Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2001 A New Journey - Next Stage -

The "Sage of the Earth" who is in the sanctuary of Laelia. Kate stretched out to the Holy Land to meet him, along with Shana, Sola, and Ainadis, a member of the Cherry Blossom Academy. What he saw was the situation of the "Sage of the Earth", completely covered in trees.

The kites were supposed to take care of him for a while, but they were supposed to come back for a while to discuss with him again. So, after each introduction. Shana opened her mouth.


"Oh, son of Shamana. I've heard a lot about the Daimyo, but let me tell you something big."

"Thank you."

Sharna lowers her head to celebrate "The Sage of the Earth". She made the report as it was.

"This time, we have a wedding arrangement with Kate, so I want to report it."

"Mmm-hmm. Well, Kate would be a good man. Be happy."

"Thank you."

Needless to say again, the "wise man of the earth" is close to some kind of national father. Therefore, basically, whatever the reason and circumstances of the royal family, it was a custom from the time of the founding of Shamana to report to him when the marriage was decided, and Shana also had to follow that custom.

"So, kite. Does the Lord say anything?"

"I don't know... it's too late. In the first place, Grandpa, I've been tearing myself up every time something happened."


In response to Kite's point, "The Sage of the Earth" laughs joyfully. Once said Kite, he meets "The Wise of the Earth" more than the royals and empires of Laelia. So every time he dropped one of the girls, it seemed to have been broken down.

So, it's Justina.

"Sage. Thank you for your time."

"Hmmm... I won't go into details. I'm glad..."

"... thankful words. Fortunately for the rest of us."

Tina seemed to understand the word "wise man of the earth." Needless to say, this is about Ixfoss and the others, and I knew she was his son in the first place. However, he did not know what he wanted - although he had never heard of it in the first place.

"Not far away, they will come too. Then you should show your face with Kite."

"At that time, I don't know."

"Mmmmm... well. I always call out to my little girl."


Yuli leaned her neck and nodded "The Sage of the Earth".

"No offense... Fosil's apprentice. I'm glad you came. It seemed like a coincidence this time....."


Who is it? Most of them reveal confusion in the words of "The Wise of the Earth." Nevertheless, Kite taught me this.

"It's about the Bronzite. Didn't he tell you? They had some pseudonyms."

"Well, that's what I'm asking... am I...?

"Fufu... he was a friend. In front of him, I named him Fosil."

"Hah, hah..."

Indeed, I have heard from Bronzite himself that he named several pseudonyms. And this was the name that he had named just when he served the Empire, and it was the first pseudonym. Then, as he was right, he stopped using this pseudonym when he left the empire, used another pseudonym, and then there were some transitions, and he began to name the last bronzite.

"I used the name of all the brown jewels... Agate, Peter... I miss them."


Sola looks strange under the other pseudonyms of Bronzite from "The Sage of the Earth." Even though they all knew that this was the word for bronzite, it didn't seem to work. And "The Wise Man of the Earth" laughed.

"Fufufu. I can't help it... Okay. There is certainly a reason why I went out of my way to speak to the Lord. That's good."


The boulders and Sola were trained under the bronze zeites. It was felt that there was a reason why I was dared to be named here.

"Someday, if the disciples come, If it was someone who walked with my grandchildren, I would ask them to tell me."


"Forgive me if it's not addressed to you. This is what he asked me to do through the earth, knowing his own death long before the Lord came."

Sola revealed a slight surprise, and The Sage of the Earth seeped a slight apology. To this, Sola shook her head.

"No... I was with Master in his later years. Maybe when I was there... I didn't think I had enough power to be able to speak to the wise man."

"Hmm... it was a sad thing, but at the same time it was like him."


Sola nodded and agreed with the words of "The Wise Man of the Earth." Thus, the "wise man of the earth" conveyed another will to him.

"Well, let me tell you... if that person was Toryn's walker, please gather them together. She'll be able to show more talent than she can."

"Are you looking for someone...?

"Hmm... kite. I assume you're aware of the details?

Well... I haven't been taught how to be wise by Date. "

Kate laughs at the confused sola when asked by "The Sage of the Earth." He also understood what the Bronzite wanted. And it was in line with his policy.

"Hmm... well, as I mentioned earlier about this, it was a will far before you came. What's not very helpful is that it's useless."

"... what do you mean?

"That's not what it means. If it's not like you're traveling with someone, gather your friends. To put it plainly, I should say that it is a guide to launch an Alliance. Certainly, she has great intelligence to travel alone."

Indeed. Sola had no objection to Toryn's reputation by The Wise of the Earth. In the first place, as a disciple of the wise man, he is a brother of Sola, and he has acquired several stages of intelligence over Sola from his personality and background in the first place. It was unnecessary knowledge to travel alone.

"Well, that seems to be a worrying thing... fufu"

"? What's the matter?

"From here on out, there's nothing to talk about. You wouldn't want Bronzite to talk either."

"I mean... the will wasn't really over, was it?

Sure. But I don't want to tell you any more about Bronzite. If you really want to hear it. Come back to Earth in the distant future, and when you come back to us... that's not the word you need. "

When Sola nodded one by one, "The Sage of the Earth" turned around and laughed joyfully. After laughing so much, he then looked at the moment.

"And... the demon child of a different world."

"Am I...?

"Hmm... ah, don't worry about it. Nothing you don't like."

An instant leans his neck against a suddenly unexplained word. "The Wise Man of the Earth" told him this.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was talking to a drinking boy."

"Can you do that?

"This is not even a spirit. I can't talk to my soul. I can't make it."

After all, it's called "The Wise Man of the Earth". It seems that it is even possible to have a conversation with a drunken child who is pulling inside without being understood by the person. There are some things about this that the alcoholic drinking child is not sleeping in the current system, but it was still a great thing.

"So... well, I'll leave you to your side for now. It's also a strength for you."


Suspicions from behind clogged words unexpectedly. There is certainly no word to say back about this. But at the same time, this was something that Kite dared to overlook, and there were circumstances that he could not help himself.

"Ahhh, don't worry about it. Kate would be guilty of the same thing about this."


"I'll stand up with my brothers and sisters. You can do nothing, and you can't escape when you're moving along with your brothers and sisters."

"Well... that's true."

In the words of "The Wise Man of the Earth," Kite looks at you with something bad going on. The moment asked.


"Ku Fu Lin, coach."

"The coach? Something wrong?

After all, Kite is guided by Skasaha on earth by Celtic mythology with warriors called Fergus Mac Roy and Konal, the Red Branch Warriors, and Ferdia, the adversary of Coo Hulin. So Ku Hulin was also a brother to him, and he needed to look up as well as Sosei and Ishifune.

"... I want to train you myself."

"I hear that. It's an honor."

"I guess. That's what you say... but that's why I can't reach you much. I can make myself feel free to learn by myself."

In the first place, I have great respect for Ku Fu Lin and honestly defend his teachings. So, after returning to Earth without any hesitation, I would make it clear that I would be guided by him, but with some sigh on him, Kite shakes his head one by one. At this moment, I leaned my neck.

"Why? If you tell me otherwise, I'll learn. It has always been, and < > will be."

"Well, I'll tell you the extent to which I thought it would be interesting to survive. It helps me, and it's normal for disciples to teach each other in Shadow Country. In fact, it's hardly enough what you're teaching me. If I suck, I might be the one who's been taught the most. That's it."

"Then, isn't there a problem?

"Oh, yes."

The moment she tilted her neck again, Kite sighed again. Sola clasped her mouth against him like perhaps.

"Er... maybe. It's a mistake for a disciple to teach a brother's disciple... maybe they're wrong. If that brother asked me to do it, it would be something else."


"That sort of thing. There is a teacher's fee, but I don't think another one can teach it. Besides, I'm still practicing. I can't teach a graduating Flynn apprentice. If you teach me, my sister will kill me, not Flynn."

I see, as soon as she seemed to understand something, Kite also taught her own inner feelings. It seems that the trouble is that Kate and a member of Celtic mythology are making things even more complicated.

"Besides, the trouble here is that senpai gets into Celtic forces just like me."


"Ah... senpai is a junior student who has been taught by his teacher in the previous example. Am I a direct apprentice taught by my mentor? If this is another genre, I can fool around in the form of an exchange... but in this situation, I can't do anything about it."

Ha. Kite enters the conversation and exhales a few deep breaths. After all, it seems that I can teach if asked. That's because Kite will be closer to her instant brother in position. And in the present situation, there is no Ku Hulin who will be the instantaneous teacher, so I can make an excuse because there is only Kite who begs for teaching.

"Well, in this case, Senpai is a little rough. Of course, circumvention is more affordable with strength, and it's proof of the strong....."

"Well, that's... beautiful to deny."

"No, it's not my fault about the drinking boy. I won't deny it."


Why does Kite feel bad about drinking with children? Moments are incomprehensible, and you look strange. "The Wise Man of the Earth" taught me this.

"In the first place, he said he wasn't a simple scoundrel."

"Well... maybe I agree. Maybe, but...."

After all, it is about the instantaneous person. In a few moments, I talked to him and he didn't think he was a simple villain. Of course, I didn't think he was a pure good person. A drunken child asks him that.

"Kukuku... do you really think so?

"... ahh"

"Hoo... now you can easily take control of your body like this?

The alcoholic toddler laughs, moving his right hand in the blink of an eye and turning his palm towards the blink of an eye. If you try, you won't have to blow your head off like this. One moment I laughed at this.

"I don't think so."

Well. I'm not going to kill myself with a boulder. "

"And... well, what is it? I don't think a guy who cares about his wife, who's proud of his wife, who's proud of his wife, is a simple bad guy."


This one was taken. The drinking boy had no words to return in the blink of an eye. All of this is unexpected, if not unexpected. Apparently, the drunken child was awake and his memory was slightly flowing in. As far as I could see, I didn't think that the drunken child was a simple bad person. The "Sage of the Earth" laughs when he hears such a conversation.

"Fufu... that's right. Well, I don't know much about other worlds. However, the main anomaly that is happening is that alcoholic drinking children are the triggers, but at the same time it is not the direct cause. I'm sure of this."


"Hmm... I'm not sure yet. It's about your body, so I don't know for sure. Divided from the world, but dead. But at least it would make sense for drunken children to behave in a meaningful way."


In response to the "wise man of the earth," the drunken boy said nothing. And this was also known in "The Wise Man of the Earth." So he tells you.

"In the meantime, you should pay more attention to your body than ever before. You may not make it after something has happened."

"I see. Be careful."

Both the rabbit and the horn now understand that the drunken child is not that dangerous. If so, there are other kinds of causes for the abnormalities that are occurring to the person. Instantly, I understand it and pay a little attention to it. That's how I ended up advising Sola instantly.