Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1943: The General Assembly of the Union - After Day Three -

Third day of the General Assembly of the Union. From this day on, there will be discussions on each continent, but in the meantime, Kate decided not to participate in the meetings of the continent of Ursia, but in the meetings of the continent of Enesia, where she is based.

Therefore, having participated in the meeting from noon, he will be involved as one of the parties to several projects involving the resurrection of the Evil God and the death of the Bronzite. Thus, after finishing a meeting of about five hours while pinching a break along the way. He was first rendezvous with Shayla before returning to the hotel.

"So I told you"

"Yes. Thanks...... how have you been?

"Well, for once, it's officially deposited by your parents. It will be my job to manage my health. There's nothing wrong with that."

"It's about you, I'm worried you won't attack me."

"No way."

The light look on the boulder at that time is an act. You know Shayla, so I guess it's just a joke.

"So... for once, I think I know. Don't tell Alice anything weird. I know you don't think you have a choice... but crushing that kid's talent on a boulder wouldn't be a thankful story as a patriarch."

"I won't tell you. It's a little too soon to tell that kid what's behind it."

"Fine, then... Oh, yeah. Speaking of which, I thought..."

Then there is no problem. Kite, who told him so, asks because she thought Alice and the others were coming.

"Speaking of which, what about Laurent's guy? If you're also a Rank A adventurer, you won't have a problem coming special."

"He hasn't come. I'm off, so I'll see you at the main office."

"I see. Is it tough to mess with two legs"


Fun, Shayla and Kate laugh at each other. This wasn't something Kite could have known, but Laurent was out of Luxerio just after his vacation. Basically, he seems to have a lot of assignments outside of Luxerio, so he's looking for tenors again. After a long chat, Kate wondered why she called Alice this time.

"Speaking of which... I have a message from Mr. Ludwig. What happened to you?

"Oh, it's no big deal. You hear about that kid's sword?

"Oh. For once."

In the first place, Kate is now Alice's mentor. So I knew there was another sword to wield besides the one she used all the time, and I didn't have to hide it.

"About that, I guess. You should tell him later."


Then don't you have to worry about it? Above all, if it is good to be present yourself, it seems to be an important story just now. Then Kate decides she doesn't need to be particularly concerned. Then they would spend some time chatting.

Okay, one of those two. Alice was on her way to Shayla with the calendar in the stream. Nevertheless, you don't need to go ahead and get a numb, and most importantly, if a beautiful girl like Alice walks carelessly, she can be in trouble.

At present, adventurers are gathering from all over the world, but as a result, crime rates are increasing. Kate was teaching me the back road, so I was going through there.

"There's really no one here... why is there such a place"

"Mr. Kite, the hidden passage for the city's inhabitants to pass... so be it. They're not the only former adventurers here, so... they say the Union has created a dedicated path."

Alice tells the words of the calendar as she looks at the map. The calendar together naturally takes into account safety considerations. Naturally, it's harder for the two of us to do something than one girl. And I can handle it if it happens. The Basic Adventures Department was required to act in pairs or more for activities at Lee Knight.

"Uh... if you do turn right here..."

Again, I can't travel linearly in relation to what I'm really making difficult to spot. So Alice takes the map with one hand, right to left, and the winding road.

Note that this is where adventurers will never notice, or not. Some adventurers are aware of this existence, but they do not commit any crime because they are not popular.

Because the administrator of this path is < > and the union itself, they are going to sell fights to both organizations.

You can't live with an adventurer selling a fight to the Union on a boulder. I don't know what kind of idiot it is, but that's about the difference. Anyway, there are other good < > adventurers around. And well, aside from that. The two of them walked along such a path looking at the map, but that was why they were slightly careless forward.



Dunn. They were never both walking at a fast pace, but they were also distracted again. We fall out of balance due to each other appearing abruptly. To this, the calendar rushed to the other side.

"Alice! Oh, oh, I'm sorry! Are you all right, sir?

Again, in relation to really hiding the road, the breadth of every road that goes that far is not that far. So if I walked carelessly, I would still bump into someone who came out of the corner. Worse still, there seems to have been a slight carelessness. Rise to the words of the calendar and shake your head.

"No... I was the careless one. I was thinking a little bit. Are you okay?"

"Oh, yes... I'm sorry. Are you hurt?

"There's no problem. You're still an adventurer with me... I'm sorry. People were alarmed that this was the time of year."

The person who gave Alice her hand waves one at her apology. and those were the two of them, but there I noticed a calendar anomaly.


"... what's up?

"... the... uh"

How can I put it? The calendar was in great confusion on Alice's face as she looked at her bumped opponent's face. but Alice couldn't guess any reason for this.

Their faces can just be called beautiful, and there's nothing else wrong with them. On the contrary, there is no injury or blemishes. And they realized that she was looking at her face like that.

"... well. That surprise... you've seen me before?

"... Yes"

For some reason the bewildered calendar nodded one at the dull laughing opponent. but when I saw her face like that, the opponent smiled bitterly and wore the hood back deep that she had taken off due to the impact of the collision.

"Never mind...... I wouldn't be able to"


The other Levi laughs at one calendar that finally understands and confuses him that he is said to be a prophet.

"Damn... you were losing your attention too. Well, is that good... so it's useless where you cared too much about me. I can't tell you anything."

"Oh, um... can I just ask you one thing?

"So if you're gonna shut up,

Levi prompts you to go ahead with your calendar inquiry. To this, the calendar asks her if she has considered Levi for once.

"Do seniors know?


Pokan. Levi rounds his eyes to inquire about the calendar. As such, she laughed with great pleasure.

"Ah... hahahahahahaha! Calendar. You should study a little more."


Maybe I've heard something very common sense. To Levi, who laughs with pleasure, the calendar dyes the cheeks that were bright blue to the vermilion. Well, there's a reason she laughed so far.

That's because she was wary of any questions she might have. But does Kate know the question that came against her expectations? From her point of view, it was a good place to clap. That's how she told her, shaking her shoulders.

"You and Kate can watch me study together. Let me tell you something."


"Bye. Sure, I answered your question. Well, when the time comes, it will be."

Apparently Levi is in a good mood. Outreach Because she's also a schemer, or anyone who goes into unexpected behavior of her own seemed to enjoy watching. That's how she left with her back to Calendar and Alice, shaking her shoulders in a superior mood.

"... that now... who?

After Levi left in a good mood. Alice asks the calendar in confusion. She's still famous enough to be said to be a prophet. But she's on the back. Besides, the area of activity comes with Laeria. Not too long as an adventurer. I don't know Alice. But it won't be impossible.

"Someone called the Prophet... I think"

"The Prophet...... the greatest wise man in the Union?


I see. So was the calendar surprised too? Alice guesses that's why the calendar was surprised and convinces herself in the heart. I can't remember looking at a boulder all the time. But the more I can remember the name, Alice also knows things. Therefore she also remembered the back of her departure and marveled.

"... a woman, was it?"


No one knows that Levi is a woman first. If it wasn't for the accident that she was walking by chance and collided there, I wouldn't know. Therefore, Calendar and Alice get only a little surprise while the surprise points remain slightly uneven. And when I was thinking about it, Levy came back.

"... ah"

"Uh... what's wrong with you?

Alice asks Levy, who is back. Besides, Levy asked what was most natural.

"On second thought, why are you here? This is the only road the city's inhabitants know. This is a particularly limited time to get in and out."

"Huh? Oh, that... Mr. Shayla... Ah, I'm called to the next branch manager of the Temple City, where I'm going. So give me that map..."

"Oh, so what"

Looking at the map presented by Alice, Levy also showed one satisfaction. It is only if she thinks that this path will not pass at this time of year that she was thinking in the first place. In fact, there's no one here but the calendar and Alice, except the Union officials who look around. I can't help but wonder.

"Come on. Anyway, I wasn't going back to Union headquarters either. Safe route, so I guess I've been traveling a long way... but you don't have to worry about it now."

"Ah...... thank you"

Levy is comparable in strength to Rank S in the first place as an adventurer and also a resident of this city. Besides, we've been policing this city for 300 years. The back roads are familiar and will go safely. So the two people she guides arrive at Union headquarters considerably earlier than planned.

"Come on, we're here. Meet me?"

"Uh... it's a waiting room off the conference floor. Like showing a number tag at the reception and asking for a place,"

"Then here it is"

Looking at Alice's presented number tag, Levi nods one and resumes the guide. Not enough walking like that. We made it to the waiting room for the kites.

"Ah, seniors"

"Mr. Kite."

"Hey, you're both here..." huh?

"Coincidentally, I ran into him on the road. I brought him in."

"Oh, I see... thank you. Later here."

"Do that."

Originally Sheila was the branch chief of the capital of the Patriarchate, now the branch chief of the Temple City. So he also knew it as Levi. As such, the two calendars and Alice, who were guided by her, joined Kate and Shayla, where Alice would listen to a message from Ludwig.