Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1888: Seeking Clues - The Great Sword -

At Sharik's request, the < > Crusaders. With such collaboration, the battle against < > was progressing. That's how < >, who had been slammed to the ground by a series of instant spears and Levi's magic attacks, hit the moment he was nearby.


Here it comes. Grasp the spear firmly as you look directly at the < > coming at a speed you've never seen before. I don't expect him to be able to do a two-spear flow against < > on the boulder either.

The difficulty is that each blow will still be lighter. All this remains the same trying to spec it up. There's no way you can take a heavy attack with a light blow. If you're cautious, there's two spears for each spear.

"... Phew"

Exhale the tension with exhalation, and the moment speeds up consciousness. Then, keep a close eye on the looming < > sword and place the spear in its orbit.


What, this blow. The moment takes a blow far heavier than the blow of the Source Line taken in the earlier battle against the "Hachi serpent (or grate)," and looks up in a grand way. I had just taken a blow and slipped a small distance down the ground. So after a slight state of antagonism he was to be blown away greatly.

"Come on!"

Stick your spear to the ground and instantly slow down. Stop the clash against the wall. Fortunately, it didn't have to blow up much to see if the power was attenuated by the slight slip yet. but shortly thereafter. < > stuck to him at once.


Mazz. The moment understands my predicament in view of my current attitude. but there is no problem. Because at that moment Al jumped forward with a metastasis with a shield in place.


"Get back on your feet!

"Oh! I'm all right now!

Finish rebuilding in an instant and the instant spears. So, right after. The sword clashes against Al's shield.


I can't believe it's so heavy. Al understands that < > is far beyond his imagination. As a precaution, Al and Moment are expanding their < >. In their case, they have temporarily gained comparable combat power to the adventurers of Rank S combined with the strength of previous life.

Moreover, all three of them possess the talent of the realm, even referred to as genius, in each weapon type. That's all there is and this is it. I was also convinced that civilization had perished. But genius is still genius. It was easy to withstand the shocks that I could see, and now I have someone to work with.


The sound of heavy objects colliding with each other blew out < >. Rufaus broke into the sidelines. That is how it was blown < >, but immediately thereafter it slows down with a great sword protruding into the void.


Moments throw again toward < > when the Great Sword is put up in the void and stopped. When it was accelerated again by Levy, it clashed directly from the front. It was then pushed further < >, but not long before it stopped. At a moment when momentum weakened slightly, it somehow re-accelerated.

An obvious sign of surprise was found in < >. He didn't know what happened. Well, this goes without saying that the trap set by the alumina just activated and accelerated.

Nevertheless, there is no convenient way for a trap to be activated. When she realized there was nothing she could do with her arm, she switched to control the trap and activate the optimal effect in a timely manner. As such, Grimm waited in front of the reaccelerated < >.

"... Whoa, whoa..."

Apparently, Grimm, we can use our minds. A slightly special breathing sound echoes around. Thus, the mind and magic combined to dwell on the Great Sickle.

"Whoa, whoa!

With the roar, Grimm smites the Great Sickle. It was swayed with the intention of breaking the reaccelerated < >, and if it stayed that way, the damage would not have been spared.

But the target is still < >. < > When Grimm is detected, < > pulls the sword out of the void and dares to accelerate. In this way, the acceleration is cleverly utilized to rotate and succeed in aligning the Great Sword with Grimm's Great Sickle.

No. The Great Sword and the Great Sickle clash, and a loud noise sounds. And right after. Grimm's sickle blade smashed and scattered.


Was it still impossible? Grimm looked like that and jumped off the spot with a big smile on his face. That's how he wields the remaining pattern like a stick, stopping the continued pursuit of < >. Accelerate further and pull at once. but there was no way < > could have let the Grimm, who lost his weapon, escape.

"Let it!

Kite knocks a series of hits with a double sword toward the < > Guardian > who tried to re-accelerate. It's his series of attacks on the boulder. It is not easy to prevent that velocity with a great sword, but slowly but its robust armor produces chips and cracks. but such a series of attacks won't last forever either. A few seconds later, the red line of armor glowed and added pressure all at once.




Yuri pulls Yuri back forcefully as she unwittingly solidifies herself due to the release of pressure. And shortly thereafter. A great sword passes where he is. Levy and his magic beat the place where the sword passed by even more.


Now I can get back on my feet for a moment. Kite breathes slightly disturbed to prepare for another engagement. While attempting to rebuild his posture due to his indiscriminate assault, Kate skipped reading to Grimm.

"Is the weapon okay?

'There is no problem. He's been knocked in so he can fight even one fist. "

"Ho... Was my predecessor amazing"

"No, it's me."

In response to Kate's praise, Grimm throws down the Great Sickle pattern just as if it were out of the way. So he grabbed his fist and saw the cleavage of sorcery rambling and attacked him all at once.


The speed of the punched fist was clearly not the ratio of the big sickle ahead. That was fast enough that Grimm's fist would be able to beat in three shots while striking in the big sickle ahead.

Nevertheless, fists. The power was decreasing. Even if the posture shakes slightly after a series of hits, the < > immediately rebuilds after a low-powered fist blow, plainly placing the sword on the upper level while the movement slows slightly after a series of hits.

"Grimm! Get away from me! Not powerful enough!

There's no problem.

Against instant voicing, Grimm just returns it that way without stopping hitting him in a row. That's how he slowed down with a fist fight, but it's a big sword that almost swung him down like he cut a weir, but right after he thought he'd swung him down. Suddenly, the loudest noise ever sounded and < > blew away. As powerful as it was, < > accidentally took down the Great Sword.

What happened? The moment is bewildered by a suddenly ringing roar, unable to understand what happened. Grimm was certainly just rambling. Yet suddenly a roar sounded and his body blew away.

"... it's been a long time since I've done this, so you've lost speed to activation a little"

"What did you do?

"I simply tapped into the magic that permeates the inside continuously and activated it at the same time. < > has high resistance and takes time to activate."

"I'm glad I made it... but what were you going to do if you didn't make it?

"I did it in time."


This guy could be flying with this one, too. The instant was taken aback by Grimm's response. Meanwhile, Grimm reaches for the great sword that was blowing away by an earlier shock.

"The sword of the < > Guardian… as I was asking,? It weighs in my hand."

Grimm wields the sword several times as if it were his own gain, laughing slightly fiercely. That was just rightly what this was supposed to be like for him.

"Thank you... I said I could do it with my fist, but I was in trouble without a weapon"

"No way, for that matter?

"Oh. I slapped more in my arm"

Apparently, Grimm had dared to punch more into the shoulders, arms and other places supporting the Great Sword. As a result, a situation may have occurred where < > would have removed a sword that had never been let go before. As such, he slightly dropped his hips and kicked the ground.


Horizontal giraffes on hips strike a blown < >. but the opponent is < >. It is on the world side. A new sword appears abruptly in its hands and clashes with the great sword that Grimm has seized.

"Huh! Ha! Tee-ya!... the same intensity? You got some good stuff."

Crossing the spear trinity three times, Grimm giggles, understanding that he is far more intense than the sickle he had earlier. If this is the case, I can knock in enough attacks. That's what I keep saying. And that's right after that. Suddenly a voice echoed behind his brain.

'... keep on stomping'

Something is coming. Grimm managed to be more careful with her voice when she didn't even notice < >. And a golden light ran on the back of < >.

Don't say "... cowardly,"

"... no, it's brilliant ahead"

I haven't been told, I couldn't spot the moment of attack. Grimm does hear Chahel's voice passing directly beside himself. Apparently, he was tapping that blow in while no one noticed.

That's how a tremendous pressure hits his arm, while the golden light that was in the back of < > adds more radiance. That was as if a flare had erupted from the back of < > and he was about to push the grim in.


"Huh... Huh... Whoa!

When this is the time to attack. The moment I perceived it, I took a deep breath only once and grew a ghost horn to become a ghost warrior and attacked at once. It further amplified his increased output and pierced the < > armor beneath it through the golden light.

"Ko, can't you do this!?

Common sense would deviate too far from boulders. Moments see their spears grow from their torso but slowly but try to return < > and laugh unexpectedly. That was a pretty powerful blow right now. Sure, it may not extend to Grimm's blow, but it still seemed like a direct hit to where the crack came in would suffice.

"That's right... that's Model Red. Red Knight...... Melee combat specialist type that exchanges pairs with the Ethereal Knight. He's a tough guy who gets up no matter how many times he knocks him down... Double Dragon Print, Exclusive Liberation"

The struggle is visible where we have been. So Kite decides it's not enough yet. but don't overdo it at the same time, and most importantly, when you do it for real, it pisses you off later. As a result, I have not forgotten my assistant while releasing the double dragon crest.

'Good control...... or not too violent, this power!? What, this is! It's not a monstrous mess!

"I knew it! You're flying too fast!?

"We keep it down all the time."

"I wish I could just kick your ass"

Tina and Yuri ran rampant in Kate's body, controlling and screaming at the power of the mad dragon god and the devil dragon, and the two books of the Magic Book exhaled with a grand sigh. For the first time in their control, these four seem to be able to avoid damage to Kate's body properly. So much so.

"… < >"

Oops, in a pale flash, the < > that was about to return is drunk. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it will disappear.

"... Now, okay"

"... awesome"

"If you want to do it, do it fast. Now I can stab a todome."

She collapsed about, trying to get up but not having the power to do so. < > slightly stunned her. He's not dead yet. Grimm prompts Barry to go toddling, wary of such a < > situation. So, right after. Barry's blow struck him and < > fell to his knees as if he were falling apart.