Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1882: Seeking clues - to the second battle -

Upon Sharik's request, Kite was to enter one of the ruins of the old civilization discovered in the Harvest Festival case as an observer. That is how he attended the meeting as an observer, but it was Shahel, the chief of the assassins, who then visited his room.

So after a few conversations with Shahel, Kate was headed to Tina's for the first time. but that's what he was at Tina's place was to get in touch with Balflair. We needed super long distance communication, so we needed to get to Tina.

'Heh... that sounds interesting. Shall I go too? "

"Ask Your Majesty that. You could cross from there to here in a day."

"Don't be a walking assumption."

"You can even go on foot."

Fun, Kate tells a joke. Well, it's a balflair. It is a monster that crosses and swims across continents and crosses between continents because it misses the ship. There was no way he was impossible in Rank EX alongside Kate.

"That's a raven and a horn... I'm listening to that. I had an invitation once. I said no. '

"What a surprise."

"Oh... I'm so busy rooting for boulders all this time. Come on"

"... Barbaroo. Behind you, behind you."

"Ah? Ah! Oh, my God! It's that terrop!

At the pointer of Yuri sitting on Kate's shoulder, Balflair turns around and sees a flip held by a Union official standing behind him and roughs his voice. There was a terrible hangover there and I said no, it said.

Apparently, the union's meeting and meeting with the other guilds kept the drinks going day and night, and the flow accidentally turned them down.

If you were drinking the opposite, you would have received it in two replies. In that case, he would also participate in the Alliance, which is high enough to drink with him, so there would have been a lot of faces in it.

"Hey...... because that doesn't matter. Let the prophets out for now."

'Oh, excuse me. I'll arrange it for you. "

"Excuse me. Please."


One of the Union's officials bows his head against Pekopeko and Kite and makes arrangements to go get Levi immediately. That's how the disturbance behind me ran down my ass for a while, and Levi came.

"Did you call me?

"Oh. Bad. I need a little help over here. The fact that the Balflair guy's on the move means you've already made a lot of arrangements, haven't you?

"Thought I'd say that, but I'm already next to you."

"Oops. Boulders are prophets..."

Kate has one admiration for Levi's voice, which sounded abruptly. Now the person you need is beside you. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to communicate with the Balfrère side, which carries out the comedy.

"Hey. Bad, communications are okay now. I'll be in Balflair in a week, because I'll be there. Get everything you need for the Empress's perimeter protection."

"I've arranged that, too. There's no problem."

"Sounds like..."

'Oh, yes. Then the Prophet. Absent here.'

"Oh. This one cooperates with the National Army and hits a previous case"


Union officials bow their heads to Levy's words. After all, on the basis of Balfrère and reason, which only says impotent in terms of affairs, the latter appeared to be more trustworthy in Levy, which foresees ahead on top of it. It should be noted that Kate has been in touch with a familiar face for 300 years. Therefore, it was said that there was no problem in talking normally. After the communication went out that way, Kate turned to Levy again.

"Well... this time again, I got in trouble."

"Also < >? I'm sure the necklace won't work this time because of the Imperial problem."

"For once, a few people don't know who I am. The fact that I have this guy means that I'm on the front line. That could cause trouble for a boulder. Let me do that."

In response to Levi's unambiguous confirmation, Kate took out the cruciform necklace and nodded. With this, basically all the golems in the sealing device can be manipulated as intended, but that's why manipulating them as badly as they wanted could lead to their own identity. And, seeing a necklace like that, Yuri asks.

"Speaking of which, kite. What are you gonna do about it? Will they stop attacking you?

"Oh, that or. Tina, did you just say you had a good hand or something?

Kate remembers when she came to this room and asks Tina to remotely inspect the condition of the airship. It was originally assumed that this might happen. Therefore, when I came to the room, I was holding consultations with Tina, and I was receiving this response.

"Oh, um. Well... well, it's a simple story to think about. The fact that the Golem is in the Lord's control means that you can attack the Lord by His will."

"Isn't it safe?

"See you there. You don't have to hit it. It's important that you get attacked instead of hitting something like this. If only you could see that the Lord is after you just like the others."

"Uh... I see. Indeed."

Especially what Tina is saying. Yes, Kate is convinced. The problem in the first place is that he may not be attacked, and because he is under his control, he does not patrol, and does not show any movement.

But if both of them can be moved by the will of Kite, they could also be falsified by daring her to do the same thing as before. Nevertheless, nothing is wrong. Tina points that out.

"When it comes to later issues, how do you manipulate many golems... I mentioned this in my notebook earlier, so I should refer to it"

"For once, I did it a few times..."

"Uhm... because I still don't manipulate you as an army in the first place. It can also be described as the harm of taking the time to test the performance and operation of a single golem. Well, even so, the army doesn't make so much difference... we just have to get them to do something about it."

"Later, with the bump production."

"It will be."

Both Kate and Tina have a number of other cases in the first place. So inevitably, we can't just hang up on the analysis of the necklace we got at the Harvest Festival and the golem sealed in it, and the fact that the superficial kite is not going into it is not very usable in his current adventure department, which is the main battlefield. As a result, they didn't have much practice on golem manipulation.

"Even if there is some discomfort there, can we just leave it to the auto later?"

"Right. It doesn't have to be too harsh, but on the contrary, getting warm would be problematic. I don't care if it's not lukewarm or not, I'll be able to make it this time."

"Is that true, too? If you think about it, you won't be distracted by the manipulation, but is there a problem with letting them attack with all their might?"

Once again, Kate decides that she won't have to worry too much about this infiltration. At the request of Laelia this time, the soldiers are to enter as well as during the harvest festival. To get them to look at their enemies once so that they can deal with anything in the future.

but this soldier is a former adventurer who Sharik, led by Barry, scouted straight away, or a soldier whose arm stands from some aristocratic lineage. You can't defeat a boulder like Al or Lil, but if it's one-on-one, you can handle the extent to which you protect yourself. That's fine if they don't do it for now. If they don't do it, Shahel and Kate can manage later.

"Uhm... well, I could do a paragraph here for now"

"Oh... well, suppose we have a meeting tomorrow"


Tina nods one to Levi's offer and gives her consent. After that, we decided to hold a meeting together to prepare for the investigation, and we worked to prepare for it.

Well, a few days after Kite had the meeting. On the day initially scheduled for Union headquarters, Kate had taken some of the Adventure Department personnel to an extraordinary army camp set up in a slightly remote section on the outskirts of Laeria.

This time, he also brought Rufaus and Moments to experience the battle against the Golem at Kate's request or Tina's direction. It was a decision that if this guy had the strength he has now, he would be able to withstand enough combat.

"Hmmm...... well, I figured it was a bit of an alert attitude"

"That's right. They're the ones in the first place. Besides, for all we know before we go in this time, we should be more vigilant."

"I see."

The opponent is < >, the one who destroyed the old civilization. Though alone, I'm not the one who can be alarmed. So Kite starts the comms once.

"Ceres. Can you hear me?"


"Is there a problem there?

'There isn't... Yep. Any problems?'

To Kite's inquiry, Celestia, entrusted with the guardianship of Shanna while Kite was out front in this one case, undertook one. Once again, Laelia had asked her to do this on an ad hoc basis, so that she could keep Shanna safe in case < > ever went outside. That is why she and her guild were waiting at the castle in Laeria.

"Well... sorry, I can't"

"No, it's still easier than that."

"Haha. Sure... but you know what?

"Yes, we also have information about < > in our world. I'm not going to be alarmed. '

The target is < >. Whatever happens, it's not suspicious. The possibility of an unexpected reaction was well thought out, and there was a slight tension in Celestia, who was supposed to be waiting outside. It may be said that it is no wonder that the Laerian side lays a rugged guard so far, as well as her, thinks there is no wonder what happens.

"Please... Well"

One nod to Celestia's response, Kite turns off communication and looks forward again. Already the support of those participating in this battle was in the process of being put in place, with all the participants on the adventurer's side. Among them, Kate turns her attention to a different population. Just like that, the moment I turned my gaze to you, I got a slightly bitter face.

"... I don't have many good memories."

"Because you ran away with the other body before?

"Oh. They were all and he was all skilled"

Moments were watching Grimm's < > crew. Well, that's all that happened, so there's no choice. Kite laughs at him like that, though.

"Then you should be happy to be on your side now. Fighting them is not gonna happen this time."

"Right...... right. I think so."

"That's right... oh, yeah. Senior, can I have a moment?


Speaking of which, to Kite as I recall, the moment only slightly lifts his neck. To him like that, Kate told him just a little bit about the circumstances behind it.

"This time, there is no < >. With that in mind, move."

"? I mean, what do you mean?

"As you may know... < > is still more malicious. It was His Majesty Sharik's bad news that he hired them for an important assignment here and now on the boulder. but arms are useful. So temporarily, they're being hired by another guild under false names."

"I see... so you don't see that reaper"

< > is a well-named mercenary guild. but at the same time there is the fact that mercenaries were the main job and helping the Confederate Army.

Therefore, even as a Laerian army with the northern army at its centre, < > was not very well received, and he did not want to have too many waves with the participation of the Assassin Alliance's long shahel. So Grimm looked like a mask of what he was participating in this time, and he wasn't wearing the distinctive reaper armor.

"Being there is only an alliance that has nothing to do with < >. Behave like that outside."

"Ok...... what's your name?

"< >. As an up-and-coming guild wearing black wings, I am participating this time. That mask is the Grimm."


Should I just remember that for now? The moment nods one to Kite's response and indicates acceptance. As such, Kite and the others then exchanged forces and shahels for a few meetings, and activated the crucifixion to create a labyrinth (dungeon).