Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1930: Union General Assembly - Great Banquet -

A grand banquet was held under the conference room on the night of the first day of the General Assembly of the Union. It was a big banquet with many of Kite's ancient familiars. In the meantime, Kate was supposed to hear about Einadis' pregnancy disturbance three hundred years ago, but the topic had been interrupted once she received a visit from Quong and others who had come at about the same time as Einadis' own suicide bombing. but only interrupted. There was no way that Quong, who listened to me, could not eat up to the story.

"Oh, that was adorable. As much as I'd really like to show you."


You can't run away after all, can you? Ainadis leaned bright red in his face at his own disturbance, which began when Quon listened to him.

"Ma, we're all kites. - So I was convinced. Kuzha was pissed off."

"I'm glad we forgot about it... so I ended up with a wrong medical exam."

"Naturally. There's no way I'm gonna fail there."

"I heard you were pretty tempered for that, didn't you?


Kuon laughs joyfully at Ainadis' words. Apparently, in her case, she thought that was the place to be with the power to say even the intuition of holding on. And when such a kite said so, I remembered.

"Hahaha...... yeah. Speaking of which... What about Mr. Klan?

"... our fucking father?

"Don't look disgusting."

To the rare quon, Kate smiles slightly. Nevertheless, this is my job, so I can't help it. In the meantime, I decided to ask you to listen to me.

"In the meantime, I worked with < >."

"I heard. Did you say" Guardian "again?

"Mana... and then Julius Genius asked me to help < > fight Guardian in the future."

"Are we good to do this?

With a slight surprise, Quon asks Kite. Nevertheless, Kite had to laugh if she could understand this word.

"You can do it, that's the strongest guild around you can say... well, you can do it, but bad, you and Aisha are dismissed on the boulder. Hold me down one or two times. I'll play a little before I go home, about."

"I know, I know,"

Don't even say it to everyone as Quon laughs at the restraints of a single kite, just nodding. Well, she's easy to run off with, but at the same time, she sees things and muscles. Therefore, I decided that it would be okay if I said it as a kite. I decided to move on.

"Well, that's good... so I was hoping to ask Mr. Klan over there in the main. Even though he's hidden, if he's still old and growing, he'll be able to win a streak of fights without any problems. Of course, it'll take a while."

"Hmmm... then I do wonder if that fucking father would be better..."

"Well. Looking for something not found in the boulder, so... it's gonna take a while."

After all, it is very inconvenient for Quon, said to be the strongest leader in Enefia, who is an Alliance Master and is now officially absent from Kite, to leave Maxwell for a long time.

In fact, at this general meeting Aisha had not participated for the first time since they became Alliance Masters and Submasters and had refrained from doing so to Maxwell. Especially this time, Kate and Tina have to move in a combination of adventure clubs, and Maxwell's power is drastically diminishing. It was also Quon's instruction to spot them. And the arrival of my predecessor's clan was a combination of them. So it's Aisha's understudy.

"Okay. Then I'll tell my fucking father from this side. I know you won't refuse."

"Please...... so, speaking of which, what about Mr. Klan?

"If he's a fucking dad, he's gonna sweat and scratch before the drinks... it's gonna be hot and bitter"

"Do you still hate your father?"

Kite seeps a slight bitter smile at her showing a rare disgust at Quon. Even so, of course, this does not mean that I hate you wholeheartedly. In a way, they are not compatible with each other because they are the opposite of each other.

Besides, that was the case in Nakatsu earlier, but the way the clan fought was pretty much May. Having fought him from an early age, she was almost always exposed to his loud voice, and she became a heavenly general in order to escape the mayhem of her father. He admits his strength, but he couldn't stand that Mayhem alone.

"If I say I hate you, I hate you. That fucking father. It's hot and bitter."

"Haha...... will you take it then? I didn't ask you to do that."

"I don't care... I'm good and I can make trouble."

"Quon... it's your father, so why don't you respect him a little more?

"That's enough for my fucking father... how could my mother fall in love with that?"

Quon sighed heavily at Ainadis' bitterness. And that's what Kite remembered to her.

"Speaking of which... I don't think I've seen you and Aisha's mother since I left. How are you doing?

"Oh, I'm pimping over there, too. Especially since my sister Shara is still the same with salt plums."

"Haha. Is he the same?"

Sister Shara. That's Aisha's mother's nickname. As I was told before, Kuon and Aisha are half-sisters. Therefore Quon's, and Aisha's, have Aisha's real mother.

"Mr. Shara, you're just as tough as Aisha."

"So-so. It's hereditary. Hereditary."

Quon laughs joyfully at Yuri's words. Kite laughed again at those two words.

"So, you didn't inherit at all... except for appearance and power."

"That's not all I've inherited already..."

"Well, I can see that."

The beauty of my mother, who boasts a rare beauty in the power of a man even said to be a fighter. Quon had inherited it from his parents. but he didn't seem to inherit any personality.

"Er. Well, I did inherit the power of my fucking father. But when I say that, my fucking father just inherited it from my predecessor."

"Hey...... I don't care about that. Rabbit, horn, if you're both well."

"If I could, my fucking father would want me to feel a little less well."

To Kite, who laughed and drinks, Quon sighs grandly. Well, he's such a big, luxurious samurai. I can only observe how hot and painful it is. And if I said such a thing, I could hear the walking sound of dosdosdos dos, just as if rumors would cast a shadow.

"Oh! Kite! There he is! No, sorry, sorry! If you're scratching sweat, you're a little late!

"Oh, Mr. Klan. Long time no see."

"Whew... fucking dad"

Quon flaunts his face against Kite, who bowed his head once with the usual smile. Well, the clan's voice volume was a hell of a realm. Now that I'm a regular voice, I probably can't help but hate Quon, which I've heard almost routinely since childhood. And, well, aside. Kate throws a beer jock at the clan.

"In the meantime, would you like to have a drink with three rushing glasses?

"Oh, my goodness!

Clan rustles to the spot with the sound of "Move aside". Its body probably surpasses the Ballantines and Berntaines, which are also fairly large in mankind, from one turn to two, and possibly as far as three metres. As a Japanese, the high height category - just over 180cm - was enough to make Kite look like an adult and a child, even when lined up beside him. And that's him. The big jock Kate handed me was even like a vial.

"Phew...... oh, good Lord!

"Shut up, you fucking father..."

"Ma... So, Mr. Klan. What have you been up to?

"How about... Well, a place called Pleasure Inside. It's better to relax after you give up your eyes."

Clan laughs furiously at Kite's inquiry. That's what Kate asked him.

"That's right. With that said...... the fold of the intercontinental conference before. I thought you were training in the Underworld Forest, but you were going somewhere else? I just thought we were together, so I ended up saying hello to one of the Nakatsu countries in the meantime..."

"Oh, Quon. Lord, you didn't tell me?

"Me? I'm not obliged to report back to my fucking father."

"Ha ha... Well, it's fashionable to sit Zen together on the summit of this mountain a little bit. I was just touring the twin continents back then."

Impossible. Clan laughs at the quon in such condition and tells of his own recent developments. Well, not all Eight Heavenly Generals were in place as of the Intercontinental Conference. Being the guild master of my predecessors. I thought Kite would be no wonder he wasn't there, and I could honestly be convinced if they told me why I was training. but they said Zazen and Kate was also a little concerned. He had slightly opened his eyes.

"Even so, what is the Fighting Ghost Clan Zazen? Wasn't it always a motto to train your fist-waving spirit?

"Oh, that's your fault."



Kate tilts her neck to the clan laughing at Quon's words. To this, the clan opened its mouth.

"When I lost before, I was hoping I'd get some mental training. For a while there was more zen here than waving my fist."

"So, I thought it was quieter than ever in battle, you fucking father."

"I really have a voice in the fight. That's all."

Where does the clan blow against Kuon's bitterness? Well, I guess this means that his words are right, but if you make Quon say it, it will have limits, too.

"Besides... there was something learned about how to do this too. Quiet and moving. Movement and quiet. We have to learn how to relax."

"I see...... sure, the way this guy's loosening up is one of the best in the world. Definitely surpasses every martial artist."

Perhaps the guy who has a clearer split between battle time and normal time meritoriousness than Quon has not even looked around the two worlds: Earth and Enefia. Kate thought she was the culmination only if she crossed the two worlds.

"Hmm...... compared to Kite's Master of the Earth?

"That's yours up there. Well, on that side, you and that one are the opposite. Quite the opposite."

To Quon's inquiry, Kate makes it clear. Nothing from him to how great a teacher thinks he is, and vice versa, Kate has never thought of him as the perfect disciple. Therefore, Kate thought that the syllabus exceeded the syllabus in this regard. That's why I mouth the difference between the way those two are.

"Lord Nobuna is often present on the battlefield. That one stays normal and can be in combat. I don't have a tingle. There is no loosening, there is no straining. Perhaps there's no point in attacking at any time. By contrast, you are the switching master. Instantly switched from normal state. There's no point in attacking them at any time."

"I see... convinced"


Kuon shows satisfaction with Kite's words, while the clan reconfirms Kite, who sees clearly for the first time in a long time. After all, it was three hundred years ago, Kite, that he found out. We talked after one incident in Nakatsu, but the situation gave us little opportunity to talk because of the situation. Once again, I guess I tried to discern the difference from what used to be. And so he basically let go of his fist.

"... I see. Really great neatness. It's a faint move."

"Kite. If it was anything, I'd be glad to hit you back about a shot."

"It doesn't make sense to move if you know it's going to stop."

Kate laughs at Quon's words as she looks at Clan's fist, which stopped a few millimeters in front of her own eyes. The clan, which can be stopped without any madness from a few millimeters away, is also huge, but Kite would also be Kite, who had cut it off from not hitting it before it was released.

"... I see. I've spent the last hundred years Zazen... but this is really interesting"

Clan laughs when she sees how kite is in order. Apparently, the last hundred years have been mainly centered on spiritual training, but Kite still had nothing but a glance when she learned the Divine Yin Current, which reads the world currents as a foundation. And so a voice was called to him.

"Ooh! The husband of the clan! You've come this year!


It was Balflair who spoke to the clan. Again, needless to say, he is also a fighter. Therefore, we treat the matter of Klan, a fistfighter a generation ago, with respect, and we will talk more than we have come. Therefore, from the previous rigging close to martial arts, the drinking party was filled with laughter and the evening went on.