Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1928: Union General Assembly - Night -

A meeting was taking place during the general meeting with < > the magician's workshop Witches Craftworks. According to Tina, who participated as a representative of the Adventure Department, Kite gained a meeting with < > Guildmaster Fio. In his meeting with Fio, he had discussed several agendas for the exploration of the Entesian witches, Tina's clan, and had come to an agreement for the time being.

"So. Needless to say again, we're basically like wholesalers to adventurers, so we rarely move ourselves."

"I know."

Kate laughs one more time at Fio's mention. As the < > Seekers of Knowledge do, < > is also the guild of technology.

Therefore, as Fio said in the General Assembly, the fighting power is low among the eight guilds. So basically, they often made requests to other adventurers. Again, this time, it didn't leak into the example.

"So, that's what you said... Lord Lil is here, right?

"Yeah. Long time no see... haven't seen you in 200 years or so"

"Oh, that's again..."

"My grandmother is like that. I wasn't listening, either, though I didn't think it was true."

Fio laughs joyfully at Kite, who listened and threw up but still had to cramp her cheeks. Well, in fact, a lot of witches haven't seen any lil since I graduated to this one thing. So it was rarer to fly away and see each other after.

"So, what's wrong with that?

"Oh. I know you're probably asking, and they told you, but there's going to be a sister apprentice, right?

"Yeah. What's wrong with that?

Was it still as you imagined? That's what Kate thinks in Fio's response.

"No, I knew him for once. Mind your own business… but don't worry about it."

"Well, you know what I mean. How did your grandmother take it... right there?

"It will. Why and how the hell did you take it? What kind of race is that?"

Kite nods again to Fio, who had foreseen his own words. In the first place, Mae and Ram were both disciples of Lil, but the discipleship was picked up. Still, it would be good, and Kate knew it wasn't really like that.

but it wasn't a topic to ask poorly, and most importantly, there was a lot going on in one case in the kingdom of Marisia. I got involved with Lumio and the others a lot, and I was distracted from hearing them while I was doing something.

"In fact, if you're Lord Lil's apprentice, it's troublesome when you're badly served. As it stands, you can move in McDawell territory… Of course, you both have good head rotation, so you can move without any problems…"

"That's not what this is about. Fine. Even my sister's apprentice. I don't want to be used by any good force."

Whether it's Kite or Fio, Lil's name really comes with it. We don't care about them, but we don't care about the surroundings. Therefore, in the unlikely event that two people are caught by a good or bad person, that would be a matter for Kate to move immediately. It was necessary to collect various information such as whether there were no other family members.

And Fio on the other hand is similar, and she can't ignore her sister's apprentice either. So in case there is, this one is awkward. As a result, it seems that neither of them can be broken, but let's grasp all sorts of things before it gets too much trouble.

"Excuse me. A sister apprentice would only have a talk to a sister apprentice. This way, well... I can't even ask because Tina's gonna be in sync for once."

"For the rest of the time, there are things about my mother. I decided it was a good idea to go deeper."

"That makes sense. The exposure of your identity will only cause trouble."

To the words of Kate and Tina, Fio also expresses his agreement. It's a basic story, but the status quo Kate and Tina have simply come clandestinely to the Kingdom of Maricia.

From a position or connection, Kuzha and others are involved, to a certain extent. It would be troublesome to go in poorly and get caught up in who we are. It's just that there's a situation where you're more likely to be. There is no need to be cautious.

"Okay. Then let me ask you a few questions here. I'm supposed to meet him after this anyway."

"Well... well, then let's have some free time here"

"Oh... right. Lucca, I'd like you to drop me off and welcome my sister's disciples. Protect the honor of your sister's apprentice."


Lucca bows her head one thing to Fio's words, who gave herself instructions for fun. That's how Kite was dropped off by her and left behind the base of the < > mage's workshop, Witches Craftworks.

Well, I'll finish my meeting with Fio for a while. Kate had finished all of her first day's errands and had been crushing her for a while.

"Phew... you're still on a big scale this year. There are still talks going on..."

Kate looks out and thinks so. Again, as I imagined, a great many adventurers gathered on this occasion this year compared to normal years. The situation is this year. In particular, the first agenda was on the agenda. That is directly linked to our own activities. I guess that's why everyone was interested.

"... are adventurers still of a wide variety? So it's interesting."

A little fun, Kite laughs. He's right, it's a wide variety to say adventurer in a nutshell. For example, there are people like adventurers who deserve to be travelers, and there are people like Kites who are based somewhere around them. Some others, like Kate and the others, specialize in the investigation of ruins, while others, like Fio and the others, specialize in research.

Of course, this does not mean that anyone is right as an adventurer. Allegrass said adventurousness is what counts, but he doesn't say anything about its adventurous form. What do you get excited about? That's what matters, Kate thought. Therefore he regarded all those in this place as adventurers.


Kate sipped the water and exhaled one. And that's what Yuri asks him.

"Phew... that's good. It's time to go. They're coming from the other side, right?


"You're coming. Every night this time of year."


That's what I know. Kate stands up like she gave up on Yuri's words. So he jumped out the window and went outside.

"Uh... what's going on here?"


"Ma, can you even think about it?"

Needless to say, at 16: 00 at the end of the meeting. We'll have a meeting with Fio from there. The time is already around 19 o'clock at night, which is not a mistake when it comes to night.

And even though he's a few adventurers drinking since noon. At night, all the more so. So it's a big banquet there. And naturally, it's kite. That's what I was waiting for.

"Ma... I just don't get distracted. Maybe it's still a good place..."

"I wonder if it's possible that Kate might be bumpy."

Basically, only adventurers or their associates are in this city. Half of the general population are former adventurers, and the other half are some sort of adventurer.

As a result, there are many people involved in water commerce, and a little disturbance in the wind discipline can lead to disturbances in the wind discipline of the entire city. And again, needless to say, the adventurers. That could have happened a lot.

"Ha ha. Balfrère is clean before me. Oh, I see him. He values the character of an adventurer."

"Bal Chi is also Bal Chi and quite serious."

"Only when it comes to the honor of the adventurer, he won't get out of hand."

Known as a blown adventurer, it is a baleflare like sleeping during a meeting, but it had some moderation in its fruit. The Union Master is also a representative of the Adventurer.

Having lived for it, he seemed particularly concerned about the wind discipline that could easily lead to defilement of the adventurer's honour. Therefore, he seems to be constantly eyeing the wind discipline disturbance and so on, and "Lee Knight", which can be said to be his own territory, is quite safe.

"After that..."

"It's Aina."

Kate and Yuri unite their voices and utter the name of Einadis, nicknamed Chairman of the Wind Discipline Committee of the Academic Arts Association. Those two descended, as if they had agreed to it.

"Oh, no!

"All the time..."

"Oh, brother, no."

"Are you coming too?

Ainadis asks Kite with a smile as she spots her descending kite. The three < > dwarves in the woods would have decided to head out again, just like Kate. The destination is naturally the same.

"Oh. It's time to get to the boulder, 'cause it's going to come from the other side the other way. Especially this year."

"Oh, brother, no! Speaking of which, what about champagne?!?

"I'm bringing it. I'm bringing it... here"

To Frodo's words, Kate removed a bottle of champagne from different spaces. We're going to the banquet. I'll take some of the souvenirs, and they're gathered here like they haven't seen me since I got back. I wanted to celebrate the reunion and bring a lot of things. If he didn't go, he would come, which meant that those who anticipated it would come with drunken momentum.

"So, how long have we been together?"

"Well... some of the people you know already, so..."

"Hey. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Softly... excuse me"

To Soleil's point, Einadis laughs and apologizes. The five of them walk relaxed for a moment. We made it to Union headquarters. That said, since the Union is open 24 hours a day, the Union headquarters is also basically open 24 hours a day. Especially now in the middle of a general meeting. Therefore, even at this hour, it looked very exciting.

"Well... it's a bustling Union headquarters at night"

"We're from the back door," he said.

"That, let's go!

To the words of Kate and Yuri, Soleil points to the door for employees beside the reception at Union headquarters. That's why I'm walking over there, but naturally I can stop.

"Oh, hey! You are off-limits to anyone but those involved!

"Oh, no problem. He's involved, too."

"Ah... Mr. Einadis. That means, for example?


Einadis nodded one to the words of the Union's employees. Beyond being here, the banquet is taking place behind this. Therefore, the employees of the Union knew that there was a banquet going on in the back, and Balflair instructed them to let them through.

Once Kate could pass by facepath, but now she can't do it on a boulder. Well, you'll remember after next year, so there won't be any problems. So we go further back through such a back door and reach the conference hall where we were until a few hours ago. Nevertheless, it wasn't where the lift was heading, it was the common exit at the bottom.

"Hmm? Ooh! My guest of honor is here today! Hey, there's another idiot back here!

"Ka! You brought a woman with you today! I'm thrilled!

"Let it go, Terra! No growth at all!

Bottom of the conference room. It was a big banquet of adventurers who had known about Kate for a long time when no one would come down during the meeting. Even so, there were people who didn't know about Kite.

but there is no problem. Everyone was drinking, and fewer guys knew who was here. Most importantly, he is what he is now. The guy who knows him in this look is an old acquaintance in the first place, and I don't know the guy who doesn't. And where Kite was told to be the brave Kite, no one believes it.

Because everyone drinks. It's only a joke. In fact, there were times when they didn't even believe me in active duty. There is no way that a man who has become a nobleman will ever come here like this again, so be it. And so he throws the handicrafts he brings into a gathering of acquaintances.

"Ooh! Souvenirs!"

"Oh! Sassaru! Hey! The star of the day is here!

It's that way.

"Kite? Behave yourself."

"Hey! There's no such thing here! Rude Rude Rude!"

"Oh, hey! Soleil! Don't push it!

Soleil pushes the back of Ainadis to the center to stop complaining to Kite, who threw a bottle of liquor without ambient rest.

"Haha... well, shall we go too"


"... that? What about Frodo?"

"Oh, he's already gone"


"It's just too late for kite to get involved."

"That too."

To Yuri's point, Kate laughs with pleasure. As such, they also made their way to the center of the conference hall just a little faster to chase Ainadis' back.