Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1980: Seven Great Sins - Fortress and Destruction -

Fight against the supermassive fortress created by "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)". While it is manipulated by a number of man-made weapons and countless turrets from all over the fortress that are impossible to break through at once, even by < >, Kite manages to make use of the loosening moments of artillery that can be used between reinforcements of man-made weapons and successfully enter the interior of the fortress.

Waiting for him like that in the center of the fortress was a giant weapon made by an unknown civilization that < > transformed a humanoid weapon of the same size into a half serpent by the Sin of Rapture (Gratney).


Once again, Kate observes a half-man and a half snake's fuselage, breathing slightly disturbed by a single breakthrough.

(Was it the laser from that mouth that destroyed the spear first? It was highly powerful inside...)

Moment ahead. Kite remembers that a spear wielded using the aftermath of stopping was destroyed in one blow. Well, Aigis says that that half-man half-snake fuselage is directly connected or built into the power reactor of this fortress.

If so, the entire output of this fortress is synonymous with a half-man and a half snake fuselage. Given the enormity of this fortress, it was not surprising that it had as much firepower as it could destroy that it would be the armament of the < > Guardian.

"Master. What do you want to do?

"Crush. What else?

"No... what's the plan?

"Well, as usual"

"Only going in, right!


Hearing a fun Aigis response, Kate kicks the fortress floor to accelerate. Plus, the face guard of a half-man and a half snake's fuselage opens to expose the oral cavity. That's how the blue and white flames overflowed, and the blue and white light strips that crushed the spear earlier were emitted. but if you look at the linear light strip, you can avoid it. So he kicks the ground and immediately < > shifts to the side for just one minute.


Kate glances slightly at the light strip passing directly beside her. Apparently, the power of this giant fortress's direct power reactor is inside, and if you were alarmed, you might have been in danger of < > armor. That's how he dodged the shelling, and Kate broke down his posture as he tried to step further on the ground and jump forward.


"Foot! Weird reaction!

"I know that! What happened!

Slurp. Kate accidentally abhors her voice as she blows her entire body of vernier and holds it back in a broken position as if her feet were taken by a mud. It was refreshing to see what happened. but the cause was seen and understood at the foot.

"Hands!? Huh!"

Awkward. Kate noticed a hand growing from the ground and deployed a magic cannon that was mounted on her stomach aggressively. It does not kill the impact and clashes into the ceiling at once with recoil.


"Huh... Huh! Master! Attack, I'm coming!

"Whoa! Aye!"

It was a kite who flashed his face for a moment at the shock that ran on his back, but left the scene with a shock by kicking the ceiling so that he could jump in reverse to the subsequent Eigis report. So, the next moment. Light strips burst from the mouth of the half snake's fuselage, and < > penetrated the position where the guardian (Guardian) > had been until earlier.

"Master! Front, human weapon manifestation! and the humanoid weapons that were chasing from behind are also continually slipping into this room!

"Don't make it hard, dude!

As she descends to the ground, Kate looks at the crowd of man-made weapons crawling out of the floor on the front and the herd of man-made weapons entering from the hole in the back herself. That's how he descends, while Kite instantly hands the knife.


At the same time as landing, it generates a circular slaughter with a single machete, rounding off a crowd of man-made weapons that tried to surround it. That's how I stood up again and looked around only once.

"It's only for Hinofu..."

"Master. It's no use thinking. I'll increase it anyway."


Above all, is there a problem if I crush it? Kate stops counting the number of enemies in Aigis' words. She's right. It's no use thinking about it anyway, and crushing it doesn't change. If so, it was much better to move your hand than to think. So he sets up the knife again.

"... Phew"

Only once, Kate takes a deep breath to get her breathing ready. We shall then wait for the enemy to act. Number is number. There's nothing I can do about it by typing in here, and I don't have enough information. In order to get through this phase, it was necessary to gather information.



"Good. Don't tell me, but I know."

To Aigis' words, Kate had already decided the next hand. I thought it was inevitable that this would happen in view of an earlier act. That's how, at the same time he jumps off the spot. Hands grow where < > has always been, cutting off the sky.

"I can see it!

Immediately land on the ground and step through the face of the man-made weapon you were about to grow and stick a knife further up on the ground. That's how I erased the fortress floor in one breath.

"Well... now I can figure it out..."

In a blank space secured over hundreds of meters, Kate once again respirates and ponders a strategy. And towards him like that, the blue and white flames overflowed again from the face guard of a half-man and a half snake's fuselage.

(Coming? No, not like earlier......)

Earlier, the face guard opened and the blue and white flames were spilling. but now the face guard stays closed. What this difference is attributed to. I needed to think about that. And this was the right thing to do.

"Master! Energy Response Than Down!


Tong. At the same time < > kicked the void as Kate moved. A blue and white light pierces that space and disappears across the ceiling of the fortress to the other side of the universe. That's how countless swarms of man-made weapons arrived at them that evaded.

"Shit! You're not coming in a herd!

"Start towing fire!

Aigis fires a towed projectile at the man-made weapon that storms this way, frightening Kate into waving a knife and breaking both ways. That's the moment I stopped on the spot. A blue and white light appears directly above < >.


"Thorn!? No, the tail!? Huh!"

To the blue and white light that lights at the end of his tail, Kate jumps off the spot aggressively. So, right after. A blue and white flash passed them again where they were.

"I see! So you're directly connected to him!

"Jesus! I thought it was more likely!

"Then let them get away with it!

Listening to Aigis respond, Kate kicks in the void and reaches out her left hand to grab the tail of the machine as she tries to pull into the ceiling. That's how I grabbed it and at the same time pulled it hard and cut my tail off with a knife.


Using his chopped tail like a munchkin, Kite tows a man-made weapon that swarms around him. As soon as she stops moving for a moment, Kate stores the knife in her right hand and builds strength in her fist.

"Aigis! I'm going in!

"Jesus! Oh, after that, and the tip of the chopped tail, I played it!


It seems that Kate had already assumed that it would happen anyway. He was therefore accepting the Eigis report as it stood without any particular wonder. He then sticks his fist out and into a bunch of humanoid weapons at once, wrapping up and smashing dozens of planes.


After some penetration, Kate manifests the white light that resides in her fist as a sphere, kicking it in the opposite direction, like a soccer ball volley chute, erasing dozens more man-made weapons. That's how roughly a hundred man-made weapons disappeared, but this is still inside the fortress. And whether it's a wall or a floor, it springs up and comes out. From by the time I wiped it off, it was back.

"Master. No, this"

"Sounds like it. Damn......"

To Aigis' words, Kate trumps the tip of the tail with a knife that dodges and returns the light strip of the tail that grew from the side wall. And, from the straight side of the cleavage, another tail grew.

"Yes, sir. Not one."

"I'll turn it off with a launcher."


Aigis crushes from the middle with a backpack launcher as Kate shifts her half and dodges against the tail spike emitted with blue and white light lodged at the tip toward this one. Right after I dodged it like that. Now a blue and white light strip is emitted from the mouth part on the main side of the half snake.


Against the emitted light strip, Kate sticks out her left hand and unfolds the barrier. A thousand pale lights fly, and the aftermath wipes out the humanoid weapon.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Expanding the barrier with his left hand, Kite pushes it in all at once. but they can't go that easy in this situation on boulders. Immediate artillery fire from human weapons has arrived.


"Ignore! No problem with that level of attack!

"But the number is number! You'll be shredded!?

"It's woven!

Kite chooses to attack countless shells at once without stopping at the scene. It's a fact that I don't really want to take the time to attack this fortress. Then some damage also needed to be attacked at once, ready.

As a result, countless bursts of flames and fine scratches rise in various parts of < >. but still < >. If it's a half-breed attack, it's fine, and it won't do any damage to the kites.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The roar rises and Kite makes the flare on the back even stronger. Then a rainbow, rising stronger from behind, held them back, and reached the place of half a serpent at once. but at the same time, a half snake fuselage protruded eight arms all at once into < >.


Against the eight arms that are protruded, Kate lifts her temper and stops at the barrier only for a moment. but this stuff only stops for a moment. Hence even half a person and half a snake's light strips put a powerful load on the barrier on which the load was hanging, causing the barrier to smash and scatter.


With the shattering recoil of the barrier, Kite smiles slightly. but there was a grin in the face, and it could be detected that this was already woven. As such, he swings his knife upside down as he cuts up watching the barrier smash and scatter.

"Shit! Half!

"Master! Enemy approaching from behind!

"Can we change the direction of the eruption of the flying unit behind us!

"Jesus! Go ahead!

Intrepid. All I'm saying is that Aigis understands the intent in Kite's inquiry. Change the orientation of the ejection hole behind it and the format of the release.

"Whoa, whoa!

Three times, Kite can roar. That's how a pair of giant rainbow flares burst out of the ejection hole behind me, erasing the countless man-made weapons that were approaching us. Then, using the momentum, Kite moves forward. but against its legs, the arms of a man-made weapon have grown.

"Master! From below"

"Push it off hard!

"Jesus! Leg thrusters will also be sprayed!


Kite moves further as she wipes out the arms of a man-made weapon that captures < > with rainbow light emitted from her entire body. Thus moving forward, the half serpent's fuselage hits the remaining four arms in a row. but kite ignores everything about it. Pushing in all at once, leaving it to be hit.


Bring it to zero distance, and Kite swings the knife from the big upper section as far down as she wants. The blow will sever the half snake's fuselage from shoulder to half.

"Shit! Shallow!?

"I was wondering if the playback speed is higher than that!


Then only beat the second shot in and smash it. Kate can use her strength again to knock in a second blow. And that's the moment. Aigis raised her voice.

"Master! Give me this one!

"This is... Huh!

What Kate saw was a woman who looked eroded by the flesh mass of "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" who was in a slice of mutilated half-serve armor. Your eyes are vain and you don't look conscious. If you dare, a biological unit that utilizes only flesh.

That's how it looked. She must have been the original pilot. That's what they thought. Against such a woman, Kate throws away her knife and builds strength in her fist again.

"As a warrior who once fought the sin of bulimia (Gratney), this is my final mercy to my comrades! Take it!"

As she protrudes the palm bottom, Kate taps into the light with a woman on her face. Thus, the woman who was made a biological unit of half a serpent disappeared into the light, and the half a serpent's fuselage, which would have likewise been its love machine, would also disappear.