Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1975: Seven Great Sins - Crimson Heroes

The moment I lost myself due to the revelation of the power of a drunken boy. That was him, but if he manages to regain his sanity by stopping Lil, he will once again embark on a demonic crusade with Lil. So it was the moment I embarked on a battle with her, but what appeared before him like that was "Dragon Chimera," which was made of the synthesis of several demons. Thus, after extinguishing "Dragon Chimera" by a series of shots of alcoholic children and a lightning bolt of reliance, the two descend once into the city of "Lee Knight".



Instantly and as soon as Lil lands in the city, he stops the force he was wearing. In the first place, Lil was unable to control his own power, and Lil deployed < >, which he used in his earlier battle in Nakatsu. It was true that there was no room here.

"Tired of boulders"


Synthetic Beast (Chimera). A demon that creates a demon that is considered impossible. It's unclear how I created it, but I guess I no longer have to abandon my common sense. The two moments and Lil sit back to back and breathe. but that's how I tried to get a little rest, and everyone around me lost their word.


"You're lying..."

"Ha... no..."

I give up spreading. There are signs of something interrupting, like crossing the last line I've ever enjoyed. In such air, a moment and Lil looked up.

"... this is..."

"Oh no..."

The moment gives me a dry laugh and Lil accidentally removes the spear. What I saw were demons, like the synthetic beasts (chimeras) that I defeated earlier, that were made from a combination of several demons. And the demons, who had finally defeated them, fell by the scores. but the next moment I fell. A dimensional rift was formed and drank in one breath.


Kuon's < >. Everyone understands that the blow now belongs to her. Nevertheless, dozens more synthetic beasts (chimeras) fall from the side she wiped out.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

For the falling synthetic beast (Chimera), Burn Tyne, turned into a burning giant, roars and beats him up. That blow wiped out the Synthetic Beast (Chimera).

"Hey, Terra! I'm not out of my fucking mind! How many hips have you lost on a guy who's just fallen for you? Hours later! Enjoy! '

"" "Whoa, whoa!

The adventurers rise again to the scolding of Berntyne. but in contrast, the sin of bulimia (Gratney) produces hundreds more synthetic beasts (chimeras).

"... go"


If it's true, I'd like to take a little rest, but apparently I can't say that either. Seeing hundreds of synthetic beasts (chimeras), moments and lils rise again in temper. but the next moment. There was a red flash.


"Red...... flash?

The moment unexpectedly rounds his eyes to a red flash rising high in heaven. The red flash flew once smaller but bounced off the ground, acting complicated and strange, destroying an instant herd of synthetic beasts (chimeras).

"Give me the current one... in a flash...?

"Liar...... right......?

"No way, uncle!

Kite is the only one who can do this. Berntaine unwittingly raises her voice of joy. Sure, no wonder he's arriving here. And now it's combat power. No wonder he's the only one around. In that way, the red flash will subside and its identity will be exposed.

"... who?

"That guy... were you there?

What has come to light is one beautiful, noble reminder of a lion shelving bright red hair. Although there was a childish grin seeping through somewhere resembling Kate, it was someone who was never him. Right next to him like that, Al and Rufaus show up.

"Al. Rufaus. You know him?"

'Oh, moments...... yeah. He's our trump card. "

"He did?

I did hear Al and Rufaus were getting ready for something, but I didn't know that was this crimson young man. Moments are unexpectedly bewildered by unexpected beings.

but at the same time I figured it out. It's that fighting power. Undoubtedly, it could have been a trump card on this occasion. Nevertheless, there was something about Al's words like some kind of joy or tears. And because I heard him say that, a crimson young man turned this way.

"Yeah, it's one of ours now."

Al's voice echoes on the comms. Apparently, the crimson youth made some kind of inquiry into Al, and he answered it. That's how the crimson youth disappeared.

"All the time..."

"Huh? Ah, ha..."

"It's stiff......" Hmm? You, definitely somewhere... "

The crimson young man looks at the moment and looks strangely. Besides, the moment looked somewhere itchy.

"Uh... what's wrong?

"... oh, I remember. Right. You."


"Oh, here's the story, here's the story"

"" Your Majesty!

Two Al and Rufaus rush to fly in and kneel for a crimson young man who laughs in a bewildering moment. To those two, a crimson young man laughs.

"Your Majesty, please don't. I'm a transcript. Only a warrior who was friends with you guys."

"No, Your Majesty. Still, Your Majesty is Your Majesty"

"He is the only one who can be shown on par with our captain. His Majesty is therefore a metaphorical photographer."

"You guys are still stiff"

The crimson young man laughs a little fun at Al and Rufaus' words. That was him, but he suddenly turned up.

"Ha... I came to see what it was like because Kate said there was a guy who really did it... I see. He's unusually tired, I don't know."

"" Heh... "

The only thing left to say was moments and lil didn't have it. As soon as they turned up, the crimson youth waved their fists and wiped out the synthetic beast (chimera) with only fist pressure. but looking at his fist like that, the crimson young man asked Al and Rufaus like he was in trouble.

"... hey. How much longer than the whole season?

"I was wondering if it was better than half."

"I was wondering to what extent my eldest brother was talking about the North Fortress offensive."

"Ha... ha... I can't help it because I'm a photographer."

Now, less than half of the full season. To the words of the crimson youth, both moments and lil lose their words. That's all I struggled with. Hundreds of synthetic beasts (chimeras) disappeared in one breath. Extraordinary, the word was not enough combat power. That's how he squeals his hands.

"Well... so, both of us. Where's my duck?

"If you're the captain, we're in a hurry."

"Well...... shall I cut it down a bit? Leave him alone and he'll carry it all himself."

As if having fun, the crimson young man turns his shoulder. So, the next moment. He pulled his hands for fun.

"Well... hey"

"" Ha. "

To the urging of the crimson youth, Al and Rufaus step back momentarily and lil. So, looking sideways at it, the crimson youth unleashed their fists.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!

With the roar, countless fists pound. It smashes many demons, but does not reach any of the Sins of Rapture (Gratney). Exactly, divinity. That's what I had to say. I was an artist. So, a few seconds. After countless fistfights, a number of demons, superior to 10,000, had disappeared without a trace.

"Ha... can we buy some time with this"


What the hell, this vandalism and godforsaken skill? The moment was no longer a word, I just had to say it again. To those two, Al tells them.

"If you get frightened to this extent, it won't start. He... he's the one."

"Oh... he's the only man on par with our captain"

"" Rex Regidia. The Supreme Hero against the Ultimate Brave ""

Rex. The crimson young man, whose own name was called by Al and Rufaus, smiles with a somewhat joyful smile at The look on his face was somewhere, akin to kite. And when I heard that name, I realized the moment.

"... Regidia?

"... is my ancestor"

That's the name I heard somewhere. Celestia comes down against the moment she thinks so. but such was how she was quite exhausted and managed to stand supported by Imina.

When asked later, Rex understood that he had been summoned, without asking about any circumstances, to crush the countless synthetic beasts (chimeras) produced by "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)". I thought it was the only way because it was enough for me to be called. That's how Celestia, supported by Imina, bows her head.

"Dear Lex,"

"Oh... you're my witch?

"No... not your witch"

"So, are you that tired"

Rex nodded to Celestia, who looked exhausted. Well, in fact, I bumped a summons I'd never had success with before, and I did the rough business of calling a hero other than my corresponding hero over the production. As a result, this was the case although success had been achieved. Nevertheless, it is also true that you are exhausted by the summons. Therefore, she nodded at the words.


"Ma... I know what's going on. Things are about as good as calling me, so I was wondering what it was like... haha..."

Lex smiles furiously, enjoying watching "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)".

"The sin of bulimia (Gratney)"

"... did you know?

"Absolutely. He had a kite... he told us with a really spicy face. There are still things in this world that I can't help myself."

Gugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugugu What happened to him like that was definitely remorse.

"How much I think we suffered then... all I can hear is how he's fighting. How much we wanted to support him..."

That, I got a chance to clear my remorse. Rex laughs furiously. So the aura, far ahead of him, burst out of him.

"... crush it, okay?

"... Huh?


"Yes, no! Best regards!

To Rex's inquiry, Celestia rushes to bow her head. He never imagined the question would come as to whether it was good to crush it. Anyway, the opponent is "Guilty of bulimia (Gratney)." There must be no winning game. Yet all he could see was victory.

"Okay. Look, you fat, fat bastard. And remember, motherfucker. I'm the only man standing on par with Kite who crushed you."

With intense pressure, Rex waves his fist again. That alone wiped out the thousands of demons that were born again.

"... if you want to fight me, bring them in billions."

"The sin of bulimia (Gratney)... frightened...?

"No... on the contrary... slightly distant..."

Lil snapped at the words of an instant. Yes. Pushed by Rex's temper, 'The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)' was only slightly distant. I also understood the crime of bulimia (Gratney). He said he was on par with Kite. And that is why the sin of bulimia (Gratney) was rushed.

"Something... Born?

"Hey, Al, Lou"

"" Ha!

"Don't interrupt me. If you don't do the prep exercise by the time he gets back, you won't be dressed."

"" Yes! Good luck!


I don't know what it is, but an obviously unconventional existence is about to emerge. Lex floats into the single air as everyone figured it out and watched. Thus, he fought the demons born of the Single Ride "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)".