Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1991 - The Mourning of the Clown

By the time Kites had finished slaughtering the "crime of bulimia (Gratney)" and started walking on the road to reconstruction. The clown said he had made some arrangements over the course of a few days and returned to the lab.

"Hey, clown. Is it over?"

"Oh... Kusu-san. Yeah, it's all over."

"Really... did anyone survive?

"I'm going to say that you two are alive... but your father must be half dead and half alive."

"Ahahahaha. Did the General do it badly?"

It is paradoxical to say that he is alive on purpose that he suffered injuries that are not suspicious even if he is dead. I wonder if it's really alive. So it was Kusuke who laughed, but it was somewhere rusty.

"In any case, is this finally the departure of the seven people? I didn't think my son was going to live."

"Yes, I have decided that he will come alive with me...."

Apparently, both Kuheo and the clown were consistent in their subsistence, and they developed a strategy from there. So I was somehow laughing satisfactorily at this conclusion.

"So, you're a clown. What are you gonna do now?

"I can't replace it. I just want you to keep moving."

"Well, that's good. So, where do we go next?

"Please wait a while. Based on the results, I will consider the following actions."

"Yes. Please, call me again."


In Kuso's words, the clown nodded and walked deeper into the lab. When he returned to his room, he sighed tirelessly.

"Hah... not at all. I wasn't expecting that. Thank you, too."


A swordsman appears lukewarm in the words of a clown. This incident was very important to them. So < > 's two men were moving, and they were fighting to keep Enephia alive, even if it was wrong.

"For the first time in a long time, I was able to fight a monster with a response. I'm satisfied, but...."

"Yeah. Ahahaha... hah. Don't play witchcraft. If that's less than half the height of the season... then there's no point in strategy or tactics. This is out of business."

"... think of that as a separate frame. You can't be too serious all the time."


The clown removes all the acting from the group, sighs heavily and sits deeply in the chair. Nevertheless, the result was sufficient.

"Nevertheless... now I can handle it. Red Hero King Rex. My encounter with that monster jumped the awakening phase all at once."

Sure. The Clown throws a copy of the report that was stored in a different space to the Swordsman.

"Reports from the laboratory during the battle. It seems that the meeting with the opposing heroes was also a wake-up call for Hero Kite."

"... hmm. Was it twice as awake as a week ago?"

"Oh, it seems that the soul has been activated, and the flesh has also been activated. My heart finally moved... a physical heart, but..."

"... did they find out?

"There is no problem. He speaks properly to the man who understands the story, and vice versa, he makes sure he understands it only as an experiment."

The clown sighed at the swordsman who said he was in good health. Such a swordsman laughs joyfully at him.

"Well... I wonder what you think. If only we knew that we were restoring another body of ourselves."

"Superior, you'll say you regret it. If only it were the brave one."


Kukukukukuku, the swordsman laughs joyfully. Before, Kite had gone crazy, but in fact, they were manipulating it from behind to hide the body of the Fallen Dragon. Rather, there's no way they didn't know where they were when they brought the photos to Kite.

"But... you have to be careful."

"I know. The awakening of Hero Kite also prompts the awakening of Hero Rex. And vice versa. And that will trigger it, and it will inspire others to wake up."

"Especially the brave brother."

"That's why she's moving. Not directly, but to my sister. You should avoid dealing directly with your brother."

The clown remembers Kite's brother, Rukie's magic eye, and looks bitter. That magic eye is the highest magic eye. Full awakening and rugged use will allow us to fight them directly. That could have been an element of uncertainty for their plans.

"Really... what do we do from here?

"The Tower is still in the middle of construction. I will manage His Majesty while focusing on you for the time being."

"Your Majesty... Speaking of which, where are you?

Oh, that's it.

Oh dear, the clown looks for the materials for the swordsman's inquiry. That will take a few minutes. I got another report from another lab.

"This is it... it seems that I managed to move properly last month."

"Really... well, that's a good moxibustion."

"I don't care if you don't do whatever you want with your recoil."

The bitter-faced clown just gave the report to the swordsman, asking him to read the details himself.

"The foundation was impossible. Trying to possess someone else's body."

"Otherwise he would be dead... and his attitude to live dirty deserves praise."

"Let's agree on that. It's worth a lot of credit."

Clowns also give honest praise to swordsmen for their appreciation. Nevertheless, he took a turn and sighed.

"Hah... it's worthy of praise. I still hate the curse of possession of other people's bodies. Well, this is going to be the last time, so it probably doesn't make sense anymore."

"This is where you suggested a man named Junal. Is there anything else you want to think about now?


Junal. Needless to say, it's the Pope Junal. In view of that, it still seemed that someone possessed the Pope's Universe. Nevertheless, it seems that the Pope's Jubilee - precisely who possessed him - has been unable to move for some time as a result of trying not to convince the kites.

"Nevertheless... it is true that His Majesty is useful. Above all, there is."

"That doesn't make any sense... well, it's my daughter who's going to be helpful. The man named Junal himself has no meaning. That man was chosen because he had a daughter. I have to betray my daughter somehow... no, I have to tell her the truth."

Happily, the clown laughs at something horrible. Seeing that it is a unique smile of the warrior, I wonder if he is in the position of a warrior, whether it be vegetarian or acting. The swordsman felt a slight relief in his expression at all times.

"... I see."

"... you're always hard to understand"

"... sorry"

"... no, thank you for caring."

Apparently, he was tired - he was a warrior in the first place, so he didn't specialize in fights - and he looked at himself and turned a blind eye. It seems that the clown perceived it from the swordsman. Therefore, he lowers his head to a friend and regains a little attention.

"Well, that's what I think. I hope you follow my instructions."

Well, I guess not.

"Ah... it has been for thousands of years, and it will continue to be."


The swordsman nodded quietly as usual to the clown who had regained his usual state. Nevertheless, he will continue to ask about some checks.

"Speaking of which... what about the blue girl?

"A pale girl? Oh, Tenia."

"Was that a confusing way to put it?"

"Fine... she's under surveillance. I know they'll have surveillance, but... they won't be able to get in touch with us while we're being robbed of the material... no, I don't want to."

Remembering Tenia, the clown smiles slightly bitterly. Nevertheless, he did not despise it and, on the contrary, let him peek at pity somewhere. And so was the swordsman.

"... what are you going to do?

"... I won't do anything about her. Just keep it away. I think it's selfish."

"... I think it's as good as you"

"Shut up."

Somewhere shy and relentless, the clown turns to you. But it would be no mistake to see his face slightly red. The swordsman laughs and tells him that.

"You're a clown to abandon love, aren't you? You can go back to your old self while you take it off."


In the words of the swordsman who took off his mask himself, the clown sees only half of the clown's mask, which is now his symbol. Each one of the four masks had his thoughts in it. Of course, this mask of a clown had a proper meaning even though it was only half of it.

"... once. What's the difference between now and old?

"... hmm"

The swordsman thinks slightly to the question of some bitter clown. Philosophical, or philosophical problem. But he gave up thinking after a while.

"I don't know. I haven't been good at this for a long time."

"That's what it's like to be you. What has changed? I don't know. I have always walked with His Majesty. You, him, and her again. Nothing will change."

The clown remembers thousands of years ago. It's about the day the four of us got together. I can still remember that day clearly. And there were many other people there besides them.

"But... I think it's changed a lot. Many of my friends have left. We were the only four people left to know from the beginning."

"... I can't help it. It was a long journey."

"Long journey, eh... shorter than the journey of the brave kite"

A journey far shorter than that of Kite, who walked an equal amount of time in a genuine time, but comparable to the history of civilization rather than a lifetime. It runs right through them.

"There's only one majesty, Wagamama... the journey that started there, but how dare you keep going like this?"

"I didn't think it would take this long."

"I can't help it. I had to touch the abyss of the world. That alone took a thousand years... well, there were some unforeseen events in the meantime."


The swordsman also sighed deeply at the words of the clown. Some of them were very anxious to do them, but all I could say about the result was that they would be astonished.

"Especially not that one. You're not flat in that situation, are you? On the contrary, thank you. Is he really a monster? I wonder if the Monster of Narrows is the only one to play with."

"Otherwise, the brave kite in its current state won't be the opponent, I can't tell you. Of course, if you're a brave kite, you'll have to play with them."

"Hah... in that case, there's no limit to the body..."

I have a headache because this is true. The clown remembers the person he serves, sighs heavily and holds his head. Such a man shakes his head.

"Hah... no, that's enough. Speaking of which,"


"You didn't tell Yanagi's parents and children who you really are?

"Of course. I always wore a mask and was not asked about my background. They weren't interested either."

The swordsman nodded one question to the clown.

"I see... then it's fine."

"That's right... how long do you want to keep him swimming?

Until you betray me.

Fun, the clown answers the swordsman's questions. That is how he stood up to the mask.

"I'll come out again. Thanks to my change of mood, my thoughts came together. Please do as you always do."


"Okay... well, thank you. I'll be there."

"... I see..."

When the clown wears his symbolic mask, he laughs at the swordsman with the face of a clown who eats people all the time. I guess that means you're in the act. That way, he would disappear into the back of the world again.