Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1981: Seven Great Crimes - Return -

Fight against the half man and half snake fuselage that was taking place inside the fortress contaminated by "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)". That was settled by Kite erasing the woman who had been contaminated with the sin of bulimia (Gratney) and turned into a biological unit. So, after the battle. Kate was fighting a bunch of humanoid weapons again in a fortress that was only marginally powerless when the power reactor disappeared.

"I thought blowing the core would make it easier!

"You can't be!

"Jesus! This is the only giant fortress! There won't be one power reactor!

Respond with barrage again toward the countless man-made weapons that will arrive. Even as they were thus pursued by countless man-made weapons, the two managed to escape from their penetrating holes to the outside.


"Master. Slightly, but the momentum of the shelling is weakening. In addition, the strength of the barrier is reduced. I thought we could snipe now."

"Does that mean there's going to be a little reinforcement of human weapons?"

"Jesus. Heel"

While distancing themselves from the fortress, the two float a slight relief on a slightly loose barrage. And it's a moment of relief. A flash of light was fired from the largest turret that was mounted on the side of the fortress.

"Ooh! Warning Enemy!"

"Master! Confirm what appears to be an auxiliary power reactor with the current blow! Show on Monitor!

"Roger! Ri...... too many!?

Kite accidentally abhors her voice to the number of auxiliary power furnaces displayed on the monitor. At least I can't give up ten just because I see it.

"Well, Konko, it's huge, so there 'll be dozens! Consider from the number of aids currently found, fifteen per turret! About fifty in total!


Probably won't let you detonate this or anything. Kate takes out the coupling rifle with a pulled laugh.

"Aigis. What good hands can you destroy at once? If it's possible, it's best if you let it detonate. I want to erase the fortress without a trace."

"No. I'll advise you if there is one"

"I guess...... snipe all the power furnaces. Approaching human weapons, please."


In the end, do we have to crush them one by one? Kite sighs and aligns the rifle-type aiming toward the light point of the visualized power furnace. That's how he was going to snipe through all the auxiliary power reactors as he went through the storm of shelling that was unleashed.

Well, it's been roughly an hour since Kate and Aigis destroyed half a snake's fuselage. By then, the fortress will have a blast.

"Now, at the end!

If the boulder destroyed most of the power reactors, the fortress would have had to shut down its function, too. Reinforcements of man-made weapons and the rain of shelling had already stopped, and the last one merely sniped the power reactor mechanically.


"Hit the power reactor...... energy reaction stopped. No sign of recovery. Seems to have completely stopped functioning"

"Damn it... let me trick you. Along the way, I wondered what would happen if they resurrected me to the power reactor I destroyed..."

"I'm glad the main one didn't come back."


Kate also wholeheartedly agrees with Aigis' words. If this brings the main power reactor back to life, if you do poorly, you'll be rematching that half-man and a half snake fuselage again. < > also has a wound that is never small, so I didn't want a rematch given what came from here.

"So, master. What do you do with this?

"Turn it off. Leave it and I'll have trouble in case it triggers a resurrection."

"Jesus… < > output rise. Abdominal cannon gate, open."

"Good...... ha!

Kite is tempered to increase her power over the output of < >. That's how the aurora surrounds < >.


"... good aiming. You can take one shot."

"Okay. Fire!

Extreme light is emitted from the abdomen of the < > guardian (Guardian) >, along with the hanging of the kite. That's how the center of the fortress is. Just around the corner where there was a half-man and a half snake fuselage, the extreme light flew.

"... fortress, completely extinguished"

"Ha... like this"

Destroyed all those giant fortresses on the boulder in one breath. The boulder kite was also slightly overwhelmed by fatigue in a battle that spanned several hours. Especially in his case, he was emptied of wind holes in his belly. Although there were more miscellaneous fish as enemies than in the time of Nakatsu, the situation was far worse. Nevertheless, that's why I don't have time to rest.

"Master. Outside the Enefia Solar System. Something is emerging."

"... Class 4. When it comes to that realm, it takes time to manifest it too... hilariously big, right?

"Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Aigis also has another dry laugh against Kite's dry laugh. At the moment, apparently, it was about the size of the Earth's moon. If it really manifested itself, it would have been possible to break the stars without joking. Nevertheless, I was fortunate to have done so.

"Aigis, there must be a link to the < > function of the comms. Get that up and running."

"Jesus...... there was. Launch."

"Good... to < > from the original. Activate Originator Permissions. For all individuals on standby orders, sweep all local names and demons heading to Enefia."

Using the functionality of the activated comms machine, Kate orders all individuals in the vicinity of Enefia who have been waiting in case the Sin of Rapture (Gratney) eats up Enefia.

Do not deal with any more demons called to "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" by a boulder. but it's also true that someone has to stop. If the passage of time has revealed < >, we were just thankful to use it as a force of war. As such, < > appeared in unison at his command. It scattered throughout Enefia's solar system and began engaging with demons.

"This is..."

"I entrusted the < > Guardian to crusade the demons of the universe."

"No, that's not the problem!? What is it, this much! And size!

Aigis unwittingly abhors his voice to the great army of Class 3 < >, which can only be said to come out of space. At the time of the mass outbreak of Rank 2, there was nothing more we could do about the old civilization. Yet now there was a class 3 that was far more numerous and more combative than that. Perhaps at least a thousand was a low number.

"It's mostly rank 3. Because the situation is the one. Looks like Rank 2 has already ruled it impossible... now I don't know what's going on with Enefia. Looks like Rank 2 is in the grocery sweep."


Perhaps if rank 3 and rank 2 were combined, 10,000 units of < > would appear. Aigis loses words to reports that appear numerically only if he manipulates various measuring devices. Plus, it's showing up to Rank 4 on this. To be honest, I just had to say a situation that went a long way out of her common sense.

"... we're going back. If you relax here forever, you'll lose your home to go home to."

"... Jesus"

This is all I've done, and I haven't even gotten to the crusade of The Sin of Rapture (Gratney) yet. That's the situation. What made Aigis's voice a little stiff was that she had no choice. Thus, the two turn again < > to Enefia.

"The sin of bulimia (Gratney)..."

"I'm getting big."

What Enefia looked like was "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)", which was even more enlarged than when the kites went out into space. On this scale. It was becoming a scale that would probably already be visible from neighboring villages and cities.

"Aigis. Do you have any idea how big it got on the measuring device?

"Jesus...... approximate, but 30 km long. It's time to suck...... is getting through and reaching an area where there's nothing more to be done"


Again, as I first predicted, it's slightly, but the rate of hypertrophy is slow. Kate sees The Sin of Rapture (Gratney), which is so enlarged that it can no longer be seen visually, she thinks so internally. If this was the height of the season, no wonder Enefia was taken in by now. but there seems to have been something else that bothered him.

Why don't you eat in Enefia now? Well, I do know that if you mount it poorly and try to eat a star, on the contrary, it can disappear with the purifying action of a star. And that's oddly slow......)

As the clown said earlier, if "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" eats into Enefia, it could be game over at that point. To prevent it, the clown instructed the sect to throw it as high as possible, and it seemed right as a kite to learn more about its nature.

but it made me feel uncomfortable that I still didn't show the impression of attaching it. And Aigis asks Kite, who thinks about it.

"Master, can I help you? Or are you tired of boulders? I was wondering if we should take a break once we get to cruise speed."

"I'm tired of being tired... but I'm worried that he won't eat in Enefia."

"I do eat both inorganic and organic, was it"

Aigis also recalls once again the nature of the 'sin of bulimia (Gratney)' in Kate's words. 'The sin of bulimia (Gratney)' because it devours everything. It is arguably shameless in its name. Also, Kate nodded again.

"Oh... though, you'd see... while he can't outperform the purifying action of the stars, he's not going to attach it to Enefia on the boulder either. It will be purified."

"The purifying power of the stars, isn't it sweet?"


The purifying power of the stars. It is a force against an opponent who attempts to attach to a star and capture its energy, such as the ground vein, as in "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)."

It is not common for < > to become famous now, but the stars also had a counterweight to the opponent hurting them.

Nevertheless, there are limits, and if there are limits, it is the < > Guardian, and the battle it once was. Not far away, 'The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)' would outperform the purifying power of the stars.

"Indeed, the Master was once believed that the sorcery that was planted when he destroyed" The Sin of Rapture (Gratney) "was still in effect. Isn't that affecting you?

"... sure. Is it possible?"

On second thought, was it indeed possible? Kate thinks that the discomfort she feels may be normal if she revisits the difference she once had and is. Thus, once convinced by it, he manipulated the console to manifest the chair on the spot.

"... Aigis. Rest a little. Let me know when you're in the atmosphere."

"Jesus. I will return at cruise speed"

"Please... time. How many minutes can you distort the clock?

Nodding at Aigis' words, Kate knocks the chair down a little and takes it to a sleepy state. Thus, Timono told his inquiry.

"One... No, it takes about two hours. Current Enefia neighborhoods on boulders are strongly served by world-side systems. That's the limit."

"That's enough...... Aigis. You should rest wherever you can. It's going to be a long walk."


Sitting back in the chair, Kate closed her eyes and nodded at Aigis' response. We fought for hours on the rocks. I already have half the time left, but that's why I had to rest where I could rest. In doing so, he fell asleep for a short time to recover his lost magic, strength, and mental strength.