Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1893: Seeking Clues - Measures -

The Labyrinth of the 'Cross' (dungeon) found in a survey of the Temple City. Kite, who participated in a meeting held in response to the results of the analysis of the information recording media and books found in the deepest part of this meeting, will tell only a little bit about the Vahlheit that was mentioned in that meeting. So, after I finished talking about Daima. Julius nodded one thing.

"I see... a child in a human experiment, or"

"It's hard to say."

"Tell that to my real father."

"Yeah. That's what I'm gonna say because he's my real father."

In response to Julius' complaint, Kanata clearly says so without any particular emotion. Nevertheless, it could be inferred to anyone that there was a slight affection there and a love as a family. After such an act, Julius regained his mind once.

"... well, if that's the case, I don't think he did anything about the < > seal... no?

"Well... your father's specialty was in biology, but he had his hands in a variety of fields. I also knew about Vibrating Stone, which is now important in the fight against evil gods. Don't make cheap decisions. Father, there's no way you're going to do something you don't understand."

"Well... then let's carve it in my heart"

One nod in Kanata's response, and Julius decides to keep it in mind for the first time. That is how he made one recommendation again.

"Well...... so. In the meantime… We < > advance to continue the search for the Cross. We'll have to collect the rest of the books, both on the rabbit and on the corner, to find out where the tomb is."

"We have already dispatched troops around the military on that to allow the exploration of the 'Cross' to take place. Isn't that all you got?

"No, it's not that..."

Julius shakes one head in response to Sharik's inquiry. Regardless, I don't think that's all he wants. but that's not what happened.

"I don't think the military is enough. At present, there are enemies. What happens if the enemy takes this and unleashes this somewhere?


Not that I didn't think about it. Senior military officials headed by Sharik push silence. but what was still a bottleneck for them was that there had not yet been a complete restoration of security. So Sharik speaks honestly.

"... that wasn't something we didn't even think about. Regardless, given the power of the enemy, you may be able to crusade < > … On the contrary, you may be able to dare to unseal only < >. But it hasn't been restored, anyway."

"Yeah, I know that."

Julius gives one laugh at Sharik's response. This development was assumed by him, too, and there were more things he wanted to say ahead than he had assumed and put out.

"If only we had permission to see the wise man of the earth."

"... to borrow his wisdom?

"Things need to be quick. Borrow his knowledge and explore where the 'Cross' is. That's the only way to get ahead of the enemy."


What do you think? The sights of senior military officials gather to Sharik. Essentially, permission to see the 'wise man of the earth' is a royal authoritarian matter. Therefore, if he gives permission, it will be possible. After just a few thoughts, he nodded one as if he had decided to.

"... Sure, especially what you say. He who is rooted in the earth of Enefia will know everything that has happened in this world. Inevitably, it is very likely that we also know where the 'cross' is"


"Oh... so it is the right decision to ask for his help in this sudden need. But it's not like there's no problem."

Sharik nodded one to Julius' consent, but on top of that, he proceeds.

"Restoration of security and so on… First and foremost, we need a way to crusade < > continuously for a short period of time. It's certainly not like you guys can't explore more than the top eight... but exploration is not the main guild. Your specialty is research. Fighting won't be the main thing"

"Regardless, I understand that. So I'd like you to form an ad hoc investigation unit by our adventurers. Maintain law and order in the military. We'll take care of the staff and investigation. I want to take the form of an actual battle for a battle-specific guild."

Sure, then I can still handle it. Sharik listens to Julius's suggestion and nods one thing. That's how he made a one-off inquiry.

"Hmm... specializing in that fight, is that right around Rank S?

"Yes… in view of the fact that the target is < >, he has no teeth in a concurrent adventurer. If so, I would like you to make a request to the top adventurers at least in rank S"


Sure, that's all I have when it comes to it. Originally, Rank S and the help of top adventurers are essential to < > 's Attack. So what Julius was saying was only natural, and there was nothing strange about it. So Sharik asked after a few thoughts.

"... do you guys have any credit?

"Whatever...... one of the eight biggest with us. Moreover, as His Majesty mentioned earlier, research is the main guild. I recognize that handouts are wider. We've already got a star on one."

"... me? No, no. We can't."

Kate unexpectedly laughs and waves at the gaze pointed at her by Julius. Indeed, if it were just Kate and Tina rather than the Adventure Department, it would not be impossible to attack all the 'cross' labyrinths (dungeons) either.

No, but whether or not it's okay to do that to a boulder is different. He also has a position as Duke in the first place. At the request of another country, I could not vacate my territory for long periods of time.

"Oh, I understand that, of course. But if you have a handout, there's somewhere you can do it."

"... too many to say"

"Oh. There 'll be plenty around you...... but there's only one good fit in these cases. < > I have heard rumors that you are the Heavenly Sword. I want a few Heavenly Generals to move."

"Oh, the Heavenly Admiral"

Well, then I can certainly say it's appropriate. Kate nodded convincingly at Julius' request. In the first place, < > is the most powerful group and prestigious militant guild in Enefia. There are only eight Heavenly Generals among them.

They will be able to fight enough < > to survive. If you can get an escort so you don't lose sight of that combat power, you're all set.

"First of all, old general Weiss. I want some of him at the head."

"Hmm... then would you like Lord Klan to join us? In the meantime, we met in Nakatsu... and it's been a long time since I've smelled war, so I thought I'd come here."

"It's... it's a wish or a fulfillment. I know my predecessors Guildmaster, too. If you were her, you might be able to win alone if you were a < > Guardian."

Julius opens his eyes to the opposite suggestion made in response to his own request and is delighted. Then it is possible to ensure greater safety. I'm glad I made that affirmation from him. When I heard the conversation between the two of them, Sharik nodded if this was the case.

"I see... indeed, on second thought, there are many fierce men around you as adventurers as well as you. If you can ask for it there, the army can rush to find it. Is that possible?

"Whatever. I can only say that I have ever stood on two feet in exploration because I could not see the outlook ahead. but if you even saw the outlook ahead, it would also make sense to prioritize and secure"

In response to Sharik's confirmation, one of the senior military officials nodded clearly. The only reason they were afraid was because they thought about the possibility that it would be captured in the hands of the < >.

There's no point in defeating < > where you gather them. Given that, it is not possible to gather them in one place, or leave them alone. As a result, priority was given to restoring security, and there was a slight delay in exploration.

"Good...... would be good. Let's take that suggestion. Kite. I'm sorry to bother you, but I want to make a request to the Heavenly Admiral. Could you ask for an intermediary?"

"Whatever. Even for me, I don't want them to use < > as a weapon. If we can prevent it before it does, we will do our best."

"Thank you... you in the army would like to have another discussion about the expedition. I'll keep you posted, so please adjust."

"" "Ha" "

In response to Sharik's instructions, senior military officials responded with two replies. It is not gratifying that even they have a time bomb in their territory. Besides, in case the old institutionalists still find out about the existence of the 'Cross', they can bring in trouble. If it could be processed early, it seems that it was somewhere I wanted to process it. That's how we get an agreement there, and Sharik asks Julius.

"Okay... so is that all you wanted to talk about today?

"Yes, that's all for you."

"To all of you?

To Julius' response, Sharik puts his neck up. I guess it means that someone else has it because it means that everyone has it. And so it was.

"Yeah...... kite. I want to ask you a few questions. I want to talk to you."

"Well...... good. Unless it's something we're hiding."

"It's not about your body or anything like that. I just wanted to ask you a few questions about < >."

"I see. Then I'll stay."

In the units that will be formed in the future, the basics will be that < > will move as a wisdom bag. If so, the overall damage can be reduced if we cooperate there. And if they knew, there would be no problem as an army. There would be no point in daring to get together in large numbers. So after the army and Sharik and the others left. The kites were allowed to use the conference room, which was ready to be used as it was with Sharik's permission.

"So? What do you want to hear about < >?

"Oh...... in that fight. I was wondering what you said in front of the < > Guardian. I want to hear that."

"Whimpered words...... anything happened......"

I was in battle with Kite in the first place. I didn't remember the details. Julius points this out.

"Oh... Model Red. With the Red Knight."

"Oh, speaking of which, you said... yeah. < >, in a nutshell, the kind breaks up into several. Now the individual was using the Great Sword. It was a one-handed sword and a shield."

"I know that by reading the findings. So you think there are some lineages with the same strength?

"Yep... spears, bows, some individuals specialize in magic. Two of them were good at melee combat: pale and red. The Ethereal Knight is an individual who uses many other weapons besides the original one… it is not in normal condition, so the switch function of the weapon has been sealed."

In response to Julius' inquiry, Kate replied that there was no need to hide anything in particular. Plus, Julius nods one thing.

"I see... so no one is specialized in support as well as fighting-strength?

"Of course, I'm here. It would suck to have an individual specialized in combat at the same time."

"But this time it doesn't seem like it."

"In the light of the circumstances, I guess so."

Even in the first place, it seals < > for each of the facilities. It would be unlikely that the plural is simultaneously sealed.

Therefore, Kite also agrees with Julius' guess. And so he answered Julius's question if he could be of use to the future investigation team for a while.