Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1936: Union General Assembly - Expeditionary Corps -

proposals in the eight major guild coalitions, Balflair's proposals put forward in the form of In view of their activities, < > it was a major undertaking to dispatch teams to a dark continent unlikely in the countries. There will still be various opinions on the proposals that have been made.

"Basically, we are also in favour of an expedition to the Dark Continent. but before I do, I want to make one thing clear '

"Oh, my God."

"All eight guilds participate in this expedition. Is that for sure?

'Of course. The current draft focuses on me, the only one in the eight guilds with a history of traveling to the Dark Continent, to build a major force. "

Balflair makes it clear to a certain guild master inquiry. We can't give our total strength out of our relationship with the territories and countries that each of the eight major guilds has on the boulder - or that's why it's a joint submission, and we were asking for help from other guilds - and it hurts when they aim there the other way when they lack it.

but if you look at the average demon rank on the other dark continent, you can't organize an expedition without them. So this clear statement was natural, and it was mandatory. And since this rooting is over, the Alliance Masters of the other eight guilds did not object at all.

'Okay. One more thing, then. Expeditionary, but the place is the place. What are we gonna do with the airship?

"Oh...... Awis on this"

Basically, Quon's place and the rest of the Union will be asking for cooperation from all countries to supply the fleet. I'm in command of the fleet. "

At the urging of Balflair, < > Alliance Master Awis opened his mouth. As Yuri mentioned earlier, < > is an alliance centered around the fleet of airships. So if it was about fleet operations or airships, they were the best, and because they wouldn't be based anywhere, they were the only participants in this expedition with total combat power.

Well, at the same time, so many Alliance members remain from fleet operational issues, and it is no exaggeration to say that backward support is the Lord. That's how I get the word of Awis, and once again Balflair opens his mouth.

"Otherwise, I'm in command of the expedition. I'm the one who knows best over there. Any objections to this?

"It's not there. I just wanted to know how serious you guys are when we work together."

In fact, a lot of adventurers almost agreed with this guild master's words. Anyway, the dark continent is an untouched realm. Seriously, I don't know what it is. If there's enough local power, like the eight guilds, it's natural to care about the seriousness of what isn't.

'So, it's a basic departure date, but this will be communicated separately again. Even if we're adventurers, we still want to be prepared for everything. "

Especially this time it can be a dark continent. I don't know the decision that it takes careful preparation. Nevertheless, Balflair cut it out.

'Even if you say so. You know who's from the southern hemisphere in this, but the southern hemisphere is the way to go. It's time to get warmer and hotter. I want to avoid traveling in the summer on boulders. Wherever possible, we're going to move to next month.'

Is it reasonable when it comes to validity? That's how Kate understands Balflair's point. Nevertheless, there were a number of things to do in order to move fully.

'So with that, the advance party leaves early next month. Instead of conducting an actual investigation, the advance party will set up a position in this area of the West Bank of the Dark Continent. Afterwards we will wait for the arrival of the main unit the following month while ensuring safety on the spot. In the meantime, Entesia and Maggia are supposed to have the support. "

Don't worry about it. I can hear a leak stroking my chest down there. Apparently, the insecurity in the Kingdom of Magea is ringing and hustling. He seemed relieved that the Empire's support was clearly stated. Regardless, countries other than the Empire are supposed to provide support, and there was a variety of support indirectly just because direct support from geographic factors is these two countries.

(Hmm...... well, is it still reasonable to schedule it? That's what we talked about yesterday...)

In the middle of that big banquet. Again, it was many Rank S fiends, even adventurers, who gathered. Besides, most of them belong to highly influential guilds, or they are all those who made a name for themselves in solos. Therefore, even during the basic banquet, there was serious talk.

(divided into two teams: the advance party and the late party...... as it stands, this is all we have)

Originally, we were all going to get on board at once as planned for Balflair. If the advance party was released, it was not known whether it could be enjoyed in untouched areas of the Dark Continent until the arrival of the main unit.

Besides, in the worst case scenario, there are even < > their Azitos. I wanted to send out an advance team to confirm the situation, but at the same time, I couldn't decide whether it was okay to send it out. Therefore, we decided to concentrate all our forces on the main unit and make sure that whatever happens is okay.

'Even you, if you'll join the advance party. Or if you lead the team. "

Kate remembers what Balflair said in the middle of his roots with a deep sigh. I'm still an adventurer of the same rank EX. Balflair had bought Kite's arm as an adventurer more than anyone else, and trusted him at the same time.

This is why Balflair said this to Kite's opinion that an advance party should not be sent out. Of course, there's no way I can do that. Participation in the main unit is limited. In case you need to interact with Japan, Kite is a must. Regardless, there are various aspects to him, such as the territory, the Adventure Department, and the Heavenly Sakura School. I couldn't get out as an advance party for the long term.

but if you look at it from Balflare, which has a history of traveling to the Dark Continent, advance teams without rank EX could be wiped out if you're alarmed. On the other hand, if he leaves as an advance party, the question arises as to who will lead the main unit.

Due to the relationship of dominance, martial name, etc., a half-breed martial name would not be able to do decent dominance either. Given that, it was a choice between kite or balflair. As a result, the opinion to send an advance party was rejected, beyond the inability of Kite to leave.

(The compromise at yesterday's banquet was that the advance party would serve only as a position defense. No infiltration into the depths...)

It was also a bitter decision to make as a balflare. but in view of the damage this one has suffered in Nakatsu, if we get the advance team out and get ready, there can be total annihilation even if the main unit gets in. I can't be alarmed.

'That feels like it. The advance party will take command of whoever decides I'm in charge. "

'So it's still to be determined?

'Right. I'm really pressed for a major review of this one in the case of Nakatsu... well, I'd like to make a decision at this meeting, including the commander, if possible'

I have a headache. Balflair says that out of the blue and clasps his shoulders. Commander of the advance party, but to the boulders. This was not a matter to be decided at yesterday's drinking party. Therefore, it was again on this occasion. and that's how the moment fumbles to Kite, who along with Balflair thinks who is the commander of the advance party.

"Hey, kite. You got a second?


"That dark continent...... Orthea? Was it? What kind of place is it? No one... No, I hear it's a touch that no one's been there, except Mr. Balfreer."


Speaking of which, it is certainly a dark continent, and even on this occasion everyone just says that the outline of that continent has not been given in detail. Well, because no one knows enough to talk and be helpful, until then, but you can certainly say it's slightly unfriendly. That's why Kite decided to use her Q&A time on the expedition to gently lecture her in the blink of an eye.

"Right. Seniors, for once, will be the main team. You know, it doesn't hurt."

"Are we going too?"

"Oh. Soleil and the others are here as part of that... So, yeah..."

How can I put it? Kite patrols just a little. In that place, Yuri taught me lightly.

"It's a dark continent, but it doesn't seem to be covered in darkness or disastrous."


"Yeah. Dark continent, it's called on the map...... see. It's called a dark continent because it's completely dark."

In the wake of Yuri's finger pointing, he once again looks at the map of Enefia's world. Then it was true that the surrounding areas of the dark continent were completely covered in black and I had no idea what was there.

"For once, Balfleur's words mean that people are likely to be able to live on a normal continent..."

"Do you think you can live there?"

"Yeah. This is Balflair's idea, but any of the old civilizations might have had a base over there, too, because"


I open my eyes like an instant surprised by Yuri's words. Dark continents are uninhabitable lands for people. That's the idea of an instant, and it's actually the perception that the majority of Enefia has brought together to this day. but I didn't know if it was just an idea based on the common sense of modern people, and so was the old civilization before that. So I nodded one kite at this too.

"Oh... in fact, it seems that Balflair thought about going to the Dark Continent because the old literature said something about that continent. Besides, don't you doubt it?


"I don't know why nobody lives on that continent since ancient times."


Someone's getting there, that's why they know about it. In fact, whether it was a floating continent, which was a legendary treatment, or a continent of Ursia, where people were thought to be absent three hundred years ago, there were actually people there and there was movement. Simply because of the information network at the time, many people were not there.

"Being a legend means someone could have been there before. No matter, it may not be a long time. Simply as a temporary base, right? but if you still lived there, albeit temporarily, there was some kind of facility there, and it's likely that it meant something. Balflair went to find it, so..."

"I see..."

If it is indeed an old civilization, it may also be possible. The moment reminds me of an old civilization that had far more technical skills than modern civilization, and shows satisfaction in Kate's words. And that's what he thinks, and asks Kite.

"Yes... then what is the goddess of the moon saying?

"Is that Shall? Unfortunately, Lunaria didn't have a hand in the continent."

"Is Lunaria here?"


Kate laughed and nodded at one word she noticed the moment was about to come.

"One of the last of the old civilizations. Apparently, a civilization that wasn't Lunaria or the old civilization that was in this La Area could have gone there. Well, that's why he doesn't know what he did."

"I see... speaking of which, both Lunaria and Laeria are in the northern hemisphere"

"Oh. So on the contrary, there are many ruins in the northern hemisphere, but few in the southern hemisphere. In fact, I'm not familiar with the southern hemisphere."

There were so many northern hemispheres that Kite also had some connection. So he has no ties to the old civilization based in the southern hemisphere, and at the same time, that's why he doesn't know the details either. In fact, he is still more familiar with the Northern Hemisphere than with the Southern Hemisphere, thanks to his rather northern base in the Northern Hemisphere.

It was really not bright about the Ursian continent in the southern hemisphere. Then, for a while afterwards, we were going to have instant Q&As behind Q&As.