Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1955: The Battle of the Swordsman - The Battle of Parents and Children

In the midst of a battle with a demon once crusaded by Kate called The Sin of Rapture (Gratney). First, Tina and the Wise decided to keep The Sin of Rapture (Gratney) away from Enefia in order to buy time for them to devise a way to crusade.

With the support of the ancient familiars, he developed < >, one of the < > original souls. Successfully keeps the giant of "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" far away from Enefia. but right after he floated a slight relief like that. A familiar voice sounded as if it had targeted the gap, and the junction was unfolding.

'Hey, guys. Long time no see.'

"This... voice..."

"< > …"

Few of those who also came to the General Assembly on the boulder were present at the intercontinental conference. Few, therefore, had heard the clown's voice, and many understood the abruptly sounding voice to be his. As such, the scene quieted down for another reason than Kate blew away "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)," and everyone feared for that voice.

'Well... now that we have expanded, this is a junction that can hold people of certain special origins prisoner. Well, it doesn't mean a lot to most of you...'


'Ha... give up on boulders this time. It's not something you can do with force moves. "

The clown sighs with a heartbreaking look at Kite, who is desperate to resist being taken into the juncture. But even he couldn't do what the clown said.

'This is < > … a seal that holds a person who has ever been granted the concept of Demon King. Well, it's good in the junction or both. See, there's still one more person, who was more taken in by being the Demon King'

The clown sees Kite being taken in and shows her that this is not false in her name. Hearing such a clown's voice, the Adventurers were surprised to see the captive kite.

"Demon King...?

"Why the heavenly noise...?

"No... it is true that the previous life of Heavenly Sound... because Nobunaga Oda..."

"" "Ah..." "

If one notices, everyone understands later. It is already known that Kite's previous life was Nobunaga Oda in the first place. And if you knew that, naturally, everyone knew one of Nobunaga Oda's nicknames.

"So, the Sixth Heavenly Demon King..."

"Nobunaga Oda..."

"That's Sick 2..."

Nobunaga Oda, the Sixth Heavenly Demon King. Apparently, if there was a concept of demon king, it would be taken in, i.e. kite would not have been forced into it. While everyone was thus convinced of the reason why Kate was taken into the Order, other Demon King Applicants besides Kate were taken in together within the Order.

"Chi... can't you do this?"

"On a boulder. I've narrowed down the designation Demon King to a specific concept, but even the Lord can't solve it."


Next to kite. Tina, who hurries to perform the analysis, shakes her head at Kite, who was trying to smash it with force moves. This one is naturally a former demon king. It was not an exaggeration to say that this kingdom was a measure against the two of us.

"Is it... quite something? The space is distorted, can't you see the outside... chi..."

With a bitter face, Kate looks around. Tina and I were able to rendezvous early because we had heard the clown say it was < > just before she was imprisoned.

So he knew she was there, and he opened the magic path between her and figured out where she was. We joined them immediately. but I could well understand that the space was so vast and distorted that I didn't know who else was there.

Now the people inside will gather together and join forces, because it will not be possible. Well, that being said, as for Kite, having Tina was enough.

"So, Tina... what's the analysis?

"Hey, it's tough."


To Tina, who looks bitter, Kate asks in surprise. Even the seal she had been sealed for a hundred years was supposed to keep her awake for a few seconds. That's what drives the passing of time crazy.

but it's not like that this time, it's simply the power of someone with the concept of demon king being imprisoned. I couldn't quite understand that I couldn't solve it.

"... ha. This is it. Let's go to the juncture for capturing the concept of the Demon King. The rest of the analysis is also considerably inhibited...... or that if the Lord were to be outside, he could destroy it in one blow with the rest of his combined moves. Why do you keep him inside?"

"I'm sorry. I'm still a demon king."

Instead, I'm the real demon king. Kate pointed her mouth like she was infidel to Tina's words. but that's why I couldn't do anything about the status quo. This junction is a seal to keep those inside out. In Tina, the Demon King, it took a lot of time to analyze.

"... how much time do you need?

"... we'll need three hours. Whatever, if nothing happens, then"

To Kite's inquiry, Tina articulates clearly as she continues her analysis. This is the situation. Do it as fast as you can. That's all you need, I'm sure.

"Does that mean wait till then"

"Hmmm... Hmmm... I'd like to get back to the task of finding a strategy for" The Sin of Rapture (Gratney) "

It is impossible to analyze Tina's sin of bulimia (Gratney) while she is being held back by this seal. Therefore, something very bitter appeared on her face, and the current situation was made quite harsh. And voices echoed in those two places.

"Wait, why don't you make one arrangement with Noh in the meantime?

"... Stone Boat Sai Palace"

Are you here at last? Kate slightly tightens her mind to Ishikusai, who appeared with a degree of ease as if he were also on a walk and had met again by chance. but Ishikusai smiled slightly at him like that.

"Totally... I heard you'd get the place ready. I didn't know you'd make it this far."

"... do you know what that is?

"That... oh, that ugly piece of meat. Well, not to the extent that I've heard the story... that's all I thought about."

Naturally. I don't think I know how many clowns and all the power of "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)". Because I don't think they were alive when the battle came at its peak. Well, even if I knew, it didn't seem like Kite could understand the true power of Ishikusa and the others.

"... it's a good idea for Non. Thanks to you, I don't have much time? If you're not the Lord, you can't do anything about it."

"Haha... as a swordsman, I can't help it"

For a moment, Kate and Ishikusai exchange words. The place for fulfillment has already been set up, and the person for fulfillment is here again. After that, we'll just actually fight. but it doesn't taste too good in an instant duel when we meet. We didn't want that from each other.

"Tomorrow, disciple."

"What? Brothers"

"What have you done? Dear Lord, it looks different than it did when you were muddled."

I guess I can see it after this anyway, but he was very concerned about this huge leap in kite, both as a stone boat sai. If I hear the answer, I'll ask the extent to which I can make money. Besides, Kite revealed that it wasn't even enough to hide it.

"... to Earth, was returning"

"Look... if"

"Yep... to be trained by Lord Nobunaga. There is no reason for you to be hostile to the extent that you have every country's exemption on the boulder. Still, it's a battle with your son who challenged you... what you saw as a result. Lord Nobunaga laughed a lot. I thought you were going to win."

If. Kate laughs and makes it clear further ahead of the words. No matter how much you scratch, Kite doesn't have any enemies in Soku or Ishikusai. Therefore he returned to Earth and was trained in the Synod of Faith.

"How far did you get?"

"Check it with your own eyes, arms and skin."

"Kaka! I don't know... Okay, kite. This brother, Yanagi Ishikusai, will give you an immediate archery."

"Thank you."

Only, we're on the same side of each other. And as Musashi once said, Ishikusai is not abusing his own swordsmanship. Therefore, both positions in this setting are only brothers and disciples. It was just a battle between fellow men.



Small, Kate exhaled. In that way, they were just going to start the fight quietly.

Well, just about that time Kite started a conversation with Ishikusai in the seal. Musashi, when he said, relied on the fighting spirit unleashed against him to travel to the distance of the city.


Perhaps I am right to fight in 'Lee Knight'. Musashi, as "Musashi Miyamoto," I think so. Now he is not a 'Shinji Musashi'. Only, the Miyamoto family is the parents' musashi. So fighting was only for someone else.

(Think... maybe this was inevitable)

Unlike Kate and Ishikusai, Musashi walks away without exchanging words with anyone. Naturally. All those who can fight are fighting in 'Lee Knight'. He's the only one walking away from 'Lee Knight' even though he can fight.

(The whole life of Nong... it was all for personal gain and lust. I want to hold a good woman. I want money...... I don't even have that, I just want to fight the strong. I want to get to the end of the sword...... it was such a lifetime. Without ever fighting for someone. I've never done anything wrong...)

A lifetime in Japan. That's like a running lantern, passing beside Musashi. That's how I think he probably has his whole life on Earth passing by again in the same way.

(Such nonsense was called here and told to fight for the weak... still, joy and bravery for being given the battlefield. It was just a battle.)

Now that I think about it, it may have changed since then. Musashi remembers the time when he was fighting to protect those who had no power to fight. That was too natural for me now, but I thought it was a little strange for me at the time.

(Why not... because I was called as a guardian, I wonder. If you notice, wave a knife for the woman. Teach the sword to the child... what a soothing thing.)

Perhaps if I saw myself six hundred years ago now, I would have been mourned by so much depravity. but I didn't feel bad. Speaking of depravity, it's depravity. It doesn't seem like Shinjuku Musashi is going to move his mind around anything other than the sword. Musashi remembers his transition with pleasure.

(Otherwise, Tatsumashi may have been summoned by the past.)

You're saying shake it off, or don't forget. That's not even known to Musashi. I don't know, but at least my stomach was set. He then asks one man who stands where he has reached to be guided.

"Tomorrow, Sokku-kun"

"What, Musashi"

"Don't you think it's better to live now?"

"What now?"

Foolish question. Soku laughs joyfully and tells him that extraordinarily. I feel more alive right now. If asked so, they both immediately broke off like this. Run,. Those who are now were much more alive. Besides, Musashi laughed and nodded with pleasure again.

"Hmmm... if you let Noon say it back then, he would say it was corrupt. It's more fun now. Whatever the sword is, I'm enjoying it."

My body grows old day by day. Those were the days I lost and bullied. The moves in the fantasy are polished, but the days mourn the inability to embody them. I felt something resembling a sense of impatience somewhere. Musashi thinks so. Soto laughed at him with such a serene face.


"Hmm... how about you? Are you enjoying yourself?


Soku puts his hands on his chest, closing his eyes only once, to Musashi's inquiry. That's how he smiled calmly again, too.

"Oh. I didn't think the day-to-day sword archery would make the battle so much fun. However, he was moved by something resembling a sense of duty and continued his archery. I never wanted to fight anyone... not now."

Is it such a pleasure to get into something with a purpose? Soku nostalgics for emotions he never felt before, and sees Musashi without any regret. There is no regret that the metaphor was defeated here and the body was made wild. He had such feelings.

You said you were gonna get me.

"Uhm... if you are still Lord now, you can win"

"Ha... Few people have spoken Australian that they can beat this Yoo Seong Tae Ma Shou Sook. And let's know what happened to Shinjuku Musashi."

"Nari...... but um. You're still serious. He seems to be making some mistakes."

"Ho... tell me this is a mistake"


Musashi nodded in his usual flamboyant manner at the sect, which showed a slightly fierce atmosphere. That's how he preached his point.

"See you in the first place. Though I respect the fact that Noh should also be alive. You're still 700 years old. Non's up there."

"... hahahaha! Run, huh?"

Until now, we have been talking to each other as Shinji Musashi of the Earth and Yoo Seung Tatsuma Shou Shou Shou Shou Shou Shou, but because of this, Sou Shou shook up for a moment and laughed joyfully. And so he opens his mouth.

"So, Shinji Musashi. I want a guide to this Yoo Seong Sook."

"Come on."

I'm already making a mistake at this point. Musashi took out his partner's unusual sword, laughing at the sect that he hadn't even noticed there.

"Kazumiyamoto Musashi"

"Yoo Seong Shin Yin Liu Seong, but Ma Shou Zheng"


We name each other, and a moment of silence fills the place.

"" Come, come!

After a moment of silence. Both kick the ground at the same time. That's how the battle of the men who built a time, the battle of the two swordsmen whom everyone admired, began in different worlds without being known to the people of that world.