Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1929: Union General Assembly - Ancient Familiarity -

Kite finished the entire itinerary on the first day of the General Assembly of the Union. He goes back to the hotel and slows down just a little bit, then comes back to what he is and to Union headquarters again.

That was to attend a banquet that gathered quite a few of the adventurers who would take place on the night of the general meeting. Welcoming him to the ancient familiars, he first followed Ainadis' back to the center of the conference hall, pushed by Soleil.

"Oh! Kite! There you are!

"Whoa. As always, when you're here, it's gorgeous."

"Hahaha! We have the biggest feature!

The first thing I noticed about Kite when I got to the center was Karin. Well, this is simply because she was drinking on this side, that's all. So with that giggle of hers, other faces noticed him as well. That's how Balflair raises one hand.

"Ooh! I think I drank yesterday, but for now, three more rushes today!

"Ever! Here."


Hand one of the two cups thrown from Balflair to Yuri, and have the two go through to the center first. For once, the organizers of this banquet have become Balflair. In the name of the banquet, the Union Master invited highly-ranked adventurers.

"Even so, it's as exciting as ever."

"Mana... look... and Yuri"

"and... Thankyou"


We arrived for now, so Kate and Yuri drank all the liquor Balflair poured out at once. That's how Balflair opened his mouth again where the two drank a cup.

"So. What's your promise?

"Ha ha. He said he knew... there you go! Holy shit! Hey, central, empty up! Here comes the star!


"Sarasuka General! I hope so!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Here comes the star! Clear the door!

Once again, the adventurers on the spot raise their voices in the wake of rising kite's voice. That's where the space was cleared up for the necessary amount of time, and Kate took out the barrel and bottle of wine that she had brought for this banquet.

"Ooh! What do you say! There's more!


"You're a luxury this year!


"Yes, more! Look, you guys, come with me. No!

Apparently, there's tension in the dozens of liquors that Kate takes out because there's liquor in good salt plums. His ancient and familiar adventurers flaunt. Thus, continuing to remove the liquor bottle from different spaces, for a while. Kite arranged everything she brought on the floor this time with the intention of offering.

"You're just happy with how much it costs!

"" "Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Perhaps if you dare to add phonetic sounds, it feels like, Kate shows off all kinds of liquor taken from the rest of the world - in this case both Earth and Enefia. As a percentage, it would be half salted plums. And one of the ancient familiars asked him that.

"Wow! Is this who you are!? How many!?

"Hundreds. Including barrels and bottles, hundreds. If you can drink a brave man, drink it all up."

"" "Ooh..." "

Ancient familiars accidentally leak their exclamation at Kate's assertion that even the sound of the effects seems to accompany them. In that sight, Balflair apparently noticed something else. I let my eyes shine at once.

"Wow... wow... I've never even seen this letter..."

I guess it's because I'm still an adventurer. Balfrère looked heartbeat by the liquor with a language he had never seen. Nevertheless, he will soon be 'removed'.

"Hey, Balflair! Out of the way!"

"Yes, they do! Look, you don't see the lead!

"Oh, hey! Who's the guy you just kicked!

"Hahaha...... yes guys. Leave this bottle here for now. Hurry up and have a glass."

Laughing at Balflair, who was kicked and driven away, Kate first gives instructions to the ancient familiars. In his words, the ancient familiars sipped a sip of wine at once, and let him put up an empty glass as if it were a medal.

"Whoa! We can still go!

"Phew! I suppressed you for this, so leave me alone!

"How dare you put up with this without a drop today! Look, just open it! Don't wait!

"Ugh... well, here we go with one tight one!

Kite speaks up for the ancient familiars who raise their empty glasses. So Yuri floated up and spread her arms.

"Come on, you guys with me!

"" "Wow...!

Pan. As Yuri signals, the adventurers squeal their hands. And to go with it, Kite slapped the lid off the barrel. That's how he raises his voice.

"Come on, line up! If we miss it now, we won't even get the next guy next year!

"Say it!"

"Hey, line up! Yuri! Align them for now!

"I'll do it already! Einar, help me!

That's still an adventurer. They show exceptional collaboration when the purpose matches. Line up in a few rows in front of Earth's liquor, showing a dominant move at once.

"Hey! No pioneering!

"Just a little! Because it's just a little bit!

"Just a little bit of you. Just a little bit of a bastard. I can't trust you!

I guess everyone was waiting for him. In a noisy way, the liquor goes to everyone. That's how I saw him go to all of them, and Kite opens his mouth.

"Alright...... all of you, you've gone!? Aina and the others!

"Oh, yes! I'm getting it!

He's not going to say that Einadis is tough until this banquet on the boulder. She looked like she was putting alcohol in it, too. That's how I saw the liquor go all the way to those who helped me with the meals, and Kite saw Balflair.

"Good...... Balflair"

"You do it. I did it at the beginning."

"Aye... well, everyone... for our new adventure!

"" "To adventure! And to the brave kite! Cheers!" "

Along with Kate's head of voice, the adventurers rattle their cups and sip away their liquor. From there, the banquet is as grand as it was earlier. Therefore, Kite, who stood, decided to sit down and drink with the people nearby.

"Ha... Ah, Eina. Thanks again."

"Oh, no. If it helps, it's more than that."

Ainadis laughs and shakes her head to thank Kate again. This courtesy was highly appreciated by Einadis. And well, aside from that. After all, because he hasn't been around in a long time, Faceko, who wasn't there at the time of the previous intercontinental conference, was at the center of the gathering.

"So Kuon and the others aren't there yet?"

"So-so. This banquet doesn't even have a clear start time. That's where the guy who came started."

"It's as good as super. Come on."

"Have we ever been adventurers before?


Yuri laughs joyfully at the words of the ancient familiars. To their words like that, Kate pinched her mouth.

"Come on. Don't let Aina be with you guys."

"Eh. Absolutely. Eina says she's skipping out back there, too."

"I didn't!

"No, no! That's how I roughed up my voice, out..."

"Eh! But hey"

"Ah, here! Soleil!"

It still sounds like Einadis is an adventurer. I was normally in conversation with the adventurers.

"Speaking of which, kite. What about you?


"Child. Did you let him have some?

"What do you think I am!

When it comes to everyday things, it can be called everyday things, and Kate makes her voice absurd. Nevertheless, what's still different here is that this is where the adventurers gather. The speaker was a female adventurer. That's why she turned to Ainadis.

"No, 'cause I didn't think you'd do us and even get your hands on Aina. That's sexuality."

"Let it go. How do you even know that? Well, then I'm surprised you gave birth to a kid."

"Where did you hear that?"

"It's too famous. No matter how long I've been away for 300 years, I can tell if your kid's in the paper. In fact, the moment I realized it, I blew tea."

Three hundred years have passed. Even those who were once single were married and had children. Even so, I don't know what to say because some of them are already dead.

"No, that's the good guy. Come on... and I'm not. I didn't think Aina would touch you before Kuzha was here."

"I mean, you even put your hands on Soleil, you"

"I'm not going to eat a hoist."

Basically, Kate is also drunk because she is drinking. So the response was quite troublesome.

"No, it's not. It's not. Oh, what? Soleil."

"How many times?

"Did you say that one about Aina?

"Which one?

"Me...? Was there something..."

To the words of the female adventurer, Soleil tilts his neck. Besides, Ainadis tilted her neck again. Though, what I don't know seems to be about us. Everything else seems to understand now.

"Uh... is that it?

"Seriously, that was a hundred-yearly level of stunning incident."

"Oh, I remember. I remember. I overdid it at the general meeting after that, and a few of you were on black burn."

""... ah ""

Apparently, in the surrounding voices, Soleil and Einadis understood something. but there are two main reactions. Soleil was very entertaining, and Ainadis turned bright red like a boiled duck. So Soreille rushes over to Kite as soon as she misses this opportunity.

"No! Hey, I need to talk to you!


"Oh no!

Again, that would be Soleil, who is just said to be the highest archer in Rank S. Physical ability was also slipping through, lightly slipping through Einadis, who tried to stop him from approaching Kite in a tacky move. but Einadis on the other hand is a proximity fighter. Therefore, the movement was going over Soleil.

"I won't let you!

"Hih! Oh, hey! That's cowardice! Contractor power shouldn't be used for that!?

"No problem!

Apparently, for the first time in a long time, Einadis had transformed himself into a silver hair that was a testament to his openness to power. but in the first place. It is Soleil who is one step ahead of that girlfriend's head if she thinks of mischief. Einadis therefore noticed a very thin thread stretching out of Soleil's fingertips.

"Hmm...? This is... Huh!


"I got it!

"I was entrusted!


Kate laughs joyfully at Yuri for responding to Soleil's words. He didn't care about everything. That's what Yuri tells him.

"Actually. Aina, there's been a hidden commotion. Right after Kate left."


To that Aina, hidden child disturbance. Kate accidentally raises a barbaric voice to Yuri's exposure. Nevertheless, one thing he should remember in the first place. If the opponent is in this flow, who is it? Therefore, Yuri makes it clear with pleasure.

"Oh, it's your opponent Kite, isn't it?

"Me!? No, if you think about it normally, is this me?"

"Yes, no! That! It's not like you were malicious to me or anything! Do you say you just caught a little cold, with all that... yes! There was a lot going on! Or that's a bad test machine and a doctor! I am not guilty!

For a moment, I will make it clear that Ainadis has gone bright red and has no malice towards Kite, who understands that it is natural to think about the logic of surprising things.

Apparently, it's true, but I was exposing myself. And even during a concealer disturbance that happened 300 years ago, he blew himself up like this. She seemed to have an inadvertent habit.

"Ainadis was funny back then."

"So-so. The president of the Wind Discipline Committee of the Academic Arts Association discovered a pregnancy. Hurry up as fast as you can."

"Ma, I immediately understood that you were all kites at that point."

"" "So-so" "

"Not too much trust in me, everyone!?

"No, I guess this is expensive..."

Apparently, no one was looking for who Einadis was dealing with. This commotion knows Kite. I wish everyone would have been surprised or instantly convinced of Einadis' pregnancy for a moment. It could be Kite, or he's definitely doing it.

but when it came to such kite principals, they were absurd to the reaction of such ancient familiars. And such a disturbance occurred, but the stirring rises a little further away.

"Oh? Oh, have we all started yet? Or what?

"Ah, quon! Good place! Come on! Three rushing glasses for now!

"? That's unusual, I can't believe Eina recommended alcohol..."

He is advised to drink by Ainadis, who has turned bright red, and Quon tilts his neck. Thus, once Quon and the others had arrived, the topic was over, and once again, the banquet continued with the addition of the face of < >.