God who are blown away in that way.



Huh. To Kite, who kicked the ground, Edna kicks the void again, too. That's how it became a flash of silver, and she stepped on even dimensions and tapped a tackle into the spirits of the evil gods.

"Yes, there you are!

Against the spirits of the evil gods, who were blown away by fierce momentum, Kate stuck her left hand out waiting on its path.

"Don't move!

The spiritual soldiers of the evil gods stop abruptly with the sound of "dong," Seeing that, Edna taps into a high-output magic laser again.


Kite also waves the Great Sickle relentlessly against the spirits of the Evil God who are burned by a high-output magical laser. But I guess the resurrection of the Evil God is still close. The Spirit of the Evil God receives the Blade of the Sickle at your place. but there was a grin on Kate's face that should have been taken.


"And this!

Yuri's flamethrowing and Edna's tackle jumping off Kate's shoulder strikes directly at the spirits of the evil gods. Kite is not fighting alone. They're a party. However, there was no problem in trying to prevent a blow. The spirits of the evil gods are blown away by the two shots that have been struck in that way.

"... Nice, this"


"I feel good. Once upon a time, I felt that the shape I wanted to take is gradually taking shape."

That's what Kate tells Edna, who asks for a little fun, in a slightly overwhelming way. but that's what Yuri told him.

"But not yet."

"You're welcome. This is still a preliminary exercise... not yet, not enough. It's only two worlds now. Here they are, and for the first time I've crossed the three worlds, I can assemble a being called me."

Behind Kate's eyelids was the appearance of the partners she met on Earth. For the first time since the two of them were here, Kate thought she would complete herself. And that's why, it was a preliminary exercise.

"... well, hang out with me a little longer. I feel good now. I can fight you enough."

I feel better. There's nothing wrong with fighting all day. That's how Kite laughs. That's how they continued their one-sided battle as it were, wiping out the spirits of the evil gods perfectly.