Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1853: Heavenly Hegemony Festival - WWII -

Final game of the first round of the final block of the Heavenly Hegemony Festival. This game, which became a battle between the moment and Lil, was supposed to end without a winner in a draw game because Lil pushed it all the time but the moment showed its will at the end.

That's how they managed to walk back to the center, out of almost all their power, so that they could support each other after a gratuity and return to the refrain space beside the match venue. and in the middle of it. The moment asks Lil in a whisper.

"... there would still have been some leeway. I didn't have to worry about it."

"... No, actually, I can't say much about you either."

Did the moment still remain misunderstood? Lil is just a little shy and shakes his head at the instant pointer. In that way, she confesses that < > is an unfinished martial art for herself, just like < >.

"Oh yeah..."

"Well, from the standpoint of this happening, I can't say it's very tough... that fight. If I could escape, I would have lost."

"That's not my favorite method of warfare."

Though I think Lil's point is correct, moments shake my head to smile bitterly. That's how they walked back to Kate and Sola as they talked about it.

"Good day to both of you."

"Oh... the next step."

"Haha. Certainly. It won't take much longer."

If a referee or referee had been present in this battle to bring down the judge, it would have been Lil's decision winning. I admitted it again for a moment, and it really didn't go any further.

Still, it must have been because Lil hastened the battle. Though of a similar character, Lil still has a minute from a strategic point of view. So she tried to push it off there once and for all after thinking about it. The two of them sit back, listening to Kite respond like that.



"Ma, rest for a while. World War II won't start for a while anyway."

"? Doesn't it start? Is something wrong?

It would still be because there was a case in the fold of the qualifying tournament. The moment slightly exposes his sense of alarm and leans his neck in response to the words of Kite that the second round of warfare would not begin, which would otherwise take place without time. but kite laughed at this.

"Oh, there it is... specifically the fact that the match venue will be destroyed in the battle between the two of us"


With Kate pointing it out, Moment and Lil see themselves again after battle. Well, the game venue is run-down without having to see it. Now in a hurry to make repairs, the audience had entered an extraordinary break when the game was told when to resume.

"This is more common than a battle. Why, you don't have to worry about it."

"Oh well..."

On second thought, it was Tina's connections that allowed her to fight with considerable force at the Alliance Home in the Adventure Department. The moment was reminding me of it again, unwittingly cramping my cheeks. Until the beginning of the second round, we decided to take a short break.

Well. The game's been interrupted for roughly thirty minutes. After the stage was repaired and the audience returned, the game resumed.

"Well, and"

Kate rings her neck and thinks of her opponent again. The opponent is Kurohiba Maru. It's the ace class of the Unknown. And at the same time, he was also the victim of the Kiryan Liu Ichimen massacre a few years ago.

(... victim, huh. Okay)

Is it an evil grin or is it hiding behind a soft grin that attracts that seer? With that in mind, Kate goes onstage. And similarly, Kurohiba Maru went on stage again.

"Apparently, I'm lucky enough to fight you"

"Haha. Well, looks like it."

As was said earlier, Kuroyumaru wanted to fight Kate, who defeated Jasmine. When that becomes a battle in World War II, you will be able to carry enough matches. Neither is slightly fatigued in the first round. You should be able to fight enough.

"Come on, this one's anytime"

"This one will be fine at any time."

Standing in the center of the stage, Kate sees the referee agreeing to Kurohiba-maru's words. With the consent of both of those, the referee nodded one too.

"So, Game Two, Game One...... here we go!

With the decree of the referee, both bow their heads one by one. This is only a game. I don't know what Blackfeather Maru is thinking, but at least I was protecting that.


Kate sharpens her consciousness while relative to Kurohiba Maru. but the other guy is still smart too. It's not that easy to grasp the flow. Especially now. Sometimes it's just the beginning of the game, and in many ways there's no disturbance in breathing. Well, that's why Kite was letting me use it for training.

(Momentum… Yes. You're discouraging the feeling of deviation. There are signs of year-to-year suitability, etc.)

You will have sword talent, but at the same time you are not as extreme as Celestia. Kite, who reads the signs and flows, read that about Kurohiba Maru. That's how Kurofumaru seemed in a hurry at Kite, who showed his waiting hand.



Kuroyumaru, who kicked the ground and fleshed to kite in an instant, releases a slash in the hanging. In contrast, the kite also releases the reverse phase slash in reverse suspension and offsets it. To him like that, Kurohiba Maru opened his eyes admirably.


"What's up?

"I know how great martial arts you use on boulders, too. Yesterday, you heard what Dr. Musashi said. I see. It's impossible for Jasmine to lose."

In the midst of countless sword strikes. Kuroyumaru sends praise and convincing to Kite, laughing gracefully.

"Always unleash an attack on my opposite and offset everything. Most of the technology can do it."

"You're reading through that, too, you're inside. Besides, how's it going?


To Kite's inquiry, Kuroyumaru laughs and releases a hard blow. but this never got kite's word to turn up the output. I dare you to provoke Kite to take a heavy blow against this. That's how the sounds of the best sword trident ever rang, and both pulled themselves back slightly.

"" Phew. "

Both of them, one step apart, release a spike at the same time. That, coupled with Kite's skill, had the terrific result of cutting tips and cutting tips hitting each other and stopping.

"Ko, this is..."

"It's late!"

"Oops. No, excuse me. Excuse me."

It was Kurohiba Maru, who was unintentionally shuddered by a phenomenon that occurred even though he was one of the parties, but did not miss the gap and kicked the ground against Kite, who played the knife and was beaten with his right hand.

"Don't be shy. We're in the middle of a game, right?

"Hahaha. No, not at all. but I've never seen a current phenomenon on a boulder. Forgive me."

Against Kicking the Ground Again and Fleshing Kite, Kurohiba Maru laughs gracefully and matches the Sword Trident. Here, the offense is reversed.



If Kite hits, now Kurohiba Maru returns an attack on it to offset it. Nevertheless, if this is the offsetting of earlier Kate's conversion of the < > of the Divine Yin Current, this is purely the way to use the least amount of force to scatter or reciprocate the attack. So it wasn't a sword trident that was different from when Kate turned to protect it, and it wasn't all just a sword trident to clean it up again.


Shit, and I get a poke of rubbed kite, and a red muscle enters my black feather circle cheek. but he did it for this. Injury is not the goal. Daring to dodge with minimal movement is what he's after.



Kurohiba Maru, who painstakingly avoided Kate's thrust in consideration for her cheek wound, releases a sword trident on the reverse hanging. but the next moment. Kate disappeared.


It was a kite that looked like it had disappeared, but apparently it was just pulling back in an instant. He left behind the remnants because of the emergency. As such, the remnants were cast to induce an attack, which he flips and unleashes another thrust.

"Slow down!"

Apparently, at the moment of the direct hit, Kurohiba Maru understood that Kate was a remnant due to his lack of response. By making a forceful leap straight from a posture similar to flexion, he avoids the spike of Kite with a single hair. but it still seemed impossible to avoid it perfectly because it was a forceful leap. The hem area of the trousers was heavily cleaved.

"Phew... you cut your hem. These clothes were tailored for this tournament, and they're not cheap."

"You just didn't get your legs cut off, it's still better"

"No, not at all. Well, the more I wore it out, the more amazing this tournament was."

Blackfeather circles in the form of his own special assassination, but he has not broken only his grace. I guess that's where the room was still hidden. Apparently, more fierce than jasmine. Definitely one of the best martial arts artists in Nakatsu.

"Sure... well, let's keep going"


Depending on what Kate says, Kurohiba Maru also sets up the knife again. That's how I kicked the ground first, and this time it was still Blackfeather Maru.

"Phew! Ha! Shit!

"... Ha!

Against the three fat muscles rolled out, Kate hits and offsets the attack of optimal solution on everything by reading the flow. but here he is, accelerating, this time just not like earlier.


"Slow down!"

Gin, there's a loud noise, and the spark goes up. That's how the knife and the knife left, while Kate took her left hand off the knife she had with both hands and pulled out another swing of the knife with one left hand.


Did you pull it out? Kurohiba-maru showed no particular haste against Kite, who had unleashed another sword. Anyway, he was showing his spare time because he was still wary that Kite hadn't pulled out another swing.

You can't really go from start to start with someone whose duplicity is the essence. There was such a strategic perspective. And so he was able to react instantly to Kite, who became a duplicant and unleashed a fast strike.


"To this extent!

Against the inverse hand-held living-slaughter, Kurofumaru flies lightly behind his back to escape range. Besides, Kate instantly turned her left hand, which was the reverse hand, into every ordinary way to hold it, into an immediate chase.


Against Kite, who entered an immediate pursuit, Kurohiba Maru accelerated by releasing slaughter in the air. Against the slaughter unleashed to place, Kite kicks the ground all at once and starts another pursuit as he wields and offsets the knife of his right hand. but by then, he had also finished rebuilding the black feather circle on the boulder, intercepting the kite directly from the front.

"" Ha!

At the same time, swing through the knife. but that's how I got the surprise, it was Kurohiba Maru. How dare Kate strike Kurohiba Maru and each other in power with one left hand, which is not a strong-arm.


"Hate, foolishness is my natural taste!

"Come on!"

He was stunned by Kite, who made an impasse with himself with one hand, but manages to successfully rebuild it to prevent the next Kite's right-hand blow. but i still can't deny how forced i was to rebuild kite in front of her once she showed duplicity. So he had no choice but to cut a single trump card, showing a little bitterness.

"Yell, < >!"

Deciding that he could not resist being rebuilt, he ordered the Black Knife to release his power. Then, even the black sashimi, which was just pitch-black, stains even more black, turning into a black that is no longer deeper than darkness. It absorbed all the ensuing Kite attacks and even deactivated the shock.


That's the biggest piece of wood lotus flow. Kate finds herself unintentionally impressed by the power of the < > she has seen. That's how he smiled with pleasure, but his body responded well to the crisis.



I definitely struck a surprise. That's what I thought, Kurohiba Maru, but I couldn't help but notice that Kate handled her own counterattack with a laugh of fun. That was a good time to say it was special. Kite prevented it.

"Brilliant. That's one of the Greatest Products in the Wood Lotus Stream. Have you eaten all my slaughter?"

"That's the power of < >. It's a black fang."

Somewhere proud, Kuroyumaru speaks of < > exposing himself to a slightly wider range of sashimi. Apparently, this pitch-black blade has the power of a black hole that will consume roughly all attacks. All shocks to the owner were deactivated, unilaterally communicating the shock to the target. and Kurohiba Maru also returned praise for such Kyte's praise.

"But if it's brilliant, you're brilliant again. I didn't know you were going to prevent that now. You were right to unleash < >... I wasn't planning on using it until the finals."

"It is. We're not gonna make it."


Kurohiba Maru laughs with pleasure at the words of Fun Kite. As a kite, it is officially a trump card. Just like that, Kurohiba Maru had to cut the trump card here.


About this time, I wonder if my purpose has been achieved. Kate understood that she had gotten the answers she wanted from her previous battles with Kuroyumaru. That's how he turns his gaze out of the stage, only once.

(Sleeping Princess... are you awake? Well. Then it's time. Are you going to settle the cause?)

What Kate saw was a sleeping lotus with a lot of grudges against Kuroyumaru. Until the middle of the game, she was asleep, waking up or not, watching Kate and Kurohiba-maru fight. As such, Kate decided to open her mouth in order to settle for another purpose of the tournament.