Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1940: General Assembly of the Union - General Review -

Kite and Elusha's attentive assembler, done at Eisen's suggestion. Although this has been quite a struggle, we will manage to see the settlement due to Kate's victory.

but at the end of it. Kate and Elusha were supposed to kiss each other in a manner close to an accidental, as Elusha slammed her head into kite after taking a complete mounting position.


"... I don't know... sorry, kite. I... have one end of the blame... I guess."


With sad eyes, I see Eisen with a laugh that Kate has drawn. After that, Kate was supposed to spend a lot of time explaining the calendar and Alice and following up on the confused Elusha. That's why he was physically and mentally exhausted, too. To this, Kate misses her gaze while sitting in the gym with a distant eye.

"... it's good. I've been used to this for a long time"


I guess. Eisen understood that it was only with Kate that the word was true. Now they used to forgive the stubborn scumbags and auras. but he was seen so dusk every time. So Eisen turns his gaze away from the dusk kite.

"Kukukukuku... I knew I was tired of being with kite"

First of all, Musashi was laughing with a shoulder trembling with pleasure at the commotion caused by Kite at all times. Nevertheless, there were times when one of the maidens was not in his own body on the boulder, and he never raised his voice.



So when it comes to the other calendar and Alice, the calendar is still grumpy because Kate kissed another woman, a woman who is neither that nor her lover. Alice next to it kept her face bright red on the kissing scene I saw earlier.

"... ahhh..."

When it comes to Elusha, one of the people of the day, she is confused when it comes to looking at Kite with her face in bright red and touching her lips reminds her of how she feels or turns bright red.

Even her unconscious male and female girlfriend kissed the boulder, but she really had to realize that she was a woman and Kate was a man.


So, Eisen was having some trouble wondering what he should do with him. If this is the case in the first place, it will be the attitude of the elderly that Musashi, the oldest and the wife belt, can afford to follow.

but the biggest cause was the fact that that person didn't intend to do anything. Nevertheless, he can't just play witch mountain games like that forever either, I tell Eisen's troubled face small.

"Look. Wouldn't your Lord intercede with you? The Lord will also be a master. If so, let us move on from there."

"Ah, ah..."

So what am I supposed to do with that? Eisen nodded bewildered by Musashi's words. That's how he mouths the flow that seems right after a little thought.

"... el. For one thing, I was able to get to enough places for practice and empathy. Passing score."

"... Ah, yes. Thank you."

It would still be because we talked about a revolt of martial arts. To Eisen's words, Elusha was also rethinking and nodding. And I guess it's because I've regained my mind.

Instinctively, he thought he had to listen to his teacher, rather than be shy as he had been before. Although the cheeks are red, there was no confusion as earlier. Eisen therefore decides to proceed with this conversation as well.

"But... as I said before, you have a little bit of an intuitive temper. If you knew Kite was one of them, and you knew you could use < >, you should have avoided being meaty."

"Ugh... I'm sorry... I was sweetening Kite's arm"

"Oh...... that's the biggest loss of this one. Well, even so. I can't help but look at his < > arm. As for this one, you should think there's no choice in boulders. but be careful after next time."


In the first place, Elusha was surprised, but the fact that there are people who can absorb < > in humans with that level of sophistication was in itself her first ear.

This is basically because the horny devils are good at it in the first place, so they can't be done by other races, but they lose a lot of precision. Moreover, from a physical point of view, it is more suitable for women than for men. Therefore, it was more harsh to think of Kite, a Dragon lineage, as a skill up to that point.

"So, put it on top of that. To see the rest of the scene, you'd better practice defense too."

"But it was the master who said to focus more on dodging than on defense in the first place"

"Oh...... but I'm not saying it's good to let it go. As far as you're concerned, the moment you showed that waiting attitude. I guess it was about the show bill...... I saw a sweet spot for hardening my chi. There was a chance we wouldn't be able to lure him in."


Sure enough, at that time, Elusha was showing an interception posture to pick up and discuss Kite. And by her nature, she would take it directly from the front, which was Kate's expectation.

So I wasn't going to punch her in the defensive stance, but at that moment. From Eisen, a master of mind, he was out of balance. He said that this was like saying that he was going to attack. and Eisen, who gave such a one-off bitterness to Elusha and a guide to future policy, looks at Kite again.

"So... kite. Sorry, thanks."

"Fine. It's been a long time since I've had good exercise."

"It would be helpful if you could say that... but you're a little bit too, but there was a lot of clutter in how you handled it."

Eisen, I guess. However different the genre may be, they thought they could do as much to pay attention as those who watched beside them if they only cared.

"Oh, I see."

"Oh. Well, I guess you didn't mean it completely either, before I asked you to do it this time"

"... you didn't mean it now?

To Eisen's words, Elusha asks Kite, forgetting her embarrassment. To this, Kate laughs bitterly and shakes her head.

"No way. If you want to fight with your mind alone, that's all you can do. The only reason Boulder beat you was because he had a backhand of < >. You can't win next time."

As Eisen said earlier, the most important reason for Elusha's defeat this time was to watch Kate's < > sweetly. but that only works once too. If there was the next fight, I'd have to shake my head when they said I could use it. Then Kite's chances of winning were expected to drop. Either way, Eisen agreed to this.

"I guess. I'm not dumb enough to eat the same hand twice on a boulder... no?

"Yes, sir"

"Great...... so, kite. She said she did everything first, but then why didn't you use each < >?

Each < >. That was a blow involving attributes such as Elusha's < > and < >. Besides this, she used < > in her successive hits after taking the mount, or weaved a wide variety of attributes.

In contrast, Kite did not use any attribute conversion to attack, and was only using defensive techniques that applied < > in defense. It would certainly be a strange story inside for him to be arguably one of the features of switching attributes and fighting.

"I didn't use it. I couldn't use it."

"Couldn't you use it? Is there a reason?

"Oh... a little while ago, I ate Elle's < > for a reason."

Not long ago. Needless to say, that's the first time I've seen Celestia - a hotel before a militant tournament to be exact - in that lake. but to this, does Elusha recall what happened back then or blush her cheeks again?


"You shot Kite?

"Uh... yes"

Shamefully, Elusha nodded small at Eisen's words. You don't care as much as Kite does about this, keep talking.

"The power of that time. Elle's strength and talent. In view of them, I was afraid that they would use < >. I didn't want to cut < >."

"I see... sure, do you care"

Eisen also acknowledges Kite's words and acknowledges his decision that < > would certainly have been useful if it had happened.

< > is the technique (skill) of manipulating < >. As long as Eisen was as strong as he was, he could manipulate more than one < > and move it super fast. Regardless, no matter how much arm you get to Elusha, you won't be able to be caught off guard enough with any more kites than you are a Rank A Adventurer.

"Oh. Others are troublesome if they are planted on the ground. I wanted to be able to use < > at any time."

"So you didn't use it"

"Oh. So I didn't use it, I couldn't. I just hung the pros and cons of using them on my balance. I made a mistake."

"I guess."

As a story in the first place, as a kite, I'm not very good at fighting with one mind. Above all, in his case, bare hands are the worst weapon. It was more than that, it became a battle at different times, and the struggle was inevitable.

As such, Eisen, convinced by Kite's words, decided to see Elusha's workouts again on the spot for a while, while Kite decided to return to training the calendars with Kite.

Well, a few hours after the battle between Kate and Elusha. It fits when I'm done training the streets. About that time, speaking of which, Kite cuts out.

"Oh, yeah. Alice."


"Um, who was it... oh, you know the Union branch manager named Shayla? The head of the Luxerio branch."

"Ah, yes. I know you."

Although Kate had originally grasped this, in the first place, she didn't know about Alice's relationship with Shayla. So I decided to move on with that body.

"Well...... yeah, that person is in this general meeting as well. Well, I'm the branch manager, naturally."

"Yes... and I'm sure she's retiring this semester... wondering if she's coming."

"Oh... well, that's good. So I talked to you yesterday for a few reasons. I was wondering if you were feeling better."

"Ah... is that right? Thank you."

I see. Given Shayla's well-looked after personality, I didn't think this word was a lie, either, as Alice - although it's not a lie in the first place - apparently. Nod one to Kate's words.

"Oh... so if there's a chance, I'd like to meet and talk to him once. I don't care what you do."

"Ah... right. It is certainly possible that we will never see each other again..."

In the first place, Alice's information about Shayla is similar to that of Kate's until yesterday. Branch chief retirement direction. So if you miss this year, you can't force it even if they think it's very likely you won't be able to see them.

"Oh, no... well, I guess it's early to hear it from us. Apparently, he's going to temple city next."

"Really? I think it was made clear that I was going to retire..."

"I don't know where it is. It's just that I know Alice is in Adventure."


Sure enough, from Alice, Kate just got to know each other at this general meeting for not going to the branch in Luxerio after all. So he didn't think he would know why Shayla became the successor to the Temple City Branch Manager, etc.

"If you're going to see the rabbit or the corner, I'll make an appointment here..."

"... right. If you're near the corner, I was wondering if I should see you once."

"Okay. Let's go through the process here."

"Thank you"

Alice bows one head to Kite's offer. As such, she was once again to be trained by Kite, who decided to give her permission to meet with Alice at Kite to convey the message to Shayla.