Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1897: Union General Assembly - Union Headquarters -

Together, the kites walked through the city of 'Lee Knight' in the name of the first Union Master, telling the history of the Union in an instant. When we arrived at the Union headquarters together, we were supposed to first enter through the central entrance where the reception was located. It was a mountainous crowd that greeted the people who came in that way.

"Wow. Bigger than our guild's living room......?

"Size. This is Union headquarters. As I said earlier, it is the autonomy of the Union. Everything that resembles City Hall is aggregated here. A dozen people at the reception in this main hall alone. There are two other receptions for various administrative agencies, and if you match them, the reception will be closed to fifty people."

"That's... awesome"

Even though the reception to receive the request is located at the < > headquarters in Ulka, there are two receptions of the same size as here. Besides, I couldn't help but hide my surprise for a moment.

"This is a reception for adventurers only. Only an adventurer or a client who makes a request to an adventurer is there. From here, we can also request branches from all over the world. No matter, the reverse is true again. I can take requests from all over the world here."

"Request from all over the world... so to speak, I don't see a bulletin board... don't you?

Again, when it comes to branches of the Union, it is the bulletin board that first turns its gaze as an adventurer. Basically, requests are posted here so that anyone can attack as long as the conditions are met. This is no different in any branch than it is in the Union whether that is the Empire or the Patriarchate.

Therefore, it can also be said that the best thing to do when coming to a branch of the Union - or the reception of an Alliance of a size to which officials are seconded from the Union - is to confirm the bulletin board, if you are told so. The moment had become a habit without leaking into the example, and I searched along with the observation. To this, Levy preached the point.

"As I said earlier, we have requests from all over the world here. And I can take requests from all over the world. And in an effort to take requests from all over the world, adventurers from all over the world gather in this city, even if it's not a general meeting. Whether you want to put a requisition on a bulletin board or just decide which one to stick and which one not to stick, the day ends. I can't do it."

"Ah, haha..."

Maybe the boulder should be called. The moment let Levi's last word unwittingly pull his cheek. Such a thing. He regains his mind and asks.

"But then, are they all looking for you at the reception?

"No way. Are you going to kill the receptionists? We can use the search machines devised by the idiots there to search."

"Don't call me an idiot there. First of all, it was Tina who made it."

Kite laughs slightly and flaunts her shoulders against Levi's words, which she glimpses with pleasure. Well, every time I do this, it's the only way. Nevertheless, this seems to have greatly reduced the work of the clerks at Union headquarters.

"Well, yeah. Nevertheless, on boulders it is time for the system to become old fashioned. It takes a lot of work to get the requisition in one piece."

"Aye. Tell Tina."

What Levy said was that Kate understood again from the beginning. Now if I tell you, once I've printed out the requisition sent in data from all over the place, I'll take it in a scanner and store it in a database that's compiling the requisition. The adventurers were going to read it out of there, and it was causing trouble twice. At that time, the technology was unable to put it into the database at the time it was data based on the system.

"Do that. We have already budgeted for this at a stage three hundred years ago, and we have also secured the budget as a reserve. It's going to be the first big project in a long time."

"You're going to be a big construction. When it comes to shaking the backbone of the system, you have to shake the system at the Union reception all over the world."

"About how many years have you been looking at it?

In response to Kite, who mentioned the magnitude of the scale, Yuri asks about the daunting dates necessary to change the system. To this, Levi put his hand on his chin and opened his mouth.

"Hmmm... three years for Dafan practical application? It'll take about ten years to make all the changes."

"Hmm? Sounds like it'll be over sooner than I expected."

"Oh. At the stage I got into the center, I got my hands on systems everywhere once. We are now able to aggregate information to a large base. We're sending periodical information from there to headquarters, and we're aggregating it here."

"Have you stopped reflecting in real time"

"The data is flat."

In response to Kite's inquiry, Levi sighed. It was the old system that originally tried to reflect it in real time. However, it is because of this that the exchange of data became more frequent as a result of the reconstruction that the communication network was suppressed.

There would have been some way for Kate to overlook this. At the time he conceived this on the boulder, he could not foresee the increase in requests due to population growth decades away.

And Tina is also full of hands in building a system based on Kate's ideas. Especially when we tried to have real-time interactions, which, on the contrary, became difficult. They couldn't afford to think that far.

but that was because it used to be, and now they understood it naturally and immediately, if you ask me. Of course, Tina's technology now allows us to put together a system that is possible even in real-time exchanges, and on the contrary, we would have noticed its problems and so on. Both were more leveled than they were at the time.

"Uh... right. You didn't see it there."

"I didn't expect that from you at the time."

"Oh, come on... that's good."

I have trouble being expected. Kate shrugs her shoulders as she laughs a little at Levy. And that's why I stopped in front of the lobby, but then I was supposed to draw attention.


"Is that the prophet?"

"Enefia's best military teacher. The foresight comes from the future, even he says..."

Well, he's a mysterious Hood figure. If that is this Union headquarters, it is for everyone to know. That's usually the same for adventurers who don't even attend this general meeting, and they figured it out with one eye. And I noticed the beautiful girl beside me.

"Einadis of < > Forest dwarf" Forest Spirit "… was the prophet picking him up"

"Are you here yet?"

"No, I'm sure that woman was already in there a few days ago"

"Those two guys next to me... who?

I guess these are the two people we'll be talking about. If kite on the boulder also stands as a brave kite, it still doesn't seem to be known in this situation. Nevertheless, it will nevertheless be seen as a giro.

"... go. I don't care if you're standing at the entrance."

"Right...... follow me"

In agreement with Kate's words, Levi leads the way together. Together with the two people who thus receive their surrounding gaze, Kate and Moment, and Yuri, walk to the reception. That's how Levi spoke to the affordable receptionist.


"Contact Balflair."


'You don't have to. Get in the back. One of the eight chiefs, Her Royal Highness's guard captain. I'll talk to you soon. "

Apparently, Balflair is also seriously moving this time around. His readings echoed. That's all I can think of in this case, Kate could tell.

"Yes, sir."

One of the Union's receptionists nodded one after Balfleur's thoughts. Nevertheless, I had something to do before that, so it won't be soon.

"Oh, wait a minute. I want to finish my reception before I do. It would be better to deliver than attend, wouldn't it?

"Ah, yes. Thank you… Now, please describe your guild here and your adventurer's registration card as well"

Union officials, who bowed one head to Kite's offer, took out a plank-shaped magic guide and handed it to Kite. This plank-shaped magic tool is a magical touchpad, if I may say so.

This was also conceived by Kate, and no technique as difficult as this one has been used. It simply meant a degree of usefulness for the receptionists to access the database and paperless. Nevertheless, improvements had also been made if used in the Union.

"Plug in the Union registration card in the lower right corner of you. So I'll read the information. And don't worry, that will replace your signature."


As Kite was told, she plugged her own registration card into the insert in the lower right corner of the magic touchpad. Then one of the magic guides provided on the touchpad activates one of the anti-counterfeiting techniques used for the registration certificate, recognizing the magic power of Kite. Proof is made that it belongs to the person.

At the same time, his name will automatically appear in the Name field. That's why I didn't need to sign it. Because you don't have to write to get out automatically.

As such, Kite wrote down the name of the branch and the name of the Adventure Department based in the Guild Signature field that appears on the screen while checking its behavior.

"... is this good?

"Guild Adventure Department affiliated with McDawell Branch. Alliance Master, Kite Heavenly Sound…… confirmed. Participation in general meetings. Thank you. And you?"

"It's our sub-master. Besides this little one."

"Ok...... I need your Submaster registration card in the bottom right corner of the touchpad"

"Mine too... is this good?

The moment I was suddenly pointed at the water - I didn't ask her because there's no way I didn't know Ainadis on the boulder - I rushed to retrieve the registration card, plugging my registration card into the lower right insert of the touchpad as I was told. Received it, identities were verified just as they did when Kite, and an instant name was called next to Kite's name. That's how I confirmed the two names, and the receptionist nodded one.

"... thank you. I did confirm it. Prophet."

"Oh. Thank you for your hard work...... then follow me"

In response to Kate and Moment ending their application to come to Union headquarters because of the Union General Assembly, Levi moves on to the back of the receptionist's labor. In that way, more clerks worked in the back than the receptionist. When I saw it, the moment opened my eyes. I didn't think there was so much here.

"Is this... is this all Union officials?

"Hmm? No, it's not. I'm pretty sure that's about half of it... half of it. The other half is the clerk of Ventures Hylow.

"Of < >?

Indeed, as the Adventure Department also employs clerks, there are a few places that employ clerks dedicated to the Alliance, depending on the size of the Alliance and the skill of the Alliance Master. but it still seemed surprising that so many officials were here. To this, Levi laughed.

"That being said, it's like half of them are both doing both jobs. To put it plainly, it is a group company. Originally the mother of the Union are the eight major players… the majority of them are < >. This is where I got my head."

I had heard about this earlier when I heard about the history of the Union even momentarily. So he was also convinced.

"So, even now, < > is doing some of the union's affairs."

"Instead, there is also the home of < > the heavenly adventurer Ventures Hylow. For once, they were building another building… Many of the generations of Union Masters were the guild masters of the generations of < >, Union clerks also worked for < >, and clerks for < >. As a result, is it in the form of morphed? There was no difference in treatment."

"I see..."

So now you are already working in the same workplace? Moments see busy moving clerks. As a result, we sewed between the clerks and decided to head to the Guildmaster's room at Balflair's waiting < >.