Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1879: Seeking Clues - Meeting -

Shanna returned home to coincide with a general meeting at Union headquarters in western Laeria. Kite stepped down to Laeria with her like that, but the room he was put through was the room he once used to renovate for his squire.

Waiting for him to enter such a room was the assassin guild leader's usurper. Such a chief demon told me that the chief would attend a meeting attended by Kate. So, he came back to Laelia for a little while. Kate was supposed to meet Sharik first with Shea before the meeting.

"Oh, kite. You've come a long way. I was annoyed earlier."

"Thank you...... no, never mind. Oh, that's a good thing."

"Her Royal Highness. You've come a long way too."

"No, thank you for your invitation."

Kate and Shea hold Sharikh's offered hand. After that exchange of greetings, Sharik suggested a seat for the two of them, and a light conversation was to be held where he had taken his seat.

"Even so... the boulder is Lord Brave. Is that common? The legend is not Dada."

"Hahaha...... yeah, well. I'm not thankful."

It's Kate's life to be called up every time something happens and get into trouble every time something happens. That has never been, and will never be, the same. His face was somewhere close to a bitter laugh at how such a future was foreseen.

"Well... so in preparation for tomorrow's meeting, can you tell me what's going on in Nakatsu as a whole? Whatever you want to talk about first, you can't do anything until you know what's going on."


At Sharik's request, Kate will tell us what she saw in Nakatsu. There was little more to hide about this now than knowing who it was. So when I hear that, Sharik roars one thing.

"Phew... is it still a disastrous species? One thing, I want to ask."

"What is it?"

"Its disastrous species. Didn't you feel any different than when Lord Brave was fought?

"Is it different..."

To Sharik's inquiry, Kate closes her eyes for the first time and handles her memories. If you have a history of engaging with disastrous species, Kite is definitely the best. Besides, he is also engaged with the Hachi Serpent once. Though it was a lot more powerful than it was back then, I might have figured something out. but such he shakes his head after a few thoughts.

"No...... I don't think there was any particular big difference. But... there was clearly a more sedentary appearance than usual. I could manipulate... No, or to be able to manipulate, let's say a slight weakening of nature... You should think that you needed to be quiet."

Naturally, catastrophic species are not such easy to crusade. Because Kate is battling dozens of catastrophic species, that "Hachi serpent (or grate)" felt slightly weak.

Nevertheless, I felt that this was deliberately weakened rather than "Hachi serpent (or grate)" itself. Convinced of his words like that, the more Sharik does, the better.

"Hmm...... sure, makes sense. There are too many disadvantages. So, what about that manipulative demon?

"I didn't see that. Was it manipulated from afar, or could it be moved remotely in some way... it's still unknown"

"Well... essentially equals little information"

"Yeah... I can manipulate it, I guess."

Kite sighed and nodded again against Sigh-minded Sharik's words. There is nothing else I can say about this.

It should be noted that Yoshino was not in the vicinity of Hachi Serpent (or Grate) as Kate had not seen at that time. but he stayed in Nakatsu country, but this was a depository of Kite. Sharik then turns to Shea after finishing sharing a single piece of information.

"So, Empress Laicia. What does the Empire intend to do in response to this incident?"

"Yes... Your Majesty took this incident and set up his defense for the first time. However, we still believe that it is not possible to crusade alone, even if the target species is our country."

"Makes sense."

That would be so. To Shea's unequivocal statement, Sharik did not get any special surprises. Whether this is an empire or a Laeria, on the contrary, it remains the same as if it were a Valtard with Enefia's greatest influence. A catastrophic species is too powerful to deal with in one country. That convinced Shea to go further.

"Yes, and despite Lord McDawell's dedication to this victory, at the same time, unlike fifty years ago, we believe that the fleet of airships is in place for all nations."

"Sure. Compared to fifty years ago, the number of airships in both your country and my country increased to different digits. The battleships will be of different kinds and speeds."

The words of Sharik were not particularly surprising to those in this room. Nevertheless, this cannot be done. It was fifty years ago that the airship reached dawn in the first place. What happened there was the emergence of a catastrophic species.

Even at this time, the usefulness of the spacecraft was still demonstrated in the high-speed transport of supplies and personnel, and it was with this in mind that we began to put our back on the analysis of Tina's legacy in the name of the development of national airships.

"Yes, we therefore believe that the national joint system can be further expanded, and we believe that we should first hold a continental conference, and we are moving towards it"

"I see...... it is certainly easier to accommodate troops in different countries than it once was. Whether it's easier to attack another country or not… can't you just say it now?"


To Sharik's words, Shea appropriately gavels. So Sharik reconsiders one thing and confirms it to Shea again.

"So, for one thing, the Empire is going to hold a Continental Conference and use it to make a real move?

"You may see it that way… Most importantly, it is now important to ensure that we accomplish our request for support to the Adventurers Union. To that end, we are fully committed to the support of Lord McDawell and myself."

"... Sure, you do. My country agrees with that without any objection. If you have any problems during this journey, you should offer it without hesitation."

"Thank you"

Shea would like to thank Sharik for one offer. It should be noted that Kite and Shea here are at first as public Empress Entesia and Lord McDawell Kite. So not as an inside fiancé, Shea called him Lord McDawell.

"Oh... so, my country..."

Sharik, one nod to Shea's gratitude, once again conveys his country's movements to both of us. As such, at the end of the information-sharing process with each other, the first advance meeting ended.

"Right...... oh, thank you. I would be tired of traveling today. Let's turn it around tomorrow."


I beg your pardon.

We both rise again to Sharik's suggestion, agreeing. That's how he gets up and Kite asks as if he remembers.

"... oh yeah. Tomorrow, there will be a countermeasures meeting... other than me and Princess Laicia, any guests?

"Mm-hmm? Oh, a guest. No matter, I'm inviting you. Probably a few of them are the ones you know...... it would be better if you actually took a look at the details. There will be many who know the name."

"Really? I get it. Well, I'll look forward to that."

Apparently, he's invited more than one observer at this meeting. I can't help it. That's what Kate decided, and for the first time, she decided to go straight to sleep today in preparation for tomorrow's meeting.

Well, the morning after dawn. When Kate had breakfast, she had a face at Shanna's once before the meeting.

"Dear Shanna. How about adding or subtracting?

"Yep... it's been a long time since I've seen a view from here and I got a feeling I'm back"

To Kite's inquiry, Shanna looks out for tea on the terrace. What you can see from there is the courtyard of the castle. The terrace in this room has a special magic unfolding, and like a magic mirror, it has a mechanism where you can see from here on out but not from outside on the terrace. So they had a good view of the courtyard since the bird days of the cage. And Kate used to hear it when she was invited to the room, and she had seen the view from here several times.

"... that's a good sight"


For whatever reason, this country has more than a thousand years of history. So even in one garden, history and tradition were felt, and the tea to drink while watching this sight was exceptional. As such, he decides to have a little tea with him.

"Phew... Speaking of which, have you been on the board long enough"

"Right...... more than six months since then. Hannah will admit it."

"Thank you"

To the admiration of Kate and Shanna, Shelia breaks her hips. That's how Kate sipped a cup of tea that she let in.

"Phew...... oh yeah. Speaking of which...... Shelia, Sherk"



To Kate's words, the two of them tip their little necks. To those two, Kate told a story she heard from Sharik's envoy a while ago.

"The Selva family. After that... you want to hear it?


The Selva family. It's a house of cause for both of us. Several months have passed since that civil conflict. As Barry said earlier, there have been few major insurgencies.

So those who had once given to the great elders, or were also punished for the corrupt nobles that Sharik had originally captured, had already been punished. Among them were the Selva family and the Reserva family in Denzel. That's how they face each other once, but Sherk opens his mouth.

"... for once, only the upside after"

"Well... the House of Reserva, which had its primary cause first, concludes that your house was destroyed. That makes sense."

Originally the Selva family was a particularly notorious nobleman among the Laerian kingdoms at the time when even corruption was serious. It is the House of Reserva, which sent out those who could not be treated as divisions among them. The notoriety can be called origami. Aside from Denzel, some of our masters in history had to beat him, and he had a taste for extreme acidity.

In view of all that, it seems that your home demolition has been confirmed. It's a branch that's not that big. It seemed better to take it down. Shelia then asks Kite, who told her about it.

"So, what about the Selva family?

"Here, but they still didn't really take it apart. Well, there's a handover for both the police and the military. He said he should have used his handouts to bring the Confederate army together."

Is that a reasonable place?

"Well... of course it didn't stay that way."

A reasonable place when it comes to reasonable places. Kite laughs just a little against Shelia, who seemed to calmly accept only the facts lightly. This was only unbreakable, that's all. You have the original power, or not if they say so.

"The territory only remained after a significant reduction. He's a branch boy at the end who didn't seem to have succeeded the main house or had any prospect of succeeding him. For the time being, the guardian chosen by His Majesty Sharik took care of it, right? The only reason I left behind was because the influence of that name can be used in the south."


Apparently, there is no longer any exaggeration to say that the Selva family is famously innocent as a matter of fact, although it was only the destruction that spared them. The conclusion seems to be that it is not a mistake to dismantle it, simply that the name remains.

It was the result of the name and the intention of the Shaliks and the upper level of the La Area, who wanted a speedy rebuild from the situation. As such, Kite, who spoke after the Selva clan, stayed at Shanna's for some time afterwards and went to the meeting.