Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1877: Seeking clues - Laelia -

A week after the "Hachi serpent (or grate)" crusade. It was a kite who had been busy supporting the reconstruction of the Nakatsu country, but it was also supposed to leave for La Elia again due to the fact that it was separated. So when Kate put the necessary personnel on the airship, he was sitting in the bridge chair of Shanna's airship.

"Good… report each ship, status"

"Jesus. Each ship...... ready to launch. Anytime -"

Report to Kite's request while Aigis checks the status of each fleet. It should be noted that this airship has also undergone the modification of Tina, so the basic kites alone were allowed to move it.

So Aigis was in a dedicated spherical console for checking the meters, and the fireflies were lying on the dedicated seat and connected and controlled directly to the airship.


"" Let's Go!

Under Kate's gaze, Soleil and Yuri issue the ordinance with pleasure. Thus, the airship slowly began to take off, and a Sia frigate fleet flew out of Nakatsu, mainly Shana's airship.

As I was told earlier, this fleet is all under Kate's command. And because of their defensive abilities, both Shea and Shanna are aboard the Shanna airship on which Kate rides. So this Shana airship was the flagship in this temporarily formed fleet.


Kite exhaled one thing to make sure there was nothing wrong with the status of the flying fleet. Now if you don't get attacked by demons on the road later, there's no problem. It was good to just kill my spare time after that. And Yuri asks him how he was going to kill his free time that way.

"So, kite. What are we gonna do if we don't get along?

"From Tina and Mr. Lantern's confirmation for now, Kane"

"That way, I'm not going to have a problem."

"It's bad when you wake up."

As it stands, Tina and the lights are not on this bridge. It was the final check of the gravitational field control system that was brought in. The check there was one of those who had to keep the ship. And Soleil asks Kite, who said such a thing.

"Hey, no."


"What is it? The gravitational field controller."

"It's a normal magic guide. Only that Earth's technology is used as part of the theory. I don't think you're interested."

"But I'll see..."

"Not so much because I'm free, and Yuri and I are going that way."

"I could say so."

To Kate's point, Soleil was having fun. As for her, most things seemed fun with Kate and Yuri. Note that I don't think it is necessary to say that she is really not interested in gravitational field control devices. Kate was right.

"That's why I'm here to look!

"I don't mean..."

"Hahaha...... So, how's it going?

To Tina, who drops her shoulders on Soleil's words, Kate asks. For once, it looked like it was stopping now, and the demonic stone mounted in the center did not emit any light.

"Uhm. Once the motion itself is not faulty. Now it's time to make the last adjustments."

"Well... but he's also a serious genius..."

"Not really. Yikes. I'm watching you make it out of pure science and technology, and I'm in it, so I'm just reproducing it."

Normally, I can't reproduce it. Kite accidentally tweaks inside. Nevertheless, I was also distracted by the lights doing some work in front of the console, so I did not say anything. So it's something else he asks.

"So, that's a raven too, Mr. Corner Light. Let me ask you something, are you sure you're coming?

"Yeah, Mane. Because you want to see it. That sounds so funny."

"Well, that's funny, that's funny..."

I wonder if they are said to be the closest to the wise men and great spirits of the earth. Kate remembers who the lights say she wants to meet and laughs a little. Nevertheless, when I said it was out with it, I could understand that the sage of the other earth would enjoy it, too.

"Well, okay. You already know that one anyway."


"Oh. I know everything about Enefia, Grandpa. I know a lot more than an informer. He doesn't feel that way either."


It is said that the wise men of the earth are of the Spirit. So no wonder you know a lot more about things than you are on the system side of the world. In view of that, they had no wonder in the lights either.

"Why don't you go check it out? The other guy, once Laelia, they say he's a big sage or something, but I don't think anyone knows the details."

"Is that it?

"Oh. Laelia's old story. Then you're usually portrayed as someone like Grandpa."

What was not actually like that was something that everyone knew if it was the royal family of Laeria. Now when Sharik went under him during the coup, he was having a conversation with his hands on the ground. In view of that, I didn't think it was in the form of a decent person.

"So, that's anyway. Rest when you're done."

"Yes, yes."

"Hmmm...... even so, ahem. Soleil grabbed me."

"Well, if anyone else sees me, I'm going to be treated like a pervert."

Waving his hand behind his back and watching Kite leave, watching Soleil snap on its back and the two pull their cheeks. Nevertheless, such a kite would still wander around dressed as such for some time afterwards and appropriately kill time.

Well, the kites left Nakatsu for a few days. It was with me that I made my way through the airship with a little haste, but I had arrived in La Elia without anything. This time we arrived in the capital of Laeria.

So Kate first deposited Shanna with the close guards of Laelia, but that's where Kate first met someone for a long time. That is in the midst of crossing the Laerian border and being escorted by the Laerian national army.

"Long time no see, Mr. Barry."

"Oh. You look fine, too, above all. I heard you listened to me from an old handler and did your eyes...... no more problems?

"Yeah. It's every day if you're an adventurer. Unless your eyeballs blow, you won't retire early."

"Ha. Right."

It was Barry, a former adventurer and current serviceman, who Kate reunited with. Basically, it seems that he counts as Sharik's belly-hearted and moveable force of war - because as a former adventurer there is a handout there too - and he was also entrusted with this welcome.

Regardless, Kite and I both know each other. It's a lot easier to do as a kite than to let someone you don't know badly welcome. So Kate just gets a little chat with Barry like that.

"So, you made another big scratch."

"Oh, this. About two months ago? Fight against those in the back guild when you expose the misconduct of local nobles. This one was hiring adventurers just in case... but it was dangerous"

Barry laughs at one as she strokes the big scratch that was newly made on her cheek in response to Kate's words. In contrast, Kate laughed somewhere relieved.

"Have you been asking for a back guild lately?"

"On the boulder, on the surface, there's no way to look at it."

"A little later, huh?


To Kite's inquiry, Barry laughs just a little easier. Not too long ago, Kite was fighting, but the back guild is illegal. Unlike the mercenaries, they are often complete criminals and interrogators.

The fact that we are starting to ask such people means that, as Barry put it, the decent adventurers are no longer taking requests. It was evidence that the trend leaned completely towards Sharik's side. Hence Barry was also at ease.

"Stop by and say the shadow of the great tree. In the next six months, this one can be completely controlled...... oh yeah. So I remembered... His Majesty Sharik wanted to thank you, he said. He said," Thank you for letting me hang out with an armored guild. "

"Hahaha...... no. I also really got on the edge by chance. I was surprised."

Needless to say, they were talking about < >. After receiving the letter of introduction, Grimm thought about it, and decided to make use of Kite's introduction. A letter of thanks from Sharik to that effect had been brought to Kite through the embassy in Laeria.

"I was surprised, too. I didn't know Grimm was replacing him."

"Didn't you know?

"Oh. Originally there was a small and medium mercenary guild. They replaced me when I joined the army, and I didn't know that at the time. The man with the arm went in, until I heard it."

To Kite's inquiry, Barry confesses to something he honestly didn't know. For visibility, Barry's guild and predecessors' < > were tonnes, for the general public, Barry was on top, and for the adventurers, < > was on top. As soon as it turned into a modern grime, it seems that < > was put on top of it all at once.

"The man with his arms is with the modern age."

"Oh. In a year and a little while I've mastered all the guilds. Big deal."

It's true that many ancient ginseng and their executives died of the plague at the time, but not all of them did. Nonetheless, if you inherited the Alliance Master, that would be based on your understanding of the surroundings. Barry could have guessed how much arm and popularity he had. I also nodded and agreed with one of the late's praises.

"Yeah... so I was wondering if it would be a good idea to introduce you"

"Oh. No, I was present at the meeting with him. It was a full attitude. Even in front of the high ranking officers of the army and His Majesty Sharik, he didn't care about anything and looked grand. His face was the one he hid in his mask... but he convinced me of this one with a brilliant discourse. That's beyond me. I can also snort that Rank S."


Apparently, he's playing guild master on Dada, and even more so, he doesn't have the strength to accept Kate's handover. They disputed all the high-ranking officials in the line and convinced them to wear masks.

Nevertheless, of course, it seems that it is not the only way to prove that someone else is not replacing them. By then, he had to concede to the boulder that he was also skilled as an army, and he had to admit it.

"So, that's what happened to you? The guy at headquarters told me he met you."

"When it comes to headquarters… < >?

"Oh. I have a handout at HQ for you. He was riding a Heavenly Horse."


Apparently, he knows about Edna even when he says "Heavenly Horse". Barry was laughing with a fun face. Nevertheless, we can't be chatting for too long. So Kate decided to get down to business.

"So, what about His Majesty Sharik?

"Oh. Your Majesty is waiting for you at the castle. but after finishing her meeting with Shanna, she wants to enter the meeting."


This visit by Kite has several purposes. One is to attend a general meeting at the Adventurers Union Association and pledge to support the Adventurers against < >. This was originally decided. but along with that, he was attacked in the Nakatsu country earlier and held meetings with Sharik. This was also requested by the Imperial side, so this time Kite also had an aspect as an ambassador. but how sudden is the decision. There were various things that had to be discussed. As such, he was introduced by Barry to talk to the civilians who would pack their stories.