Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 1997 A New Journey - Sanctuary -

With a view to returning to Tenzakura School, Kite and the others met a spirit called "The Sage of the Earth", which exists in Laelia. When they finish one of the events in "Leigh Knight", they will embark on their journey with a permit issued by Sharik again in relation to the date changed by the influence of the other incident.

Meanwhile, when Kite finished his sermon to the Lantern, which was in a state of recuperation due to his recklessness in the "Lee Knight" incident, he received reports that a face had arrived for the "Sage of the Earth" and moved again to the bridge of the airship.



"Yes. Aina also arrived. How was Lord Surion?

With Soleil embracing himself as usual, Kite asks Einadis, who has returned from the country of the elves. Besides, she sighed.

"I still had my head there, too. Fortunately, they are interconnected in different spaces and many places, and there is sometimes no hesitation in countries to use them compared to the 'transfer gate'. Reinforcement will still be easy."

"... the use of the Transfer Gate is a painful decision in any country..."

And most importantly, in the country of the elves, kites can rush as a matter of priority. The ruler will be Sullion there, but Kuzha is actually the ruler. So I can't overlook it from that side. So it's a fact that I actually had a lot more psychological room than any other country. All I had to do was hold my head.

"Well, is that good? For now, if there is no confusion, there will be no problem."

"Yes. We elves live a long life in the first place, so few remember the battle 300 years ago. On the contrary, many people think it's this messy."

I see. Certainly. "

If they were really < > moving, they wouldn't have done so much. It seems that there are not many elves who think this way. So basically, there were many people who thought that the current movement of the elves was only a sign, and tried to keep it well prepared. And if I had experienced it 300 years ago, there would have been less confusion.

"So, the others... Karin and the others will talk separately later. Celeste and the others."

"Thank you for your help."

Although this is helpless, it seems that Karin and the others will remain there for a while to support reconstruction in connection with the "Lee Knight" incident.

Especially since they have their own airship, there is no problem with travel and accommodation. Moreover, because their arms are very expensive, it was hoped and fulfilled that they would stay for a while even on the Union side. Therefore, unlike the original plan, I was to meet the "wise man of the earth" separately from Kite and he was not here.

"Okay, that's all of them. We're all here."

I'm back too...

"Ugh... how was it over there?

"Basically, there's no problem. I have a friend."

Julie doesn't have to be particularly concerned about Kite's question. After all, Maxwell has a base in < > and the Duke of McDawell. And among the adventurers, there are many who are skilled.

Not many others were famous for their skill, even though they were not soldiers or volunteers like Micaiah. Of course, there are times when Kuzuha and the others don't show any upset. As a result, there were many places where residents shared the mood to come if they came, and there was no confusion.

"Okay, well, say hello to Sharna-sama for now, and then we'll go. Fireflies. What's your status on Master Sharna?

No problem. I can.

We're almost ready to leave, so please be careful with your grooming.

Kate asks questions about fireflies in charge of the ship's systems and Aegis in charge of maneuvering the ship to alert them. Naturally, fireflies that have not returned to Maxwell have not yet been repaired. Therefore, she was still connected to the system of the airship and was in charge of the airship. Aigis was the firefly's assistant, and it was always the opposite. So I decided to go to Shana while being led by them.

Well, a few hours after I saw Sharna. It was after noon that evening approached a great deal. Around that time, they arrived in the mountain forest near the Imperial City of La Erie. Together, they looked down from the bridge.

"... amazing... is this whole area completely untouched..."

"It's a sanctuary in Laelia. The Great Sanctuary, whether it's the elders or the elders, is the only sanctuary I've ever touched. The place where Shamana, the founder of the present sacred empire, grew up in Laelia, the Holy Kingdom. Even aircrafts are off-limits."

"'The Holy Land of the Ancestors'... our great ancestor Shamana. It's where they grew up."

"Master Sharna"

Kite kneels down and bows her head to Sharna, who tells her to take over her commentary. Besides, the other faces also panicked and lowered their heads gracefully in the middle. Sharna laughs at them like that.

"I don't mind. Raise your head... the real sanctuary is further from here. It's further beyond that mountain. Kate may be familiar with it."

"I've never been there before. At most, in a year, it's about two fingers."

"Even royalty can't visit that often. I was in office a few times a year."

Sharna laughs joyfully in response to Kite. Access to Sharik or here is the exclusive preserve of the Imperial Palace. So they can enter freely, but in fact, this is the ancestral sanctuary. Even they could not enter freely, and only the Emperor - to give final permission - could enter freely in the true sense of the word.

"In my case, I was secretly entering to get advice on my return to Earth... which is a felony in nature."

"No one will blame you."

Kite is recognized as a friend of the Great Spirit. Therefore, the "wise man of the earth", who is said to be a family member of Norm, is also a friend to him. As for his visit, the "wise man of the earth" asked the king when he was accompanying him to ask for no permission. It seems that the elders of the boulder could not refuse the request of the "wise man of the earth".

However, in his case, it seemed like he was still going through the process, basically submitting it to the Laelia side and entering. Well, he didn't apply to avoid confusion when he returned to the boulder, so he should have come to talk in secret. And we have a conversation with such a queen and a brave man, but naturally there are others here besides him. So Shana saw Sora's face, which seemed to have heard something, and waved to him.

Sola-san. You wanted to hear something. "

"Eh, ah, uh... is that one good?


"Well... it looks like there's no way... how do we get there?

Once again, Sola glances out of the bridge to see the completely untouched forest. As I said instantly earlier, nothing has been developed here. The highest level of spirits is here in the first place.

Therefore, the development of this place is impossible even if we skip the place where Shamana the Patriarch grew up, and there is, of course, no other way than there is no human interaction. Sora's doubts were all the same. Sharna laughs jokingly at his question.

Walking, huh?

"" "Eh?" "

In the words of Shana, all those who know not the truth, like Sola, are united. We're going to cross some mountains on foot from here. Besides, there may even be monsters that are untouched. It may not be there because it is a sacred place, but it was almost unequipped and I didn't want to cross the mountain. But Kite smiled a little at the hardened ones.

"... Master Shana. Don't make a joke about whether it's a joke or not. I thought Sola and the others believed it."

"Fufu... I'm sorry."

Sharna laughed joyfully at Kite's bitter words. Apparently it was her joke. Well, there's a lot of trouble getting the royal family - now the royal family - and the king to cross a mountain on foot. Nevertheless, it seemed that Sola and the others had unexpectedly believed in the Holy Land. So Kate took over the explanation instead of her.

"Well, it's true to walk a little. Grandpa... I'm not going anywhere near" The Sage of the Earth ". I opened it at Grandpa's will, but that's all. There's no way... there's no beast way."

"Ke, the beast path....."

"It's a sanctuary with spiritual species. The beasts instinctively realized that the spirits were there, so I couldn't get anywhere near them... instead, there might be a god beast who came to talk to Grandpa."


That's probably a lot more dangerous than a bunch of dangerous animals. Together they recall that this is once again called a sanctuary or sanctuary. Nevertheless, this is rare, and lucky to meet you. That's why there may be a kite, so I kept it to a certain extent. Sola asks him, who has regained her mind.

"Um, um... so what do we do?

"If I could just use a carriage... it would be difficult. Well, it's faster to look at this than to argue. Enjoy tomorrow."

Perhaps I can see more jokes than Shana's jokes.

"Oh oh...."

"Everyone who sees it for the first time will be surprised."

Apparently, this way of moving is a secret. With the words of Kite and Yuri, Shana also laughed mischievously. It looks like this one is really amazing. They all understand that. And while talking like that, the airship slowly entered the landing position.

Master, this is your report.


Arrive at the designated landable point. I'm landing now.


Kite nodded at the fireflies once. Until now, I had stood to look out, but when I landed on a boulder, I needed to wear a seat belt securely. So, roughly enough. The airship with the crew landed.

Master, it has stopped completely. We can get off, but what do we do?

"What will you do? It will be a boulder tomorrow....."

"Can I come down once? It's been a long time...."

Well then, I'll give it to you too.

Kite also stood up to Sharna, who nodded to her question. So they followed them, and they all went out for the time being.


In the woods at dusk, Shana quietly closes her eyes and listens to the sound of the trees. While looking at her like that, she asked in an instant.

"What are you doing?

"... no, I don't know. It just feels like you're closing your eyes and thinking."

"Doesn't it make sense?

"No way, it's too far away from the boulders to hear my grandfather's voice. I can't hear the voice of the forest like an elf seed. You're just making your ears clear."

At a moment of surprise, Kite reveals that it's obviously meaningless. And the fact is, it doesn't make any sense. I was just thinking about the soil of my hometown. His reply prompted me unexpectedly to be paranoid.

"I see...."

"Ah... Aina. What about the woods?

"... there's no problem. The woods look peaceful beyond that mountain."

"Rather, it's really not going to change."

It's not going to change here.

Following Ainadis's words, Julie and Soleil laughed joyfully. It seems that Yuri hasn't been here in 300 years. It seems that Soleil can no longer come without Kite, and she hasn't come here as well.

"Well, then, is there a problem... well, you guys should just look around a little bit. But don't get too far away from the airship."

"I don't know what to look at... even if I say I do."

"I'm sure there's nothing to see... but I think it's a good idea to take a look inside the airship."

"Oh, I was a little concerned about you."

In the words of Kite, the instant returns her heel. And whosoever stayeth at the head of Kite shall remain, and whosoever returneth shall return.