Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1989: A New Journey - The Future

A tour of "The Sin of Rapture (Gratney)" in "Lee Knight". It ends in the victory of adventurers from all over the world, led by Kate.

Most of the adventurers who came from all over the country as a result of the liberation of the Transition Gate, which can also be described as an intercontinental alliance, came to Lee Knight if necessary, and transported materials to rebuild.

Kite, who had set up a camp at the request of the Laelia Union side beside that, called in some of the remnants of the Swiss trees instead when he returned the Kuzha and the others. I was in an emergency meeting.

"Well... well, I didn't think we were going to have a meeting over here. Mizuki, report back to Maxwell first."

"Yes, first of all, I am a pain in the ass, but according to a report from Sakura, I managed to cross the line."

"Well... then ask for a breakdown of the injured"


Mizuki, at Kate's request, reports the damage that Sakura and the others have compiled. Apparently, fortunately, the dead are suppressed at zero, which was a fact. Nevertheless, the damage was never zero.

"More than twenty seriously wounded. All minor injuries," he said.

"In the first place, the most seriously injured person is Mr. Kite."

"Ma, it's me."

Pompous, and Kate strokes her own belly. Needless to say, all that wind holes were emptied in the earthen belly in the public eye. Though he could have died instantly from the shock caused by pain, he himself lived longer due to multiple stretches of safety.

"Well, I decided to ask you to relax in bed for a while about the seriously injured... I have reserves for the financial aspects. I need you to use that."

"Yes, Maple has already told Sakura and has given her instructions."

"Excellent. Save them all. That's all there is to it, Maxwell."

When Kite nods one to Mizuki's response, she gives instructions to proceed as she does. I have no problem with this. For Kate, the presence or absence of the dead is a dead and alive question of her ability to govern. We should have aimed for zero in projects that were likely to leave, but did not.

Nevertheless, this time, as Bernstein and Kate mentioned earlier, there have been attempts to prey on the 'sin of bulimia (Gratney)' as alive as possible, and there are not more serious casualties of what we think. So no one had any doubts about the low number of deaths. After making those arrangements, Kate decided to discuss the personnel on this side again.

"Well... so, Sola"


"From here on out on behalf of the General Manager Company, you stay here. No one in the department manager's company is hurt, but I shouldn't let Senior Fujido or Senior Ayazaki continue the fight. I'm injured. In fact, the seniors are hurt, too."

"It's not that bad. In my case, I'm pretty tough because of the ghost blood."

I'll make it clear to Kate that the moment is a little troublesome and there's no problem with her face. Nevertheless, he also suffered considerable hand injuries, which were wrapped around his entire body as a bandage wore loose. Even so, in his case, it would have been enough to do so in view of the unusual effects of the awakening of the blood of a drunken boy.

This is why Fujido and the others, who had been serving as instant assistants in exchange for Sola as they remained, were to return directly to Maxwell at the "Transition Gate".

"Okay. Well, I'm this way, then. Anything you want me to do right now?

"Tell me about the takeover later from the seniors. It's not even what we're talking about here."

"That too? Senior, I'll ask you later."



One nod to Sora's exchange with the moment, Kate, for one thing, keeps the story about the takeover to this point. That's how we partitioned that exchange, but there was still a lot to discuss.

"Well...... so. Mizuki, has anything else changed with the remnants?

"No... this is a peaceful place. I wonder if it's okay to say something about water in your bedear, even if you look at it globally."

"Right... is the residual team safe? Well, something's not going to happen over there. Ask cherry blossoms to run as they always do. Mizuki asks for the assistant. Tell that to Maple, too."


Rui Shu nodded one at Kate's words. And Kate nods one more time.

"Good... so, well, this is something you've been saying from the beginning, but once you return, you go into metastasis analysis. What's your progress?

"There's no lag over there. The equipment I had ordered will arrive the day after tomorrow."

"Well... the return will be slightly slower in this one case. We won't be able to use the Transition Gate on the way home. but that's why the research team was reminded to be ready for analysis as soon as they returned."


I don't have to wonder if I could use the Transition Gate as a kite to return, but I have a leg when I come here. We have to bring them back, and the "Gate" will be used to transport materials from various locations for some time from here. It could not be used for the return to McDawell territory.

"Good... then let me get everyone ready to leave later. Sola took over once with the seniors. Mizuki. I've asked for it for a while now."

"Yeah, I got it."

Rui Shu gives pleasure to Kate's request. That concludes the meeting, and Kate decides to head to Union Headquarters to do what she has to do again. This was to be followed by a meeting bringing together the Union's top management.

Therefore, Kite heads to Union Headquarters, one of the few facilities to retain the prototype among the almost completely destroyed 'Leannites', and asks officials to go through the story and go back.

Even so, the large conference hall at the back of Union headquarters is currently used as an extraordinary hospital room, so it should have been said that the kite was passed by a small meeting room where Union officials gathered for a meeting.

"Oh, no."

"Ooh. Not all of them yet."

"A lot of people aren't injured by boulders. I'm not even in the hospital... but I can get discharged."

"Ma, shan't. This was the first war in about 300 years. That Quon was slightly wounded."

"Don't call me a monster."

To Kite's light mouth, his mouth pointing like Quon was obstinate. Even if she can end up intact by her catastrophic species opponent, this' Sin of Rapture (Gratney) 'crusade seems to have been a tremendous fierce battle.

Naturally. There were countless demons that seeded each other with catastrophe. These opponents were crusaded by some of the most skilled adventurers in Rank S to reduce the damage on this side, but it is still a series against monsters of catastrophic equivalence or more. No matter how many of them or anyone else he had a hand wound. No matter, so is Soleil.

"Well, still, they're all better than you. What do you mean, the worst injury to your strongest habits?

"All this time, there was a lot going on. A lot."

"I don't think there's a lot going on."

Soleil happily points out to Kate's words. In fact, if you say so. In his case, there were a number of complicated intertwining causes and edges, so there was less of nothing.

"Hahaha...... I protected my strongest name, huh? Anyway, this injury is probably the most kills."

"There, really haratatsu. I don't understand you knocking down more than anyone, even though you have a hollow hand in your ear."

It's supposed to be a serious, dying injury. Despite this, Kite looks flat pimped, and he actually defeated more enemies than anyone else. He probably would have knocked everyone off by himself about the number that added up all but Kuon and the other super. It was so much of a war. And that's why Tina came there, although she was crushing her time with words that could be taken as both Quon's grudge and bitterness.

"Oh, kite. Have you come?"

"Ooh. So, first man. How's Metastatic Gate?

"Well, I'll manage to stay stable. The same condition as when the rest was unearthed."

As has been said for a long time, it was four hundred years ago that Tina and I discovered and analyzed the Transition Gate so that we could use it. So she's the one who knows Transition Gate better than anyone else.

Therefore, in order to check whether there were any defects due to its continuous use for the first time in three hundred years, the Union requested an intercontinental alliance proposal from Sharik - which had to make several detours to hide its identity - and carried out an investigation of the "Transition Gate".

"That's not good, is it?

"Shit. Honestly, I don't want to use it continuously in this condition. but now I have no choice but to use it."

"Well... in fact, that's the biggest reason why there are so few deaths this time..."

Kate remembers one of Levi's measures in Tina's words with a bitter face. It has already been found that there are few dead this time. but at the same time there were so many serious injuries and the ratio of serious injuries was so high that it was not comparable to a normal battle.

"Because the Prophet's guy put an end to the extensions. Emergency transport to hospitals everywhere at the same time as the Metastatic Gate is activated. Hospitals in the vicinity of Metastatic Gates everywhere are very relaxed."

"In fact, Maxwell's hospital is a big crowd. Kuzha says the citizens are asking about something."

"We have already asked lords everywhere to respond to that. It's the freedom of each lord to reveal things or not."

Levi pinches his mouth against Kite, who answers Tina's guess. Besides, they turned to you.

"Ooh. You're annoying. Are you done?

"Is it going to end? I just decided to cut it up and work on this one. If we don't discuss our future policy, nothing will happen."

To Kite's inquiry, Levi shakes her head in a sigh mix. If it's a reconstruction arrangement, I can handle it without her. Originally, Lee Knight was home to adventurers and union officials. With far more doomed cities and their reconstruction support than the general public, we can do anything without Levy's hands now. But her wisdom was needed to think about the future, and she came here.

"What about Balflair?

"They're already coming over there"

"Ooh. Sorry, I'm late."

What a rumor. At the same time that Levi answers Kite's query, the door of the room opens and Balflair shows up. He was still slightly tired and sat somewhat back in the chair in the conference room.


"You too...... kite. Are you okay with your injury? You know, it's a lot of times when you're gonna be able to empty a wind hole in the ground."

"Don't say anything. At all times... Well, at all times. Thank you. I'll be fine for now. My head hurts more if I think about it in the future."

"Hahahahaha...... ha"

As I agreed with Kate's words, Balflair also sighed grandly again. "The sin of bulimia (Gratney)". There were a lot of things to think about, such as what to do about it. As such, although there were a number of people who had not yet arrived due to the arrival of Balflair, they did not have time to start the meeting.