Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1901: Union General Assembly - Friendship -

As one of the eight guilds, Kite, who came to the Guild Home with Corona and Alven, descendants of his guild members, < >, a guild in which the first Union Master served as the first guild master, formally succeeds in building friendship between the two < > as intermediaries.

That's how, after the conversation between Balflair and Kite ended. For the first time, the kites were to be welcomed by the Alliance members of < >, who were concerned about the presence of their sister and disciples, who had not arrived in a long time.

"Hey, you've gotten really cute"

"If you look at me like this, they'll think I'm old."

"That's good, isn't it? It usually hurts a lot."

"Corona. Are you eating properly?

I guess the boulder is corona after all. Love is good and treats everyone politely. Therefore, the majority of the women of < > think of themselves as their younger sisters, and the fact that they have alcohol in them was perfectly arranged.

"Whoa, here! Alven! You, you can drink already!?

"I'm not drinking! He's Hector's old man and he's punishing me!

"Ah!? Can't you drink my booze?

"When I tried to drink earlier, I caught him!

Alven, on the other hand, was a complete toy. Well, that said, this one must have been fun here. He was barking his voice at the adventurers who were getting high with booze in them.

So, Kite on the other hand, this one naturally drank with Balflair. Even so, when the place drinks with me on the field, I can't easily drink it. So for once, as guild masters, they drank a little further away.

"Hey, booze, sorry"

"Haha. I'll take more souvenirs than boulders."

"I really don't know if our guys will be apprenticing that courtesy of yours..."

Again, needless to say, it is kite. There's no way he goes out and doesn't have a souvenir. So the majority of the executives I was bringing in were the face of carrying that luggage, and they should show their faces for once, I just brought them in on the decision.

So, what's the best souvenir for adventurers, and that's booze. So the liquor offered at this welcoming party was brought by hand as a basic adventure department. And the face he was drinking was basically the face of old knowledge that knew him.

"Even so, I was asking. I can't believe you're back."

"How was it, Earth? Was there anything interesting about it?

"Oh. The earth has narrowed, they say... but there are still places I've never seen a lot of. In fact, it may have gotten narrower than it was in the back. There are mountains of places you can't even go..."

"Uh... I knew I wanted to go, different world"


After all, boulders would be guilds led by the first Union Master. It seemed to be the most adventurous guild of adventurers. Other executives besides Balflair also heard about Kate's story about the planet and seemed to be wuss. I guess it's because I'm with them like that. As an adventurer in kite, he peeked into his face.

"I'd still like to see this world. There are mountains of places I've never been."

"Ah. With that said, you're from the other side. For you, this is a different world."

"Oh... and because the Earth is narrower if it's bigger. You'd be disappointed if you were expecting an outing?

"Are you serious?"

"Heh... different sizes depending on the world..."

In response to Kite, < > 's executives couldn't hide their surprises. This is still a world of few rooted adventurers and learners.

Not everyone knew it was a world of stars. Well, before that, the only way to know the size of the other world is if you know the two worlds and come and go and gather information. I don't know. But I can't help it.

"Oh. And there are many places over there where civilization can develop and come and go freely. If you only want to be amazing, like this one, you have to talk to heroes everywhere."

"Heh... did you get handsome?

"Woman! What about woman!?

"I'm relieved you guys haven't changed..."

Kite drops his shoulder while enjoying himself to a few executives who look the same as they did three hundred years ago.

"It's up to you to decide. You guys would love to go to the sea of stars when it's over."

‥ ‥

Today, the adventurers of < > turn a blind eye to Kite's words. I don't understand what you're saying. It was like that. Besides, Kate reaches out to heaven.

"Old civilization had also reached out to the sea of stars... there is another world ahead of that star. No, civilization. When it comes to the world, it's another world."

I wonder how far ahead you are looking. The words of Kite, who is far younger than us, are distracted by the executives of the adventurer synonymous < >.

"... I really don't know what you and Balflair are thinking."

"Nah... do you know why Balflair is said to be a buster?

"Hmm? No, some guy I don't know had a buster on him. That, what the fuck?

Buster. Every time I said that, it looked like Balflair was pretty, but in the end it was refreshing to see what its origin was. Besides, one of the executives told me with pleasure.

"Stupid master. Look, because you're a balfrea idiot."

"Ugh. Adventurers are just as good as fools."

Apparently it's been a long time since I've had a drink with Kite and I'm in a good mood, too, Balflair. It didn't look as uncomfortable as being called Buster here.

"Ha ha. That's why they call me a stupid master."

"Haha. So when I said it, Kite was saying something stupid too, so I guess we're all alike, you guys."

"That's right. Me and Balflair are adventurers. Likewise, naturally."

Both are rank EX adventurers in the first place. It must be similar and natural. Kite thinks so with all her heart.

"So I guess. We can't think of anything."



"The sea of stars...? The idea is to go there."

To Kite's inquiry, one of the < > executives laughs. That's right. The story of the sea of stars is only if civilization develops, and you can't imagine it at all at Enefia's current level of civilization.

"Haha. That's natural. There's no such thing as a spaceship in the first place."

"" "Uh-huh...?

What the hell. Even Balflair seemed unable to understand the meaning of the word. No, how many people understood the word universe in the first place? It was at that level.

"Haha. Starship across the sea of stars. The sea of stars is called the universe. It's a ship that crosses, so it's a spaceship."

"Are you biological and impossible?

"Oh, there's no air."


Oh, no. Maybe I sleep in a different way when I'm listening to this guy's conversation. By the time the < > executives of the heavenly adventurer Ventures High Row > heard all of Kite's conversations, they realized it.

"Ohh! I don't know what it is, so I'm gonna go through it after you and Balflair get through!

"Yes, yes! All you have to do is let these two do it!

"Sa, leave the story for now, drink it, drink it!


I thought that would happen. Kate laughs fun. If you're talking about the adventurers, he knows them well. Then there's no way I can understand the story of having to use a head like this, because I see it. I just answered because they asked me. There was no further point there.

So after that, it becomes a regular liquor platter. If that's how the booze progresses, so does the conversation. After drinking to some extent, Balfrère asked Kite.

"So, no. Looks like you've done a lot of things. You want to go somewhere?

"Ah? What?

"No, where I want to go. Look, you just said you wanted to take a look around Enefia, or something. I wonder what that is."

Again, when it came to these two conversations, there was a lot of conversation about where they went or where they were going. That hasn't changed since Kite became a duke and couldn't go very far, and it hasn't changed now that Balflair has become a Union Master. Neither of them changed their position, nor did their roots.

"Oh, or... I guess... I'd like to go to the continent of Ursia"

"Uh... speaking of which, you weren't there when I found you. You've never been there?"

"Damn. I've never been there. So what can I say? I'm looking forward to this expedition. I've never even been to the Dark Continent."

Balflair also seems convinced that Kite would like to go. That's him, but he turns around and makes a bitter face.

"Well, it's so cruel to say that to you... I don't want to take you"

"What the hell. Is it okay if I leave a message?

"No way. You're at the head of the main battle. You can't leave me on a boulder."

To Kate's words, Balflair peeks into the face of the Union Master. I just have to say that we should avoid attacking the dark continent without kites on the boulders. Even the mighty demon might have a base of < >.

I don't look for them all at once, so if I can find them, I can make money, but I didn't want to think about skirting kite if it became a two-way operation.

"... well, I'll tell you in advance. Slavery is still in full swing on that continent. Your power doesn't extend that far either."

"I know that."


Anyway, it's the biggest nobleman on the continent. So I didn't think you knew about Ursia. Therefore, Balflair also snorted one at Kite's response, sighing slightly.

"... Maggie. It's the biggest country on the continent... and that's the problem."

"... the end of the day, I hear."

"It's worse than the Big Boss of Laelia. The king is rotten over there. Especially in this day and age. You can do me and call me the worst motherfucker in history. Honestly, I just don't want you to see me."

I guess it's because I've been acting as a Union Master for the last 300 years. The facts everywhere seemed to know Balflair better than Kite. but that's why he was concerned about one thing.

"Is that it?

"Oh...... honestly, if I have any concerns with this operation until the end, there it is. I really need to go through Ursia to get to the Dark Continent. It's the last supply point... but this is the most rotten place."

It's a pain in the ass. Balfrère poked a little nostalgia and took out some writing.

"What's this?

"It's the contract I had with the guys at Maggie's with Wither. When I violated this, I pressed the jade seal to say that I would not consider any problems whatsoever. Permission to execute ultra-legislative measures."

"... what happened?

What makes him this far? Kite is surprised by its contents.

"That country is full of slaves. I asked him to sign it so he wouldn't show you behind it."

"It's me!




Everyone on the spot flaunts Kite's scratch. Apparently that was it. Such a sneer at them, Kate sighs and drinks.

"Eh, are you stupid enough to show me the back of that?

"I hope you're not stupid. If not, I put it on the paperwork."

"Hmmm... I'll pull in then. I don't want you to wipe my ass."

"Haha. Do that. Still, I was just thinking about it."

Why I showed you the writing here. I understand that. All this time, Bulflair laughs at Kite, convinced that. This time, Kate leads the Adventure Expedition as an Adventure Alliance Master. I don't think he'll do anything nasty there. but sometimes he doesn't have to go the other way. To avoid that, it was. As such, Kate and Balflair decided to relive their minds and drink again.