Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1917: General Assembly of the Union - Congestion -

A number of talks preceded the General Assembly of the Union. In the meantime, Kate learns that Hunters Field, the battlefield of the hunters led by Ingvay, a familiar guild master, held talks with the guild called The Red Wood Sleeping Bed.

He felt something smelly because of the relationship between the two, and he was supposed to put some exploration into Ingvay at the request of Run, who had brought the information. It was such an exploration, but fortunately I knew that it was unlikely that I would fly into flames with myself, and I knew the Astol family and the Saltaire family in the stream, and I was supposed to be comfortable knowing that some of my people were involved in it. From that conversation, an hour. Union envoys came to the hotel where they stayed.

"Well, I did tell you."

"Yes, I did receive it"

Upon receiving the circular brought to him by Union officials, Kite nodded one thing. The contents had already been said and no special confirmation was seen. The moment shrugged half bitterly as he looked at the backs of the officials leaving that way.

"... Is it the start of the day after all"

You said, "Start of the day in the first place."

"... I really didn't think that would happen"

Should it be taken as a roose in time or should it be considered that much of a flying organization? I honestly think so for a moment in Kate's words. After all, what I had in mind when I said the moment was a meeting was a meeting like the Intercontinental Conference. And it's about the same size as that one.

All guild masters were summoned at any rate. The scale has inevitably grown. but at the same time the roots of time were flying. The morning began, but in the end it was really the beginning of the day.

"Can we start in the morning where we were told? This is Enefia in the first place, right? I don't know how many airships I had, but how many places I could wear them the day before. Come on, let's adapt it to those time-sensitive civilization levels..."

I scratched my head and Kate went back inside the hotel. Needless to say, his stupidity is against Levy. Basically, all the clerical methods are equal to her being in charge. So although I will try to start on time on a certain level of health, there is no way that the underdevelopment of Enefia-specific traffic conditions could go hand in hand.

"So, what do you do with your free time?

"I can't talk to the boulder right now... I think I'll kill the right amount of time..."

I don't know what to do. Kate thinks in an instant inquiry as she stretches. That's what he called me.


"Hmm? Oh, the calendar. Where are you?"

"No, if you have time, I'd like you to look at your training once."

"Oh, that's good. There's nothing I want to do or do right now. Are you alone?

"Oh, no. Alice is with us."

To Kite's inquiry, the calendar shakes one head. It should also be noted that she made it clear why she had applied to Kate early to supervise the training because it was said that Kate would open to her in the morning but it would be noon in the first place. As a result of honest belief in it, that was why.

"Is it good in there? Or outside?

"Inside. I'm not moving around..."

"Okay. Then come to my room as usual."

"Yes. Well, I'll call Alice"

One calendar nodded to Kite's response. In the first place, the calendars are horns, and Alice has been asked by Ludwig to keep them. The drill was one of his tasks as well. So for a while afterwards, he will go out with the calendar and Alice's workout.

"... good. Even so, it was a little unexpected..."

"... somehow,"

"I wonder if I can."

I say that to Alice and Kite, whose calendar seems unexpected. These two basically act together. That was a big decision based on Kate's instructions, but at the same time it wasn't a bad decision, apparently. There was no difference in the original power, the areas of expertise were different from each other, the years were near, and we practiced while teaching each other. So it seems that one unexpected thing was happening as a result.

"Whether Alice learns to care and the calendar learns to be spiritual... Alice didn't think the horn had the power to take inspiration from the calendar, either"

"I can just feel it, though."

"It's enough to feel it. Originally, spirituality is impossible to even feel. It's as good as it feels."

Kate nodded one as she watched the calendar react to Alice's manipulative spirits. This is either unexpected or unexpected for Kite, but apparently the Japanese themselves have more aptitude for spiritual existence than other races.

Well, originally in Japan, a lot of people draw interracial blood. No wonder there was a race among them with a stronger aptitude for spirituality. It won't be enough for the mixed blood to progress and manifest itself, but I guess if I train it, I'll be able to handle it to some extent. And, as I spend some time training like that, Kite's smartphone timer sounds electronic.

"Hmm... time"

"Ah, yes. Thank you."

"Thank you"

Calendar and Alice thank Kite for her guide. That's how Kite left to attend the General Assembly of the Union after being dropped off by the two of them.

Well, it's a departed kite, but such was he on his way to Union headquarters with Yuri for a moment as well as ahead. On that road, the moment raises questions for Kite.

"But why are you even with the submaster? I just feel like there will be more attendees..."

"Well, if the Alliance Master will all be interested in discussing it, then I guess that's good. Even the Alliance Master is pinned. I'll take care of everything. Some of them are asleep."

In response to the instant doubt, Yuri preached the point. That's what they always say about this. In fact, if you look at Elusha, you'll see. It's basically a sub-master run for my brother to work out a plan over there. but Elusha supported it in terms of people's expectations and was able to operate without any problems.

"I see... I'm convinced, if you ask me. Are we just us?"

Apparently, he was convinced of the moment as well. That's why I've been walking around talking about it for a while. Kate made it to the reception front of Union headquarters. but there were more people there than the other day, and quite a few fierce people.

"... this is..."

"Isn't that amazing? These are the adventurers the Union is proud of."

In front of the many adventurers, Kate makes clear with a laugh. Rank S adventurer that there are only a few percent in the world. Three digits would be crap, too. The number looked like it was in front of the moment. Regardless, this is not everything.

How much of a situation this year equals an emergency, there are some requests I'm getting on a yearly basis. When it came to that, it was not always possible to attend a general meeting, and even as a Union, the convocation was limited to those who had not received a request to cross for a super long time.

And the more you go up there, the more requests you make like that. As a result, the attendance of rank S adventurers was never high. And well, aside from that. Yuri snapped at Kite laughing.

"Why are you so proud of Kite?"

"Hahaha...... but this is amazing on the boulder. Rank S attendance is better than I thought."

"Normally we don't align this far?

To Kate's words, the instant I look in front of the reception again and snap my neck. It should be noted that both moments and kites have seen and figured out the Rank S adventurers. Kate is a gift of training, but the decision was that it would be the housekeeping rank s that are stronger than me in the moment. So it turns out that there are so many Rank S adventurers.

"I don't align. I don't align. A lot of guys don't get caught trying to get it all together in the first place. I mean, about half of the Rank S adventurers are solo, right? Whether he's alive or not."

In an instant inquiry, Yuri shook her head with a laugh. To this, the moment opened its eyes.


"Yeah. About half of Rank S adventurers are solo...... don't you know?

"No... I have heard that there are many Rank S adventurers for solo. but when I knew it, the basics were that I belonged to some guild... I was wondering if there were more of them"

The moment nodded unexpectedly at Yuri's inquiry. In fact, I couldn't help but think so. In his case, the majority of the eight fierce men know in Rank S. Other names are given as guild leaders and executives, such as Grimm.

So there seems to be about one person in the famous guild, I think, and as a result, I thought the impression was that more people belong to the guild. To this, Yuri told me the truth about the adventurer today.

"Actually, it's not that different. When you reach Rank S, you can do it solo when it's mostly the situation. Besides, look... try to remember. That La Area civil conflict. What do you think of the rank S adventurers in the Confederate Army as guilds then?


Speaking of which, were there nearly double-digit Rank S adventurers in that fight? The moment reminds me of the time, and I think only a little. but it's hard to keep thinking about it. So he remembered his own camp at the time.

"The north... certainly both Mr. Karin and Mr. Juliet belonged to the guild. I heard you were alone... but did you say hello to him once? I don't remember hearing about your affiliation..."

"He's a solo."

"Really... then about 60%"

Does that mean that more than half of the publicly participating Rank S belongs to the Alliance? The moment again understands the situation at the time and thinks one thing.

"Then isn't the Confederate army more or less the same percentage?

"Actually, the opposite is true. Because there is a difference between the Northern and Southern armies. The Northern Army, as you know, has a clear philosophy. The Confederate Army was, on the contrary, financially advantageous...... so 70% are not affiliated with the Alliance. All the people that Kate fought for."

"Then... it was those big demon guide armor adventurers that Grimm and Firefly fought for who belonged to the Alliance... about?

It's gonna be like that.

Speaking of which, where Kate was engaged the day before the last day, there was hardly anyone around who looked like an Alliance member. The moment reminds me of it in Yuri's words. He wasn't there because he was a fool, but because he didn't belong to the guild.

"Leading the Alliance, I was protecting somewhere else. I'll take advantage of the number of people. But on the contrary, because of the number of people, mobility drops more than solo. As it turns out, Kite fought all solo adventurers."

"I see..."

If you ask me, I'm convinced. The moment seemed convinced by Yuri's commentary. And, well, that's why they can't find a place, and they often don't hear from me. As a result, participation appears to have tended to be lower. That's what Kate tells him.

"But well... because the situation is in boulders this year. Looks like many of the solo adventurers were back near the Union branch trying to join them. Even if he hasn't come back, he'll be able to hear what's going on. It's different when you're solo than when you don't have a handout."

"I see... is that how you inevitably get information?"

"That's why... So, kite. What about the number tag you got at the reception yesterday?

Yuri nodded at the instant words, asking Kite again. Well, needless to say, there are so many adventurers out there. It is also a difficult state to move on.

Therefore, I received a number tag from the receptionist at the time of reporting my attendance in advance, and according to that, I was supposed to sit in the conference room. If you decide to sit one seat at a time, even late meetings will be delayed further.

It should be noted that there are still so many people who come to the earthen pit that the result is crowding near the reception. It was simply the difference between being able to sit inside and wait, or standing here and waiting.

"I have... you're lift 33"


"Do you think there's a conference room in the boulder where so many guilds and adventurers can meet together? More than an intercontinental conference."

"... you can't"

Obviously, there are more participants than there are in the Intercontinental Conference. Even that big conference hall was huge, but it didn't look like there was a bigger conference hall than that.

"Ma, if you go, you'll see. Surprisingly, that conference room, it's amazing, huh?


Apparently, the boulder is the headquarters of the Union. Moments come from Kate's pleasant words, so understand. So, in fact, he decided to take a look at the conference room and join Kate in the crowd and head to the aisle leading to the conference room.