Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1899: Union General Assembly - Rank EX -

Kite had come to Lee Knight, a city with Union headquarters to participate in the Union General Assembly. That's how he reunites with Balflair, the contemporary Union Master, at the deepest end of Union headquarters, in the Union Master's office.

After that little clerical talk and chat, Kate was supposed to do a mock fight with Balflair at his request that he hadn't been able to make a decent fight here for a while.

Those two men came to the training ground at the Alliance Home of < >, adjacent to Union headquarters - a different training ground than the one this instant was going to.

"Yeah, it's the intensity here, but it's roughly double what it was before. I can't be full of thoughts, but I can really do it there."


For the first time in a long time, Kite observes the < > training grounds of the heavenly adventurer Ventures Hylow. This is basically a training ground reserved for Rank S adventurers and, dare I say, for mock warfare.

This training ground is characterized by distortion and expansion of space with the start of training. It was going to be a space where it would be okay to go wild. Having observed such a training ground, Kite noticed that she knew a similar atmosphere.

"Is this... similar to where Kuon and the others are?

"Oh, the device that was unearthed from the ruins of the old civilization just happened to flow into the auction. I had a battle with some nobles... but I managed to get us"

"It's gonna cost you money."

"I got it. For a while, as long as I've been working for real."

To Kite's point, Balflair laughs with pleasure as she fits the gloves. It should be noted that I don't have to dare to say this bat, which simply means that we have competed. Never actually engaged.

"Though... if it's the same lineage as there, looks a little better to expect"

"Oh... at least I endured a light beating between me and Eisen"

"That sounds promising."

A beating between Eisen and Balflair. We can hardly help but observe that it was a bump in energy, to say the least. Either way, they rank high in Enefia in rank S.

And as fistfighters together, either of these two would be the strongest, so fierce they say. Moreover, we both consider ourselves as good enemies, so a light beating would definitely not be a light beating from other perspectives. If I could stand it, I could have done a light mock fight.

"You said... eh... you're a little dull after all"

Gu, gu, and stretching Balfrère carefully loosen up to grease his dull body in his clerical duties here for a while. He may seem surprised by his nasty personality, but he is very serious when it comes to combat and adventure. I can therefore say that I did not fail to prepare for flexion and adventure, and this time it was also evident. So he opened his mouth to kite, understanding the rust attached to each part of himself.

"Kite. Bad, but can we just do it from a little warm-up?

"Oh. I'm here when you're in clerical work. That's all I know."

"Thankyou...... Oi. Ready?"

"Oh, come any time you want"


Gu, Phew, and Balfrère grip their fists and see what it feels like to come back. So I made sure that there was no problem, unified my consciousness a little bit, and kicked the ground gently.


Light. That's only light for Balflair. So I should have kicked it so lightly that it didn't even sound, but instantly it seemed to disappear. To the fist thus unleashed, Kate took it with one index finger.

"... you're a little overpowered"

"Oh. Long time no see. A little."

To Balfleur's words, Kite nodded again. I kicked it without a sound. The only adventurers who seemed interested were those who watched the game a little further away and Balflair had a mock fight.

The keen hearing of Kite and a very few Rank S adventurers did indeed hear the sound of his stepping in, and I could understand that it was indeed dull. That's how I exchanged words, Kite, but laughed and announced the start of the warm-up.

Okay, let's do it.

"Whoa. Don't let me fly you from the beginning, okay?

He said, "I know."

Kite laughs and nods again at the fun Balflair words. That's how he slowly waves the knife so that the child can make sure it's molded.


Slowly, it unleashes its fists against a sword wielded at such a speed that it can be avoided on foot that it would be the child, at a rate at which the bulfleur would likewise be avoided by the child.

The fist strikes down Kite's knife belly with little noise and distracts him from orbit. That's how he let go of the kick this time slowly all his turn, but at a slightly faster rate than Kate's sword trident ahead.


Now a kid would be inevitable if he was a little serious about avoiding it. Kite avoided it by leaning slightly back against a kick in the face aiming released at speed. Slashed upside down at a slightly faster rate than the kick of the earlier bulflare against the leg raised as it was.


Against the slightly accelerated Kate's knife, Balflair jumps up and avoids with only one leg. As such, he slaps in the heel with a side of Kite's head at a rate slightly faster than the reverse hanging cut off of the earlier kite, this time at a rate even adults don't know if it can be avoided.

To this, kite also accelerates further and avoids falling behind. Rotating in the air, he reached the ground with both hands and jumped slightly faster than Balfrère.


Seriously. Balflair is slightly delighted by the kite who spins at the ground sleigh and tries to release the sword trident to forcefully control the movement of the body. Head to Kite and fist into the slaughter directly in front of him at close range.



The collision between slash and fist punch pushes the kite to the ground, while the balflare is slightly launched. Against Balflair, which was thus launched, Kite stood dexterously on her body alone, and now released a sword trident at a rate that could be avoided if the Rank D adventurer gave it all he could.


Against the unleashed sword trident, the ballflare in the air now slammed into the heel like swinging it down at a rate comparable to that of the Rank C adventurer. In so doing, the two slowly accelerate with each blow to finally reach the Rank A Adventurer's Wall.



Only, this is a warm-up. So if Kate strikes a blow, Balflair strikes another blow as well. That repeat. As such, Balflair stops dodging Kite's sword trident when both accelerations fail to reach Rank S.

"Phew...... Thankyou. I've managed to get used to my eyes."

"Is that good enough for you?


Tong Tong, and while jumping on the spot, Balfrère nods one thing. Sure, it was a rank A speed, but it's only going to be a warm-up for them, which is rank EX.

By analogy to the machine, the warm-up operation is finally over, so this is where the simulation is going to take place. That's how Tong, says Balfrère, who jumps on the ground.

"Well, from here on out, we usually ask for a mock fight."

"Aye... what's your first hand?

"Can you just come from me?

"You're gonna do it."

"'Cause you asked."

Return Balflair to Kite with pleasure. So, the next moment. The moment he landed on the ground, Balflair disappeared, just like earlier.

but its speed and force was not an earlier ratio, and kite was also an inconceivable area to take with one finger. In response to such a blow, Kate sharpened her consciousness slightly and jumped slightly to the ground leaving herself in the flow.



Kite, who leaves herself to the shock of the unleashed thrust, is heavily blown away. but when he killed all the momentum with one body wrap the moment he landed on the ground, he kicked the ground straight ahead to capture the fleshy balflare.



Against the second dozen that follow, Kite kicks the ground just as lightly. but that velocity was not the ratio of balflares, it passed sideways the moment he stopped trying to release a second dozen. That's how Balfleur unwittingly blew out after receiving a kite that rightly passed like the wind. Apparently it was hilariously fast.

"... dude. Seriously."

"Seriously. My masters are all set and full of monsters. My sister, just because you can beat Tistenia single-handedly sucks enough... physical surgery can beat you and Eisen at the same time. I've been a monster for thousands of years. Even now, I'm still so physically fit that I haven't even been given a license yet. My sister is so proud of this... she really sucks. This speed makes me look like I'm playing."

Somewhere proud, Kate hints at her own body technique slightly. Fist punching and physical surgery would not go far to Balflair, but the years of technology learned were different. One or self-taught for hundreds of years. It's a body technique built up by one of the most talented masterpieces on the planet for thousands of years. It was enough to bridge the difference in talent. Seeing one end of such a body surgery, Balfleur makes his eyes shine.

"Ah! Damn it! Ullaya, no, damn it! I'm watching you too! I don't know, go!

"Ha ha... you can do it. Not now, though."

"I know! He said he knew! So don't say anything!

You make me want to go. Balfrère shines her eyes like a child and makes her think of Kate's still unseen world. At some point Kate talks. No matter what position you and Balflair take, the roots are adventurers, he said.

And they rank EX. It's a substandard adventurer and an adventurer's pole. That's why he's more of an adventurer than anyone else, wanting to see a view he hasn't seen yet, and he's wuss at every hour. It would be impossible to hide the excitement in a different world that Balfleur has yet to see. That's how he kicked the ground as powerfully as if to leave himself to an irresistible excitement.


Perfect. Whoever sees it, and perhaps any masters will have to say so. Balflair, who controls his posture with a body twitch, unleashes a spinning kick with all the momentum. Besides, Kate took advantage of the individual physical strengthening she had learned from Skasaha, which accelerated sharply.


Shit. Fun. Balflair is going to forget that this is just his mock fight. I thought you knew it was coming. but I couldn't hide the excitement in this move even if I knew it.

Anyway, it's so amazing. How complex and multiple sorceries are used with this acceleration alone on earth? It's just acceleration. That's why it's so inefficient to spend so much technology.

(Magic ceremony for posture control...... how many, this! Damn it! It's not funny! Acceleration...... what the hell!? It's only Hinofu I've never even seen...... haha! What, this! You're not a martial artist or anything, you're not a magician!

I don't know why anymore. Balflair laughs deeply inside, desperately deciphering the magic of physical strengthening knitted by a masterpiece that will undoubtedly surpass him. but if the opponent has been using the move in the first place, whether you read this or not, the only way to beat it is to use the move as well.

He therefore suppresses feelings of deviation and kills any gaps by showing body twitching and postural control to perfection. That's how he moved all the shocks created by sudden braking into his fist and slammed his back fist into the kite that circled behind him.

"Oh, no!

Against the perfect back fist everything, Kate stops right in front to make sure it passes. Reaccelerate and flesh thin the next moment you pass. In the meantime. It was less than a second. Showing all that acceleration, stopping completely in an instant. It's a re-acceleration from there. We even saw remnants around us. Definitely this was also an unusual technique.


Kite, meaty in an instant, didn't have a knife at all. Because Balflair said it was a mock fight, so did Kate. That's how he sticks his fist out like a positive fist poke.

but this thrust is a fist punch that is carried out under the individual control of the physical enhancement that Kate now uses. Its power was such that it would probably easily smash even the robust walls of the nuclear shelter.


In response to such a blow, Balflair looks at it firmly from the front and breathes. Kite is indeed a handful now, but the moves used are unusual. It wasn't something I could handle lightly.


After a moment of deep breathing. Balflair strikes down like a swordsman equipped with a buckler with his left arm against Kite's positive fist poke in one breath, then punches Kite's belly with his right fist as it is. Besides, Kate deployed individual controls of physical enhancement on her left hand. I took it directly from the front. Taking that, Balflair laughed.

"Gu...... dude, seriously cool"

"Hate, you've done that to my sister many times."

Kate and Balflair laugh violently as they press each other with their hands crossed as if they were impending. So, a few seconds. The two suddenly pulled out their shoulder strength.

"Ha-ha-ha! Uh, that was fun! Thanks! I haven't exercised hard in a long time!


This is only a mock fight. Light exercise. Enough was enough, including the warm-up operation of the start. Thus, Balflair's satisfaction led to the end of the simulated battle between Rank EX.