Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1843: Heavenly Hedge Confusion Festival - The Battle of the Master - 2 -

The first round ended with the victory of the Adventure Department Ethereal Block members, and the second round of the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival began after a brief break. At the beginning of that battle, Kate was coming to battle with his disciple, the Calendar. As such, during such a mentorship, Kate realizes the growth of the calendar and reaffirms that she is her own disciple. Again, I was starting a fight with her.



Shortly after Kite prevented < >. The calendar understood that it was only after watching Kite's < > > more than once that we could deal with it. So she immediately slammed the next blow into Kite, while Kite, on the other hand, was putting a sword girdle in front of her in a flowing motion.


The crystal clear sounds of no, and the sword trident meets. Advantages of < >. That would disable all attacks. Disadvantages of < >. That can nullify everything, but that's why even the recoil is nullified in the half-breed arm.

As things stand, Kite hasn't really done it yet either. As a result, the shock that should have been passed on to the calendar had also been deactivated. And that's why she moved on to the next attack with almost no time lag even if the attack was prevented by Kite.


Immediately after being prevented from doing so, the calendar will use it like it did to kick Kite in the face. In contrast, Kite slightly tilts her neck and dodges it. It is thus the leg of the passed calendar, but the other leg flies to the kite only in pursuit.

"Bad foot."

"It's a senior concession!


Against the light mouth of the calendar, Kate lets go of her knife and takes a kick at the calendar with her bare fist. And so he grabbed the feet of the calendar, as he was entangled.


"Well, shall we take a little distance once? Ooh!"

It's a kite who grabbed the leg of the calendar, but he gently throws the calendar with one hand. Originally she is smaller than the girls her age. I should have thrown it lightly, but it was blowing away with a lot of momentum.


Calendar to be blown is a sharp deceleration with a knife protruding into the void. He manages to stop, although he's been blown away about twenty meters. but kite attacked at once in such a place.

"Come on, let's go this way"


Against Kite, who stood in front of himself in an instant, the calendar is Baku Ze on the spot. Avoid the kite snare upside down in heaven and earth. That's how she landed a spin in the air, releasing the sword trident of the horizontal giraffe with a knife to return it as it was.

"Come on."

In response to the slaughter of the calendar, Kite immediately succumbed and dodged. As he stepped hard on the ground, he only breathed once and increased the pressure to wrap himself around him.

Coming. To the pressurized kite, the calendar instinctively understands so. So she jumped back to escape Kite's range. And she was like that, but somehow she was going to hit something.



"It's good to feel the pressure and get away with it, but you should have thought about whether that was a bluff or not... come on, let it look calm back from here"

It is a gaming venue with no basics. That's more than just bumping into each other. That's the only other player. There was only Kite in this case, more than that. He graciously embraced the calendar.

Nevertheless, how can he know the situation? So I hugged her for a moment and instantly threw her away.

"Here. Whoa!


They throw again and the calendar screams adorably. Though, if that's the end of it, it's not. So she took a few deep breaths in the air and kicked in the void.

(Ho... < >? Yeah. You've got plenty of practice)

Kite looks at the < > of the calendar and heartily rejoices that this will give her enough pass score. Nevertheless, < > and < >. In an instant she fleshed to kite. It's still Kite who has time to think about it. And even then, he accidentally opened his eyes slightly in the next hand.



She kicked the void in < > and accelerated her calendar, but she didn't flesh out to kite.

but this never unleashed an attack, it doesn't mean. She pulled out a knife the moment she passed directly next to Kate and was slashed to Kate.

"Take... heh... it's brilliant. < > … No, in this case, even < >. Release an attack in the middle of it."

Preventing the blow of the calendar in the same way as ever, Kite praises the calendar that disappeared in < >.


I wonder what the problem is. Kate prevents the second blow that goes on in the same way and thinks slightly. Nothing. It's him. I can cook for him no matter what. but if you mean it, you don't taste inside and you can't grow up.

(It's also my hand to stop him forcefully...)

The advantage of attacking without stopping < > would still be the attack speed commensurate with its speed. Naturally, its speed sometimes supersedes the sound speed. The opponent is therefore difficult to escape. There's just something wrong with the kite that's flat out preventing it.

(Not that the speed of sound has been exceeded, but this speed. Inevitably powerful. You'd better stop pushing this now. then……)

Don't decide your hand. Kate derives her own hand from one hand in the calendar. Thus, he decided to strike back against the blow of the next calendar.


Small, kite exhales. In this way, the motion vision was speeded up at once, so that each and every step of the calendar could be captured.

(Much more flexibility...)

Again, if it's physical performance, Kite is more overwhelming. And I can't tell how much I'm increasing my motor vision if I'm not even a higher-ranking magician. So rest assured, Kate saw through every step of the calendar.

(Plus, you can practise how to use your powers properly. Yeah, it's serious and good)

I don't have this seriousness. Kite laughs inside and firmly identifies the behavior of the calendar, which stops only for a moment, perhaps more often than not, for the restart of < >.

It requires quite a bit of technology to see how fast this < > continuum can be speeded up. For the first time in a row, you can practice stopping and starting < > over and over again. It may be said that the calendar was already at an extreme level for this initial succession of < >.

(Come on...... let me show you further up)

If the disciple shows his moves, the teacher will have to show him more moves. That's what I was thinking, Kate moved into action just before she pulled out the knife against the calendar coming this way in a straight line.

Disappeared. The calendar unexpectedly opens its eyes to Kite, who is gone in an instant. but soon Kate was spotted. It was only one step away from the side. Nothing seems to have moved. Nonetheless, he was only sideways for one step.

(< >... subspecies of!?

I don't know the calendar about what I did. but there was something I knew from the relationship. If that's what you've done now, it's Kite who's going to do more than that. Then it is good to believe that the current phenomenon is also caused by < >.


Only for a moment, a stray arises behind the brain of the calendar. It would be questionable to say whether a continuous attack of < > would work any more. No, when I say whether her attacks work as a story in the first place, that's just going to have to shake her head first.

But to a certain extent, they try to make it work for me. So I didn't know if it was going to continue to work like this. Nevertheless, it is not yet definitive. Therefore, when she stops only momentarily on the ground, she flips and immediately starts < >. I am slaughtered by Kite.

"Now let's do it a little slower"

The clear sound of no, the sword trident of the calendar is prevented. And right after that collision, Kite was opening her mouth, which was also audible to the sharpening calendar ears. I guess that means come back at me. Besides, the calendar got on.


"Ever... did you see that?

Avoid the slaughter of the calendar and Kite laughs with pleasure. With that in mind, the calendar understood that this attack would no longer work, as well as understanding what Kite had done.

"... what is it, now"

"< > …. Don't ask me how good I am."

Perhaps there is tremendous cheer outside right now. Kate only smiles slightly if she knows it. When it comes to what was amazing, it's his travel distance.

Needless to say, < > is a mobility technique that allows you to pack long distances in an instant. but at the same time the principle makes it unsuitable for small distances of travel. Because the speed moves too fast.

but how dare kite let it travel just one step. I'm glad to say that it's not something you can do perfectly if you're about a named swordsman, it's something you can do because he was guided by Scarsaha on Earth.

"That's a raven and a horn. There is no name for this. Just < >."

"... it just doesn't seem normal to me."

"Ha ha. Right. But still, this is < >. It just jumps to the side."

"How are you..."

< > is done by kicking the ground hard, and it certainly doesn't make sense to jump to the side more than you can jump to the back. but the difficulty is unimaginable. Because the human body doesn't have the right structure to jump to the side. So let's do < >, so it couldn't have been easier.

"Think for yourself and practice hard"

"Again? Let me know from the beginning once in a while."

"Ha ha. A master who spoils his disciples is rare, isn't it? I'm aware of the sweetness. As usual, if you notice a takeover, I'll tell you exactly where to go from there."

Uh, I peek into Kate's face as a mentor with a laugh on her face calendar. Nevertheless, he saw that the calendar was sufficiently proficient for < >. So I thought he would grab it without hanging it, and I was going to teach him again from there on out. To him like that, the calendar sighed.

"Ha... good"

"Oh...... come"

He is a mentor who has returned to only two of the times for a moment, but he turns around and restarts his mind and resumes the game. So, now kite's side kicked the ground. Naturally, this is < >. but the degree of practice was still out of step and, more importantly, he was showing another move.


"Here. Whoa."


At the same time, I realized that Kate had turned around behind me. The calendar jumped forward at once at < >. Also, start < > so that Kite can chase it. That speed is still not comparable, and I chase her through and stand directly in front of her.

"Hey! Senior! Will you stop me from walking flat past me earlier!? And go all the way through the middle of < >!

"Good luck. This is an important technology."

Every time I take a distance in < >, sometimes behind my back, my calendar roughs up to a kite that sometimes turns to the front. Nevertheless, she's also a medium one when it comes to inside. Anyway, you notice that Kite has circled to the front and back, or you instantly distance yourself with all kinds of < >.

I never got chased, and I managed to bring it into Thousand Hands. Well, if you say that, it'll be a story about how awesome it is to always be able to get ahead of Kite, even though he gets out later.

"Oh, when this happens!


Apparently, Kite made me look good and annoyed. It was not common for kites to get annoyed with calendars, so I wondered what to do. Thus, the calendar starts < >. And shortly after Kite started < > as well, he applied sudden braking.



"Still sweet though"

Sudden braking in the middle of < > is a fairly high technology. Because we have to stop somewhere completely different from where we were supposed to be. And this was applied to the orbital modification in the midst of the < > used by Kite. but still a burning blade. Kate had easily succumbed and dodged the attack. Towards the calendar he had thus outrun himself, he slapped a knife in his hand.

"Yes, over. If you do it too long, you might be told to do it elsewhere."

"Right... I'm surrendering"

"Yes, good."

Where I did it like this, there's no way to beat the calendar. And as a kite, I just wanted to see how proficient the calendar is. They thought it would be good, they thought. Even as a calendar, I showed off almost everything I could do right now. I didn't have any more hands to put out. Thus, unlike during the qualifying tournament, the two followed the venue at all times.