Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1957: The Battle of the Swordsman - The Righteous -

"The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" A ride between Kate and Stone Boat Sai, which took place during the crusade. To some extent, Kite will continue to prevail. One of the depths of the Divine Yin Current thus unleashed. It was the depths < > of the body, but by also rolling out < > to it, Ishikusai understood both hands. We were supposed to have another conversation.

So, after such a conversation. Kate was the only one in the Divine Yin Current to learn about the Divine Yin Current and use the Willow Shin Yin Current against the Stone Boat Sai, and had settled his spirit by deciding on the use of the depths of the mind (Shin) said to be common to his fellow gate counterparts. What he remembers like that was the lecture he was receiving from the Synopsis back on Earth.

"… cardiogram. The three depths of the Divine Yin Current, named after the three elements of the Wu. The depths of the body < >. The depths of the moves < > … they do not work in the divine shadow stream"

"< > is the extreme of < >. < > only uses all sword moves."


To Kate's words, the syllabus nodded one. As Ishikusai showed earlier, < > can be simulated but disabled by using < > with each other. As Kate said, < > will only be available if it is a metaphorically unknown sword technique.

I don't feel so great when it comes to just being able to use it, but I can actually use it if it was swordsmanship swordsmanship that users have never seen or heard of, which has existed somewhere across all the future in the past and present. And being able to use it means I can understand all the weaknesses.

That is, every martial arts is tantamount to a known change for the user. First sightings don't work. Indeed, it can be said that < >, the pole of < >, is the middle cheat that deserves the same depth of skill (gi). but what I'm reading is swordsmanship swordsmanship. It doesn't make sense if you read ahead in < >. Therefore, it does not work against the Divine Yin Liu opponent.

(Well, the truth is different)

These two depths do not apply to the Divine Yin Liu opponent. That was the syllabus I told you about, but I was actually telling you one lie here. It's not that it doesn't work. It would actually work. But he said that there was no one who worked, so it didn't work. That should do the same. Because I didn't tell Kite why.

(The condition for the graduation of Divine Yin Flow is that you can spend some time < > … Originally, you are equal to graduation already)

The Synopsis laughs that way in his heart as he talks to Kate about the depths of the Divine Yin Current again. Later, Ishikusai was jealous, which is why. I'm never letting you graduate because Kate has bad arms. Originally his arms are not imprinted if they are divine yin currents. It was an area of no wonder they told me to graduate.

That's all it took in just three years. I can't help but think that the syllabus made me want to teach it to the end. His brother, Ishikusai, was enough to think so when he was relative to Kate. In other words, the Synopsis spared no effort to end it here.

(The foundation of the Divine Yin Current is only < >. It is to read the flow of the world. If you can do it there, no matter how much sword arms stand, it doesn't make sense)

I guess it's suspicious as a swordsman. The Synopsis seeps a slight bitterness into the status quo where he is a swordsman himself, but other parts are becoming more important than the arms of the sword. but I also understood that that was not why the famous swordsmen and only kites could get here.

You can't just be a swordsman. Unless you are a heretical swordsman, and you are not obsessed with the path of the sword, this path will never be extreme. That is the idea of the Synopsis, which is the founding fathers. Therefore, he decides to teach the returning kite the last depths.

"Well... that's the last of it."


It is what has ever existed that is taught, but the last depths whose existence was never revealed. That is what is spoken of from the syllabus. But what was told was that the only way to do kite was to stay in the sky.

"Actually. Last Righteous. I always use this."


"... well, you will. but this makes sense. No, it's exactly equal to what I'm using, I guess I should say. And you'll understand why this is the last time."

The syllabus pleasantly tells the baffling kite. As such, the Synopsis will tell the philosophy and extremes in order to teach Kite the depths of her last heart.

Well, time flies. Once again, the battlefield between Kite and Ishikusai. Kate recalls the teachings of the Synopsis, one of the last of the three depths of the Divine Yin Current. Activate the depths of the mind. Thus his body was swallowed by the rainbow-colored pale light, the colour of his magic.

"The Deep Righteousness of the Divine Yin Flow Heart… < >"

What the hell is it like? Ishikusai drank his spit and watched before the last depths that he had never fulfilled. What happens. I was overwhelmed with temper that I was going to miss anything. That's how Kite was drunk by a pale light slightly closer to the rainbow color, a little. The light subsides and Kite reappears.

"Dear Synopsis...?

For a moment. While Ishikusai understands that it is Kate he is dealing with, he misunderstands that the Synopsis appeared unexpectedly. Naturally. What emerged was excellent and sturdy with long pale hair. That's just as godly a man as I have to put an adjective on it. And the genre is the same. I can't help but see the Master's letter on his back.

but this is kite. Not to say proof of this, but a distorted sword and a machete that would be his original uniform were in both hands. That's how such a kite opens her eyes.

"... somehow. Let's do it."


Are you in a hurry? I have no choice. I understand that Ishikusai is still unfinished for the words of Kate, who became a stranger. but Ishikusai really wanted to hear it before he started.

"… < >. What kind of moves?

"… it eliminates any physical damage, etc., by showing the world what your mind can best imagine."


No way. It's such a simple move. While Ishikusai understands the current situation, which is the only one if you keep looking at it, he deduces why this is the last third.

(Whatever. This is not the only way to achieve physical transformation. Why this is the third one)

Remember what the syllabus said. Stone Boat Sai desperately thinks that while he finds himself under an unforgivable circumstance without a moment's prediction, he does not elucidate even the slightest depths of the Divine Yin Current.

(What was Shinjitsu-sama saying then? That last day. When < > was presented in front of Shinno-sama)

Deep Righteousness was shown only once, in front of the swordsmen in line. When teaching < >. That reminds me of Ishikusai as if he were a running lantern. At the same time, it was the birth of the famous < >.

"This is < >. It's the depths of the body."

What I saw at that time was that everyone was breathtaking to see a syllabus that was able to integrate with the world and the currents of the world and attract the currents they wanted completely. Too overwhelming. The swordsmen in line understood. You can't win when you use something like this. If you want to win, you have to stand in the same realm.

"If I can keep this until this hourglass falls, I'll graduate with it"

What have you done with the witch mountain games, my master? All the swordsmen had to laugh at the words of the syllabus when they were in line. but laughing, I also thought:

If you can't do this, you can reach this great sword saint. Dream again. I have to do it, he said. So, one. I'm going to fix < > again with one person. And when I was younger, I also repaired the stone boat sail.

'... Hmm. Enough is enough.'

"Ha... Ha..."

Desperate, that's what you can do until the hourglass finally falls, even though you struggle to seep ball-like sweat into your forehead. Because of this, Shinjitsu takes Ishikusai for good. After this, there will be a little exchange, and he will be entrusted with the idea of knifeless removal between the front and the back. He will be concerned and make one inquiry.

"Speaking of which... Dear Shinjitsu,"


"It was said that you have the depths of your body first, but the other two are your mind (shin) and your moves (gi)?


I'm not hiding my righteousness from my disciples. Therefore, Shinjitsu nodded in response to Ishikusai's inquiry without hiding anything in particular. And more than this question has come up, the conversation after this is settled.

'What is it like?

"Hmmm... the depths of the body (I want). This is something you can understand better than < >."


I mean, think of the details for yourself. To the vague language of the Synopsis, Ishikusai understands it so. And I'm not trying to teach my teacher anything from what to what. Technology is what you steal, and you devise for yourself. It is suspicious that he is taught like Kate.

"So, the depths of the last heart..."

The last one. The syllabus I tried to mention there laughs abruptly. As such, he spoke only marginally.

"The depths of the body and the depths of the moves are all meant to use the depths of this heart."


How many moves is it? Everything to this day is to use the depths of this heart. Ishikusai does not think of the words of the Shinnoku, but drinks his saliva and becomes frowned upon. The syllabus deepens the color of laughter a little, but only a little more.

"... the depths of this heart are a little special. This doesn't have to go wrong. but I'm just saying that if we're going to use this, we're going to need two other depths as well. Therefore, this will be the last"

'... even though it is deeply righteous, is it?

"Even though it's profound, it is. Well, I think I'm strange myself. However, in a way, it can be said that it is the extreme of < >. That's why it's good to say it again."


What the hell is it like? Ishikusai deepens the colour of perplexity in the last depths of his unidentified identity. However, there will be no further talk of the depths of this heart, and he will also die without even reaching the depths of the moves.

(Physical transformation… if what brings this about is the depths of the mind. Why is this so profound?)

Think. Think. Think. Ishikusai is desperate, gathering clues and reaching for answers.

(And what is the depths of the moves? I got a slight glimpse of it, but it was completely integrated with the knife. What it brings)

Again, needless to say, Ishikusai knows only two other depths except < >, but he doesn't know anything about what they are. There are only a few pieces that Kite shows you. Therefore, I cannot find the answer that all swordsmanship swordsmanship will be available. but still. The battle begins.

(... I just have to make sure that there is one)

Slowly, Ishikusai moves forward so that he is ready. That's how he packed his time with one leg.



Kite gently joins the gladiators to the gladiators released together when she exhales strongly. but the next moment. What Ishikusai got is stunning.


"Softly...... I knew it was too strong. It's been a long time since you've caught up with your physical senses..."

Kite was as light as she was, and that's all she had to do was release a sword trident to stroke her. Nonetheless, the stone boat sai, which I seriously punched in, was blown away as if it had crashed into a truck.

(What happened!?

I just hit him to gently stroke it. Stone Boat Sai only gained confusion and amazement at himself being blown away despite it. Kite didn't move against him that could be said to be too full of gaps.


"What... are you going to be merciful?

"No... well, you know what I mean. Nor have I been able to use my heart. [M] Maybe if I try to outrun you, it'll turn out the other way."

Kite had no choice but to laugh with a troubled face at Stone Boat Sai's inquiry, which managed to regain her posture and slightly stare at her. This was the only way to win, but it was also true that we needed to get used to it at the same time. Thus, he really uses < > with a sense of prep motion, as if the word indicates the right thing.


Disappeared. I understand that Kite used < > gently. He was kicking the ground too lightly. In fact, there is not a single dust rising on the ground. Nonetheless, he disappeared. What was so refreshing about Ishikusai? and such a disappeared kite appeared a little further from its original position.

"Been... ahhh... I knew you'd slipped away quite a bit"

"What have you done, Lord..."

"It's just < >. I'm just so used to the feeling that I've gone far away."

What the hell would happen if that happened? I couldn't understand the situation in Ishikusai, and I could only be confused. That's why he didn't set up the chase. His step now is different from his one so far. So he dares ask.

"... Stone Boat Sai Palace. You have no regrets."


Kate came to kill herself for real. Ishikusai had a joyful emotion close to unspeakable emotion for the words he had been told without intent to kill. That is why I am not lost in his response. Whether it brings about a one-sided metaphorical future or not.

"It's a stupid question. I can't be happier. Now before Non, he said, there is a man who can't reach the depths that Non can't reach, and uses them. The joy of not seeing a man in the next lifetime cannot be regretted."

"... ok. Bye."


What were you thinking? Stone Boat Sai admonishes himself, who has been desperately trying to win, before Kite, who once again shows himself. What matters is not victory. Way ahead of now. It is to finally identify the depths of the divine shadow that has appeared and make it ours. As such, the battle would resume with mutual agreement.