Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1979: Seven Major Crimes - Fortress/Entry -

Kite crusaded the demons of the supermassive universe called for by "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" as soon as he could by < >. His work will crusade all demons from space to Enefia, almost unknown to anyone.

but with his obstruction like that, "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" was pointing out dozens of kilometers of fortresses, apparently created by an uncivilized civilization not encountered by Kate for him. Thus, before the countless man-made weapons and small battleships that emerged from the fortress and the countless artillery shells released from the fortress, Kite was relative by equipping < > with the armaments of countless shelling battles.

"Fire all bullets for now!


As he flies behind his back, Kite unleashes all his armaments toward the armies of countless man-made weapons pursuing him this way. I jumped behind all of them to make them chase us. Because the attack will be scattered as it is on the surface.

As a result, the magic cannon mounted in various parts of the < > Guardian > fires colorful flashes of light, collecting several planes per shot and shooting them down. That's how you fly behind your back, but it's a linear move. Therefore, the fortress will be immediately targeted.

"Third wave over the fortress, I'm coming!

"Eh! Aigis! I beg you!


The only thing Kite can do is take the first shot without having to focus on avoiding it. Therefore, when he lets go of control other than the rifle type of both hands from the pulled trigger, he delegates all firearms control related to Aigis. Start evasive action by rotating the rifle-shaped demon gun in your hand.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

As he rotates to dance around the fortress, Kate moves narrowly through the universe. So when we pause for just a moment, we slowly but scrape hundreds of man-made weapons, repeating the shelling. I made it rifle-shaped because it only stops for a moment. It took a powerful blow to make sure it disappeared in one shot.

"Much less... but"

"Jesus! Enemy reinforcements, I'm coming!

Playing a similar battle to dancing is about enough. It would also be around the time when a third of man-made weapons were shredded. It was Kite who understood that it had decreased visibly, but he understood that reinforcements would come from the flow so far. Thus, the hatch of the indicative fortress opens and the same degree of man-made weaponry launches when two people have vanished from the inside.


"Jesus...... reinforcements, consistent with the number of crusades. I suggest you try more often."

Copy that.

Up to this point, it's a stream I saw. While Kate listens to Aigis, she dares to keep going about reinforcements. In this way, shelling is carried out, including more man-made weapons that have been hung enough to increase.


"Oh. I see it"

It was around the time when hundreds of man-made weapons were once again the algae chips of the universe. Again, the hatch of the fortress opens and a man-made weapon launches from inside. Apparently, it springs up infinitely to see if it has even a manufacturing line inside.

"Well... I'm curious about the time threshold"

Fighting to dance, Kate was calm about the resurgence of reinforcements. There were countless reinforcements at the time of the supercrossbow in the first place. If so, there is no wonder that there are countless human-type weapons in this fortress that are more gigantic than that, and no wonder that they were manufactured. The law of mass preservation ignores the current state of affairs. I ignored any questions about where the material came from, but I was looking at the status quo as it is.

"Aigis, increase the rate of annihilation. I'll make up for the missing output."


At the behest of Kite, Aigis further increases the speed of the shooting, which he has been suppressing. If the enemy ignores the laws of physics and such, this one is ignored from the edge < >.

The majority of its armaments are constructed by concept, and it cannot wake up without the burning of the shell by continuous fire. Therefore, we could increase the speed of continuous fire anywhere as long as we could manage magic. So, five minutes. It was annihilated at double speed, but there Aigis opened his mouth.

"Master. Hatch, open"


"You saw it."


Apparently, the legality of reinforcements will be when the total number of man-made weapons and battleships falls below a certain threshold. The two look at the man-made weapon that jumped out of the open hatch and decide so. And at the same time, there were a few things I saw.

"Shit... I wish the shelling was a little weaker"

"Jesus...... but I thought it made sense. This is really one plane. Attack is limited to one side. If you turn the excess, it's enough."

"or... but the moment the hatch opens still looks like the attack is weakening"

"Jesus... only the moment of launch seems to weaken the attack to prevent friendly fire"

"Looks like we got involved earlier."

Kite blooms a little to Aigis' report, but understands that this will be a hole in the ant. After all, nearly a hundred man-made weapons will be launched. Though it's starting from some hatches, it's not all the same. Therefore, the shelling is loosened for a short time. It was possible to attack there as a starting point.

"Good...... Aigis. See how many minutes the attack will loosen in the next one."

"Jesus...... how fast do you attack?

"Normal, please. However, in case of the next attack, turn the excess."


Aigis, instructed by Kite, slows down the attack again and starts another system to measure the time. As such, keep destroying enemies at the same pace as the beginning. The hatch opens again and the man-made weapon launches.

"Measurement start"

After that, that's all. Kate waits as she dodges countless artillery shells until her last hand to attack the fortress ends. So, a few minutes later. All reinforcements went off and Aigis opened his mouth.

"Master. Measurement complete. In view of the results so far measured, the respite seems to be approximately three minutes"

"Copy that… Later, next time"

"I was wondering if I could destroy it."

"I just have to try there. Worst case scenario, if you can crush a barrier, you can make money."

In response to Aigis' response, Kate prepares herself with a little temper. I can't put it on this fortress for very long. Fortunately, there is no such thing as "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" releasing call-water because it used its power to produce this fortress, but it is also unclear by what time. He wanted to destroy it as soon as possible and return it.

So the two continue to destroy the armies of man-made weapons again as they prepare to match the timing of enemy reinforcements as much as possible.


Later, only bet at the last moment. Kate manipulates the double guns while dodging, even, and mechanically annihilates the humanoid weapon. So, roughly fifteen minutes later. Rain and pouring shelling loosened.


"Jesus! Roll out the barrage with shoulder and side launchers toward the group of man-made weapons coming after us!

As Kate signals, Aigis begins shelling with a combined demon cannon provided on the shoulder and flank. That's how the troops of man-made weapons determine the moment they're frightened, and Kite stops.

"Aigis! Aim this way!

"Jesus! Rifle Consolidation Confirmed! Amplification circuit, activated successfully! Synchronize to the trigger of the backpack's two gates, the master's trigger!


The rifle-type demon gun that Kate was using, but apparently it had the ability to use one side as the other amplifier by coupling it.

Tina's developed rifle type has the same functionality, and Aigis was able to normally assist with this. Thus, in an instant, Kite aimed at one of the hatches of the fortress and pulled the trigger of a coupled rifle-type demon gun.

"Landing confirmed!

"Now, what do you say!?

Breaking down the unfolded barrier of the fortress, the light strip released from the gunpoint of the three gates hits the hatch directly. A blast of flames erupted inside the fortress, blowing apart all the man-made weapons that were in the launch position. but. It's still a giant fortress of dozens of kilometers. It looks like there was a lot of damage, but it wasn't completely out of function.

"Fight back, I'm coming!

"Chi! Not yet!

Kite strikes one tongue as he takes evasive action against the rain-like shelling that is unleashed all the time. Nevertheless, all reinforcements seemed to have been wiped out, and the shelling weakened considerably compared to earlier. Speaking of attack, it was attack time.

"Master. What do you want to do?

"It's settled. Here's the thing, I'll break through from the inside all at once!

To Aigis' inquiry, Kate flipped out of evasive action and plunged into the rain of shelling in a straight line. Dozens of shots were fired, but < > is still alive. It has enough strength about the barriers, and enough power. Now, there was a chance I could attack you all at once. As such, Kite pushes into the fortress in a straight line, taking evasive action at high speeds like a barrel roll.

"Huh! Master! Hutch, open!

"Superior! If you want to invite me in, take it and stand up!

"Front, enemy reinforcements coming!

"Ignore it! I'll destroy you if you get in my way! Spears!"


On Kite's instructions, Aigis shows a spear just in front of < >. Besides, Kate reached out and grabbed the spear, accelerating further. Thus, through all the man-made weapons that stood in front of him like a pale meteor, < > entered the interior as he destroyed the hatch.


After destroying the hatch and entering the interior and destroying dozens of bulkheads and fortress walls. Kate suddenly paused as she approached the center and scolded the spear. So, right after. The spear was smashed and scattered.

"This... I'll do it inside. Is the output good enough?"

"< > It's huge enough to be tamed."

"This guy has all the control..."

What was in front of the two was a man-made weapon with a huge space and a lower body sitting in the center of it resembling a snake. It was also similar to the demon of the half-serve earlier - although there are differences such as having more than one arm - but this one was apparently not originally made as a half-serve shape, but was forced into this shape to connect directly from the power of the fortress, etc. There was distortion.

In fact, the upper body is completely mechanical, but the lower body has a flesh mass appearance of "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)," with a half-biotic appearance. As well as the fortress, it was definitely one of the things taken in by The Sin of Rapture (Gratney).

"Master. Confirm internal structure… there is a massive energy response inside that fuselage. Probably the main power reactor. So, do you recognize that one?

"Unfortunately, you don't. I never saw this fortress itself in the first place… Daiwa, there is probably a giant weapon made by civilization captured in the crime of bulimia (Gratney)"

After all, the design sense as well as the technical system differed slightly due to civilization, and the design of this half-man and half-serve fuselage was somewhat prickly with respect to the earlier human-type weapons.

That's the discomfort that Kate would understand if she knew about the civilization that fought the 'crime of bulimia (Gratney)' together, so Kate understands that this half man and half snake fuselage is an unknown opponent. And that's what Aigis told him.

"Master. More man-made weapon than back, approaching. Reinforcements in battle seem inevitable."

"That won't be a problem... Aigis. Arm your flanks and shoulders for ease of movement."

"Jesus...... what do you do with the backpack?

"It's good as it is. You use it."


On Kite's instructions, Aigis again sets the < > arming of the Guardian. Thus, in preparation for melee combat, Kate decided to step on the floor of the fortress and begin a battle with a giant weapon of half a serpent.