Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1934: Union General Assembly - Behind -

Zelfer, Adventurer Union Temple City Branch Manager. As far as this term is concerned, Shayla emerged as his successor, leaving the line as branch manager. A little after her successor HR was accepted like that.

While discussions were still under way on successor decisions for several branches, Kate had once stepped off the lift and left the conference room. That way, he's at the side of the circular aisle in front of the conference room. I was meeting with Shayla in the corner of the area set aside for a break.

"I knew it, you."

"Long time no see, Mr. Shayla"

"I can't believe that you're disguised and that you're supposed to be... the eyelid and the devil's eye... you can do it in acting. Is that real?"

"Oh. That was a really accidental accident. I was injured about a month before the trip. I can't take it off that way, that's right."

Kite laughs at one shuddering shayla somewhere. That's what Shayla asks him.

"So... you didn't come as head of the Adventure Department because of your espionage? Oh, my God, the head of a complicated position."

"Well, I can't help it...... but I'm surprised. Retired this semester, wasn't it?

"I wanted to. I want to."

Oops. Kite gets a slight surprise at Shayla for making it clear that some intent is moving behind her without hiding anything. Well, even so, it's quite obvious who this intention is.

"Did Laurent say something again?

"Other than what?

"haha...... so i want to hear it for once"

"Oh... I don't know"

Just a quick confirmation. Shayla prompts Kite to go ahead, cut out with such a body. To this, Kate asks once and for all.

"You're not lying about Sonya, are you?

"Yeah. No lies whatsoever about that. You know that, don't you? That kid is accepted within the basic guild... looks like"


Do I look like you? Kate only shows a slight sinking if the facts are true. It is true that Sonya is accordingly accepted within the Union branch. but at the same time that's just the right thing to do. Not everyone accepts it.

"That girl should be taken to a place where no one knows her once. It's my job to take care of it to the point where it's okay, more than I took it away. I have no responsibility for that."

"... ok. I won't say anything about it. Of course, if that's the case, I have no objection whatsoever to my appointment as Branch Manager."

"Oh... you like that kid?

"Oh, of course. What you see with those eyes is an experience you don't have inside. Get lost."

"Hehe... you don't change your roots"

Shayla laughs joyfully at Kite peeking at the face she once showed for fun. Kite was an act then, but at the same time only slightly took away his inner reason. It's the same and natural. And that's what Kate asks her.

"So, one. What's Laurent's purpose?

"I can't tell you that. Just if there's one thing I can say. Maybe he's scratching again."


I'm scratching my feet. Originally, I didn't expect anything from Laurent, but I'm slightly confused by the unexpected response. but Shayla smiled bitterly at this.

"That's where I am. So, I, as you know, helped him out again on the old edge. When the time comes, I'll tell you more."

"I see... I can't talk right now,"

Probably no hostility. While Kate doesn't know who Laurent is, she understands that perhaps the adventurer is inherently similar to the knight in his tentative appearance. But at the same time, I understand that Shayla is about to go outside, so I think she wants some kind of outside handover.

(Is this a gain this way around? I don't know what Laurent is thinking... but he's a knight or something like that. That's not a junior knight, either. So... did Rufaus say < > the Knights of the Knights of the Crest (Emblem) >? Sure, if it's his arm, it's more than Rufaus'. Yeah, I don't think there are many more knights than Rufaus. It could be enough... but the Pope's katana can't be on a boulder)

Probably would have laughed by accident if Shayla had listened to herself in kite. But Kate doesn't know the answer. He therefore waves his head in the heart as it is unlikely that the Pope's katana will betray Pope Yunal on the boulder. I can't help it either. He's right, it shouldn't have happened. It was all too natural for him to smile.

(Well, it doesn't matter where it is. It shouldn't be a low status no matter what status it is. At least to see the leap in the back, it doesn't mean you are obedient to the Patriarchate... Hmmm... if so, would you rather differentiate yourself so that you can support it and get moderate information)

Laurent is grasping at the dark side of some godland. In view of Shayla's movements, Kate steps in to say that his purpose is to avoid a rampage of the Patriarchate or something. If so, it could be said to be beneficial to him, that is, the nobility of the Empire.

"Do you mind? Anyway, this is a favor. From a boulder standpoint, it's not like you can pick a lot of jobs."

"Well, I hope you think it's a request as an adventurer."

"Haha... you seem to like Laurent too"

"Ah? Your eyes, are you okay?

"Haha...... I'm glad you look good on the raven, on the corner and that way"


Maybe this guy won't change with this guy either. Shayla sighed exuberantly at Kite, who jokes just like her predecessor. Nevertheless, I can't stay like this forever. So she got back to business.

"So... we'll have a lot to say to each other. Well, let's make a deal"

"Deal, hey..."

Well, is there any other hand we can take from each other? Kate understands that Shayla intends to succeed the Temple City Branch with some intent.

Furthermore, he realizes that Laurent would be in a position both in unclear terms and in the diocesan country. I'm making love to him. This is a good reason to prohibit immigration. And on his connection, he can give his opinion to Kuzha publicly. You could have said this was holding one weakness.

"Well, let's hear your demands for now. You don't have to tell me what I'm asking."

"Yeah...... Sonya. I want you to protect her."

"... eh, seriously? Sonya, don't you want some?

"Don't suddenly go back... I won't want to keep it..."

Shayla sighs heavily again and drops her shoulder to Kite, who sparkled her eyes. If he had the remnants of his heart in that diocese, there was only one. I couldn't take Sonya home.

The rarity and usefulness of her talent in the first place is the talent she wants so much that she can get her hands off her throat if she tries from kite. I wanted to do something about the current situation where I was afraid to kill him, but I couldn't do anything from the situation. His vices therefore make a slight peek at his face.

"What? This demand? Seriously? I'll take it. If it was Sonya, I'd take the futon home."


"Haha...... well, aside from that. Are you serious?"

To sigh again, Kate turns around and asks with any personality. I'm honestly happy Sonya gets it. This is the truth, as it was earlier, without any lies or lies. but it was also true that he was doing it intentionally at the same time.

"Yeah...... as you know, that kid has no vision for his power. On the other hand, traveling to some guild home is a good idea."

"Guild Home Complete Alone, Or"

Certainly not what Shayla says. Kate admits with her mouth the liver of the opinion. And similarly, Shayla admitted it again.

"Yeah. I don't know if I know it or not, but most Union branches don't have room to sleep. And by nature, branches of large cities are basic, on the boulevard"

"To keep the new guy in town from getting lost, and to keep the inn from coming out."

"Yeah... so with that, there's something like a staff dorm..."

"Amma, huh?"

It's not a story I don't know. Dormitories really become some sort of living together. And branch managers often don't go into dorms. If you think about it a few years ago, Sonya wouldn't have come in. That's how Kate showed satisfaction, on the other hand, and goes on to talk.

"By contrast, Guild Home is limited to the guys involved. Just a little bit of movement... sure, think about the power of Sonya"

"Yeah. And Alice's over there after all, isn't she?

"Oh. My father wants me to take care of him."

In the first place, Ludwig's idea was to anticipate the arm of Kate's spiritual power. Apparently, Shayla also heard about this in her body asking about Alice's recent situation when she spoke at work, and as a kite, she didn't seem surprised.

"Overall, isn't that a good hand for you?"

"Not bad"

To Shayla's inquiry, Kite admits it's not bad. but it's not bad, it's not good.

"Not bad, but don't break things down. Sonya did this to you?

"I've agreed. I didn't tell you about you."

"Well, I don't care. but then I can see that I have known about me from the beginning. What's the point?

"I can't talk about that. But yeah. From the beginning is a mistake. We'll find out later, I guess."

As for Shayla, this is true. It was after that journey that I found out that Kite was the brave Kite. After that, Laurent told me that it was the legendary man he was with.

"Hmm... even if you know it with some secret detective,"

"You can think of that. I can't be perfect on a boulder."


What do you think? Kate scrutinizes Shayla's words once.

(Didn't you say...? If it bothers you later, do you realize who I am, but… should we trade it in? Then you should hit some kind of security)

Hands are varied. If Kate decides so, she decides to take this deal. Above all, it's very good to have Sonya in your hand. It could be a good person to talk to in view of Shanna. We were both in the same situation. It could be enough.

"... ok. Let's deal with that deal. These terms are not to tell anyone who I am."

"This is Sonya's protection and that you will receive timely requests. Unless, of course, it's to your detriment."

"Is it reasonable?"

So far, he doesn't even know who Kate is or not. Too few handbills to judge. Most importantly, Kite hasn't cut the bills that can be judged. I can't judge you, but I can't help it. Furthermore, in his case, he is intelligent enough to be cut through politically where he is found out. They thought it was a good deal to this extent.

"I'll make sure. How much is public order?

"What about the criterion of violating the laws of the Empire and the Patriarchate?


Use the law as a standard, if you ask me, as a kite. If even the law is to be upheld, it can be said that it is the universal request of the adventurer. Thus, he makes the criteria clear to the other.

"So, what's my disadvantage?

"Unless harm is done to adventure officials and your acquaintances. In other words, of those you knew before you offered the request, to the extent that you might consider yourself acquainted."

"That's reasonable."

I can say it's reasonable here, too. Just as long as you don't hurt your acquaintances, lovers, Kuzha and other family members. And no matter what Shayla's intentions may be under this condition, Kite, who is ostensibly cordial with the Duke's house, does not have to accept a request to do harm there. Therefore, he again asks Shayla, who decided that there would be no problem once he drank it.

"So... what do we do?

"Let's keep it simple and constrained. Because it would be better for each other."


Well, is that coming? Although I am concerned that Shayla has issued a slightly lower condition, I was able to read this development as a kite. It cannot be broken by him unless it is more of a force move than a constraint, but this condition will not be detrimental for the price.

And by accepting the requests that can be received, we will be able to grasp both Shayla's intentions and Laurent's intentions behind them. That's why Kate decided to take Shayla's suggestion and put on a simple constraint.