Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1909: Union General Assembly - The First Grave

To make sure you have the foundation to be an Adventurer, the Adventure Club led by Kite, who was challenging the Labyrinth (Dungeon) left behind by Allegras, the Alliance Master, to become the first Union Master held by < > Skylight Adventurers. In the meantime, Kite will be crusading the Black Dragon in the Fifth Trial.

In such a crusade, he fought out of hand to obtain information on his enemies at the request of Balflair, but Kate's < > crusade for the Black Dragon (Black Dragon) was over shortly after Balflair's permission was granted.

"Phew... this is what it looks like"

"As always, you're flying, your < >"

Balflair laughs joyfully as he sees the traces of Kite's < >, which will probably last until a few kilometers away. This is still natural, but it is out of hand. Although it does rank B, it is a trinket from those who are further beyond the walls. Though I unleashed < > on the idea of payback, none of it was originally necessary.

"This is all because it's so difficult to fine-tune the output. Ma'am, the labyrinth (dungeon). You don't have to think about the damage."


"So, this also breaks through the fifth hierarchy... right? According to the example."

For Balflair, who agreed with Kate's words, Yuri, who sat on Kate's shoulder after the battle ended, confirms. It seems that what you see so far will not change when the trial changes. So a great deal of extrapolation has been made, and the first tier is gathering information. The second tier is imagination. The third tier is the ability to survive, or respond as much as you can at once. The fourth tier was questioned about its ability to determine whether optimal action could be taken under various circumstances.

According to that example, the fifth trial conducted in this fifth hierarchy saw the fighting power required above all in challenging the unknown as an adventurer. There are demons in the third and fourth trials, but they say that's just one of the performance devices to see how capable they are of handling and surviving.

"Oh. So, this is the end of the hierarchy to the tomb of the first generation for once. Well, that's it for breaking up into hierarchies."

"That's the only place I knew it wouldn't change."

"It's a labyrinth (dungeon) to see if you have the foundation."

In response to Yuri's point, Balflair laughed and nodded with a little fun. and spatial distortion appears as a constant from the third hierarchy before them discussing it in that way.

"That's it, is it over"

"I want you to go out with me to the bottom."


"Well, let's go. We don't have that much time."

Kate and Yuri laugh and nod at Balfreer's words. That's how the three of them ended up in the first place to reach their first grave.

Well, it's been roughly an hour since Kate and the others reached the grave of the first Union Master Allegrass. Around that time, the twin moments arrive at the tomb of Allegrass after the fifth trial.

"Phew... you had a response inside"

"Oh. I was strong enough"

"Was it tough being alone?"

Again, this is a face that can be raised to the forefront in the Adventure Club. If you're a Rank B demon opponent, you still have no problem - and that still didn't mean you could afford it except for a moment - but it looked like you could take it down.

"Wow, all three of us. Did you make it through?"

"Ah, Mr. Balflair. Again, was that the fastest?"

"Well, if we can't be the first to have all three Rank EX, the first generation will piss me off. I'm not the best adventurer for Dada."

Balflair laughs joyfully at the words of an instant. That's how he rises from the rock he's been sitting on.

"Come on. I'm here because of you. The grave of the first generation, worship."

"Ah... thank you"

To guide Balfrère, momentarily, I look at Fujido and Ayazaki once, and after they both nodded, all three of them walk according to Balfrère's back. and then went a little further, there was an open place, where for some reason kite and yuri were cleaning the cleaning equipment one hand like a stone tablet.

"Kaito, I brought you some water."

"Ooh. I swept it around, so hang it up."


At Kate's request, hang the water Yuri drew in the bucket on a stone tablet. That's how I took it and Kite took out the brush, where I instantly noticed.

"Oh, the seniors have arrived, too"

"Oh, oh... what are you doing?

"Cleaning because it was dirty. I've been waiting a long time."

In an instant inquiry, Kate answers with her back as she brushes again.

"Oh, wait a little longer if you want to worship me. It's time to clean the tablet."

"Oh...... then I'll help too. Maybe this is Allegrass' grave?

"Oh... there you go"

Take the instant offer and throw over one of the cleaning tools that Kite had. That's how the moment started cleaning, so Fujido and Ayazaki in the stream - either way, they were doing it because they were both martial artists - would also do the cleaning side by side again. Seeing such a togetherness, Balflair opened his mouth just a little bit badly.

"... uh... something, I'd better do it too"

"You should welcome me. If someone doesn't stand, they won't know it's over."

"This is what Kate said in the first place."

"Nah, I didn't calm down."

Kate enjoys herself for just a little while and scrapes off dirt and moss by rubbing with gossip and brush from where Yuri hangs the water. He doesn't hate cleaning anything. but I just don't do it because Tina pisses me off about not taking a maid or butler job when I try to. So the only time I did it was New Year's Eve or when I could do it.

So Balflair picks up again, and Kite goes back to cleaning. And, in the midst of such work, Futodo asks.

"... Speaking of which... Heavenly Sound. Is Allegrass sleeping under here?

"Hmm? Oh, no. I haven't slept under here. This is simply a stone tablet to leave something like his will. This is a secret... but I hear his body was buried in his hometown. I don't know where I am either."

For the first time, Kate tells Fujido the legend that only passes from Balflair to generations of < > executives. When I heard those words, Ayazaki tilted his neck.

"Is that a secret?

"Yeah... because adventurers are a cash thing. There's someone out there trying to vandalize the tomb, right?

"... I don't think that's a good thing."

"That's not a good thing. But if everyone knew that, there would be no grave vandalism."

Kate laughs just a little at Ayazaki, who smiles at her face. In the end, even if we know there are bodies on Earth, there will be those who will vandalize the graves. Enefia was the same again. So Yuri tells the story just a little while she hangs the water.

"He didn't hide it back in the day, but he said the Necromancer had tried to vandalize the real Allegrass tomb back then. And then he came to hide the fact that there were no bodies here."

"I see..."

Indeed, beyond the absence of a body here, the damage is limited where the stone tablet was vandalized. And this is the place. It's hard to sneak in. Surely this would have been a good measure to prevent the bodies of good adventurers from being used for mischief. Ayazaki agrees with Yuri's commentary. Against him like that, Kate laughed.

"Ma, the result. I don't even know where Allegrass' real grave is now."

"So now we're dealing with a real grave."

Yuri continues her words with the same face again, to the words of Kate, who seems a little daunting and amusing. That's how I talk about it, for a while. The five of us polished the gossip and stone tablets, and at the end of the day Yuri washed them away with water and nodded one.

"Good. I guess this is it"

"Right. I don't care if it's too much."

"I don't know. I'm guessing it's our job to do it. My guys, they can't clean or anything."

Express gratitude to Kate and Yuri, who nodded satisfactorily, as Balflair seemed to illuminate only a little. For once, he also cleans as much as he can when he visits at work, etc., but it still gets to the best of his ability. It was very rare to clean it properly so far.

Besides, he's an adventurer, not a janitor, and it's bones inside to escort the janitor so far. She tried to do it once, but refused because it was dangerous for boulders.

"Haha. Good...... yeah. Much cleaner."

"Oh... I guess I polished this far before when I reported on my inauguration as Union Master... well, he came and cleaned a couple of times other than me"

Seeing the beautifully polished Allegrass tomb, Balfleur nodded one as he felt something emotional somewhere. And, was he just a little embarrassed, he opens his mouth a little hastily.

"Oh, yeah. It's still going to take a little longer, so just you guys can message me right now, and I'll take a look. It's not such a long message anyway."


To Balfleur's words, the moment tilts his little nipple. Allegrass' tomb, but really close to the stone tablet in shape. There was a trapezoidal pedestal and a circular tombstone on it, with a blue demonic stone nestled in its center.

but nothing like a message is written, and there is just a sign short written 'The Tomb of the Great Union Master Allegrass Leanite' next to whether it was installed by future generations. It's a sign that Kate and Yuri said earlier was later set up to combat grave vandalism. The tombstone was not even carved to the effect that it was the tomb of Allegrass.

"Oh... Look, I'm down, I'm down"

At the urging of Balflair, who nodded in his own words, the moment leaves the spot only a little. That's how Balflair put his hand in the center of the headstone pedestal.

"From the stone... footage...?

"Oh. This is the first Union Master… Allegrass Leanight"

In the twinkle of an instant, one balfleur nodded. The Demon Stone was apparently for video recording. One young man was showing up. Seeing him like that, the moment seemed somewhere interesting.

"... it feels exactly like an adventurer"

"Haha. Right? He's the first Union Master. A great adventurer who showed how adventurers are today."

Wrap a bandana around your head and wear an outfit that looks moveable. Exactly the traveler's outfit. The face is not so much a special beautiful boy, but it's probably not bad. No matter, the body is trained.

The most characteristic of such allegrass was the characteristic look of a boy floating with kites and balflares that preceded his adventure. He opened his mouth like that.

I don't know when you'll be watching this. In the meantime, good luck getting here. '

That's light. I think so in the words of Allegrass, who laughs with pleasure at the moment. I wondered how many people he was because he was a great first union master, but when I opened the lid, it seemed like a comfortable place for my brother.

'So... I'll say it first. The message from here is addressed to adventurers. If you're not an adventurer and you're after the treasure I found, move on. Otherwise, if you're not an adventurer, move on as well. Just wait a minute.'

What is treasure? The moment did not understand the meaning of Allegrass' words, but for now we shall wait for his words. That's about ten seconds. He opens his mouth again.

'... you said. I think that's enough. Okay, again... good job. If you've come this far, you're on your own as an adventurer. Tighten your chest. This labyrinth (dungeon) started the union with me and my friends, Sakahara and Hana Pear, which I asked an adventurer to know to remodel only the first part. In the five trials so far, I was asked to see if I had the basics of an adventurer. If you've come this far, you've got plenty of it.'

Apparently, this recognized him as a one-man adventurer by Allegrass. He applauds his consideration so far. Nevertheless, he opened his mouth with a slightly more serious face.

"Even if you say so. I don't know if you guys are really real adventurers. What counts as an adventurer is not what we measured here... what counts as an adventurer is the challenge to the unknown. You know what? It's not like here. There's a huge desert in the west. There's an ancient technology there called hover biking. So I cross the desert... in the middle of it, there can be ancient civilizations'

Anise to the western continent. I don't have to think about it, it's about the Enesian continent. When it comes to the huge desert there, it's probably about the Urca desert. In an instant, Allegrass opens her eyes slightly, knowing that she's gone into that desert again. I had no idea there was a hover bike. That's how Allegrass, who sparkled her eyes like a child, asks.

"Hey, you. Is there anywhere you want to go? Anywhere. You can listen to what I just told you and think you want to go to the western continent. I want to go somewhere for now... don't forget how I feel. That is proof of a truly important adventurer. Technology, power... it's all secondary. Most important to us is adventure. Keep him in your chest at all times."

Dong, and Allegrass beats his own chest with pleasure. Probably brought up the whole other continent thing because a thousand years ago I thought it was a place most of this continent would never have seen. That's how he disappeared as if the long story didn't suit him sexually.