Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1833: Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival - Strange Merchant

Calendar that you are thinking of a new weapon as you compete in the main battle of the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival. To advise her from such a standpoint as a mentor, Kate was supposed to accompany her to the new weapon.

In the corner of the city where arms dealers and open-air merchants connected houses, Kate had applied the < > of the divine shadow to find a store that matched the arm of the calendar. It was a short walk from the streets, a short distance from the hustle and bustle of the city and the readings of the martial artists.

"There you are."

"... an arms dealer... so, are you sure? It's a weapon shop that deals with knives."

"Didn't you come in knowing?


"This surprised me. Well, we haven't got a sign, we haven't got a sale, and we might be bad."

In response to Kite, a young man who apparently had a store number laughs with pleasure. It is a young man's shop with a slight appearance somewhere, but there was certainly no sign or anything there.

There was a sign that it was open for once, so it was only a store, but if they hadn't told me, I wouldn't have known it was a weapons store. That's why he asked Kite, who seemed to know he was a weapons dealer dealing with knives.

"How did you know we were weapons dealers dealing with knives? It's not like we're dealing with a knife because it's in this corner."

"Signs, should I say? Still involved in martial arts for a long time... I felt signs of a knife drifting from the store"

"Heh... I've been doing business for a long time too... I guess I've never been told that before. Thousand houses, but that's why I deal with swords."

I don't think I'm lying about this. Kate thinks so to the surprised response of a hiccup man. And such a hiccup man immediately regained his mind and told Kite.

"Oh, you're late. I'm a daffodil. I'm a pedestrian. I'm close."

Daffodils. The young man who so named was a man with long, elongated eyes similar to fox eyes. To his strange tales like that, Kate tilts her neck.

"A pedestrian? You're setting up a shop?

"It's like a free space for everyone if you pay for it. It's cheap because it's off the main street. Even a young man like me could get his hands on it."

In response to Kite's inquiry, Daffodil makes a clear statement with a laugh. There are several places in this city like rental stores that can only open at one time, so I guess this is one of them. I was not surprised that McDawell had a rental shop to open only during the festival. and because such a daffodil was inspired by kite's moves, he also shows off his moves.

"Hmmm...... well, naturally at this point in time when I'm looking at the store this way. As a one-off confirmation. Are you sure you want a knife?


"Hmmm... then it's your girlfriend you're looking for. Are you... a teacher?

"You know what I mean?

I guess this is natural, but it would be either a martial artist or from the Empire who knows about Kite. No matter how loud and hustled he is, it is only a story about the Empire.

So many people in other countries don't know about Kate, and Daffodils don't know more than they do business in Nakatsu, but they won't be able to. If so, it was presumed that this was stated by him with some speculation.

"Oh. Hey, easy guess. The knife on your hips. It's obviously tailored to suit you, and I can assume it's quite a delicacy and a fairly used item. It's hard to imagine you asking for a weapon. So, that's your girlfriend. She is not a swordsman to see. There's no specific knife usage habit in the signs."


Apparently the daffodils look young and are more certain in their eyes. No, I don't know if my real age is young because I look young in the first place. Although he said he was a young man, it was also possible that he was eating that actual year.

"but... she admires you. Nevertheless, there is no similar wind. If so, I am not a brother or sister. And signs have similarities. So first, you read that you are some kind of mentor. But the movement is different. And when I look at her on top of that...... she still has an atmosphere similar to yours. If so, this one seems to be my mentor too. And seeing the movement over that guess, this one had an atmosphere similar to yours. If so, I'm here to pick out her weapon."

"You know. I'm looking for a weapon worthy of her. Can we talk about this?

Fully acknowledging Daffodil's speculation, Kate again informs the requirements. There was one thing that appeased me here as a kite. That's where daffodils are not masons, but mere merchants.

I couldn't find out if Kite was a blacksmith or a merchant's shop just because of the signs from outside the store. I thought I'd come in and check later. A mason could still be a hassle to talk to, but a merchant could have ended up with only a dry discussion of business.

"Of course, I thought it was possible. Though, me and the merchant. We want to build win-win relationships with each other. So there are things that you can sell and things that you can't."

"I didn't send the product to the store because of that."

"Oh... you know. There are a few circumstances and the store has to be set up, but at the same time there are a few circumstances and I can't put the goods in the store. Well, the best reason is if it's stolen, it's just a hassle."

The primary reason. That kind of thing may be handling the product with the quote. Kate listens to Daffodils and thinks so.

"Best of all, after number two," he said.

"Whatever, even if there is. Number two and three."


A merchant who does not place items in the store and is not willing to do much business. I can say I'm an opposite person to Salia. but at the same time his eyesight was certain and his arms seemed good as a merchant.

"Okay. So, I want you to show me the item."

"... of course, you don't mind. You're welcome."

For a moment, Kate did see an elongated eye similar to the fox eye, piercing a sharp glance through the calendar. As a guest, I guess I decided if she was good enough or not. Apparently, Daffodils are merchants who choose customers.

"Ever... and then... sorry, could you give me a moment? As a matter of fact, I have a kid who leaves it to me to sort out the store number or the back. I can't leave this place."

"When are we going back?

"I'm supposed to be back now... he's serious, so there's no way he's skipping."

Daffodils look slightly bitter in response to Kite's inquiry. And that's just then. The store door opened.

"I'm back now"

"Oh, Sleepy Lotus. Welcome back."

"Yes… a customer…?

"Oh. It's a customer."

Daffodils grinned softly and nodded at the sleepy girl, who was alert to a stranger who was in the store when she returned. After that little conversation, Daffodils introduces Kites to Sleep Lotus.

"She's a sleeping lotus. I wonder if the servant who is helping me with the store... You're not my kid, are you?

"I thought they were alike... are they not"

"Haha. It's a coincidence that you look alike. He's an acquaintance. He's a little late and he keeps it."

"Right...... oh, I'm kite. It's Kite Heavenly Sound. Say hello."


Biku. He was a sleeping lotus laughed at by Kite, but he was surprised to jump just for a moment and rushed to hide behind the daffodil. Though, he doesn't hate or be wary of kite. Hiding behind a daffodil also opens his mouth when he sees kite.

"Oh, um... nice to meet you"

"Oh...... are you okay?

"This kid is a little familiar. I'm sorry if I touched you."

"I don't mind...... so, what's her store number?

"No way. It's me. This is the one who manages the product. I know exactly where and what I have. That's why I have to wait for you to come home. As a matter of fact, I was thinking about throwing them back when the guests arrived as soon as I left."

I guess. Kate looks sideways at the girl who doesn't think she can do a Daffodil store number while listening to Daffodil's light mouth, convinced.

"Well...... so sleep lotus. Your child wants a knife. You'll know how much you deserve."


"Ah, it's a calendar. Best regards,"

Stared from the sleeping lotus, the calendar bows its head in a slight panic. Plus the sleeping lotus was small but I lowered my head firmly and left behind the daffodil.

"Um... come here"

"Oh, yes."

"Stay with me."

Daffodils throw it to the back of the sleeping lotus as they follow the guide to the sleeping lotus and watch the back of the calendar walk to the back of the store. So a short walk away, there was a normal warehouse. Nevertheless, how Alice was the one who raised her voice when she saw what was lined up there.


"Do you understand... will you?

"Yes... but how the hell are you so..."

As a surprise, Alice sees the numerous items that were delivered to the warehouse. The basics seem to be that there are many weapons, but as Daffodils put it, there were only 10,000 houses and various objects. Of course, there's a knife. It's good to say that the most numerous is a knife.

"... a lot of things, and the... oh, but I didn't steal it..."

Potho Potho is a condition, but all the while, Sleep Lotus makes it clear that the goods delivered here are not stolen goods. And Alice agrees again.

"Oh, no...... I get it. He said it wasn't stolen."

"Thank you......"

Apparently, there's something only the two of us can figure out. It's a calendar that I think so, but the truth is. She was the only one who didn't understand.

"Oh, um... Mr. Kite would agree, wouldn't he?

"Oh...... wow. This..."


"Oh, this man is my master... and he's the one who taught me how to see things."

Alice adds a supplement to the sleeping lotus wrapped in surprise. So finally, I understood the calendar that I was the only one who didn't understand the story.

"What are you seeing?

"Oh, doesn't it look like a calendar? Everything here... is a rarity of fame. If it's not a museum, it's a museum."

Again, I guess this is because kite is kite. This is a well-known story there, but he also makes a name for himself as a collector of specialty rarities. Alice doesn't, but she was able to see as a celebrity. From where I said that, Kite taught me how to behave in a special way, and I found out.

"Heh... if you ask me, there are signs..."

"Oh, obviously not. I see. I do understand that the store owner won't send this to the store. Pretty good stuff..."

Apparently, the products are amazing enough for Kate to forget her position. The calendar seeps excitement into him. Judge him so.

"This is all I've been able to collect. Sleepy Lotus. Your shopkeeper is a great person."

"Ah, yes. Thank you."

It seems that Kate's excitement has shown that he praises it without any rhetoric. Sleep Lotus, confused only for a moment, but thanking her with a little pleasure.

"Out of this, a swing... kah! This is hard! You choose to swing from among all the specialties!

"Out of this...... out of this!?

Is there a wave in this that makes you your future partner? It was a calendar that I thought so, but I turned around and understood what it meant and opened my eyes greatly.

"Huh... out of this, is...?

"Oh. Ka... I'd like a wiggle for myself... but I don't know... it'll be for viewing..."

Apparently, they're really, really great stuff. On Kate's pleasant face, the calendar trembled heartily. In other words, it meant something.

"Oh, erm... jeez, Sleep Lotus...?

"Ah, yes. I don't know."

"What's in here... how much...?

"Come on... Daffodils decide the price... so I really am about there. I was just wondering if you always said dozens of big misrills or something."

In other words, is there a good chance that the price of a blitz will come out? The calendar looked at Kite looking for a swing that matched the calendar in the boy's face, and he was about to graduate. but kite didn't care about that, she just looked for a wave with a shiny face like a boy.