Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1846: Heavenly Hegemony Festival - The Night Before The Final Block -

Game three of the Heavenly Hegemony Confusion Festival. The battle, which also passed the turn of the game leading up to the final block, had shown the dawn of the turbulence of Al's defeat.

In response to such a volatile situation, Kate read the signs and was not particularly surprised, challenging herself to the third game. However, the opponent of his third match was one of the winning candidates known as Jasmine, and even though that kite would be forced to struggle, he managed to succeed in winning and nurtured his English in preparation for the final battle that followed the final block.

"Seniors. Congratulations"

"Phew... to the boulder, the battle wasn't easy right now... oh, thank you. but... I'm tired of boulders."

In response to the praise of the calendar, Kite shows a slightly less bitter smile. This is never an act. As mentioned earlier, a female swordsman named Jasmine was never a weak opponent.

Without a doubt I have trained for years now and would have been an arm that would have stayed normal on the final block if I hadn't felt as different as I do now. but needless to say, that was not now. I still managed to have a minute with Kite on the mental side, where he could have won.

"Look, I found out what I found out...... so much?

"Oh... take a look at Sola. So I see."



Following Kate's point, the calendar sees Sola for the first time in a while. His face like that was serious in itself, and he looked like he was already spirited for his next battle. He opened his mouth like that.

"Now... maybe you're stronger than me."

"Oh. Physical specs still subtly put you on top. Is technology overwhelming over there? Including Lord Ernest's sword moves, you'll subtly chase him... but even more on the spiritual side, you're up there. Two of the three elements of the cardiac system are your defeat."


I guess. Sora was unable to make any objections to Kate's statement. At the end of the day, I was able to fight in a state of almost calm, although my youth had been overwhelmed.

She only collapsed because Kate gave her a glimpse of unexpected strength. Without that, Sora would run after him, but the victory would be at stake. And what's more, it's not compatible.

"... I was honestly glad her opponent wasn't me"

"I guess...... you won't lose either, as long as you're thoroughly guarded. but that's not winnable. She was fast. That speed. If you don't come up with something, we'll talk about it."


To the words of Kate, who laughs a little, Sora found some of her tactics in her head, but shook her head and kicked it out.

"... try as much as you can."

"... oops"

To Kate's words, Sola regains her serenity once again. This time it's only because he's been asking, and so has Kite. If, therefore, the conversation was interrupted, the conversation was over there.

And Sora isn't going to talk for very long either. Because even if you keep tension away, if you are nervous and hyperbolic, you can swing at it the other way around.

(... from here on out, everyone is above me or at least equal... if you're really lucky enough to fight a little below me, right?)

Seeing a few fights so far, Sola understood as she did. He said it was up to his luck to win at this point. Sure, he's rank A worthy. but even if you look at it as an adventurer, it's not the highest rank.

No wonder you're above him, and rank B below him. The wall is over. And even if I say rank B, I'm pinned. If you are rank B as high as an instant, there is no wonder you have stayed so far. With that in mind, Sola decided to sharpen her spirit once again and prepare herself for battle.

Okay. Then a few more hours. The battle, divided into blocks of the Games, was coming to an end. In the meantime, Sola was rightly exhausted.

"Gi, it was critical... unscrupulous, tough..."

"Ha ha. But I still won. Big Venus."

"Well, I won to win, but wow... blah, I don't know why I could have won"

Speaking from the results, Sola managed to get to Game Four, and what a win Game Four too. It was a feat alongside a kite that was said to be reasonable in the adventure department.

"Is the rest reasonable? Surviving seniors was surprising..."

"We were lucky to screw up. Fortunately, the majority of them were equally qualified."

"Well, you're not lucky at all..."

In an instant's response, Sola sighs heavily. To say the same size is the other person is purely one arm after all. He says he beat all of it against his opponents, so his talent would still be one of the best looking around Enefia and the whole planet, as opposed to the entire Adventure Department. Plus, instantly, I shake my head.

"No, it's actually luck. I saw the Rufaus game after that... but if it was that opponent, I would have lost instantly too"

"No, still, if it were the Temple, it would have eaten down enough. Besides, the other player was blessed with screwed up luck. I just have to think I was unlucky this time."

In the blink of an eye, Rufaus shakes his head. This one was also apparently a loss in Game 4, and one of the winning candidates was the opponent. And he stares at Al like that.

"So... you lost to a child,"

"Ugh... yes. It's not like that."

Al who stuffs his breath for a moment, but pointing his mouth like a stubborn one. Apparently, it's true.

"Haha. Don't tell him that. Al's opponent was a winning candidate for two straight fights. It's a big enough Venus to stay until World War III."

"That's not what this is about."

Rufaus raises a little bit against the follow-ups of a single kite. Well, it's his way of thinking about this, and I'm not going to say anything as a kite. And to his words like that, Sola accidentally circled her eyes.

"Hmm? Kids?

"... it's a child. Yeah, I lost to the kid."

"Oh, bad, bad."

Muzu, even more obstinately, apologizes to Al as Sora hurriedly laughs slightly. He wondered if he'd be so obstinate. So he hastily changed the story.

"But he said he lost to a kid... not a halfling?

"That's a kid. I have great talent and skill... but four more than me... I guess five is down there. Well, I don't think there's a single digit in the boulder."


The world is wide after all. Sora gets stunned by surprise. Once I was younger, I was told I was a genius, and I brought down Al, who had won so far. I do have the disadvantage that he didn't have any screw-ups. But still, if you were still a warrior, you could have won. That's what I put down. I'd have to say it's a tremendous ability.

"Look, you saw it at the venue, right? That little swordsman. I didn't know if it was him or her... but to him."

"… be. Sure, convinced."

I could only be surprised that that was a child, but that was definitely a hidden fiend who would definitely be comparable to the winning candidate. If I lost that one, it was that as Sola, there would be a point of agreement. And once again, they gave me details of the other guy, and Rufaus showed satisfaction, too.

"Is that it... I see. Sure, that would be tough...... I thought it was a halfling tribe, but no kiddo. How the hell did you know that?

"I have a body. Even halfling makes a slight difference in stature if you grow up. You have hardness in your skin. But that kid didn't have it in his hand. There was a child-specific immaturity"


After all, because he was in a closed church country, Rufaus doesn't know much about interracials. In contrast, Al is from McDawell territory, where the most multi-racial people coexist in the Empire. Therefore, the Halflings had seen many, and having fought and seen them up close, they realized that this was not a young halfling, but a young child.

"... Alphonse. Ask One"

"Nothing. There is no such thing as boulder. That knife fought. I know best. There's no such thing as a demon sword."

"Right. So you mean the swordsman's arm?"

"Yeah... I regret it, but if you just put it with your sword, it might be beyond me or you. It just sounds like a shame to say this when you lose... but if you can fight from the first round with all your strength."

Would you have liked to have fought a battle if it were to come true? Rufaus told a fierce man who had no ties, I think so. I guess this is where they do it.

"So, who did you lose to?

"... it's me. I'm a genre swordsman named Mummy. They say he's a winning candidate."

"Unknown Stream...... Huh? Wait. Could it be you? You don't know the Unknown Stream?

Al surprises Rufaus, who was asking him with his face if he had heard of it. but I guess this is still a place of national circumstances in other countries.

"Don't you know?"

"Oh, no... maybe you have no choice. The Unknown Stream is one of the two great schools of Nakatsu. It's a pretty big school. If you're in the lead class there, you can't even beat them if they're really good."

"I see..."

If there were originally a large number of mothers, that would increase their mastery. Because all this is a population ratio, there is no choice. No wonder if that would have reached Rank S as a matter of necessity if it had been hundreds of people.

The average value of martial arts artists is very high, especially in Nakatsu. There was no surprise that there were many inevitable skilled artists who had encountered them here.

"Apparently, it's going to be a bet if we can win or not from here anymore."

"I'm willing to lose."

"Come on... at least do something about your temper."

Kite sighed at Sora's words of pity. Nevertheless, this was not impossible either.

"If the magic is restored by tomorrow, I'll say so. As it stands, I made fun of it. I can't do it to boulders."

"Uh, yeah. Well, I guess so."

As Kate said earlier, Sola cites Big Venus for fighting and winning one of her winning candidates at the end. but at the same time it was so exhausting that I couldn't walk properly after the battle, and the magic was empty.

It really takes a few days for a full resurrection from here. I can't do a day at the earliest. The first thing tomorrow morning is tough. The reality is that sleeping like a game will heal all injuries and not restore magic. It was about strength and strength.

"I'll do what I can. That's all."

"That would be good. I've already stayed this far. That's enough."

If we are to name it, it has already been sufficiently accomplished. but sola's purpose is only to try her arm. If it's done so far, it'll be enough. The results of the year's training were exhaustive.

"So... that's a raven and a horn. What about seniors?

"Me? Right... I'm just going as far as I can... but it's not so bad with magic."

Sola asks me, and the moment grips my fist only once. This time around, the only thing left in the Adventure club until the final block was Kite Below Moment and Sola. but there was one person left outside the adventure.

"Well, if it's going to happen, it's been a while since I've been with Lil."

"... well, you do. We haven't been able to fight each other in a while."

Lil responds to the words of an instant. There would be a mere hope for this. There will be another scratch from here, so it can also be. but as a result, God knows everything.

"You just have to work hard to get to the end of each. I'll just do it."


I definitely don't want to hit just with you saying that. Even Rufaus, who doesn't know who Kate is, thinks so to Kate, who said it off at all times. That's how adventure club nights went further.