Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1924: General Assembly of the Union - First Day and End -

How to engage with the intercontinental alliance, as proposed at the General Assembly of the Union. For one thing, we'll see what Kate and the others envisioned and a proper settlement. Thus, after the general decision of the Union to move as before, what was to be discussed was the sharing of information on the new species of demons found between the last general meeting and this general meeting.

'That's why. Basically, I don't think you'll find me until I get to a pretty despicable place... well, I'll get to a despicable place, but it's us.'

"It's about. As noted above, when considering a mandate to the area in question, be careful. There were also reports of the discovery of similar demons in the five bodies where the information was further scrutinized in response to this report of discovery and where the conditions met."

'Five bodiesā€¦ also means there is a possibility of simultaneous occurrence?

"It can be. Reports indicate that they were engaged at the same time."

I'm still an adventurer who often fights demon opponents. Therefore, many people still took part seriously in the discussion when it came to the new kind of demon. Nevertheless, there are already some people who wish to skip without thinking the worst about demons, so I started to hear them sleep.

'So, next. Next up is a report from the Alliance and Adventure Department of the Continental of Enesia. The discovery is a cave in the kingdom of Artemisia. "

Apparently next up will be a report on "Jer Dragon" where the kites engaged in the summer. Its appearance is reflected in the central projection device.

"This' gel dragon ', but basically shows the demonic nature of the' slime 'species. but that this demonic trait, at the same time, also shows the nature of the dragon species'

Levi's gaze is directed at Kite. Apparently, it means that Kite should report some information from here.

"This demon, by its very nature, has a special defense against physical attacks."

Again, needless to say, Kite attended this general meeting every year three hundred years ago. And it's him. Normally, the whole thing was always encountering a new kind of demon, and I wonder if that report was sad, the accustom was hidden. That is why his report had been summarised in simplicity and was quickly over.

"That's it."

'Thereforeā€¦ in view of the report on the discovery of similar demons, the conditions at the point of appearance were determined. Apparently, in addition to clean water, the book demon is likely to be born in a place where some sunlight plugs in. Well, there aren't many places like that, but it's likely to be quite a challenge as a characteristic. It is likely that if a crusade is reported, a crusade request will be sent by each country. In line with this, the name "Fluid Dragon" was adopted as the official name. The adventurer who will undertake the crusade mission for the demon in question will note the above points and take on the task.'

It would still be because it was confirmed as a new species. Several additional investigations were carried out, and they found the same demons as' Fluid Dragon (Jer Dragon) 'as a result. And where such a supplementary explanation of Levi was concluded, his hand rose far from Kite.

"Ask me one question"


"Is it a dragon breed or a slime breed? Which is it?

"For once, it belongs to the slime species. but for how many minutes I still don't have much information. It could later become a dragon species. Follow up and wait for the investigation."

Levy tells one of the Alliance Masters that he is investigating. There is no such thing as an immediate investigation. Therefore, it seems that these rare demons have remained under investigation for many years. After that, for some time, there was a new demon report and information-sharing, and that was the end of this day's meeting.

Now, although the agenda for the first day of the General Assembly of the Union has come to an end for the first time. Later, the adventurers, who had not seen their faces there in a long time, were celebrating their reunion for a grand banquet. With such a sight in mind, Kate had decided to head back to the hotel first.

"... Isn't that strange? Why is there such a banquet right after the general meeting...?

I couldn't help but hide the confusion in the sight I saw as soon as I got out of the general meeting hall. To this, Kate laughed.

"Easy. Simply because they can't get out of the general meeting and drink, or participate in the general meeting because they don't, or are very terminal, drink early. It's the adventurers who stay here drunk. Besides, Rank S adventurers will have up to three digits in this period. Most demons are drunk but crusadable. Everybody can't help but relax."

Hearing the laughter she could hear there, Kate walks like a sneer. That's how I'm going to go home, but I'm going to ask that the moment was doubtful on the road.

"Speaking of which, kite. Can I get you one?


"No, I was listening to earlier reports of the discovery of new species and I thought... oh my. Investigation of new species of demons. You'd be an adventurer to do something like that, wouldn't you?

What the moment remembered was still in Urca. Again, there are only so many things called adventurers and Enefia's biggest guild of adventurers, and there were so many different requests from the Adventure Department.

I remember that, for example, there were various bandit crusade missions, but even though the request was likely to be received by the Adventure Department, it was not brought into the Adventure Department.

"Oh. That's the investigator's job in another sense of the Union."

"Oh...... don't we take that?

I don't think it's okay to take it. The moment asks Kite, wondering how she felt when she received it in Urca - accompanied by an investigation of the goblin species just reported by < >. Kite, who was questioned by him like that, had a slightly bitter face.

"Hmmm...... this is what I think there. Of course, I was wondering if I could take it because it's a general request..."

"Is there a reason"

He didn't seem to think for a moment that Kite had no idea and had not received a universal request as these adventurers. That's why he waits for Kate's word, too. So, a little bit of a troubled face Kate told him.

"I wonder if it's difficult. As a matter of fact, the Union says they want you to take it."

"Oh, really?

"Oh. Us, it would be expensive in the first place to only look at science in academic terms, wouldn't it?

I didn't know you were getting a request from the Union. In an instant inquiry of surprise, Kate asks with a troubled and amusing face. To this, one moment nodded.

"That would naturally be the case in Enefia..."

"No, Earth...... no, should this be kept in Japan? Even as Japan, it's quite expensive."

"Well... he's pretty high in deviation, I hear"

In the first place, the entire Heavenly Cherry Blossom School is a prestigious school. Although still less than half a century old up-and-coming from its inception, capital investment is frequent due to the immensity of the mother and the financial resources that come from it, bringing together outstanding scholars from all over the world in search of it. It's probably the lead in the lamp.

And if the instructors excel, the students excel, and it's easy to get good students together because of their connection to the Heavenly Path Treasury. As a result, the deviation at admission tended to be higher as well. Of course, Tian Cherry Blossom is only a private school, so the various costs for it are to be blamed. Likewise, as a university, it does not extend to the national public, which is called the Old Emperor's University, but as a high school, it would be quite high in Japan. I also knew that was a moment to go by with a sports recommendation.

"So, as a union, I'd rather have a guy like us than one like that."

"More than a normal adventurer, is that us?

"Oh...... what matters here is the height in the sense of that academic achievement. As a matter of fact, I don't want you to take a request for a new kind of demonic investigation outside the contact point, even as a union. My good offices are the main thing when it comes to investigating new breeds."

"... Speaking of which, I also got it because Rije brought it..."

Basically, for a moment, I look at the bulletin board and think about what kind of request to order, and head to the reception. And that's pretty basic as a basic adventurer attitude. Conversely, it is very rare to go to reception and talk to receptionists, like Kate in the Patriarchate. So in fact, I guess I didn't know the moment when orders on bulletin boards were predominant.

"Like that. Basically, I didn't order on the bulletin board."

"But why?

"Well, in view of the adventurer's level of education,

"The level of education...... but what does the level of education, academic achievement have to do with this request? Anyone can just do the requested investigation."

Moments tilt their necks strangely at Yuri's words with her mouth pinched. But it was a big thing that we thought this was because we were still the standard.

"Not really. In fact, putting it together in theory is a difficult task. For example, yes..."

Kite thinks only a little in the words of an instant. Thus, he snaps his finger and lights a fire at the tip of his index finger as if he had come up with something.

"... look at this, what do seniors think?

"... set the fire, to a certain extent"

"Oh. Let's just say that's the minimum report. Suppose that in the fight against the new species of demons, the first report set fire to it. So now the Union wants to find out more about the conditions and precursors of the fire."


Fire can be described as one of the characteristics of an attack. If we are going to fight, we will need to make sure the fire attribute is well guarded. That alone changes the survival rate dramatically. but it is refreshing to see under what conditions a fire can occur and what kind of fire it is simply to fire out. And it was the investigative mission requested by the Union to investigate it. That's how Kite, who put out the fire, asks.

"Good... then, seniors. Give me as much detail as you can about the current scene."

"Hmm? Right... you snapped my fingers first. Then a fire came out of the tip of my index finger"

"Oh...... well. In response to that report, now Union officials ask, for example: Was that fire radial? Or was it a fireball or something?"

"Mmm... right. From what I've seen, it's close to a fireball. It was only a single shot."

Kite's inquiry was a particularly unsurprising one if you stood on the Union's staff side for a moment. If he had a very good chance of engaging, he'd want to hear. Therefore he does not wonder about the inquiry and answers it as he sees it. but kite laughed here.

"See. At this point, one more inquiry, one more job for them. Well, that was done to this extent because I'm a senior now. but what if this is very simple and the fire came out of my fingertips, only?

"Mm... how many fingers came out of it, what shape it was, what precursors it had... three more questions"

"That's right. And the adventurers aren't very good at making materials. It's a hassle, so there are adventurers out of their fingertips quickly that just end it. Then I'll have to call the adventurer who reported later and ask a lot of questions. You're a pain in the ass.

"I see..."

When I was told, I could understand the moment. The more detailed and polite the report is, the easier it will be for the Union. Even if it is necessary to call more and more often, if you are only an adventurer who can write detailed material, it is only a matter of concern to ask. It's easy to convince as an adventurer.

"So if you can make a request to a guild that has a professional clerk like us and is somewhat in shape, you can make it a union and you'll have less work. Of course, with some academic merit guaranteed, it is often unnecessary to call in the first place. Worst of all, I can ask for an additional investigation. Based on this report, an additional investigation was needed."

"I see... then I do want us to take it as a matter of priority, will it?"

"Oh...... but it's a new kind of demon after all. Basically, it's only reasonable that one or two guys get a rank as adventurers. The mortality rate is high."

So, will it be the bitter face you just had? The moment saw Kate's bitter face and understood. It's a new kind of demon in the first place. At the time of the first report, the crusades and escapes have succeeded, so some of the necessary strength has been remembered.

Therefore, a requisition is also made accordingly, but it is still not possible to consider the recommended rank displayed. The danger seemed to rise significantly compared to other crusade and investigation system requests.

Of course, the rewards are considerably higher than in the same rank range. Just so the top ranked adventurers can take it.

"Considering that, it's up to Rank C that we get it. Even that is not certain. I didn't want it to spin too much, but if it did, it would have been me."

"So you never saw it."

"In view of the Union's public interest,

In the words of an instant, Kate seeps a little bit of bitterness. Nevertheless, it seems that that was only something that he had not had the strength to do in the past, so he had taken the initiative.

"Well, now it would be okay to take an investigative assignment up to Rank C level. Can I change my policy?"

"Well... well, maybe if it was something we could just deliver it to the upper management"

"Is that a hand, too? Well, let's think about that a little bit."

As it stands, there are three adventurers in the Adventure Department, publicly headed by Kate, who are rank A. He's still only middle-sized, but he'll still have a prospect of survival even if he's on an investigative mission up to Rank B. That's what Kate decides in view of the instant increase in combat power and the deepening of Sora's control. After that, they decided to go back to the hotel for a little while, talking about the operation.