Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1819: Autumn Travel - Mystery -

A series of incidents that began with Tina's Entesian homeowner inheritance. That comes to an end by handing over the letter of introduction that Kate promised Grimm. And after it was all over, Kate walked into the Duke's mansion and waited for her to reunite with Edna, her former beloved horse.

So, a little. By the time Kate arrived at the Duke's residence and Kuzha and the rest of the McDawell family had all their faces at all times, she also appeared at the Duke's residence. but such was she, as if instead of just saying hello, taking a look at people.

"Ha... even so, will I be a person until you"

"Running around thousands of worlds, I realized that it was better to engage with nature and people to explore. Then, in a certain world, I was apprenticed by the beast of God so that I could become a man."

"That's again... ha... good luck"

"I'm really tired."

Edna smiled at Kate's words as she became a beautiful woman with long blonde hair wrapped around her ponytail. No one knows how many worlds we've crossed. but kite also figured out that at least he had a fair amount of hard work.

Nevertheless, that doesn't mean much to both of us. There is such a bond that the extent of it is not bitter. So Kite cut it out quickly.

"So, what's a deposit?

"First this. From Claude."

"This is..."

Kate looks at the notebook shaped demon prop that was first handed to her by Edna and tilts her little neck. The restoration of his memory is imperfect, and most importantly, there is still a partial defect in his memory of the other. This is all because the years he went through were so huge that he had no choice. but opening that first page, he understood everything.

"... oh, this is..."

"Only one name is missing, so put that name in at the end."

"... oh sure, you did. I forgot..."

Somewhere sad, and nostalgic, Kate looks at the notebook she receives. Plus, Yuri asked.

"What the hell, it"

"It's the notebook I used. The Returnee Register..."

"Returnee? Not the non-returnees?

"That. Returnee Register"

If I closed my eyes, I could remember. What Kate used to be proud of most of all was not letting anyone die. He led a thousand men and returned all of them alive from any battlefield. It was a feat made by my father, and it was decided when he led the Knights that the legend would never be scratched.

"On every battlefield I fought, I put this on. The last one says to write his name on this when he leaves. Now there are nine hundred and ninety-nine names on this roster."

"So the last one of them is Kite?


I hear a little bit of an overview of the hell Kate once went through on this occasion. Therefore the meaning that this was given here was painfully mournful.

"... Too late..."

Kate has a sad face somewhere, but somewhere proud, the last name on that last page. Write down your name. Now this notebook was engraved with a thousand names.

"Okay. Now... we're all going back. My father's feat was well preserved..."

I'll borrow Kite's mouth and he'll say what he once said. There was a feeling of universality seeping in there, and no one could say anything. Therefore, it was Edna who opened her mouth.

"Sometimes I'm late. You're the last one. Because I was put to sleep until the end of my injury..."

"Haha...... right. Yes, it was. Whatever time it is, it was still a mess after the real battle... it doesn't change, me."

"If I'd changed, I'd have abandoned you."


To Edna, who joked somewhere, Kate just plays a little bit to show off. And, the two of them joked a lot, but then Edna handed him a smaller box.

"So, this way next"

"What's this?

"From Sir Edwin. The medal."

"I don't think I need it."

Sir Edwin. That was once the name of Al and his father, and at the same time made him the best friend of Kate's father and the name of his comrade. He was eyeing my brothers, the kites who mourned my father, and I guess this was one of them.

"Shortly after that battle, an award was given. So this is for you. No matter how many royalties you become, it would be weird not to give them more than you led."

"Ha... is that the Medal of Reason? Would you like to have it?"

A friend of my father's moved me to kite the medal. It won't hurt to just have it. So somewhere frightened, Kate leaves her little box on her desk.

"So, with it, from those three brothers"


I'm not interested in the medal, except if it's something from a former companion. Therefore, Kate triumphs slightly on Edna's words.

"Don't forget the pride of the knight."

"Dagger? What is this?

"Come on......"

Both Kate and Edna tilt their necks at the dagger they gave them. Edna was just asked to deliver, and she didn't even speak at the time. If the other one told me, I'd still ask for this and that one, and a lot of the stuff I was given.

"... don't ask, to ourselves"

"Are you there?

"Oh, it's reincarnation."

If you don't know, you can ask them. Kate thinks so and puts this on her desk again too. Thus, for some time after this, he spent time accepting goods from his former companions.

Well. A little after he received a bunch of stuff from his former buddies. He was first off at the Duke's residence, but was back to the guild home with his dagger and notebook in his hand.

"You're home."

"Oh, I'm home... is Al or Rufaus here?


Because he heard what Kate said, or Rufaus, who apparently kept his seat organized, faces out from under his desk.

"If Alphonse needs an application from the military, he went to you... Me too?

"Oh...... either is good. There you go."

"Hmm? What is this..."

Suddenly, Koi Kouchi is thrown over a tied dagger, and Rufaus is baffled. That's why he asked Kite.

"What the fuck?

"I want to hear it. You gave it to me."

I don't understand what Kate is saying, and Rufaus puts several question marks on his head. Besides, Kite told me.

"Remember my beloved horse? Oh, not now, but once, yes. I'm not here right now."

"Once upon a time...... oh Edna...... was it?

"Yes, that's him."

Again, I guess it's because Rufaus is able to get his memory back gradually, too. Looks like he remembered it for a little while. Most importantly, this dagger was also big because he sent it again.

"I found him. The other way around? They gave it to me."

"Found it?

"Oh... no, that's not his horse."

"... uh..."

Speaking of which, I was. Rufaus recalls a blur when his older brother thought that wasn't a horse, but he couldn't tell Kite he thought of it as a horse because he dated since childhood.

"Make it, you were flying. My lord kite back then... he was flying in circles now"


That's right. We're still alive here. What would they look like if they said that? While Kate thinks so, she just laughs.

"So, that doesn't matter. So, seriously, what's that?

"... uh..."

I have trouble even asking myself in the first place. While Rufaus thinks so, he fishes his memory desperately. And the other guy who sleeps in him like that, he seems to have offered a baton touch. Once he closed his eyes, the atmosphere changed slightly.

"... Captain. Long time no see. Since that day?"

"Lou. Ever since that day. We've become apart from each other... but I didn't expect to be able to fight together again."

"Yes. First, will you survive...? Good luck."

"Ha ha. It wasn't until 700 years later that I left. Survival or not?"

Kite laughs at the congratulations of another Rufaus who laughs a little bitterly.

"So, that's serious. What?

"Ah, yes. It's a dagger that Al's guy borrowed before. I forgot to give it back..."

"Oh, that one? Nothing good...... no, wait. Not good, huh? Is this... the first dagger?

It's a kite I completely forgot about, but she pointed it out and remembered. I was eating bubbles as much as I wanted.

"No, why are you sending it to me! Give it to Claude's guy! It's a family heirloom!?

"Yes, no, that's... Claude's guy told his brother,"

"Hey... hey, no... no, no, no, no, no, no, no..."

Kate holds her head in abundance to what her brother once did. Then go with me, I think, but officially Kite can't go. What's more, Edna can't go now either.

"Er... Edna..."

"Do you think it's a coincidence that he was in Kucipos?

"What's in Kucipos..."

"It's a collection of magic. I just moved in."

Still, we were able to make an inter-world transfer because Edna had always held it only for that matter. When I met Kite, I was ready to give her the delivery. So Kate tells Rufaus about it.

"… so"

"Mmmm... if you say it looks like her, does it look like her..."

"That doesn't make him any different than a mere Heavenly Horse right now. I can't let you."

That's why I can't. So Rufaus regained his mind.

"As it were, well, he also had a desire for the captain to remember his pride as a knight,"

"Ha... If I find him, I'll have to tell him he's tough..."

"Oh, hahaha..."

To Kite holding his head, Rufaus had no choice but to laugh grandly and bitterly. Some things still changed, others remained the same. So the other Rufaus pulls in with Kite holding his head to the side, and Kite decides to look back at the notebook as well. And that's what Sora asked him. There was a description of the dagger, but this one was pear rubble.

"No, kite. What are you looking at? That's the one you had before?

"Oh, this is it? Oh. This one's for real... yeah?

This is Kite, who answered Sora's query, but looks at a page and stops by surprise.

"... what's up?

"... Sola. I'm sorry, but write your name on this."

"Huh? Why?

"Just write."


To a sword screen that doesn't say whether or not to Kite, Sora writes up her name on a note that she was given, albeit confused.

"I wrote it."

"Oh...... Tina. Get these two out to parse now. Handwriting appraisal, please."


I look at the notebook Kate gave me and Tina looks at me unexpectedly. That's how she took the analytical device out of her desk.

"... we've got a result. 99% Match Rate. Almost certainly the winner... Bye."

"What happened...? What happened...?

"Oh, hey, kite... what's going on?"

Suddenly, Sora startles to ask the two of them seriously. Besides, Kate opened a page with a notebook that she once wrote down.


"Huh?... Huh?

Seeing the letters that were written there, Sola unexpectedly goes out of her way. With that in mind, everyone peered into Kite's notebook.

"External collaborators...... Tenjo Sola......?

"That's not all. Take a look underneath."

"... my name... my letters... mine..."

Following the uttered Yuri, the instant is also utterly silent on his own name in his letter, which was under Sola's name. That's my name in my letter. I couldn't have seen it wrong.

"This is more than a hundred years old for me. That's enough to rub my memory."


Together we lose our words to the mystery that was described. but everyone knows. Sola and the others didn't even know the magic devil's words until they came to Enefia, he said. It can't be described here more than it is.

But no one knows what to say. Kate's own memories can no longer be called out by plunder. Thus, a journey that merely acquires the legacy of the past would usher in a new mystery, inspired by one reunion.