Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1898: Union General Assembly - Union Master

Kite and I were coming to the headquarters of the Union to attend the General Assembly of the Union. When the two of them first applied to be rewarded for attendance at the reception, they were escorted to the back of Union headquarters with Einadis and Yuri as they were guided by Levi.

The deepest part of Union headquarters that so proceeded. In the clerk's office of the Union Master, Balflair was waiting. That was when he saw Kite, and he rejoiced in his face.

"Ooh! There he is!

"Whoa, you're gonna wake up to the boulder this time too."

"Ha ha. Well...... oh, Wither. Welcome, sorry."

"I don't have any problems because they let me use my travel time to understand the situation. Most importantly, I didn't go for nothing."

Levi sighed heavily in response to Balflair's words. If you want to welcome her in the first place, it doesn't have to be her, it just needs to be done by Union officials, as was the case at previous intercontinental meetings.

There was no other reason than to check Shea's situation, as she went out on purpose to be considered a top executive. but Einadis tilted his neck at this.

"Is there something wrong?

"Oh...... but I wish I could ask Kite this. I cleaned it up with my reading."

"That's what I'm saying"


It was Kite who originally brought Levi in, and no one knows what happened between them and introduced him to the Union. For once Yuri said she knew, but she didn't say anything either. That's why I'm sure there's something there, and Einadis agrees. That's how Balfrère inquired where he divided the conversation.

"So, for now. Is there a shortage of escorts for Her Royal Highness?

"Dude... this is still my regular fiancée, right? There's no shortage. He is also an emissary as an empire. I'm on strict security just in case it doesn't happen. Neither does Master Shanna."

"Well...... well for now. I think it's a good idea to talk about your brokerage. You're an adventurer on the other end too. He has the strength he deserves in Rank A. There will be no one who won't listen to that word. Best of all, he chose Ray's grandson as his ambassador."

"I don't know the former, but the latter does."


Suddenly the moment is accidentally taken aback by a very serious argument than the spoken Balflair. Sometimes that nasty guy made some serious arguments. I can't help but be surprised. Levy whispered to him like that.

"There's no need to be frightened. He looks like a good guy. He's a good guy, but if you ask him who he deserves, he's definitely competent enough to name him. There's a lot more to talk about in a personal setting."

"Oh really..."

Which is the real Balflair? I think so for a moment in Balfrère, where we can debate the Empire's measures on this one with Kate. With him on the sidelines like that, Kite and Balflair, Yuri and Ainadis were having a serious conversation.

"So, what should I do? Let me just step forward and argue, or let Shea handle it."

"It's good with the Laician Empress. It would be different for you to go out on a boulder as a proxy for your country, and few people would show an understanding of it. Miscellaneous guys would be nice. I'm not convinced of the eight biggest boulders."

"I don't mind either, though. That's the right thing to do."

"Well, you and me, where's Bern Tyne? Later, where Quon and Julius are. But no one else knows about Kate. Besides, everything else is thin with the Empire. You wouldn't even want to be seen poorly down there as an empire."

Having expressed an opinion on Kate's words, Balflair adds pointers to Ainadis with his mouth pinned to his own words in a different way than usual. To this, Einadis also expressed his satisfaction.

"That's right...... mmm. Well, I think we should do something about it..."

"Don't say that. Or if that's true, Yuri. Shouldn't you do it?"

"Ma, I guess so."

In response to Balfreer's point, Yuri sighed as she lay asleep on Kate's shoulder. Sure, she's also a Rank EX Adventurer with Kate again. Besides, he's the partner of the legendary brave. She has some unfortunate speaking power. That's even more special if it's an adventurer.

"Once. I'm keeping some distance from the troops without kites. So once the Imperial Princess is commander-in-chief, it's different for me to put out. Besides, I'm not a Moro fighter."

"That's right... he said he knew"

"That's right."

It's a balflair. Yuri agreed to his own words, leaning back on swallowing. She's just a mascot character now. He didn't want to move seriously. As she lies on her back like that, she points out all the more reason.

"Ma, most importantly, if you say that, it would be best if Kate stood up for real in the first place."

"Right. but that's also a bad sign."

"" That. ""

Kate and Yuri align their voices with Balflair's allegations. If kite stands, everything will be resolved. Few misunderstood so, but there was no way. Instead, it was a grand view that there would probably be no intimidating effect whatsoever.

Well, it's probably only if you learn solar level military and intelligence that you can see that, and it was refreshing in an instant. He therefore asks Levy, who had kept his distance from the conversation alone.

"... how is that a bad hand?

"Hmm? Oh, their conversation. Well, is it harsh to seek understanding... easy. Kite is alone no matter how much she does. There's no way I can deal with more than one person."

…… Wouldn't he be able to win if he hung them all together? I'm sure he can, too. "

As has been said many times, Kite said that if he really fought, he could beat < > Tistenia and the General of the time by putting together all the Legion Chiefs and all the others.

In fact, we also affirmed that Dada is not the strongest in battle, and Kite would be able to do it around us. So this Levi point was against reason and didn't seem right.

"That's if you're going to put everyone together and deal with them at once. No matter how strong he is, how much time he thinks it takes to travel from end to end of Enefia. Instead, it's only when we find out that Tina's guy has resumed his research on < >."


I'm convinced, if you ask me. He also mentions the person for a moment in the first place, but there are multiple opponents. Kite is alone. Kuon and Tina have been added here at last, and there is still more than one person even if they can contain the three on single rides. There was nothing we could do about the Great Generals being raped on this.

"Got it? I can handle it if I have a brave kite. How many fools think so. Actually, there's nothing I can do about it. This is a defense fight."

"What, are you a fool..."

"Nothing but a fool to deify Kate and treat her as an omnipotent being. He's right, he's not a cheetah or anything. It's just a person. No matter how strong you are, no matter how hard you fly, there are limits to what you can do. If you know you're a person, you know that."

It's a tight word. In response to that thought, Levy complains only individually. I guess it's because she's an excellent military man. He seemed to have a good understanding of Kite's power of war. Nevertheless, she laughed slightly at the moment of the slight pull.

"Ma... I'm a fool because I don't know that. It is tantamount to asking a fool to understand, to tell a child to understand math. Just keep it a good arithmetic for the kid."

"Ha ha..."

Apparently, the prophet and the vegetables are spicy. I guess it's interfering with me at first, I think so with a vague laugh at the moment I think. And while we were talking about that, Kate and I were finishing our first discussion.

"Okay. In the meantime, I'm in the shadows. I'm sure there's something wrong with that."

"That's good for you. It's important in our industry."

"Ha ha. 'Cause I'm in a yakuza business. Nah, industry over here. Perhaps the only common rule for adventurers is to make love to Fumiko."


Balflair laughs joyfully at Kate's point. Again, even in a nutshell with Enefia, cultural customs are different in places and lands where we live just like the Earth. The only thing that led to the majority of adventurers like that was passing through their muscles as people. The adventurer would not say anything, and would not be told, as long as the minimum muscle was passed. After such a serious conversation on the street, Balfrère asked with pleasure.

"So, speaking of which. Corona and the stupid kid. How you doing?

"Oh, I'm fine with both. I'm bringing him in this time."

"Oh no... so here you are. Are you gonna let me go?

"Ha ha. The boulder is Dear Union Master. Forget it all."

Kite also laughs and agrees extraordinarily to Balflair's pleasant inquiry. As Kate herself said earlier, one came to see Balflair this time because he had errands for the Union Master, but at the same time < > Balflair, the gleaming adventurer, had errands for the Alliance Master. Nevertheless, that was not all at this stage, so we shall cut the story out again.

"Well, that's true. I was hoping to borrow some at the same time."


"No, I just wanted to give our guys some experience. Training Grounds, I want to use them"

"Are you going?

Balflair takes Kite's offer and turns his gaze to the moment. To this, the moment nodded clearly.

"Yes, if I could just let you go."

"Oh no... Kid wouldn't have a problem. The guy from Bern Tyne said he was good for it. In fact, when I saw it in Urca before, my muscles weren't bad inside either."

"Well, that's the only place you can attack. but if you can gain experience, I'd like to build it up."

The training ground that Kite offered this time was originally used by < > for the entrance exam. It was Kite's idea that boulders were labyrinths of difficulty (dungeons) worthy of the eight names, and that was why only the upper layers would be able to break through instantly.

"Uh... Well, it's a training labyrinth (dungeon) made by our first generation. It's not that dangerous. Is it good to gain experience?"

"Mana. I'm diving too... I'm going to dive this time."

"I don't know... it's been a while since I've been in here."

"Stop. Where do you think you have that time right now?"

When I heard Kite was coming in, he hasn't wanted to go into training ground in a long time, either. Levi complained to him in such a grand and rare manner.

"You do something there. I've been sitting around lately, and I've only done about my morning auditions. When I think about it, Eisen's guy's coming, so I need to think about it."

"Ha... well, does it really involve the reputation of the Union if you lose like no other? Do as you please."

"Say it!"

Apparently, in the end, Levy decided to approve Balflair's proposal. Well, it can also involve the reputation of the very profession of adventurer, rather than the whole Union, where, indeed, Rank EX adventurers blunted their bodies. I had to have some arm retained beyond being a sign.

"Ooh, kite. That's why I'm going too."

"I'll go, it's good, but don't be an example."

"I know. Think about it appropriately out of hand."

"Well, that's fine if you think about it."

As a basic union master, it is a bulflare with many clues, but my arm as an adventurer is certain. Then they decided that Kate deserved to be trusted, and they decided to let her like it.

"So, that's anyway. Can I ask you for a game before we do that? Like I said, I haven't been exercising in a while."

"Movement, more of a decent fight, right?

"That's right."

Balflair grinned and nodded at Kate's point. Later, according to what he says, it was intentionally to twist the time of the mock fight with Kate - or Einadis - from the beginning. And even for Kite, we haven't had a fight that could be called a decent fight here for a while. I wanted to move.

"Okay. Let's go, then."


We don't have much time anyway. Then let's go. Balflair also rises to the words of Kite, who says so. As a result, they decided to head to the training ground at the Guild Home of < > to exercise lightly once.