Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1921: General Assembly of the Union - Act III -

Discussion on the request for cooperation with the Intercontinental Allies, which rippled across the Union after seeing unanimity among the eight guilds. This will be accompanied by an exchange of views between Kate and her allies as Adventure Alliance Master.

And in the meantime, they decided that it was not necessary to draw a conclusion as soon as possible due to Elusha's proposal. Once they had decided to split up and talk to the other guilds in order to ask what the other guilds were like.

"We don't have to say it, but it's nasty. I have a professional pattern in the first place, because I have a relationship with some noblemen. If they ask me, there's nothing I can do to get into a joint front or a temporary chain of command."

In response to Kite's exploration, Ingvay tells him so, shrugging his shoulders slightly. In fact, as he said some time ago, "Hunters Field, the battlefield of the hunters," accomplishes a request from the Astor family.

There was it, and their names rose considerably among the guilds of the Hunter system. Whatever, that's why they're selling fights, but they got track records. As a result, the merits also allowed us to receive requests from nobles that we had never received before. It was their opinion that, at the request of such aristocrats, there was no choice but to join the chain of command. And that's what he asks Kite the other way.

"So, naturally, your place is, right? Especially in your case, Master Kuzha's. There's no reason to refuse."

"Well. Only here in the boulder."

"I guess...... but that's what most guilds would think. I'm talking about who likes to serve the country in the first place."

"I see."

Ingvay's opinion was ultimately sensible to the adventurer. Well, you refuse to join the Intercontinental Alliance because you won't be able to like kites and balfreas, also known as adventurers' synonyms, in the first place. Synonyms, that is, they can be considered the criterion of adventurers. It was more natural for a normal adventurer to think so than that criterion thinks so.

"Most of the guilds I'm hearing right now are. There are some differences..."

"It's different..."

"The Ursian adventurers. Some of the guilds there didn't like the way they handled it."

"As a percentage?

"Not a lot on boulders"

In response to Kite's inquiry, Ingvay laughs and shakes her head. Apparently, only a really small part of the Ursian adventurers don't like to entrust command to the country no matter what. Then, says Kate.

"Is there any particular problem then? Whatever your opinion, it's impossible to agree exactly."

"That's the place. Fortunately, I haven't heard that from a famous guild so far."

"That's right. The more famous you are, the more you can see the situation and the situation. It's going to be a very different kind of response."

Work together where you should, and move wherever you don't need to. That would be the best part of the basic idea. So it appeared that most guilds had basically concluded that they would move as indiscriminately as Kite and the eight major guilds. And, after listening to Ingvay, Kite then calls out to another familiarity.

"Hmmm... we haven't basically thought about anything yet. I'm not as smart as I can think of."

"Whoa... you, let's think harder, don't you?

"Hahaha...... well, but. That's the place. In fact, basically not at all."

To Kate's scratch, Lumio laughs and shakes his head one thing. Next to him like that, Ram was with him.

"That's why I brought the lamb"

"That's why. Well, my grandmother told me to look at it, so I just came to look at it. We don't have that much strength."

To Lumio's words, Ram sighed. Well, this is definitely shooting straight. "Hunters Field," led by Kate's Adventure Department and Ingvay, is already a mid-level guild. The former has over a hundred constituents, not to mention Kate's track record, while the latter is a guild with a large track record in that area.

So every organization has a certain assessment, and that statement has some influence. but Lumio's place is still able and has low overall strength. It's not that I don't have a say, but I didn't have the same influence as a mid-level guild. And to the words of such a ram, Kate tilted her neck.

"? Haven't you guys been on an expedition lately?

"You think your grandmother's gonna make that extent a problem?

"... nothing."

Anyway, the other person is Lil, who is also currently Tina's master. It's about her. Even more than even plainly crossing the world, but if it were in McDawell territory, it would skip readings and correspondence without any problems.

"Haha...... well, that's why we'll figure out how to shake ourselves while we ask what's going on around us a bit. Oh, yeah."


"Where are the kites staying right now?

"Oh, is that us? We..."

After all, weakness makes the weaker move, which is probably the right move. Even if he moves too poorly, he is conspicuously stared at. It was also important as an adventurer to fit his height.

Therefore, Lumio and Kate, who first made their views clear, haven't seen each other in a while, so I decided to talk to them again later and exchange contact details. So he talks to some more guilds, and he talks to Tina outside.

"This is the place."

"You've been talking to a lot of people."

"Oh. Seniors saved me, too. I've never seen some of them before."

"Well, that was the only thing that helped..."

In response to Kate's gratitude, the moment turns to shyness. Basically, there's nothing more to do in a meeting than being a militant than having a wise man named Kate. So I left the moment to Kite to deal with, and the basics were thorough with the listener. but he was asked to come in between, for example, when listening to someone who the moment knew and Kate wasn't getting the edge, etc. After talking to a silly guild like that, Kate finally decides to talk to someone she knows who's a solo adventurer.

"Whoa... I don't want to be the one to ask you about boulders either. I don't want to see your eyes hurt."

Digamma laughs with pleasure at Kite's exploration. A man who belongs to the Confederate Army just to fight a strong enemy. I couldn't help but wonder how to get out. Of course, I know that's a concern, but it could be.

"I mean, it's a good place to belong over there to such an extent that I can't beat you. We don't fight without winning."

"I don't know if you have that kind of arm, but I'm sure you'll be treated pretty badly."

"Well... I don't know all that either. Anyway, they were already enemies of the world by the time I was born. It's refreshing under what conditions."

To Kate's point, Digamma sighed. There is no need for those who do not live at the time in boulders about this without knowing. Above all, we find out more about the Grand General and the Legion Leader, because Tina, the former exchanger, knows.

Some of them were held captive by abusive men out of their control when Tina was fighting to unify the Demon Nation, and some of them had secured themselves as terrorists who hated the fact that they were at peace.

So by its very nature, we know that it was probably made up of all those who preferred to fight, otherwise only Claudia and others close to Tina at the time knew.

"Well... well, then you do whatever you want with the basics, huh?

"Don't be. I'm not going to ask for that reward in this battle, either. Under the circumstances. Even so, basically, if there's going to be a big fight, there's going to be an umbrella."

"So what's your next trip to the Dark Continent?

"I'm volunteering."

Apparently, Digamma had volunteered to go to the Dark Continent. Well, it's the only continent in Enefia that hasn't been trampled. If this is not the case, we cannot travel. The demon is said to be strong, so I guess it's just a good place to satisfy your battle desires if you try it on him.

"So, what are you gonna do?

"We've already got roots coming from the Union Master. I'm supposed to be a guild... but I'm going to be there too."

"Oh... well, I'm looking forward to it. I can't fight you, but I can't help it this time."

"Well... if you're going, let me count on you."

"Haha. Neither do I."

To Kate's words, Digamma laughs again. After finishing his conversation with him, Kate will then talk to Olgamarie.

"And I wonder what that feels like. As far as I'm concerned, I'm not going."

"That wolf. I thought it would be quite useful..."

"I'm not going to be able to spare time, Ursia... or I don't really like Maggie. If that's off course, you can go."

Against Kate's words, Olgamarie exhaled a deep sigh. Besides, Kite asks.

"Is something wrong?

"Have you heard any rumors about the black market over there?

"... well"

Black Market. Kite nodded with a rather bitter face when she heard the name of the market said so. So much so that they say black. Therefore, commonly unavailable items were sold openly, and rare animals were originally trafficked into human beings.

Besides, they're not going to hide anything from doing an illegal deal, it's adjacent to the city or vice versa. It was a factor Maggie called caution. And Kate knows one person who was on edge here. It's Toryn. It was Maggie's black market that he was sold.

And well, aside from that. With a slightly irritating voice, Olgamarie told me why she didn't want to go to Kate.

"... Actually, that kid was sold there. I was still a little wolf when I took it... because I hate that kid"

"I see..."

In addition to trafficking in human beings on the black market, it is good to have demons that are not normally sold. And the environment, no matter what they say or who thinks, is not considered a decent environment. Toryn also made it clear that it was a bad place. I couldn't help but be the trauma of that giant wolf.

He said, "I'm not going."

"As my husband's responsibility, you know. I'm not going to Ursia for work on a boulder. I can't go through there."

I can't help this. Kite tells Olgamarie's response that she understands. For her, that giant wolf is her partner. There was no reason to go to the Dark Continent when the partner said he didn't like it.

"But if you think about it, shouldn't you go too far? You don't seem to have that kind of tolerance."

"Of course, I know. The Union Master has told me."

"Naturally, right? It's supposed to be a place where even adventurers don't want to get close."

Balflair was telling me straight away. Olgamarie didn't find Kate's words particularly strange. As such, Kate talked to several more solo adventurers and decided to return to the Alliance once.

"I guess this is the place..."

"You still have a lot of ideas, depending on your guild and your adventurer."

Due to the characteristics of the lift, naturally the moment I was listening with Kate, I muttered a little surprised.

"Of course not. Thousands of different things. Adventurers are good at what they do, and their positions and circumstances change."

"Naturally...... so, kite. Sounds like we're gonna have a little more time, but are we good enough?

"Oh. Well, there's someone else I'd like to talk to in the alliance."

In an instant inquiry, Kate nodded. What Elusha said earlier was that it was only necessary to draw an immediate conclusion, So we were going to get together again later, and the first place we were gathering had some lift appearances. As such, Kate was moving the lift to have a little discussion with her alliance counterpart.