Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1911: Union General Meeting - Towards General Meeting -

To confirm the foundations of being an Adventurer, the Adventure Club led by Kite was challenging the Labyrinth (Dungeon) left by Guildmaster Allegras to become the first Union Master.

Those who could be said to be skilled in such an adventure department spent roughly five hours in real time and managed to reach the tomb of Allegrass. Upon confirming Allegrass' message with those who had thus arrived, Kate forced the division to take control of the return of the Adventure Department and return. And another hour from the return of the Adventure Department. Kate had reached the deepest depths of the Labyrinth (dungeon) with Balflair and Yuri.

"Phew... is that it?"

Approximately six hours outside. Kate looks at the clock to which the power of time has been conferred, and decides that it would be something like this.

"The boss of this labyrinth (dungeon) is rank A... and pretty good? Is it possible that Rank S classes will come out"

I knew you were right to come. Balflair looks at the body of the fallen demon, while his heart is slightly relieved that his judgment was correct. The boss of the labyrinth (dungeon), in a nutshell, doesn't always have the same demons coming out at the bottom.

but it is still adjusted so that there is fairness and so on and there is no variation in strength. Regardless, I don't know if the Rank A demon is higher or lower than the average at just one time, but it could nevertheless be a reference. Therefore, Kite asked Balflair, who will again include the information so far in the note.

"Did you get to the end of this for now, or what? Every time I think about it, this labyrinth (dungeon), what makes it harder with the threesome limit?

"I don't know... the first generation challenged me here alone in the first place, I'm talking. I don't know anything about boulders, either."

"Is it possible that only one person was originally allowed in so that three people could be included?

To Balfleur's words, Yuri asks as she is. To this, Balflair nodded one thing.

"Maybe... I don't know where that is. I've only lived three hundred and a few decades. The Union isn't always running smoothly, either."

"In the end, the truth is in darkness,"

Seeing the sight that Allegrass probably would have seen once, too, Kate whined into Balfleur's words. Besides, Balflair nodded when he saw the same view again. That's how he disappears at the end of the door to the open treasure trove.

"Oh, man... there you go."

"Ever... good?

"It's a fee. Take it away. You'll be joining us."

Balflair, who threw a beautiful treasure sword at Kate, nodded one without any particular emotion. This sword was the clearance reward here. Seeing such a treasure sword, Yuri laughed.

"Even so, this is a cash labyrinth."

"I think I've broken through quite a few labyrinths (dungeons)... but I don't know that the treasure trove is really the only treasure."

"Haha. Thanks to you, we're not in trouble for the money, are we?

Balflair laughs joyfully at the words of Kate and Yuri. Although the labyrinth (dungeon) left behind by this Allegrass, the presence of this treasure trove was raised as its hallmark.

Because all that came out of this treasure trove was something worthwhile as a piece of gold. Therefore Allegrass said no before his will, and if this treasure was only for him, he put it in.

It should be noted that when only gold and silver treasures can be removed from the boulder, it can be rubbed with it, and as we have just seen, this is impossible unless you are a rank S adventurer. So the treasure trove here was known only to a limited number of < >.

"Haha...... er...... sapphire on ruby, this one is...... garnet I guess. Size… I wonder if the average 20 carats will go."

"Are there other small diamonds as decorations, too? If you sell it, millions won't go down."

Millions of yen for the reward of a Labyrinth (Dungeon) attack would be a breakdown given the cost-effectiveness. Of course, it would be this cost-effectiveness if it had as many arms as it could be, but it is still broken when it comes to breaking. For the rent, it would be too much. Therefore, Kite decided to thank me for adding to the Alliance operation and keep it in different spaces. That's when I finished all my errands, and I got one Balflair.

"... I'm talking about the first generation getting the first Union operating funds here. Originally, I guess it's the muscle that opens up widely in the Union..."

"You should stop being a boulder. I won't die to Allegrass' grave, but then I'll die normally from up ahead. Even Rank S is a tough area inside. It's hard for an adventurer in trouble for money to die trying to be helpless."

To Balfleur's twinkle, Kate shakes her head remembering her journey so far. I do think he is particularly concerned about what Balflair is saying. but at the same time the danger is so high that it is not a place where you can manage to be challenged by a rash. Balflair nodded at Kite for saying that.

"Still, I'm open to some of it. For a guy who really needs money and has arms. Assuming, of course, that we don't talk widely. It is against the mind of the first generation to be able to make a living here. This treasure should only be in trouble"

If we can attack this place constantly, it will be possible for us to make enough money. but Balfrère thought it was something to avoid as an adventurer because it went against Allegrass' will that left this place behind.

Thus, while he wanted to be wide open, he had a slight but mourning colour on the number of adventurers who considered the profession of adventurer as a means of earning a living. To this, Kate laughs and speaks comfort.

"I don't have a choice. You can't eat without money. An adventurer can be a mercenary. I can eat without learning. Not all of this."

"Ha... somehow, I have to..."

Disappointment. Balflair laments the status quo as the Union Master. but if I can do that, I'm doing something about it. Rather than that, it's not a problem that he should be able to do something about, or above all, manage.

"Don't say I can't. That's our job. It's not your job."

"You're doing it for me. In fact, the five Dukes of the Two Grand Dukes, headed by McDawell Territory, and the Adventurers coming from the Imperial Capital and their heavens are the majority of the people who are choosing Adventurers as one option. It's well educated."

I'm not an adventurer because I had trouble eating, I'm an adventurer because I like adventure. I have no choice but to make money because I have trouble eating at the end of it, so I don't even care about Balflair. but that's the only problem, so I was an adventurer. That's why Kate decided to take off Allegrass' labyrinth (dungeon) while sending comfort to Balflair, who had a headache in educating adventurers, etc.

Well, just around that time Kate took off her labyrinth (dungeon) while sending comfort to Balflair. Augdyne, who was asked to come back by Berntaine to attend the general meeting, was moving across a hoverbike that the kites were talking about not long ago.


Stop the hover bike, Augdyne looks around once. but there's nothing to see but the desert. and one of the < > executives who had likewise been asked by the Republic of Urca to explore on a hover bike asks.

"Hey, Dyne. I measured it from the distance traveled, but it's time for the bandits to enter the area where they wander frequently. What do we do?"

"Hmm... how much later?

"After that... at the current speed, is it five minutes or enough? Well, I don't know if they'll be around..."

It's still a hover bike made of ancient technology. It travels at very fast speeds compared to travelling by camel or foot. So five minutes is enough, but a dozen kilometers is good to think ahead.

but it's the desert at the same time. In places with little shelter, it was easy to spot both the opponent and this one. Of course, in view of that, the hoverbike has paint that can be disguised in the desert, and they weave their own hard to spot clothes from the top. Still, they use witchcraft with their opponents and even have incredible magic equipment. It was forbidden to be alarmed.

"In the meantime, we're close to the limit. So far it has not been reported that they have a hover bike. If we find him, we can get away."


Following Augdyne's instructions, < > executives fire the hoverbike engine again. Nevertheless, since it is close to boulders, it is not at full speed, and if something happens, it is slightly so that it can be turned back immediately, but the speed is slowed and traveled.

"... hey"


"The government guys. You really think the prince is alive?

One of the executives is on the move and asks with no one because he is free. What they are doing now is an exploration of the king prince of the destroyed kingdom that was said before when the moment left. Berntaine was the leader of the investigation team, but he was not on this expedition for the general meeting.

It was originally explored to the extent possible without the use of a hover bike, but the government of the Republic of Uruguay granted permission to use the hover bike because the results were not achieved there.

"I don't know. but you will hear why my father headed to the General Assembly in the first place"

"Oh... to meet Master Kate, right?


Since it's a general meeting in the first place, the heads of the eight guilds are bound to attend, but apart from that, Berntaine was planning to take a look at it with Kate this time. And the reason for that was how it seemed to relate to this expedition.

"Investigating the south side any further on the boulder is unlikely to yield any results. We just have to think about exploring from the demonic realm."

As it was originally said, we want to support the Crown Prince of the country whose kingdom was destroyed in the first place because we want to make a deal with the demonic realm further north of the desert. If we can use the desert safely, we can also organize large convoys by road. It leads to the revitalization of northern Urca.

But just as the Republic of Urca has jurisdiction over the south, the northern part of the desert is now equal to the Demons' jurisdiction, and we can't expand our exploration to you like this. Therefore, as an intermediary for obtaining permission, Berntaine decided to ask Kite.

Now it was also equal to the last expedition in the south. Nevertheless, it was not that any more had been achieved than it was trying to reach out to the north for exploration.

"... for once, several previous investigations have confirmed that the Desert Princess is alive. Before all the bandits, she alone must be protected. That is the common perception between my father and the Urkan government. Even if you're wrong, don't let the bandits get ahead of you."

With slightly more rugged eyes, Augdyne grips the hover bike handle. This is something Bern Tyne didn't tell you instantly, but the truth is that he also had an eye on a prince named Karal who said Bern Tyne once had an eye on him.

That prince, who was said to have admired Bernstein, was therefore particularly nostalgic for Augdyne, who was close to his age. He also did the sword archery. For him, it was like a brother, and if it was the anger he had with the bandits, it could be said that he was much stronger than Berntaine. Therefore rescuing his siblings, the prince and the princess, was tantamount to saving his own siblings for him.

"Aye... hey"


Augdyne, who was a rugged face, stops the hover bike abruptly on the spot. Quite a bit further, but we saw the bandits. They looked like they were exploring the surroundings, across camels.

"Looking for something... Sounds like it. What do we do?"


What to do. If you can, I just want to know what you're looking for. Augdyne thinks so to the executive inquiry. but this is close to the home of the bandits. I couldn't behave badly. but it was also an idea not to do anything. Therefore Augdyne nods to one of the leading scouts in the Alliance.

"... hey"

"Copy that. I'll steal their information."

"Everyone, stand guard on the spot. Don't find out."

Augdyne sends instructions as she disembarks the hoverbike and sees the back of one of the executives sneaking up on foot. As a result, they rushed back to Urca's < > headquarters with information from the bandits.