Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1933: General Assembly of the Union - Reunion -

The second day of the General Assembly of the Union, which began. The first item on the agenda there was the selection of successors for branch heads who would retire as of this quarter in each branch. This still leads directly to the activities of many adventurers, but for some reason there was a relatively serious debate, but the kites were either happy or unhappy or only the Branch Manager of the Temple City Branch needed to be chosen by their successors within their sphere of activity.

However, because this greatly affects the intentions of < > based in the Temple City, you may not participate in the meeting. So it was Kite who was resting relaxed, but there was a call from < > Berntaine, the Alliance Master, at his place.

"That's why. I suppose that means come because you've decided to succeed me."

Don't you have a right to decide?

"No, it's not... it's not like I'm putting it on a boulder."

Kate laughs a little at the words of an instant. I didn't have the right to make a decision, which was a bad way to say it to the boulders. but it is often a circumstance that cannot be exercised even if you have the right to decide. The opponent is < >, the largest of the eight guilds and their size.

Pushing over that guild's decision is a matter to avoid, and perhaps the guild called understands it. Temple City is the territory of < >.

Pushing over the decision is likely to cause rubbing around the Temple City, and perhaps the Peripheral Alliance will immediately make clear its support for < >. and it was kite moving the lift with that in mind, but laughing with pleasure.

"Ma, even so. Exactly. We have no point in complaining. It's the West Bernstadt. With its roots down on Urca, the House of Bernstadt will be a home that will take you to the McDawell family."


"Oh. It's just like the Weisslitters. Over there it would otherwise officially become a branch of the Weisslitter family in the Patriarchate. Even so, since we are separated from the broken gate, we should take it completely apart..."

"by the peace of the patriarchate and empire in the meantime,"

"That's what I'm talking about. As a result, our Weisslitter family also returned to the division of the Patriarchate once the fringe was reconnected... but only as a home due to a diplomatic problem with the boulder."

In the words of an instant, Kate gives a little fun commentary. And, that's what he makes clear again.

"Well, that's why, if the Bernstadts decided to do it, they can't talk unless that's against the point."

"Is that good, and?

"I don't mind. Well, if it's external or public, I'll watch it, and actually Balan's old man... but I should be the one to talk about it as such an adventurer."

For once, the McDawell family will be the home. So for once, I have the right to export it, and I have an obligation to carry out audits, etc. but there kite was close to lethargism. And, as we talked about it, we quickly reached the corner where the guilds working near the temple city gathered.

"Oh, moments. Long time no see."

"Mr. Berntaine. Long time no see."

"Oh, the instant kid."

"Mr. Zelfer."

I saw it when I first came to say hello, so I know myself between the moment and Zelfer. And it's not an exaggeration to say you're smart for a moment. It looked like Zelfer remembered it too. and such a zelfer looks at kite and narrows her eyes slightly.

"So... I heard the rumors again... but this year, it's just been a long time since all the guys came out."

"Nice to meet you."

"Even though I say Branch Manager of the Temple City... it's already in the previous generations. Zelfer."

"It's Kate Heavenly Sound."

Kite holds back Zelfer's offered hand. It should be noted that this is not how I greet guilds that have always come, even as zelfers. It would be weird not to say hello to Kite, who happens to know the moment and is beside him, that's all. In addition, one eye once found that Kate was one of them.

"Uhm...... so wait a little longer. We're not all here yet."


"For a moment, you... Anything wrong?

"Yeah...... oh yeah. So I'd like to ask you a few questions…"

Next to Kite and Zelfer, who exchange ordinary clerical stories. Moments and Berntaine were having a little discussion. Apparently that's the strongest class of warrior in modern times. He seemed to understand that the moment showed an explosive increase in combat power. So sometimes there are waiting times and a few moments tell the story.

"I see... Hmm..."

"Do you know what it is?

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


To the laughing burn tyne, the moment brings a troubled face with a raw reply. Nevertheless, this was Berntaine's response correct.

"Your uncle will have your attending physician at your place. I can't believe I don't know what's going on over there."

"That's... right. So, is there anything you should be aware of in these cases?


If that's true, I might be able to give you some advice. Risha is a doctor. I'm not a warrior. Therefore, we cannot advise the part about what is happening as a phenomenon, even if we unravel it, on how to use power. There is no accumulation even in the Adventure Department, especially in the special case of moments.

In that case, it was not known that we would hear from < >, which would be the largest number of mothers. And in fact, I've heard of some of these cases.

"Right. He's a little different than you... well, he's got a lot going on and he doesn't know his own blood. Suddenly, it's not my power. I feel like my power has been revealed."

Shaped like Canaan? Moments come from Bernstein's words, think so. In fact, although her basic performance also seemed unchanged, it was in fact her natural state that she had not sealed the power of the two races.

I simply can't handle my powers in the same way as the moment, so I'm sealing them. And that she wasn't here now either, so I wasn't able to take any advice for a moment.

"So... if you advise on that, they're just going to have to get used to it slowly in the end. I haven't been through all this, either. I'm sorry, but that's all I can do."

"No...... thank you"

They still don't have any shortcuts. Just figured that out, I guess I could tell it was a harvest even as an instant. And when we talked about it, the guilds that were talking about it elsewhere were gathered, and all the temple cities were gathered together as guilds.

"Well... well, the majority of the guilds that are here will already know the requirements and everything else, so we'll talk quickly"

There aren't many people who can listen to long stories anyway. Zelfer says so to the assembled Alliance Masters. That's how he put Shayla forward, who was making him refrain behind himself.

"Well... I'm retiring this semester. As a successor, I hereby recommend this Shayla."

"A woman..."

"Rank is...... lol. A or..."

"From the Patriarchate? Berntaine admitted that...?

At the same time, we see Shayla's whereabouts, which were sent to all concerned, but the reactions are still varied. He who stretches his nose out to be a woman. It is not an exaggeration to say that he is not as skilled as Zelfer in the whole season, and that he is an adventurer of rank A, and he flaunts his face that he cannot be free. Those who were surprised to see his background and wonder why Bernstein admitted it. Among them, there are those who reacted peculiarly. It's a moment with Kite.

"Oh, Mr. Shayla? Speaking of which...... kite. Did you end up in the Luxerio branch?

"No, I haven't. After all, I didn't have time."

Shit. I wasn't thinking about this. Kate had a slight but bitter face to reunite with Shayla here. I don't know if they realize it or not. but as powerful as Rank A and a magician. Besides, we were together for a few days. It wasn't much of a situation I wanted to get involved in. and moments tilt their necks on such faces.

"... Something wrong?

"No... well, a lot"

What's the matter? In view of the current situation and others, Kate had decided that she could not end the day without engaging with Shayla. If so, what should be done? Think about it in a hurry.

(One thing is for sure, I'm glad I didn't have to take Yuri with me then, huh? If I'd been there, I'd have found out in a flash)

You can see from a solid look that you are basically using magic that falsifies your appearance. There was nothing I could do about all this more than it was magic, and it couldn't be too advanced.

Nevertheless, if it is false magic, those who use it are out there. It's not like I don't care about fashion because I'm an adventurer. Therefore, adventurers who use magic to change their appearance when they want to change their hairstyle or hair color are actually at home for what they want. While Kate knows the dangers of revealing her identity, she hasn't changed her figure much because she thinks that's the kind of magic she uses. Because if you change it too poorly, you'll be surprised.

(I just have to bet... no, this is a hand, depending on how it looks?

Well, Shayla's an old acquaintance with Laurent. It was thought that Laurent, who had been dating for more than a decade, could not have known that she was coming to the Temple City. And Kite also sees that he's of some sort of high rank. It might just be a good idea to find out if your own espionage activities are not exposed to the diocese. That's what Kate thought. but he was to shake his head instantly.

(... I see. I'm aware of that)

Kate only turns to this one for a moment and laughs at Shayla and understands that she is perceived as who she is. In the first place, she realizes that Kate was some kind of undercover detective at the time she was working in the diocese. No wonder they judged it overall and realized they were.

(Well... when I do, do I have to see you)

There is some intention. That's how Kate judges the status quo that Sheila was deliberately trying to become the branch manager of the Temple City, which she said she was retiring. and, on the other hand, while he was contemplating his next hand, the meeting was progressing.

"Wow. Then we agree with your place. Well, there is."

"Well... do you have any other objections or questions?"

Once again, Berntaine, who had answered an Alliance Master query, asks because there is nothing. In response to the fact that nothing appeared to be happening, Zelfer turned to the moment.

"Moment. You, anything?

"Myself......? No, I'm a submus and... basically if Kate would listen to me. If it's an overall policy, this guy is better..."

"Hmmm...... then, kite. What about you in Gilmouth?

Originally, even as a zelfer, this flow seemed to have been as assumed. Speak to Kite in an instant response. Even so, this is not about knowing who he is, but it's not about asking the late question, it's about just being interested, seeing how he's doing.

"Right... who's this one traveler? It doesn't say" secretary. "

"The traveler is the traveler. I'm taking one of the girls I was picking up."

"Is it like your daughter...?

"No, I'm not. For a boulder, it's close to old."

Shayla laughs joyfully at Kate's much-known inquiry.

"I'm a child I protected a few years ago... a little wounded in the spirit. I wanted to take you."

"If that's the case, shouldn't we have been able to do a later term over there?

"That, too, I thought. There's a little bit of a situation, and I decided I should take you. Well, you can say that to encourage independence. I can't stay with you forever. Only, temporary protection is my role...... if you are going to be independent, the McDawell family is the best. I can't tell you why it's not over there. due to the child's past. You know the manners of adventurers, don't you?

In response to Kite's inquiry, Shayla speaks of it as a comprehensive decision. In fact, as a kite, I have no words to give back when they say this. Besides, it's the shape Shayla is now giving me to keep my mouth shut. You couldn't hit me bad.

"... right. Sure... Well, if you say you're better off there, I guess so. You cannot deny it to me."

"Thank you. Let me make it clear that this transfer was huge, too. Of course, you know your predecessors."

"Then even from me, especially"

If I pry any further, it's just to my detriment. When Kate makes a judgment, she nods and accepts one thing. Then again, there were two or three questions, and Shayla's assignment was decided as the overall focus of the Peripheral Alliance.