Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1887: Seeking Clues - Crusade -

Upon request from Laelia, Kite went on a < > crusade. He was going to the depths with the grim and chahel handlers. Waiting at the deepest end of the journey was < > in the same class 2 as before, but such < > appeared to be slightly different.

"Is that... the Great Sword? The armor is slightly different from the advance information."

"Dad. Don't get out too far ago"

"Oh... but... very interesting"

While nodding at Juliette's attention, Julius strikes forward slightly and opens his eyes with interest. As he puts it, this time < > the weapon of the Guardian was a sword slightly larger than the giant body of about 2 meters. Furthermore, the armor seems to be customized to make it easier to move with it, although a slight difference was noticed.

"... the Great Sword? What do we do, Kite?

"I have nothing to do with this. The only way to do it is to do it...... Al, Lou. The two of you will basically focus on providing magic support, as well as the protection of combatants in distress. If you are blown away and devoured by pursuit, you are the Buddha first and foremost. Just focus on preventing a blow."

Copy that.

I guess the Great Sword is still far more aggressive than the < > Guardian with the previous one-handed sword and shield. Defense would be low for that matter, but on the contrary, it meant that if you took a single blow, you would likely die from it alone. Kite then asks Grimm, breathing slightly.

"Grimm... can I expect speed if I'm not wearing armor?


One grimm gripping the Great Sickle nodded in response to Kite's inquiry. Nevertheless, the hand holding the great sickle was only slightly white and it could be detected that the force was in place. After all, he also < > seemed inevitable to be slightly nervous with his opponent.

"Helping...... seniors. Avoid the basics. Attacks are as good as they can be when they can. Never attack the detour... well, you'll see at first hand"

"... oh"

In response to Kate's advice, the moment will only be stronger. Seeing it just made me understand that < > is very dangerous. My body was slightly tense.

"Okay...... Phew"

When Kate finishes giving instructions to each member, she takes a deep breath only once to get her breathing ready. That's what happened earlier, but the target is < >. Just because Tina and Yuri are here, doesn't mean they're caught off guard. That's how he breathes, and he snorts one with Yuri on his shoulder.



At the same time as Yuri's reply. Kate kicks the ground and takes the lead. Along with that, they all started acting together. As such, immediately after each of them has started their own movement. < > also moves again.


Kite stops instantly and punches a machete similar to the sword into the < > that matches herself in an instant and starts cutting directly in front of her. but shortly after the blow was exchanged. Aiming for the moment, Yuri unfolded her witchcraft.


Flashing from Yuri's palm, he swallows the defenseless < > immediately after the attack and blows his body away. but it's still a blow from the fairy clan. Besides, she can't even use < >. I stayed to blow it up. and behind that blown < >, the alumina gets stuck.


It is the dagger that Almina specializes in against Artesia, who loves to use the Great Sword as a master. None of them can be said to have any attack power compared to the Great Sword. but this dagger does not attach importance to physical aggression in the first place.

"Mm... that's..."

Julius slightly opens his eyes to the bursting purple flame. It is an alumina dagger, but this was a delicacy engraved with a number of magical engravings on it.

In other words, this weapon was an aid to witchcraft by making it look like a physical attack. Regardless, the blade has not been pulled, so if I let it directly, I can do damage, and if the hit is bad, I can kill it normally. but the main thing is only magic.

"I can't... I don't think there's anything in it"

"I see what you mean."

At the same time < > turned around, slightly blunting the movement in the purple flame. As if that were a natural flow, alumina and chahel are replaced. Thus, Chahel's pale flame beat < >. There, the grimm wields a great sickle.

"Ow! Ow!

It's a grime with a big sickle and a torso piercing through it, but the robustness of < > 's armor makes it look stubborn. That one had enough power on it. Still, they weren't enough to pierce it. Somewhat short of armor.

Shortly after < > tried to tap him into the counter like that. The movement is inhibited by altering the movement of the palmitis that the chahel was slamming through and causing it to clump together.

"Keep your distance."

"Thank you!

Grimm, thanking Shahel, jumped off the scene, shortly afterwards. The sword waves like a sword. The momentum even shakes off the pale flame of Shahel, and further drives his sword toward Shahel.


To the sword to be directed, Shahel did not try to be slight. So, right after. As before, a bright red flash emerges from the tip.

"Eh! Your Highness!

Barry's voice sounds like he was dancing. but after the crimson flash passed that way, a flat looking shahel stood. Listening to his voice like that, this one was ready by Julius, who had no surprise whatsoever.

"Don't you have a defense that's less damaging than that... Juliette. Can we fit in?"


"Good...... you in gold. I'll leave the analysis to the time of need. This one even overlaps the trial"


To Julius' words, Tina nodded one. Perhaps this one was just like nature. Apparently, the stakes coincided, and Julius asked Tina for analysis and assistance in the unlikely event of an apparent attack.

Earlier Kate had also guessed, but Julius had guessed who Kate and Tina were. So they decided to leave Tina to analyze and try what they could come up with as soon as they could. Even at this time, it is an experiment. It still looked like some head screws were flying. As such, countless sorceries were unleashed by father and daughter.

"... come"

Shahel changes her style slightly with a wide variety of witchcraft. So, the next moment. A pale flame struck < > simultaneously, and Shahel also dwelt a golden light in his hand.

"" "Mm" "

"Golden you. I want that analysis, too."

"Let's be good. Turn the Golem data here."

"We have a deal. Juliette. One golem of analysis... no, two... no"

"I'll get all ten of them out. We're going to run out of any number of cars."


"Hey! That's not the case!

Both these Mad Scientists. While Kite kicks the ground again and fleshes to < >, she roughs out her voice to three people who are intrigued to see Shahel's golden light. Nevertheless, on the other hand, Shahel had already started a meeting with < >, with a golden light in one hand.

"This is... amazing"

It's called an assassin, so I thought I wasn't good at fighting straight from the front. For a moment, I couldn't hide my surprise from Shahel, who normally plays a cut with < > from the front.

Now Almina seems to be good at odd tricks and tricks, and now she seems to be trapping around everywhere, presuming that she is first hand and doesn't pass directly from the front. but Shahel waves the golden glow like a sword. Rather than being an assassin, I was believed to be an ordinary swordsman.


Watch such a battle between Shahel and < > in the blink of an eye. The first thing he needs to do is see if he can keep up with this fight. If I can do that, I'll just die of dogs.

Originally, this should have been decided before the battle, but there is still something inside this labyrinth (dungeon) that shows his increased combat power. To Kate, to Tina, that's why Levy doesn't know how much of his fighting power he has. So I decided to leave the decision to him, and it was Kite's instructions to join the war if I didn't get my foot together.

(... I can see, you know)

After all, Shahel's speed was half invisible to the unimaginability of the attack, but < > 's attack was far enough. He therefore decided that he was to the point of eating himself and breathed heavily.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Birrible, and instant < >. The opponent is a strong enemy. I needed to do everything I could and for real. Thus, from behind < >, who plays a cut with Shahel, he was attacked in large measure.


Seeing the moment when it hit me with fierce speed, the chahel disappeared as if it were melting into the shadows. In response to an enemy that suddenly disappeared, < > 's attacks cut off the sky and unwittingly collapse into a slight posture. There, the moment stuck a spear out of his back all at once.


Along with the sound of "dong," < > is blown. Ahead of being blown away like that, the trap Alumina was setting was waiting for.


"I got it!

I received an alumina voice and Grimm nodded one. That's how he kicks the ground and flies over, at the same time. Although the blown < > slowed down with the sword protruding to the ground, it would reach the trap site and be blown up.

but that's not going to Grimm's place. Naturally. The alumina trap is not convenient enough to control the direction in which it blows up perfectly. Therefore, before it blew up, Kate was on the jump.

"Yes, auray auray...... phew"

The kite with the bow releases an arrow moments before < > arrives on the ray. It caught < > and now it blew in the direction of the Grimm.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Grimm's roar gushes and he uses his centrifugal power heavily to wield the Great Sickle. The blow far exceeded the previous blow, so much so that if you hit it straight, you wouldn't just be sorry how < > you would be. but the opponent is < >. It should not have been with the concurrent opponent.

"Did you fit in?"

He was blown away < >, but he was aligned with the belly of the Great Sword on Grimm's Great Sickle. Besides, he didn't prevent that blow. He dared to take a shock and use it to get a distance. As a result, a roar < > struck the ceiling between the seals.

"Oh, whoa!

Moments throw spears along with loud voices toward the < > guardian (Guardian) > who lands on the ceiling. There, Levy set up the sorcery.


Spears accelerate at once through countless magic formations born before spears. In contrast, did < > think that dodging the boulder would not be possible in time, or pointed the tip at the spear?

"... Ha"

Levi giggles slightly at < >, who shows herself waiting for the spear. I don't know that. It wasn't her. That's how, the moment you walk through the last magic formation. The spear disappeared. I was transferred.

Boulder, < > could not handle it either. Shortly afterwards, for some reason, only shock and roar struck < >, knocking him to the ground.

"Ho... I'll do it. Did you transfer only the tip of the spear? On a boulder, on that scale, I feel it."

"Can you do it to this extent?

"There's no way."

Tina shakes her head at Julius' words as she watches < > get slapped to the ground and stop. And right after. That must have been the word < > rebooting and striking all at once.