Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Lesson 1962: The Battle of the Swordsman - A Different Solution

Battle of Musashi and Soku. The battles between the masters of the early Edo period in different worlds, neither of which can be taken advantage, move on to Act II. In such a battle. Musashi is the ideal structure he gained in Japan and his own that led to Japan. It was a sophisticated display of nature.


Musashi avoids just leaning and flowing against purple electricity. After dodging to flow, he uses his body to wield a sword.

Unexpectedly Sokuto opened his eyes to the speed of the knife unleashed. If the speed earlier was to be one hundred, the speed now would be exactly two hundred.




As if it were flowing. Shortly after Soto prevents a blow, Musashi's sword trident strikes Soto again. That series of streams was so natural that it made him wonder if he had also learned the Divine Yin Current, and all I could say was that he was on the stream correctly.


Soto clearly floats admiration in his heart, avoiding and sometimes preventing a series of attacks that are unleashed like flow. Right, master. This movement can only be made if it is at a certain extreme. but that's why it was easy to avoid it too. Because optimized behavior is the easiest thing to cope with for the Divine Yin Flow.



Soto, who is supposed to be pushed, and Musashi, who is supposed to be pushing, smile silently at each other. Neither, to this extent, thinks that mere velocity, merely perfectly optimized movement, can handle it. That's why I'm laughing. Nevertheless, the situation is slightly less thankful for Soto than being pushed by a boulder at first hand. Therefore he dares to take the blow of Musashi and take a distance.

"... surprised. I didn't expect it to go any faster from there."

"I'm not surprised... it makes sense. In the first place, that distorted twist was only made up as an optimal solution to that princess. That princess... she thinks strangely, but she's late."

"Drying rod."

That princess. Needless to say, that must be about Asahi. She has been using dry rods as long as she has lived, and then used < >, which Musashi once tore.

He said that it was impossible to avoid the original < > at the time.

She started using huge weapons to prevent it, but in case she came here, she had a machete comparable to a drying rod to make up for the difference in reach between that huge sword and the weapon. It seemed unreasonable at first sight, and it was a reasonable decision.

"Umm...... but those two gestures are only the best solution for that princess and not for the Lord. That's too big for anyone who moves like Lord Sokku to the point of extreme flux... this is good."

Musashi looked at the ordinary machete that fit in his hand and nodded one. I still don't know if I'm used to it because I'm not the partner I've been with for six hundred years, but it's still something I've had in my hands since I was born. I was familiar with my hands as if it were part of me. but only once, he takes a deep breath and kicks himself out of the inside.


Don't be like that. Musashi regains his pride as an elder and as a musashi to the brink. To this, Soto tilted his neck.

"What's up?

"... if Non is to prevail over the Lord, he must be Non."


What does it mean? Soto is surprised at Musashi's words. but Musashi answers nothing to this. If you don't know, it's just that Soto will be defeated. And beating him here is what was entrusted to Kate, Yamato, his own gatekeepers and, at the end of the day, Stone Boat Sai. Then we have to do it.

"Come on...... let's keep going. Yoo Seung-sook. No shortage for the opponent."

"Ranri...... Shinji Musashi. Let's take my machete."

Seeing Musashi set it up, Soto also takes it up as the new Yin Liu Shing Yin Liu. That's what we call a side-study, the most tame move in the Willow Shin Yin Liu. That's how Soto kicks the ground.


Release a sword trident so that Musashi cuts it up from the bottom against the sect he has penetrated. That's really close to a very natural arm shaking motion too, faster than Soto releasing the cut, should have been.


A moment of sudden braking. Zoku had stopped on the spot, even though his face would have been straight two if he had stepped forward in the second half. So, right after Musashi cut it up. Soto leans forward and leaves half a step forward.


"Have you forgotten that Non is a duplicant?

"... quite rigid"

Too much, and with one left hand, his own sword trident is stopped, and Sokuto floats praise. Pretty impossible posture, but I enjoyed it with the release of magic. but there is no difference in the impossible posture. Therefore, Soto took a step further.



Can't you still do it? Musashi receives a launch by Soto, with a slightly bitter face. That's how Soto followed him.

"Ha! Huh!?

"The weird of being a freak! In this world, Non has a longer day!

It was a musashi that had been blown away and disoriented, but it transformed the weapon into a great sword and slowed sharply with its weight. Get in position immediately. Shortly afterwards, he struck a blow with the weight and full weight of the Great Sword onto the chastened sect.

"Gu...... but!

It was a sect that was about to be knocked down to the ground after a heavy blow in the air, but on its way. Sudden braking to avoid clashes. It floats instantly.


Disappeared. In an instant lost sight, Musashi unexpectedly opened his eyes. but he felt the fierce cold behind him and kicked in the void.


It was almost at the same time that Musashi kicked the void and Soto, who was turning behind in an instant on what technique. If I was a second behind, it would have been two straight from my back. Musashi slightly sighs at such a cold sight of the liver.

(Again, that's just the Zokku-kun... if that's what it is, it's a shame. Spare me, Sokku-kun. If you are defensive...)

What died in the current blow. Musashi sighs sincerely. Such a visible blow. It can't be inevitable. Let's go, he says so loudly. You can't possibly not know.

Regardless, if the opponent was Yanagi "Daimasho" Sokuto, he would not play with Musashi. You can't afford to play. None equals nothing. Whether it extends to doing everything in its power. That's the realm. but if they're Yoo Seung-sook, I can cook for them no matter what.



In the sect that appears directly in front, Musashi lightly aligns the knife with the counter and just the opposite knife. Besides, Soku disappeared like Kasumi.

(Application of Divine Yin Flow?)

To the phenomenon seen, Musashi understands its fundamentals. As Kate did, Soto disappeared behind the consciousness of the world. No matter, it's not as perfect as Kate's, so it just seems to have disappeared. It just seems to have disappeared for a moment.

but still a threat enough. Because remnants are caused. Repeating the reward in the air, several times. Musashi lands on the ground.




Musashi defends the knife of both hands together on a blade that is fierce and well shaken. As such, a slight impasse occurs.


"Sounds fun."

"Oh, that's fun...... oh, fun. What kind of hand awaits you next? Is it fun not knowing?"

In response to Musashi's inquiry, Soto nodded with a laugh. Each other, more than once, the slaughter is plundering itself. Therefore a fine wound was in both bodies, and the pain seemed to aggravate him. Musashi laughs at him like that.

"Well... too bad"


After a flash of rampant laughter, Sokuto puzzles at the mourning that Musashi floats. As a result, they were both slightly overpowered.

"... Nono, Sokku-ji. I admired you. Whatever the occasion, don't panic in any hurry. I always thought I was the best swordsman to come up with the best solution."


To the mourning Musashi, Soto was just asking if there was anything to think about.

"I think you're feeling a little too thin. to the weakened self. Untold discomfort."

"... Still, I am"

"Wah. Then I'll go out with you..."

but. From Musashi, who separated the words there, I feel a tremendous fighting spirit. That was so much fighting that the water seemed to turn into steam in an instant.

"When it's over, they'll take the blame. The blame for making the world noisy and disturbing the peace. Including my father's share...... with that arm. But as a horse guard."

"... then let me break it. Give me this Willow Soto. Willow first generation contemporary. I need a second generation of Willow Shin Yin Liu."

"My goodness."

Musashi responds to a sect that has undergone a transformation from somewhere rough to somewhere cold so far. And if so, it is one thing Soto chooses.


Come or < >. Musashi understands the end of the day and sees the sect that slowly takes the knife. It ends with the next blow. Understand that.


Releasing any maneuver to release the knifeless < >, Sokuto drinks down all his wishes and strays, and prepares his breath. but he got a slight surprise at Musashi, who saw it that way.

One knife?

Duplicity is the main domain, and until now it is the size of the weapon. Musashi through the duplicity is now one sword. Soto is confused by such an incredible situation. The structure has blue eyes. It's a head-on game plan.


Oh, nothing. What is emptiness? Musashi, relative to the confused sect, smiles slightly in his own mood that there is nothing. To say no is not a sect. Thinking so, nothing's gone by nature. Can I cut it or not? I don't know that. but I thought I could. That's all.

"... ha"

No. No, no. The man in front of you is too much of a man to end like this. It will always make me a swordsman comparable to myself and the princess. You can't let a man like that lose it with such 'boring things'.

(There are two ways to break < >. One is not to fight. The other one is too easy)

I guess the problem is that I don't want to do it. Musashi couldn't help but laugh inside at the weakness of < >, which was too easy to find.

Again, here, I have to say that differences in positions and ways of being were evident in Kite and Musashi. Kate had broken straight from the front and was looking for a true and true victory. but what Musashi wants here is no victory. More than that, what's the value of winning a battle like this? I only thought so.


Tong. It feels light, Musashi kicks the ground. I didn't do anything strange. Just like Kate, we're going to beat it in a straight line, head-on battle. And that's why he didn't have any strays. That's how, in one step, he ran through the time and waved a sword.


Waved, Soto unexpectedly comes to a surprise. but the body responds honestly. Along the already prepared flow of < >, Soto taps < > into Musashi almost automatically. That's how the red line diagonally enters Musashi's body, and the blood blows out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Shortly after the blood blew out. Musashi roars and beats Soto to pieces. That's how they blew up dozens of meters and Soto fell to the ground.