Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1916: General Assembly of the Union - Obedience -

Union General Assembly. At a time when the opening of the annual General Assembly was also approaching, Kite had been made a sub-master of his allied opponents and received a visit from Lan, a staff member. He was in action again when he stared at the information he was interested in based on the list that Lan had brought.

"Oh, it's me. This is Kite. Is Lord Guildmaster here?

"Oh, kite. You know exactly where we're staying."

"The famous places you get to know yourself will hold you back to the boulders."

To the words of the guild members of "Hunters Field," the battlefield of the hunters, "Kate laughs and makes that clear. Nevertheless, he didn't have any particular doubts about whether it was already widely conveyed about Kate's arm over there. The executives who responded to the call from Kate - who I knew, so I changed my tone - soon followed me to Ingvay.

"Oh, kite. Long time no see. '

"Oh. Oh, that in the meantime, thank you"

I said, "Good. Partly because of the previous diamond lock. Think of it as a share."

To Kate's words, Ingvay laughs with pleasure. As I've been told several times, Kate and Ingvay are still connected. Not only that, but it seems that Sola also holds the connection, and the Ingvay side was greatly surprised that Sola became a Bronzite apprentice. And well, aside from that. Once he exchanged social dictionaries, Ingvay once again cut to the point.

What's the matter with you getting in touch with this earthen field?

"Oh. Well, I know it's bad to be this earthen ground... because it's a story you don't even want to talk about too long. Let me go first."

"Hmmm...... so?

"" Akagi bunk ""


The minute I hear Kate's given name, the signs of Ingvay shake slightly. Apparently, he didn't want to talk about it long enough to come at the point. but at the same time, that's a topic I don't really want you to come to, and it looked like you thought.

"I knew you were rubbing it."

'... ha. Well.'

To Kate's words, Ingvay nodded as if she'd given up. That's how he makes a clear statement to Kite.

"For once, I want to prevent it from happening here."

"Of course not. Both are nobles. There's nothing good about intervening in noble rubbing."

'I know. I don't want to intervene either. "

Against Kate's words, Ingvay also agrees with the face that it's heartbreaking again. If you're the most decent adventurer, you want to avoid getting involved in rubbing between nobles, no matter how much money they pile up.

Either way, no matter which one wins or loses, there's only trouble left after. If you only get money, it's still noble. Most wins and loses don't kill the opponent. Then they resent me from the losing side. It won't protect me from winning. As a result, they even grabbed the trouble with the money.

"But I took it," he said.

"Shh, right? 'Cause all that stuff is so rewarding that it pops up.'

"Hey... well, I've been a detour all this time, and it's gonna be big."


"I'm sorry..."

Sure, that makes sense. Kate smiles at Ingvay, gloriously.

"So, it's the side that got me involved once. Let me know what's going on."

'Even so, I don't know if I need to tell you... Dae-chan, you're right. Astrea family branch Astrea family. They were our clients. "

I didn't know there would be about that. Kite was also thinking at the time of working with the Ingvays. In view of the amount of remuneration given to that client, etc., the client is at least a fairly high nobility or the corresponding rich man. So if you think of it, a division of the Duke equal to Kate, it would be well suited.

"Needless to say, when it comes to" The Red Wood Sleeping Bed "being cordial,"

"'Marquis Saltaire'"

Kate and Ingvay unite their voices and speak of the nobleman's name that the guild that becomes' The Red Wood Sleeping Bed (Akagi Negi) 'is benevolent. Needless to say, this one was a pretty big nobleman.

"Marquis Saltaire. Marquis close to the Duke. One of the leading aristocrats. The Astol family is good enough for each other. No, maybe Saltaire's on top."

"I can't let it get any worse..."

'Don't say it. I thought I was a pain in the ass, too. The Astals and Saltaires are famous for their certainty. So before I took the request, I hit a lot of hands. "

A lot. So much so that Ingvay, known as the cutter, says. It must be true that all sorts of hands were hitting. In fact, so far it has not developed into a rub. I'm pretty sure that the hand that was hitting me with all sorts of things is playing its part.

"First, I spoke to Lord Astrea at the time of the request. This is the kind of request I get."

"Well, the right way"

If you are a marquis and duke on a boulder, the latter is stronger. It's not like Dada would call me the Duke of the Two Grand Dukes. No matter how powerful the aristocrats are, the Duke is above them. So by talking to the Astrea family, the owner, they would have intervened in case they could have rubbed it.

"So why now?"

'That's why I told you? Apparently, Saltaire thinks we're on the Astor side. "

"Ugh, Mend"

'If you don't tell me... it's a real hassle...'

As exhausted as his heart was, Ingvay sighed at Kite's scratch.

"So, as it turns out, they're hostile from" Akagi's Bed. "They bragged about it."

"Ha ha. Well, that's sad. Because the house is so close and the kids are so close."

Borderline uncle, albeit the one or the branch. a powerful nobleman, albeit the one and the marquis. With regard to the Astor family, it must be borne in mind that the home is the Astrea family, but there is no difference in strength.

'It's not funny. It's the side that's caught.'

"Haha...... well, sure. Whatever you do, don't get involved in a rub between nobles. I'm sure the Astols are very fond of you."

"You Understood."

"I know."

Anyway, it's still the Duke. Kate laughs at Ingvay's words as she thinks so on the inside. He brought me a rare demon of a realm that I'm sorry is not transcendent if I try to be an Astor.

It's hard inside to get a demon equal to this. It is clear to the Saltaire family that they would have been proud of this place. If so, he would have expressed his apology to Ingvay, the meritorious man, for being annoyed and annoyed by a full grin.

"So, again... definitely bring it over here"

'I know. Handle any inconvenience in your home. I'll wipe my own ass on a boulder. "

If Kite were to come out, the Astreas would have to be involved at that point. Until now, I haven't paid any special attention to the fact that the division is just having a little skirmish with its rivals, but if the other houses were to come out, it would have been different. It is only if both of us end up talking about what is so common. It's a scandal when other houses are involved.

"Ha... troublesome. Well, I hear it's a school-age sync originally."

"Hmm? What is it?

"Oh, I was just there."

It might have something to do with me when it comes to school. Kate opened her eyes to Yuri, who rolled on her desk like that. For the last few generations she has been the dean of the school. Then I thought there was no way I knew the Astol and Saltaire generations.

"You, don't you know the Astols and Saltaires? Root, you were up in your active life, weren't you?

"... oh, that"

"What, that super fun laugh"

Oh, that. Kite laughs at Yuri, who just can't help but want to talk about it now. Apparently, it was a fairly famous story for those who knew at the time.

"I don't know what triggered it. It's trivial. Look, the Astals and Saltaires are similar names, right?

"Well. But it's everywhere. Like Suzuki and Sasaki in Japan."

"Yeah... come on, there was a little Madonna girl in these days"

"Oh, I guess."

Kite laughs joyfully at Yuri, who starts to talk joyfully. Apparently, there have been instances everywhere, in different worlds, and among the nobles. To him like that, Yuri pointy her mouth with pleasure but dissatisfaction.

Let me talk to you.

"'Cause you can guess Daejeon."

"That's right. Ma, you're right. I forgot which was which, but trying to call one, message game. There was a replacement along the way, I think. We weren't originally that close. However, both belong to a fan club and are sure of the results"

Perhaps Ingvay doesn't know this. Kate could only laugh when she heard something that seemed stupid if she heard the root. Since then, they have both been married and have children, but it was as if their tenacity at this time still persisted.

"So, who ended up shooting that Madonna?

"Oh, Kite knows the answer, right? 'Cause I know your husband."

"Heh... who?

The world is surprisingly small. Kate asks the playboy's name that he shot that Madonna with interest.

"Duran's wife"

"Oh, that's him. I did get Mr. Beppin..."

I see. Kate reminds her of her comrade's wife by making her own men, and I see, convinces her. Kate herself, after being reunited, was much of a tear.

"... Seriously? Well, he didn't look bad... because he wasn't hot on a woman, was he? That's nearly three hundred. Marry a younger girl?

Sword arms stand, but some bumpy, coarse man. Regardless, it's not that I'm not nice. On the contrary, I can say it is gentle as a root. I just don't really understand how to be nice.

Kate remembers her friend as a comrade and laughs like that. She made the tea up, but didn't ask for details. Besides, Yuri was having fun.

"Oh, apparently you've been telling me that for a long time?

"Eh... he... was it Loricon...? Reasonably..."

"I don't think you should just say kite is a line...... reverse. Leeli... I think your wife's been telling you this since childhood."

I'm not interested in talking to women in a liquor store because of reason. Yuri shook her head laughing at Kate's words like that. Besides, Kite didn't even think of it as convincing.

"I see. Then I'm convinced. He can see, he's pushy weak."

"So-so. I don't know the students, Leelier. Pretty pushy, huh? 'Cause you want me to marry Mr. Duran in freshman year! Or so I came."

"That's amazing. What was so good about that brain-muscle bastard"

"That, too, I said. et al., returned about a hundred."

I couldn't imagine him marrying voluntarily. Kate remembers a Duran swordsman who never even reported her marriage from herself, and laughs joyfully when she hears her story with his wife.

"Are the maidens in love blind, or... so they didn't all pulse from the beginning"

"Soyuko and... I kept my mouth shut as the boulder talked me into it."

"Well, that's sad."

Fun, Kate joins hands and prays for the blessings of those who have fallen in love. The swordsman said that he was a little shy and had children, and that he had received a little from his wife's name. Kate, don't bluff like that. I was happy for his happiness. Then all I had to do was ask the stranger students to give up, although it was bad.

"Ma, then I won't bother them...? Duran, one of our best militants."

"Kids are pretty brainy, too. I don't think there's a problem there."

"Then leave us alone as long as we don't have a problem."

It's not a busy situation when we're involved. So as long as Kate doesn't jump on us, we'll leave it to Ingvay. In response to what was unlikely to have been feared, he decided to relax for some time until the opening.