Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1964: Seven Great Sins - To The Next Battle

Kite and Stone Boat Sai. Musashi and Soto. The battle between the two swordsmen was won by the defeat of both and the defeat of the other and Musashi. person or inevitable. He was the four survivors due to the immaturity of the way and the winner, but one of them, Kate, first lowered his head to Ishibukusai, who was handling Ishibusai in a state that would not help him if he did not give him a hand as soon as possible.

"... Now, that would be good. But...... are you sure it's good?

"... good... don't lose and get paid... I can't stop thinking about Noon... and Noon is an enemy. Unlike my idiot son, I stand here without any difference in my personality... no need to take care of him... give me that vial if you need it"

Continuous breath. Looking at Kite with an unfocused eye, Ishikusai did not diligently receive Kite's retrieved healing pills. Though I stopped the bleeding once, it was really a serious injury that was dying. You probably haven't even noticed he's back the way he always was.

I can't believe how imperfect Kate's blow was. Speaking of angry, I was angry. Nevertheless, I understood it to be so much of a move, and even admitted honestly about it. It is simply frustrating that we have failed here the most.

"... ok...... then, a little. Give me the medication."

"... what"

"From Lord Nobunaga, I have a word for you... and I'm going to make sure you're prepared."

"... ooh... guh..."

All of a sudden. It was Ishikusai who thought so, but laughs unexpectedly at the words spoken. As such, he dares to tell a joke as he weeps at the sight with pain and whatnot.

"Wow, don't make me laugh... I'm going to die..."

"If that's all you're doing, you'll be fine... Well"

I wonder what the problem is. Kate can't even leave Ishikusai like this, and most importantly, we have to get out of here. As with the treatment of Ishikusai first, it is not possible under the present circumstances. And most importantly, he would refuse to be treated for going outside under the circumstances. If so, I needed to think about something.

(I need to get out of here first... Tina said, was it three hours)

It hasn't been an hour yet. Kite takes out the clock to which the force of time has been granted and checks the outside time and the inside time. Roughly thirty minutes now and a little from the start of the battle with Ishikusai. Tina continued to analyze me even during the fight, but it was still difficult to navigate, which was what she heard during Ishikusai's treatment.

"Tina. Analysis, is it going to take time?

"Mmmm... honestly. I'll think about it. Sealing by concept. Naturally, then, the narrower the concept, the stronger it becomes. Therefore, there is nothing else we can do. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

"Seriously, there's nothing you can do..."

"Conceptual defense is theory. As I said to the Lord before, there is reason (saying) that metaphorical magic would be an unusable space. So if you can figure it out, you can use magic."

Tina herself has said this before, and she is practicing metastasis in The Underworld Forest, where she shouldn't actually be able to use metastasis. It's all because it unravels and surpasses the theory that she can't be there. The theory was the problem here.

"This kingdom or seal... it greatly diminishes the power of those with the concept of demon king. Besides, it's troublesome... ha..."

"What's up?

"This is probably both Enefia's and Earth's. I see a different sorcery ceremony from both. I can't handle it cheaply."

"Whew... don't use it here..."

"No, I'll use it here for the rest of my life."

Needless to say, here is Lee Knight, home of the adventurers. And now the adventurers are gathering from all over the world. It was no exaggeration to say that the highest forces in the world were in place, and it was no exaggeration to say that if we could even muster the force, we would attack here. No matter, I didn't think anyone would be able to prepare that battle.

"So, again, I can't wait three hours."

"Wa Ru. Hands are on my mind."

"The Boulder Demon King...... So, what's the answer?

"If you blame me, all you have to do is force moves. It's not the rest and the Lord's work."

In response to Kite's inquiry, Tina laughs and openly gives an answer. Three hours, that's only if you analyze it into tunnels. It was also the hands that would break through forcefully with force moves. but I need to talk to you in the first place.

"No... didn't you just say you couldn't do that?

"Well, I can't do full force moves. Not that sweet on boulders...... as I said earlier, there is some theory there for all things. So what's important here is the part where force moves are destroying us. As long as we let it unravel there, we can do anything later with force moves. That's what keeps the concept of the Demon King from happening, and if we can do something about it, we can pace it all at once."

"But I can't find it," he said.

"Because the Lord played with the old man there."

As always, looking at the seal, I point to the stone boat sai where Tina lies. To this, Kate leaned her neck.

"Why does Lord Ishikusai have anything to do with this?"

"The Lord will keep you over there. I've already thought about my hands."



Apparently, nothing, Tina, was foolish. She didn't just do the analysis honestly. Kate rounds her eyes to Tina's words. That's how she nodded one.

"Okay... now we're ready for analysis."

"So, what do I have to do?

"It's simply good to smash a big blow. If the Lord is also the Demon King, he will undoubtedly react to the concept of this sealed Demon King. Do it a few times and you'll see."

"I see..."

It makes sense. This seal will certainly seal those who have the concept of the Demon King, as it does against the Demon King. but there's got to be some kind of theory there than it is magic, and there's got to be some kind of magic ceremony that's building this. No matter how delicate and elaborate that is, it doesn't change there. If so, there was ample chance that we could do something about it, as Tina mentioned earlier.

"I don't care if you try later."

"Aye... so what am I supposed to do?

"It's simply good to hit a big blow in the long run. The response will change depending on the output."


Does that mean I should just bust out on the street at all times? Kate turns her shoulders and ascertains one sensation. I don't use < > on boulders anymore. What awaits us from here is the battle against the sin of bulimia (Gratney). I don't know how long it will last, and in the unlikely event that the seal can be destroyed using it, it could give a huge amount of energy to the 'crime of bulimia (Gratney)' outside. I'd like to leave, but it was strictly forbidden to do anything bad.

"Well...... ha!

Turning his shoulder, Kite releases a magical light strip from his right hand with one temper. That's plenty of ten seconds or so. The good came out of Tina.

"That's good."

"Aye... So, how was it?

"Hmm. In response to the notion of the Demon King, I found such a place. After that, just do the trials and find a hit."

"That means do even the same thing now."

"Oh dear. It's better than having to wait three hours."


Kate laughs at Tina's words. As a result, they rushed to escape and analyzed the seal.

Well, on the other hand, around that time. Outside the seal where the kites were captured, the Adventure Department was under attack by the Source Line.



"No problem! It's still contained!


I guess it's because it still has its own causes. The moment was engaged with Rufaus, Al, against the source outline when he deposited it with Bernstein, who trusted the control of the Adventure Department. Among them are those who looked at the plight of the Adventure Department and helped.



Again, strong. The source outline flashes Celestia's sword and looks at her unexpectedly. After all, she is from another world of "Another Kite," a fierce man in the middle of an admirable Great War. They didn't spare the struggle even with the source line.


but that seems good. The source line was bitter, but somewhere with a satisfying face.

"Please pull! Get back on your feet!


To Celestia's words, moments jump once to distance themselves from the source line. None the less, the Source Line showed a daring attitude to chase.

"I won't let you!


Against the interrupted Celestia, the Source Line flies a bitter slash into the blink of an eye. but that is still a misery. Direct hit on the born demon of "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" interrupted along the way. Though I erase it, I realize it for a moment and put up a spear.

"Huh... Huh"

The demon shielded me along the way and saved me. I think so, exhaling and getting myself ready for the moment. That's how he sinks into his heart once.

"The Alcoholic Boy."


"Your enemy... why did you leave me the lead?"

"Don't be so frightened... now I'm not going to take your fight"


Well, I guess so. The moment convinces himself of the word with the mood transmitted from him as the rebirth of a drunken child. But that's why I couldn't understand.

But why?

"Kuku... you can't reach me or him because I don't know that"


In the words of a drunken boy, the moment becomes slightly muddled. but the drunken boy tells this with pleasure.

"It's not a place where that meat mass can't get in the way. And that meat chunk...... what do you think '

"You'll see when you see it."

"Look, you just know what I mean?


I can tell when I see it. That was the moment I said it, but I am taken aback by the words of a drunken boy who returns it.

"How do you feel on your skin? What does instinct say? What the hell is he?


There was no word to return the moment to the inquiry of the drunken boy.

What's missing from you is your instinct as a warrior... why did he come forward? 'Cause I don't know what's at stake with him.'


After all, a warrior overwhelmingly above himself. Moments float so bittersweetly against drunken children who sleep within themselves. And that's why he won't answer. I understand. And Al dances down to the side, surprised by the moment he stops like that.

"Moment. Are you okay?

"Ah, oh. Sorry."

"Yeah...... well, let's go"


I managed to vomit for a breath, and I found out that there was no cross spear for a drunken boy. Then all you have to do is fight in a straight line. but before that, let the comms start up once in a while.

"Mr. Berntaine."

"Oh, a moment. Hey, what's up?

"How about that one?

'Honestly, you're not aromatic. It means casualties. Well, there's hardly any answers...'

That feels strange. I think so for a moment to Bern Tyne's words. And that was with Berntaine.

'You haven't confirmed this yet, I didn't see it either... Huh! Apparently, these guys are trying not to kill each other intentionally. "

"These guys?

The moment sees the myriad demons that will be created unchanged, releasing a spear wrapped with extreme thunder toward a group headed for the Adventure Department faction.

"Oh. I don't know what to do with it... I think I'm carrying it to that big guy"

"To that...?

Moments and Berntaines are aligned to see "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" floating high in heaven. And I understood the intention, and looked up.

"Soldier Ali... is it something like that?"

'I guess... I also know very well that Kate's uncle was only rare. Oh, shit. More than you look, and more than you feel in your skin, you say the depth of your instincts sucks.'


Apparently, Bern Tyne knew what it felt like to be a drunk boy. The moment came from his slight seeping voice of awe, so I guessed. Don't fight that one. If you don't want to, you shouldn't. That's what Bernstein had in him.

Regardless, that's why I wasn't willing to run away, and I was honestly following Levi's instructions, who seems to know something. This is also the result of following the warrior's instincts.

"... In the meantime, my people please"

"Oh, I'll take care of it. You fight your enemies."


To Bernstein's words, one moment nodded. It was almost at the same time that he faced the source outline like that, and the source outline that guessed it turned this way, and that further reinforcements would come.


"Oh, boy."

"Are you..."

A group of mercenaries wrapped in black. I knew that for a moment. A mercenary regiment that once drove themselves to utter destiny. That is what has come. And the fact that they're here is,

"... Grimm, was it"

Long time no see, young warrior.

"Oh... allies, so that's good, right?


Phew. Grimm sighed small, in an instant inquiry. As such, he instructs his team with his fingers to start sweep battles around him with the Adventure Club and his nearby guilds, as well as himself going straight to the source line. And the moment and Al also kicked the ground without delay.