Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1958: The Battle of the Swordsman - vs. Stone Boat Sai - 2 -

The depths of the Divine Yin Flow Heart (Shin) < >. Kite used the last depths of being able to use the two depths of the Divine Yin Flow for the very first time. Before him, Ishikusai will once again come to battle with joy. That's how the battle started, but the first hand will figure out what it's like, and Ishikusai will release it.


Breathe. No difference. Force. Significant increase. Running through a step, Ishikusai analyzes everything he sees from the crossing of the previous blow in an instant. Strangely enough, Kite's breathing - breathing here is like a stream of consciousness - using < > that everything lies ahead of her.

I'm using Deuteronomy. Something must change. Yes, Ishikusai thought so, but it doesn't make any difference. but change is manifesting itself as a change. What was going on was refreshing.



Against Ishikusai's all-powerful sword trident, Kite still releases a sword trident by a machete in a light way. but this next moment. After all, the roar sounded and the stone boat sai was to be blown out loud.

"Ah... chip"

Not yet. Kate looks at the heavily blown stone boat sai and tongues slightly bitterly. It's easy to kill if you try. Now he can destroy everything in one blow.

That is only to the extent that his senses are carefully gripping the marshmallows so that they do not recess. Even if the blown Stone Boat Sai could die of shock if it were a regular person. Therefore, the blown stone boat sai was unexpectedly trembling with his hands.


What, this ridiculous power? Indeed, I hear that kite's greatest strength is its unusual firepower. but that says he can have delicate control. Yet I had no control now. That's how such a kite disappears


A pale flash passed by. That's the only thing that looked like a stone boat sai. That's all I could see of someone as talented as him. That's how some of that shock passes through the side, and Stone Boat Sai is blown away.


Awkward. Shipsai understands that he was pushed into something extraordinary by the flow of the world he saw unfolding < >. Too mighty flow. It came from the other side.


It is no longer possible to escape this flow. Having so decided, Ishikusai concentrates his consciousness and prepares his breath while being blown away. That's how his consciousness accelerates, recognizing a glimmer of light that flies from far away. That's the source of this huge stream. It's the power to try to kill yourself.

(I just think meteor...)

In anticipation of the flow to be read through, Ishikusai, who gained marginal leeway, thinks so to the visible stream. Then something he mistakes for a meteor is released from the far side.


Only for a moment can you survive yourself. Ishikusai focuses his consciousness and switches between moments and eternity, adding a comma zero second time to recognize the flying body.


In a breath, Ishikusai trumps Kate's unleashed arrows just as he normally cuts them off. No matter how powerful you possess, this is an arrow. If only the arrow in the center had been cut with precise optimal force, it would not have been a problem no matter how powerful it was. And that's right after I cut off the arrow. Ishikusai understands that the flow has not yet disappeared.

No way, are you going to keep releasing all this power? Ishikusai concentrates more consciousness in order to anticipate the immense flow that continues. but i realize this is a bad idea since the shock hit him right after this.


I got hit. Ishikusai dared to understand that Kate would do this after being read the flow at < >. What Kite did was simply use enormous power as a background to make shock waves. By reading the flow and creating a powerful flow, we could also mislead the next hand.

(What are you going to...)

As he is blown away, Stone Boat Sai considers Kite's next hand. Once we got to the boulder, Ishikusai understood that it was a bad idea to read the rest of Kate's actions in < > and < >.

Naturally. If it's swordsmanship, you're on top, but Kite's on top when it comes to world currents. There's no way Kite can fight on the same mound more than far ahead. Therefore, instead of reading ahead of Kate's actions, he decides to keep them only in very close proximity to guide his actions. That narrowed the reading in < > as he landed on the ground and braked, while Kite kicked the ground.


I started to get used to it. Ishikusai understands that Kate has circled behind him, and he understands that his appearance is gradually approaching it at all times. So, right after. A turning kite and a stone boat sail sword trident met, sparks scattered.



Looking at the blowing stone boat sai, Kate understands that this feeling is becoming her own. He is seriously going to kill Ishikusai, but at the same time he is not going to kill him with any mere force moves.

That's because you can't call it a victory. For him, who can destroy even the stars, victory with force moves is only natural reason. Therefore, we gain victory only by surpassing our brothers and sisters as users of the Divine Yin Current. That's what he wanted.

"Now...... can you handle it?

Kate grips her fist only once as she looks at Stone Boat Sai, which blows far less than the first. He himself had admitted earlier, but he was not yet accustomed to the depths of his heart. I was therefore unfamiliar with this output and was not able to use most of the moves. Therefore, he concentrates his consciousness that it is time to give it a try.


Danger. As the feeling of those who crossed the battlefield, Ishikusai understands that Kate is about to use something. And so he kicked the ground that he should not let him go into this.




To Kite, who takes the distance in the backstep, Ishikusai immediately sets up a pursuit. The flow can be read, but it does not change. We must not let them use this. He understood that it was one of the last things Kite was trying to use because he was a god shady current at the bend. That's how he's set up his pursuit, against Stone Boat Sai, and Kate can focus on his belly at the same time as he lands.

"... Ha!


Stone Boat Sai unexpectedly complains to Kite, who prevented his own all-powerful slaughter with a flash of temper. Nevertheless, this does not deserve surprise. Although used with the power of kite, it is a < > technique (skill) at the top of Musashi's Aotearoa.

It made the body stronger, which was supposed to be like preparing to unleash a heavy blow from here. but as a side effect it obtained such a robust body.

"... good"

Can be used. Kite understands that it is possible to use moves (skills) in this output, and determines that it is possible to do so even further.



It's awkward if you don't take the distance. I understood that Ishikusai should not be allowed to use it, but at the same time had to take a distance. Therefore, he did not dare to stop the divine Yin Liu moves < > and decided to take a distance. but it was right and at the same time a mistake. So, the next moment. Kate was circling behind herself.

"... what?

"... this is the final depths of the Divine Yin Current. It uses all the three depths of cardiac arts."

Kuriku. Ishikusai accidentally drank a saliva, understanding the meaning of Kate's words. If Kate's movements so far had been manipulated by force, his movements now were too perfect. It was even as if you were playing when you were swinging earlier.

"... why did you use it now?"

"Because I wasn't sure I could use it. Maybe I couldn't use it if I stayed on that force."

There is nothing in Stone Boat Sai that understands all the depths of the Divine Yin Current. No, but we know that it can never be done with semi-productive skill. I haven't been able to do anything.

I am therefore convinced that the words of this kite are probably true. And at the same time, I understood. This was the last of its depths, so I guess I have complete control. That's how Ishikusai turned around.


Disappeared. Stone Boat Sai immediately explores the signs to Kite, who disappeared at the same time as turning around. But because of his talent, on the contrary, he could not find the flow of the world entirely ours using < >.

"... here it is"

"... how did you do it?

"I just used < >. Nothing < > just reads the world's currents, right?

"... that's not true."

I wouldn't be struggling if I could. Even Kate's would be able to do about this, and Ishikusai could only smile bitterly at the words he just said. The true power of < > is to simultaneously integrate it with the world and make it all ours.

It is only said that the flow of the world can also be understood because it is pseudo-integrated with the world. but it is still difficult to pseudo-integrate with the world, and the load on the flesh increases dramatically. So in view of the strain on the flesh, Ishikusai dared to curtail the extent and reserved himself only to reading the flow.


Coming. Ishikusai perceives that Kate has refocused her consciousness again and used all three depths of the Divine Yin Current. So, right after. Kate stepped out and released a poke from a unique pose with her left hand on top of the blade accompanied by a peak.


Fast. Stone Boat Sai avoids with an aggressive tilt in his face against Kate's spike, which showed a movement similar to Rapier's penetration. but shortly thereafter. A shock struck his body.



The shock caused Ishikusai to exhale air in his lungs. but in contrast, kite kicks any relentless ground and goes further into pursuit.

(What... woke up!

I don't know. At that moment, all of Kite's behavior should have been after him. Ishikusai remembers Kate's one-by-one throw and guesses what happened. He finds the answer from the shock that struck him that way, etc.

(Fist fight! Brilliant body!

That unique poke. I didn't know what that intent was at first sight, but I took it and understood. Moments of poking, one hand spreads the time. I thought that was why. But in fact, he made it seem that way by releasing a poke with one hand, and prepared his left hand as a second shot when he was avoided.

(This is...)

Seeing Kate move further from fist beating to stepping on the ground and into pursuit, Ishikusai gains one discomfort. Kate's movements have a series of streams, which in some ways seem to be due to the flow of the divine yin current.

but it never is. I could see something like one genre. That's what I found out because he was the one who crossed the martial arts path forever, and that's why he understood the identity of discomfort in several more slaughters.

(... some sort of genre flow...)

Together, they shape the optimal movement of Kite today. All of them are unknown moves of Ishikusai. but it is somewhat suspicious that kite is using this. Therefore, he is the depths of the Divine Yin Current. Understand just a little bit about who < > is.

(Using a number of martial arts... No, will you be able to spot the best moves!

In a way, that was not the right thing to do. but it's just not a mistake. The power of < > makes all swordsmanship and swordsmanship a known object and its own.

but not all sword moves and swordsmanship can be used. At that time, it was necessary to determine the optimal solution for the user, and it was also < > for that purpose. I leave myself to the flow.

(if so...... there is only one way to win anymore)



He manages to flush the insane movement of Kate's dimensions, and Ishikusai is forced to stay on the spot once and for all.


It's only if you see the flow that Kite goes from here. I understand that Ishikusai intends to use the depths of Yanagi Shin-Yin Liu, which he himself asks for. Yanagi Shin Yin Liu was defeated earlier < >. There is an optimal solution for this, but at the same time it was necessary to stop once.

"... you know what I mean"

'Cause that's who I am now.'

Kate laughs again at Ishikusai, who laughed with pleasure at the knife. Thus, Ishikusai concentrated his consciousness on preparing himself for the most proud < >.