Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1915: General Assembly of the Union - Trouble -

Union general meeting at the Association of Adventurers Union once a year, during the autumn season. That was done by collecting all the guild masters present in Enefia.

In the meantime, Kite, who was to attend as Alliance Master of the Alliance Adventure Department and as Lord McDawell's Kite of the Empire, had first met with Berntaine, Alliance Master of one of the eight guilds < > before the General Assembly. As such, a little from the appearance of Ballantine at Kate's request and the exchange of information with him. For one thing, the great exchange of information was over.

"In the meantime, northern if you want to do it in the future? Then we should send an expedition to Demonic territory."

"Heh. In the meantime, arrangements are under way as such"

"Hmmm... when it does, is it the desert zone? Tina. Any directions or anything like that?

'Hmmm... right. Though it can be thought of as a lot...'

Tina, presented by Kate, twists her head just a little. I took the moment for once because of a problem of decency, but it's still her turn if you're going to borrow wisdom or something. Moreover, this time there is also a connection between the demonic realm. It would be the best suitor.

"It may be a good idea to enlist the support of the Dirt Demon (Doma) tribe. That race is right in the desert... well, < > if it's goodwill."

"Heh... but no pure earthly demons..."

"Hmm... Later, there may still be old people as road guide. Urca has a southbound road guide. Because there are guides on the north side of the Devil's Lands. Maybe we can start by looking for it."

"I see..."

Sure, that's right. Berntaine nodded one at Tina's suggestion. I couldn't imagine this because it was < > that I often served as a guide on this path in Urca in the first place. Even though we were road guides, we had no idea to ask other road guides.

but all they do is take directions from Urca to the kingdom that was in Oasis. Further north from there. The devil was in charge of the road to the land of the devil. He remembered that, too, apparently. After receiving some suggestions afterwards, Berntaine bowed her head to Tina.

"Thank you. For starters, we will contact the home immediately for some information and make arrangements"

'That would be good. Later, it's Claudia's guy, or you can go ahead and talk to the Devil's representative. They burn their hands in the desert. "

"Thank you"

In response to Tina's advice, Berntaine bows her head one thing. The Demon Nation has the advantage of being able to restore its dealings with Urka. I could decide that there was no reason not to accept it.

It should be noted, then, that why Ulka has been working alone until now is a problem from the difference in national power. As a Wolka, I didn't want the Demons to take the lead. All this was more than just a country and a country. It was really a viewable issue.

"Well... well, even if something happens to the boulder, it's not a project I can get my hands on. You're right, I can give you some advice through seniors and Lijet. If you need anything, just tell me what you've been up to. No matter how remote the Bernstadts are, they're inside of us."

"Thank you"

Berntaine bows her head deeply to some shy kite articulation. As such, Kite decided to stay and have a little chat afterwards to prepare for the general meeting.

Well, a little from my meeting with Bernstein. Once again, when Kate returned to the hotel, he was killing time in preparation for the opening of the general meeting. I was only seeing Berntaine because I had a request from a long time ago. You shouldn't have made plans. but there were still a few people I had to meet if I could come. One of them was, naturally, an ally.

"Mr. Kite."

"Oh, a run...... sorry, just give me a minute. I'm writing it down to make a request from < >."

"Oh, excuse me. Suddenly."

"No, I don't mind."

Kate laughs at Lan's words as she first writes paperwork for submission to the McDawell family and the Demonic realm. Well, even so, I was just doing it because I was free, and it wasn't about taking that much time.

Above all, I can handle the worst if I don't submit it. Because in the McDawell family, he's the one giving permission. I had already heard the request, and I had no reason to say no. So it is equal to not forgetting to some extent in decency, and worst of all, it can be managed with magic that assists memory.

"... good. So, what's up? Do you have a reason to talk now?

"No... I heard you've been in there for a few days, so I was wondering what's going on here."

"Oh, that or. Right...... Dasan hasn't missed his assumptions. It seems that the known and famous place is a boulder, and we have a lot of talks."

In response to a run inquiry, Kate tells him rumors in "Lee Knight," which she hears leaking the last few days. Naturally speaking, Kite is not the only one holding talks.

And if it becomes a little famous, it will soon be conveyed if you don't want to hide so much about where and where you met. So Kite inevitably found out too, and she didn't deserve any special surprises.

"Really... then I guess some rumors are still true..."

"Anything bothering you?

"... Yep. I heard rumors that even some of the empires had held talks."

In response to Kite's inquiry, Lan reports to him some rumors and doings of concern. Hearing that, Kate nodded one thing.

"I see... I did have talks about some of them, I hear rumors."

Kate entered Lee Knight a few days ago, but at that point a mountain adventurer had arrived. Maybe I don't need to tell you, but the early ones are fast. In fact, Einadis had come quite early.

In those who were just as early as that, they had come about a week before the start of the general meeting, and they had held pre-general meeting talks, just as they did with various lower preparations and kites, and they had also visited Allegrass's grave through their stories to Balflair. So the talks were taking place at the time of Kate's arrival, rumors seemed to have come to his ears, too.

"Run. It's about you, you're making a list, aren't you?

"Yep... take this one"

"Oh... can I write it down?


To Kite's inquiry, Lan nods one and shows pleasure. It was originally meant to be. There was no reason anywhere to say no. That way, Kate attracts a list of runs prepared.

"Uh... I heard there was a meeting between here and here... and you didn't..."

Based on rumors and information he has purchased over the past few days, Kate will be writing on the list where he believes the talks that Lan has brought have taken place. Where and where the talks took place. Once we know that, it is possible to speculate on what would have been discussed from the information in the current situation.

Of course, there can be plenty of other possibilities discussed, but it's still better than not knowing perfectly what it is. What matters now, therefore, is whether talks have been held or not. I can't talk to you unless you know it first. So, about five minutes. Kate wrote down information as far as she could hear on the list.

"... here's the place. I don't even know where it says it."

"No, I don't mind. I just want to know where I can find out."

"Oh... so I'm hearing some of that, too, okay?


Kate asks Run, looking at the marks she had drawn before she described them. Apparently, you don't have to tell me, but they just didn't tell me, so Lan was going around a few places before he came to Kate. A number of writings have already been made in his presented notes, and don't write that kite will overlap about there either.

"Even so... I see. Is it still generally as expected?"

"Yes... thanks to Mr. Kate, the Empire would say"


To Lan's somewhere joking words, Kate shrugs her shoulders just a little. As is generally assumed, there are a number of places where the talks were supposedly held. Some of them were well-known guilds, guilds that were deeply connected to the Empire. I heard that Kate also dealt with the case jointly with the Alliance described here in several cases from the Imperial Army, and the trust from the country seems to be strong.

The adventurers hate to be ordered headless by the country, but the country is also a valued customer. Therefore, there is naturally a place like taking the initiative to receive a request from the State, and I would have gone so far as to say that is what was on the list here. And well, aside from that. Run laughs at the bittersweet mixed kite.

"Haha...... as a result of your speech, I should say. Some other fights you've been through. You remember Hunters Field, the battlefield of the hunters? It's like they're telling me that there's going to be a battle against evil gods."

"... I still have a relationship with the Alliance Master Ingvay."

The guild that Lan pointed out was where he had previously been able to associate himself with the fold of the harvest festival. After all, the site survey is a specialty adventure department. The information available is also different because hunting is different from the specialty Ingvay location.

Of course, Ingvay's side is right again. As a result, it was decided that it was good to keep company because we were sometimes mutilators, and we exchanged information from time to time. So I never forgot. That way, Kate drops her eyes on the list again. Speaking of which, he remembered his name.

"Hmm...... I see. Looks like they had talks too...... well, Ingvay is quite the cutter. No wonder."

"Yes... I think it's about hunting again."

"I would... Hmm..."

"What's up?

Run asks surprisingly to a slightly flattering kite. Kate expressed one concern or concern about this.

"This opponent guild. You know what?

"" The Red Wood Sleeping Bed "... this is also the Hunter Guild. Is that it?"

"I was strangely concerned that I had a meeting with another company in the industry. Exchange of information..."

"Hmm... Speaking of which, well... if it's just an exchange of information, there's also a meeting of the hunters that takes place during the general meeting..."

Peer companies of the same size. I had never heard anything about rubbing it, but I had heard a little bit of kite about "Akagi's Sleeping Bed". So he was curious.

"This" Red Wood Sleeping Bed (Akagi Nego) "... is a guild that some aristocrats in the Empire are gracious about. I've heard a little about you in the social world."


I'm being cordial. You shouldn't take that as it is. That's how Lan understands Kate's words. So he asks with a little seriousness.

"Has something rubbing happened or is it happening? With one of them?

"It can be possible. And it could be..."

"One of the previous harvest festivals,"

Run speaks of the continuation of Kite's words. Again, needless to say, that one case moved a hell of a lot of money. Anyway, it's the "Diamond Rock Bird" chick. I was curious, so I heard that Kate looked it up in the back too. Then, he still hit a hell of a place.

"Apparently one of the Astrea family branches was making an earlier request... I'll lay low for more details, but it's a pretty famous place. The jealousy I bought looks pretty big."

"I mean, what?

"I lay low, don't ask me for details."

I mean, is that what it is? Kite seeps a bitter smile in her troubled face at Run, who asked him otherwise. but this was clearer than anything else. I mean, that's what it seemed like. To this, Run sighed.

"At the request of a branch of the Astrea family," Red Wood Sleeping Bed (Akagi Negi) "… is that behind it? I hope this isn't too much trouble."

"I hope you don't."

Kate takes deep into the chair and throws the list at her desk. In that one case, the kites are working with the Ingvays, albeit for their own benefit. Besides, we've been kind ever since.

If there was something about it, there was a chance that they'd come down on it. Then, inevitably, there was no chance that all sorts of firepowder would fly into the alliance either.

"Explore, can you ask?

"You should. Sure, if you think about it, it's a request for eyeballs to pop up. There's something behind it, should I have thought about it? I wondered how much I would give a flying forehead for a kid's birthday... but I guess I knew some nobles too well"

There were times when I was so busy in front of the festival, and I didn't want to get into a feud between the guilds so badly, I couldn't deny there were things that I just wanted to end. That was the best decision I could make at that point, but that doesn't necessarily create the best situation in the future.

"Okay. Originally, we sowed some seeds. Let's do it here."


"Oh...... speaking of which, Run. And Elle?"

"Oh, she'd have you to go to Mr. Eisen. That's better, isn't it?

"I see. If the Alliance Master is a disciple of the Heavenly Admiral, will he not be sold a fight without much success?"

The first thing to do is make sure it's safe. Kate snorted, laughing at one of those runs' words. Apparently, Elusha likes Kate. If I had come nearby, I would have definitely come to say hello myself. I wish I had gotten doubts about not being here. Then again, briefly, they decided to have a discussion and each of them would enter into the next arrangement.