Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1856: Heavenly Hegemony Festival - Settled -

Game I of Game II of the Heavenly Hegemony Festival. The battle was the battle of Izna, the survivor of the Gu Lotus Stream, who survived in a way that made Kite and Ignorant Stream take over Kurohiba Maru's body.

Such a battle was already over, and the match was to end with the victory of Kite, who embraced his defeat in the wake of Kite's breakthrough through through < >. So, right after the game. Izna, who managed to get up, and Kite, who breathes on her shoulders, exchanges a toast.

"" Thank you ""

A few times, but this is only a game. It begins with thanks and ends with thanks. As for these things, Izna was apparently dragged by the memory of Kurohiba Maru's flesh, and she could see how graceful they were. That's when you get behind the stage. Kate asks Izna.

"What are we going to do now?

"... I'm going to rebuild the wooden lotus stream. I originally came here with that intent."

In response to Kite's inquiry, Izna makes it clear in a slightly stronger tone.

"? And yet you're in the tournament?

"My own bullying and if I could win, I was going to offer Lord Jen Long a rebirth of Ki Lotus Stream."

"Do you need it, that?

As long as the moves are inherited without mentioning anything, there is nothing wrong with seeing it as a rebirth of the Lotus Stream. Kite, who had decided that, also asks that in view of Ren Long's character and so on. Besides, Izna told me the story.

"... the state manages the secret books of Ki Lotus Stream. At first, Kurohiba Maru was kind enough to meet our brother, so the application will go through. So studying blacksmiths is hard on boulders."

I get angry at the bottom of my heart. That's what it looks like, but Izna apparently intends to make the most of Blackfeather Maru's superficial face.

Later, he said he was going to sell in Kiryan-Liu by showing that he had mastered the moves, with the title of continuing the thoughts of his late friend (brother) who had been killed by his brother (Isna). They abandoned the bad reputation of the name Izna and said it was such thoughts that he had lived as Kurohiba Maru.

"Right. Good for you."


"Don't look like that."

Kite has fun for Isna, who only rarely smiles at herself. He told me why.

"The tree lotus stream, which should have perished, will rebuild. There's no reason to be unhappy. This is still swordsman. If there is one more good worker, that will lead to the possibility of a lifeblood connection."

"... Ha. I'm counting on you for a long time."

You can do it.

Pokan. To Kate's words, Izna accidentally stops her legs and exposes the dumb surface.

"You, what?


"... no, nothing"

Probably referring to these guys as heroes. Izna is the instinct of a blacksmith who roots in herself, and realizes that Kite is one hero in tens of millions. Therefore, I decide not to say anything to the strange-faced kite.

"... well. That's good. But whatever you do, there's something you have to do first."

"Am I?"

Whatever you do, what you have to do. Isna said that, but apparently refreshing. Besides, Kate dared to show him the 'it' she'd been blocking.

"Oh, what happened!

"Hahaha! You say that!

What Izna saw was the appearance of a crying sleeping lotus and the soras rushing to it. At first, things seemed hidden from the audience by magic, but even Celestia, dressed in great armor, panicked and hesitated to look at it was kind of funny.

Apparently, it doesn't make any sense before a child who cries no matter how much martial arts flaunts him. Thus, Sleep Lotus hugged him in a tacky move to Izna, who broke out of the onstage junction with a little haste.


"Huh... what?

He was Izna, who raised his voice like a crushed frog at the beginning, but puzzled him with a glimmer in his face. That's how confused he was, seeing Kite.

"Hahaha...... I saw your sword, I guess I understood. He looks like Kuroyumaru, but he's my brother."

"Yes, but..."

"I've never shown you, have I? That would be a mistake. You must have shown it to me once. Before you die."

A few years ago, when Isna and Kuroyumaru fought, Kuroyumaru would naturally have used an unknown stream. What Izna on the other hand used, this one should naturally have been an unknown stream.

I no longer know the details, but Isna, who killed her family, would have seriously killed Kurohiba-maru. As well as before, it's not hard to imagine what you've challenged with your own sword. No wonder it burned in the eyes of the sleeping lotus.

"... right"

The truth is, I guess I didn't want them to know. Izna's face had complex colors floating around. Naturally, it's the flesh of the vengeance that killed my brother.

For Sleepy Lotus, it must be hard to see. There must be pain in the sleeping lotus, just as the pain of living like that is in Izna. Izna still got over it as an adult and the temper to even use it to do it, but Sleep Lotus is still a child. There's no need for Isna to care.


Izna strokes her sobbing sister's head gently. It would not have been a mistake to have such a glowing thing in Izna's eyes as well. As such, time would pass for a while.

Okay. Then for a while. Sleep Lotus was tired of crying and fell asleep again, while Izna looked like she was going to stink.

"Uh... what. I'm sorry. I took care of him. I hung up."

"Told you? I got paid for my job. So, store owner. Is this a good idea to accomplish the request?

'Whatever. Well, after that, it's the judgment of these kids...'

To Kite's inquiry, which I dared to call the store owner, Daffodils nod and articulate clearly, albeit translucent and materialized. He saw Isna again.

"Really, you do it from scratch, don't you?

"Oh... that's my condolences. Most of all, I feel like I've pushed it, and I'm responsible for the devastation of the clan."

As somewhere regrets, Izna speaks of a strong resolve. Apparently Blackfeather Maru, but he was doing quite a few evil deeds behind him.

I didn't see Sleep Lotus because I had a lot of trouble cutting my hands off with those guys. I thought if I met him badly, I might get caught up.

Whether we meet or talk, Izna now looks like Kuroyumaru. It would have been a struggle to talk properly.

"I was fooled by the graceful side of this guy and talked about the wood lotus stream. Besides, I also wrote a letter of introduction..."

Rizzna rattles her back teeth. Anyway, that's what they said. Ki Lotus Liu is still a prominent worker. A swordsman can't help wanting a swing.

It is no longer certain if Kuroyumaru originally knew Izna to be out of the wooden lotus stream, but nevertheless it was Izna, no matter what she said, who engaged Kuroyumaru and the wooden lotus stream.

"... so I guess I'll have to squirm. Ki Lotus Stream will never end up in my place."

'Well... so, what about Sleep Lotus?

"... Hey, Mr. Kite. We exchanged swords once. Can you do me one favor?"

Asked by Daffodils, Izna turned to kite and cut it out after a little thought.


"This guy's fine for a while. Will you keep it for me? That's what we were talking about, isn't it?

"I don't mind..."

He runs several orphanages as a nobleman anyway. There is no reason to refuse one child now. but there was one reason to tell.

"Absolutely, you're gonna cry?

"Ugh... I know. For once, I'll send out a letter. 'Cause I'll get it out."

After all, Izna was also weak on this. That's what I tell you, all the while you're at it. That's how he went on.

"... It's a hassle and a disgusting story, but I haven't cleared up the whole Kuroyumaru thing yet. I can't say I'm a foot man... but I've decided to stick to this. I don't want to get caught up in this."

"Tell me where you are, right?

"Oh. I assure you that. So please."

To Kate's push, Izna bows her head deeply. To this, Kite decided to do the same.

"Wow. One letter a month, to Sleep Lotus. That's the deal."


"Good. If you didn't..."

"If you didn't let it out?

Izna tips her little nook to Kite, who laughed fun and cut her words. To this, Kate said something fun and noisy.

"I'll ask the Assassin's Guild. Oh, about half a kill, I'll have it kept."

"... don't smile and say something noisy!

This guy could really do it. It seems Isna instinctively guessed so. He was solidifying for a moment into Kate's words and then telling them. Nevertheless, in those words, he seems to have remembered what he should do now. Oh, man, I got up like that.

"Go where?

"If I stay here like this, I won't make it hard when it wakes up. If you're gone, you'll give up a lot."

"Well... letter, don't forget"

"... it's the moon. Don't forget."

To Kate's words, Izna waved her hand behind her back laughing bitterly. And on his back like that, something hit him.

"Stay! Who!"

"It's me."

Hitting Izna's back was the < > that Sleep Lotus was carrying, and he stuck it on Izna's back perfectly.

'Studying blacksmiths, though good. You shouldn't know what to do. I've seen all the blacksmiths in history, and I'll help you. "

"... please"

Apparently, there was something between the blacksmith's gate and his knife that made sense. Isna became silent as she felt slightly in Daffodil's words, but firmly re-bore < >.

Later, Daffodils said, bend over to his birth house. Equal to home. That's why I wanted to help myself. And, on the back of such an izna, Kate asked, remembering the fu.

"That's right. Isna."

"Oh, my God."

"No, this is not surprisingly flattering."

Kate looked a little serious against Izna, who flaunted Kate's voice as she came here. He talks about the nagging situation and the nagging.

"What about < >?

"Oh, that one"

They said, and Izna did also understand that this was important. He snorted like he was good at it. As such, he revealed the end of the path, albeit slightly.

"Then I sealed it and hid it"


"I don't know if that's all there is to it... but it's the biggest swing of the first generation in the bend. If that was a failure, I couldn't destroy it."

That's a failure. Izna herself thinks so. but it's a famous knife made by the first generation. As a result, he also had difficulty handling these < > blades in the same way as his predecessors in the past, and in the end came to the same conclusion as his predecessors in the past.

"Right...... well, you have no choice. But if you're having trouble handling it, ask the McDawell family. It doesn't matter. Sealing will be more than you."

"... what if. But you don't know anywhere but me."

It was Izna who expressed a one-off response to Kate's words, but she thought that she might find out by going to get it. That's how he sees Sleep Lotus only once. It was as if to burn the appearance of his sister on his eyelids, which he could not see for the time being.

"... that's what I'm asking. I'll write to you on the moon."

"Oh... if I forget, I'll push Sleepy Lotus no matter what you say... no, I'll just have it with us"


It was Izna, who turned away remnantly, but turned around with a smile, not knowing Kate's joke. but to him like that, kite laughs.

"Hahaha! Come on. While the princess is asleep."

"Shit... after all, I hate you"

To Kite, who laughs with pleasure, Izna turns her back together again, laughing, albeit rarely. So, before Sleep Lotus woke up, Izna would follow the venue and a letter would arrive to Sleep Lotus once a month as promised.