Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1919: General Assembly of the Union - Act I -

Union General Assembly, whose commencement was declared in the name of the heads of the eight major guilds. It was such a serious meeting that I didn't think it would be a gathering of adventurers. but that's why the moment couldn't hide the surprise.

"... hey, is this such a serious meeting?

"Only in the first place. He'll be asleep in two hours, and he can't stand still, because he just starts wandering around."

"... will you keep it for two hours"

Apparently, even as adventurers, they're working hard. There are few adventurers who go to bed instantly when it comes to meetings. That's two hours of sitting still and having a serious meeting.

I guess I'm glad I said I'm working hard enough. Understand that in Yuri's commentary even momentarily. Nevertheless, on the contrary, it also means that the first two hours can be heard and seriously discussed by everyone.

Therefore, the first important agenda could be brought. That is why Levy opens his mouth as the Union's staff representative. Apparently, she's the moderator.

'... then, first of all, the agenda. Most of you will only be interested in this anyway, so listen to me seriously. "

Is that good, so. I think so instantly for Levi's spicy words. but I can't help it because that's actually the fact. With that inside of him on his ass, a lift moves to the center with Levi's eye on him.

That was just a little bigger than what the kites were riding, and the number of people they could ride seemed to be commensurate. To the moment I saw it coming down, Kate whispered to me.

"It's a lift for guests. This time... you know what I mean?

"Princess Laicia."

"Oh. Make it the most important agenda, the most important agenda."

What is the most important agenda in this situation? That's one of the < > things you don't have to think about. It may be said that the majority have gathered here for this purpose. So it was the right decision to bring this first. Thereafter, Shea's lift arrives at the center in front of the three watchers.

"... is Al and Lil with you"

"Oh. Those two are descendants of Lux and Balan's old man. It's a good adventurer. That makes a good enough impression that those two are holding back on the left and right. It is inevitable that these two were chosen to escort the General Council's messengers... no, I chose them."

Kite whispers in response to a moment of surprise. Apparently, the escort of both the military and the empress - and the fiancée of the master (Kate) - didn't even tell us instantly that they were her escorts.

As a kite, you didn't have to worry about it in view of the instant power, but the two of you would be right in your decision. Nevertheless, I had never seen the warrior - both female knights - on the left and right for a moment. All I know is that at least it's more than me. He therefore asks with interest.

"What about those two?

"Our nominee. Former instructor of the First Division of the Imperial Guard Corps."

"I see..."

That's stronger than you are. The moment showed satisfaction, understanding that the female knights on the left and right belonged to < >. They are the < > sisters in the unit and also the Wind Discipline Commissioners. You may say that the most courteous of all. Therefore, the imperial side had requested the protection of Shea.


For one thing, Kate decides to watch what happens. Even so, it's hard to imagine there will be a problem with this. At this point in time, the heads of the eight guilds who have discovered their identity have been rooted inside, and all of them show acceptance.

Especially < > and < >, < > and < >, < > the forest dwarf "Forest Spirit" > show their recognition in two replies, not to mention that Balfleur was the one who carried out the rooting. Since half of the eight guilds have finished rooting, the problem was few.

'Needless to say, we make clear our basic cooperation with the intercontinental allies. The man Ballantine fought for is back again. I'm sure it's the muscle that drives us back to the back of the world.'

The Ballantines fought back if you took it to Berntaine, both in the raven and in the corner. There's no more reason for Lil or Al to be pulled down here than to make war plain. He also is more than a descendant of a hero; he only waits to come, if he is to come. And, this one is as a descendant, but on the contrary, these are the two things that made the acceptance clear, though due to the cause of the time.

'Needless to say, too. I can't endorse their philosophy as of three hundred years ago, and what now?'

"Us, or I don't have a swordsman and a keri over there in the first place. There's no reason to go that way now. Well, I'm not going to join the Allies because I'm not willing to flock. '

Again, Kuon made it clear that the chain of command was separate. We passed this as of three hundred years ago, and even after the formation of the intercontinental alliance, < >, led basically by Kuon, was only in a cooperative relationship. and Bern Tyne asks about this.

'I agree with that... but if we're in the current chain of command, why don't we just put the chain of command together? I suppose the main force is the troops of the brave once upon a time?

'Yeah. It will. They are only the main troops. There is no winning power in each country.'

"Then can you join the chain of command there?

"… I can't give you an immediate answer, but I was wondering if it would be possible to consider it."

Shea nodded one after a few thoughts in response to Bern Tyne's inquiry. That said, this is only a late reply, although she is not an ambassador of plenipotentiaries. I had told her that this would happen to Kate in advance. Therefore, the response itself was prescriptive, and Shea's attitude was an act.

"If we can do that, we can join the chain of command of the Intercontinental Alliance."

'Hmm... right. As far as I'm concerned, that's fine. If the boulder is topped by the king's family, Kuzha and Aura, it's something I can't afford to overlook. "

Quon also endorses Berntaine's renewed proposal. That's how she sees Einadis.

What about you?

'Either we are. At the previous point I was on pace with my predecessor. but after the launch of the Allied forces, I and the main protagonists, Frodo and Soleil, were moving in most concert with Kate'

"Therefore, there is no problem with either."

'That's the thing. Besides, if I were to be included in the chain of command, it would be Kuzha-sama's place… Frodo and Soleil are working together at the moment.'

To Julius's inquiry, Einadis nodded one with a laugh. She was originally the royal family of the elves in the first place. So it is easy to cooperate as an elf country, and vice versa, as are Einadis and others.

Because it's my home country. He was therefore cooperating with the Intercontinental Alliance in response to Kuzha's request - a request from the kites named And so it was politically inevitable that she would now be under her command, a proxy for the McDawell family, and there was no problem getting under Allied command. And that's when she asked Julius the other way this time.

"On the contrary, what about you? Julius."

"We are not interested in alliances. Don't hear they never destroyed any precious ruins either."

In response to Einadis' inquiry, Julius ran out of words without any particular stray. It is always decided here. So this response was within everyone's assumptions, and there was no surprise. That doesn't mean it's over, though. Therefore he continued his words.

'But... well, we don't even need to change the status quo. What's more, there's also a reason it's better to give it to the Allies as of right now'

"Got it?"

"The other day, I got a massive request from Laelia. It's in our interest. I can't feel the need to give it to them until I cut it."

'I see. That's reassuring. Your place is always open to them. "

To Julius' words, Berntaine laughs with pleasure. If you give them something that leads to their interests, that is, their knowledge, you can do it. That's a famous story. So many guild masters understand that this is the leading edge that Laelia has hit, and they praise it in their hearts. That's how Berntaine laughed, and now asks the woman in the outfit who resembles a witch's outfit.

"So, Fio. What are you gonna do?

"How... what?

I don't know what to do with your place.

Fio. The woman who was told that would behead as if she hadn't heard the argument before. She seems to be the Alliance Master of < > mage's workshop Witches Craftworks. She naturally resembles a witch, because she's a witch woman. And well, aside from that. Fio laughs at Bern Tyne's inquiry.

"Basically, we'll take a step with < >. I've been familiar with it for a long time... and most importantly, in terms of combat, we're the lowest '

"Dude... low, but your place and < > is the lifeline of the Union. I want you to say no to boulders."

Balflair sighed bitterly at Fio's amusing words. < > The Magician's Workshop "Witches Craftworks" > is an alliance that is good at making things, as it is called the Workshop (Craftwork).

However, if you are equally good at making things, the < > of the Blacksmith Guild, a coalition of blacksmiths that makes it one of the eight guilds and a semi-alliance opponent of the Union, seems the same. but these two areas of expertise were different, and both of them were important to the adventurer.

"When the < > mage's workshop" Witches Craftworks "is gone, the casualty digits change."

"That's all we can do."

'That's all that matters... besides, Fio's a decorative demon prop landlord. If your house lacks it, even the investigation of the Dark Continent will be affected. "

"Oh... what a pleasure to say."

To Balflair's bitterness, Fio laughs with pleasure. Among the highest-ranking adventurers, there are usually < > magician's workshop "Witches Craftworks" > demon props and < > Weapon armor for the earthly dwarf. If I were you, I'd be among the top eight guild executives.

No matter how strong the adventurers are, their power would be halved without weapons. Besides, < > also makes medicine. I didn't know Balflair's words about wanting to pledge their support. They are the real lifelines.

'Though... if you want assurance, the condition is that I'm with Kuon. Hate, I don't want to be manipulated by any of your men. "

"You're all with me about that. Everyone knows there's only one exception. '

'Ha ha. No, if my uncle wants to stand up, we'll join the army without hesitation. "

Everyone had no objection to Balflair's words to Fio's unequivocal words. Berntaine, laughing at those words, asks the young man under the banner of < > the heavenly phoenix Bird in the Sky.

"Awis. What's your disagreement, too?

'I don't think so. In the first place, I'm leading the airship because I don't want to be tied up in some country. And of course, there is no objection whatsoever to the Union joining the Allies if the Brave Kite is to become the General. And vice versa. If you're not here, I won't join you. "

"I thought you'd say that."

What do you know? Balflair laughs a lot at the words of Auis in such a grumpy condition. Still one of the eight chiefs. They know a lot about it. Awis laughs at this again.

"Dada didn't have a grandfather born in a country of contracts and constraints. That's enough reason to build a fleet of flying ships in his third generation, right?

"Haha. You did. '

Berntaine laughs again at the words of Awis, who laughs with great pleasure. Apparently, that was quite a famous story. That's how Balflair opened his mouth, laughing at them as well.

"Fio. Boden. How about you guys?

'Needless to say, I can't refuse a boulder in that case. Though it's gonna be a private story.'

"? Anything wrong?

To Fio's words, a Dwarf man called Boden puts his neck up. At this rate, he must be the guild master of < >. To this, I laugh like Fio's in trouble.

'There's a lot going on. A while ago, I could have answered any question I wanted... but when the current chain of command revolves around the McDawell family, I really need to participate. I don't know what they're gonna say later.'

'I don't know...... well, we're the blacksmith's sidekick in the first place. Leave it to the discretion of each individual.'

As it was said in the first place, < > belongs to the Union but is only equal to another organization. That's just a bunch of blacksmiths over there. Therefore, although the chain of command was slightly different from the guild of the Union and therefore the Adventurers, Balflair did not pinch his mouth about this either.

"Is that all you have? Ok...... for starters, we've got the eight consensus points. The eight guilds have no objection to basically taking a common pace with the Intercontinental Allies. No, but I'm not going to join the chain of command at the same time. In case two Kuzha Aura take our chain of command. Because most of the eight major players have connections there... naturally, naturally. '

'... okay. Tell that to your home country.'

In response to Balflair's clear statement, Shea shows one attitude of acceptance. Apparently, he was able to move on this as the grand prospect suggests.

Anyone can see that it is impossible to include adventurers in the chain of command of the Intercontinental Alliance in the first place. So the important thing is, will you take a joint pace or not? Will you fight with me or not? For the first time, the eight guilds were in agreement, and Balfleur decided to expand the conversation further.

Until now, it's only a discussion to unify the will of a place that has tremendous influence over the Union: the Eight Alliances. From here on out, it was a discussion to unify the will of the Union as a whole.

'Good... then we'll discuss the whole Union move thing from here on out'

It's troublesome from here. Balflair, as Union Master, has one temper. Until now it has not been a fussy argument because there were only eight of them. And with Kite rooting for the majority of those eight, there were no factors that could be rubbed. but from here on out, it's a whole thing at once. Naturally, it's debatable. As such, Balfleur's words caused the story to ripple across the board at once.