Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1841: Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival - The Leap

Finally began the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival. Having managed to decorate this first line with victory, Kite was bowing his head to his opponent. To him like that, the other player offered one hand when he lowered his head himself.

"Thanks. Again, a real battle with other genres is a good one"

"Yep... it's like I'm always fighting other genres too... so I see things that are invisible to the autocrats alone. It's good stuff."

"Oh...... right. Why don't I go on a journey?"

To Kate's words, the opponent laughs one. Later, after a few deaths and listening to him, he was confident in his arms, too, because he was still going to a tournament like this.

but I would have liked to have come to a place called Frog in the Well because I had fought only with the Autonomists until now to see how common I would be outside. In a sense, he was overflowing with upliftment and went on a journey with defeat from the battle against Kite.

"Seniors. Good luck"

"Oh, thanks...... calendar next? Is Sola... still ahead"

"Ooh. So, this is the first fight... it's different from qualifying..."

Again, whether the contestants were of different stature in the qualifying round and in the main game, it seemed that Sola was accidentally slightly barometric and sighing at the fierce battle waged since the first war. That's what Kate tells him.

"You're not the easiest person to beat."

"Well, if you're a person now, maybe you can figure it out..."

Even as Sola, I saw the current battle and thought my current opponent would have won. Regardless, this does not mean that the opponent that Kate fought is weak. He is intermediate in rank B and C if you look at him as an adventurer. I was around the wall.

If it is a tournament that cannot be fought with power, it can be said that enough Rank B adventurers can also give it down. Then why did you say you could win? That was easy and a compatibility issue.

"The person I'm dealing with right now... it would certainly go well with me. The way we fight now... maybe the best thing is not to stop, right? So, always grasp your pace and say how to fight"

"Well... that's why I dared to take the distance for the last act."

Grab your own pace and fight. Agreeing with Sora's words that said so, Kite puts a commentary into an earlier act with a laugh.

"Grab your own pace and fight, which paradoxically means you don't like to be broken or extremely disadvantaged."

"It... is not natural in any genre?

The calendar stumbled on Kite's commentary. This certainly is true, and Kate laughed again and admitted the word.

"Right. I admit it...... but his battle is especially so. For his martial arts, which fight like dancing, battling is tantamount to dancing. I mean, for him, being disrupted by the pace is like being taken off the pitch of a dance. At that point, he won't be able to fight for himself."

"Heh... then the seniors dared to take the distance..."

I see. Indeed, the battle of Kate's opponents seemed to be going on, and there was something like a unique clap. The dance was a calendar that I didn't really understand, but I still generally understood what I didn't like.

"I forced him to disrupt his pace by daring to run away. Nevertheless, he also understood that, although it was somewhat forceful, he attacked me as he did not interrupt the flow."

"So, the seniors moved in anticipation of it,"

"That sort of thing"

Reading the flow and seeing out the flow can be said to be the foundation in the foundation for Kate's Divine Yin Flow. So it's nice to say that the opponent who fights like he dances is an easy opponent to fight if you dare from him. Because if you spot a certain rhythm, something like a clap, you can easily grasp the flow.

"I miss it... I used to be played like Lord Nobunaga. If there's one way to go, it'll be fine, but they said... in that case, it's horrible because it feels true."

"Aha haha..."

The name that comes up in the first place is suspicious. The calendar could only respond vaguely with a cramped cheek about the existence of becoming a teacher.

Nevertheless, as I saw earlier, Kate is a man who can be lightly twisted if he is most skilled in the line. Paradoxically, it was an act that I could truly understand how awesome a syllabus was to be able to play him lightly like that, but it didn't seem to boil down to the calendar. And it didn't take long to do that, and the game before the calendar had begun.

"Ever... calendar. I'll give you some advice first."


We can't have an easy-going conversation forever. I rethink that and give Kate another serious look, and the calendar pulls my mind together again.

"You may not feel that way yet... but it's obviously easier to fight on this spot than in a Japanese game. Pay no attention to anything, and ignore everything and focus only on them. That way, we can break through the first battle."


"Good...... then go"


The calendar snorts firmly and stands up to Kite, who pushes his own back and sends him off. That's how the first battle of the calendar, advised by Kate, ended with her victory.

Well, some time after the first battle of the main battle of the calendar. The Battle of Celestia - naturally, but this one is a victory - was also Sora's turn to go to the game about two hours after the end of the meeting. He apparently caught the last game of the block, which was really the last game.

"... Phew..."

Apparently, the other blocks of the game went through pretty quickly. Sora takes a glimpse of the audience flow and more on the sidelines as she watches the end of the previous game.

"Nah, you miss it... it hasn't actually been that long."

"Hmm? Pretty long ago for you, the tournament at school and your game in the Imperial City, huh?

"No, not that way. One thing in Miniera. That."

Tell Kite tilting her little neck that Sora laughs in nostalgia.

"I've had a couple of fights over there... there were a lot of wild horses and stuff then, so it's close to this feeling, you know?"

"I see... but you're very different from that"

The quarrel surrounded and fought by wild horses, captured as captives, and the place where this solid audience and athletes were separated. Not at all, but I would have liked for Sola to have had an audience or not.

"Oh, yeah... it's easier to fight when I think about it"

"I see... then you should fight with that in mind"

"Whoa. Okay, I'm coming. Calendar, I'm not dressed to lose the first battle on a boulder."

To Kate's encouragement, Sola takes a step by waving one hand behind her back. That's how he gets one temper together, and he steps into the game venue.

"Ugh... do it"

It is no exaggeration to say that the specs of Sola's flesh today are those of an adventurer of rank A. So he jumps a few degrees and grabs his finger, and once he senses it as, exhales and adapts his body to battle. That's how the referee nodded when he saw him nodding, and opened his mouth.

"Okay, here we go!

With the signal of the referee, Sola and her opponent give thanks for one thing. It still wins this far. How lucky you are, how genius you are, or if you don't have enough physical specs, you'll never be able to stay here. It's good to see that it's loaded with solid martial arts archaeology in some genre.

Though, unlike Kate, Sola has no knowledge of that. That's the knowledge I get because it's Kite, who's swept around. He doesn't get it staying in McDawell. So all he could do was look at the weapon and guess how the opponent fought.

(... a normal two-handed sword... a standard swordsman type place)

Helpful. Sora feels relieved inside that her opponent is not a speed fighter. Needless to say, most of his armor functions are now sealed. For the most part, it stays the same about the luminescence that can be used when it gets serious.

That just stands out nothing. It means nothing else. They decided there was no point sealing it. Other than that, the machining knife provided for the shield remains intact. That's a dark vessel. It's one of the weapons, and Sola is well registered. Nevertheless, a machete is a machete. Sora is not going to reveal it sooner.

(After all, you're on guard... then!

This is a heavily armed tank-shaped swordsman. Beyond that, the opponent will not be able to attack in a detour. Having read that, Sola dares to remove the assumption by reading the other athlete's concerns about how to attack them.

"< >!"

Along with the verbal vote, a line appears that sweeps the other athlete's torso into a horizontal sword. It's Ernesto's martial arts, inherited by Sola. That speed was still not the majority of the line, and the fact that they poked at the other party's intentions seemed harsh to avoid.

Nevertheless, he has survived this far with his opponent. Did you feel the killing spirit that ran with the line, the opponent immediately moved a two-handed sword to match that sword trident.


I rode. Sora sees her opponent firmly recognize this blow and laughs inside out. Nothing strategy is the only thing Sora got in the fight against Bronzite. He was also taught to think and fight in the middle of the battle.

Therefore, you don't have to go as far as Kate, but to some extent, read ahead of the other person's actions, and even beyond. They were also able to direct their actions. Therefore, he dares to strike normally the next blow.




I guess it's because they poked me in the face with the first hand. The opponent could only prevent Sora from hitting continuously. Nevertheless, I'm glad to say that if it's a sword move, they're still up there. So when I grabbed the rhythm of Sola's attack, I slowly reversed the attack.



Sola defends with a shield against the opponent's Sword Trident. Towards him, who thus prevented the attack, the opponent instantly drew his sword and waved a two-handed sword to take the next blow. but targeting the moment, Sola went into an immediate attack.

"< >!"

"Yeah, don't think of it as a hand to eat again and again!

Again, if it's the speed of exit, < > is something inside. At the time of being pushed to the side of the war, Sola was using this to rearrange.

Nevertheless, if it goes on and on, it will capture the characteristics of the opponent and his moves (skills). And I know where this move (skill) comes from. It would just be a good story if you weren't there any faster than you know. He therefore stomped hard on the ground so as to distance and yield in the backstep and kicked the ground shortly after Sora's attack had passed.

"Ha, ha, ha!

I'm here to make up my mind. Sora looks at her opponent as she roars and plunges into herself, laughing in her heart. So, right after. Numerous muscles were created to intercept the opponent's entry.

"Arble flow… < >"

The opponent unexpectedly opens his eyes to the countless sword flashes that burst. but this is the situation. I couldn't do anything about it. As a result, Sola was struck by a series of attacks all over her body, and she fell and fell just one step away from him.

"Gu... thoughtless..."

"Phew... I'm glad I succeeded..."

Apparently, Sola herself couldn't measure whether this flow would succeed. Wipe off the sweat on your forehead that was slightly flowing. It should be noted that it is good to succeed, which he says is not a ruse. Good to have succeeded is the flow from < > to < >.

Ernesto's memories had been deciphered during his training at the mine that year, but little practice had been done. I thought I could, but they didn't know if I could really do it unless I tried. This flow seemed to be one of them.

"Thank you"

Sora, who wiped her sweat, bows her head to her opponent, who falls down and is carried on a stretcher. As such, all the adventure clubs that competed in the Ethereal Block were set to break through the first round.