Shadow Brave's Readventure - Re-Tale of the Brave

Episode 2006 A New Journey - Return -

A variety of events that set the stage for a general meeting in La area. Kate, who finished it, finished her conversation with Shana and Alumina and finished her last night in Laelia. So, a little. As soon as he was ready to leave, he was once again aboard the airship.

"All right... Shea. Where's your fleet?

No problem. You can fly at any time. Well, there's some damage to each ship... but we can't really repair it here. "

"I know. Arrangements have been made to get you into the Portland Emería military port as soon as you return. And then there's an alternative fleet."

This time, unlike the original deployment, the McDawell family fleet was on the front lines. Fortunately, thanks to the aid of fireflies and aigis, the damage was at most moderate, and the ship never became navigable, but this is the La area. Other countries. We couldn't repair the warship in earnest at any cost, and we stayed on first-aid with what we had.

"Hah... there were a lot of things going on. The rabbit, the horn, is this the end of this trip?"

"There are many things you can get, and there are things you have to think about"

"That's not cool. The scale of the disturbance was too big this time."

In Tina's words, Kate recalls the month that has passed. I was surprised to be able to manipulate an evil species, but it was the resurrection of < >. It wasn't too much trouble.

"Hah... I thought this was the last surprise of a bad species. It's so sweet in the world."

"Rather, it's not over yet."

Still showing me the bill?

Of course.

Tina nodded one more time at Kate's words, looking somewhere far away.

"I hate that. < > is showing you the tag."

"He knows what you can't do. That is a weapon of mass annihilation. Not with the nucleus. It's a good hand to destroy enemies without thinking about it later, but I don't think it's a good idea to think about anything else. It would be a good idea to use it to reduce our combat power, like this one."

Well, I guess so.

Kite knows better than anyone the power of < >. And I also know how bad it is, and I don't really think I can take care of it.

And the < > don't even think they can control it. He makes that decision by remembering that he has known each other for a long time, though it is strange. That's how Kate thought about it, but there was plenty of time - since she was supposed to lead the entire fleet with fireflies and aigis, Kate didn't have to do anything - so I decided to take care of it and ask her a few questions.

"So, Tina. What about fireflies and aigis?

"Hmm? Fireflies are good, but so are Aigis?

"Ah... I told you before. He was controlling < >. I wondered if that load was coming out."

"Ah, well... there's no shortage about this. For the time being, the diagnosis is done regularly. As a result, there is nothing suspicious at the moment."

I see. Then I feel safe. "

It seems that Aigis is not seeing any abnormalities at all. I'm relieved that Kite is okay with that.

So, what else?


"Magic that creates empty spaces. You think you can use it for something?

"Of course not. I think I can use a lot of this. I can go home and set up my own lab."

"I'll give you permission for that. Make your application now."

"What is it? I will respond strangely and honestly."

Although I answered because I was asked, Kite told me to tell me exactly what I needed - or to write - whenever I needed it, and I honestly lowered my permission in advance. As for Tina, she was a little worried. But this was something he couldn't help but look to the future.

"< > has not yet completely destroyed everything. Certainly no one is infinitely hypertrophic, such as the" crime of bulimia (Gratney), "but I don't know what I can use. If we can create a magically empty space, we might be able to apply it to something."

"I see... that's true, too."

"Ah... and above all, 'The crime of bulimia (Gratney)' is not yet completely destroyed. Hundreds of years... I don't know if it's been thousands of years, but given that they've been able to cross the many boundaries they've stretched out, the dust may be in the empty spaces they've created."

Kite doesn't have the power to see anything beyond the world today. If you can see beyond the world, it's just following your own path. That's why I have to say I'm thin. I can't see where the "crime of bulimia (Gratney)" is sealed. It may not be surprising what happens over time. That's what they were thinking.

"Hmm... that would be a nasty story. At least this time, he won, and above all, in view of the information gained from this battle, he won't be able to develop. You can multiply them, but that's all. You can't mix it together and put it back together like you did. Items used. Items taken in. A combination of them. That's his limit."

"You don't have intelligence?"

"Nothing. At least instinctively strategic, but intellectually strategic. No, if it were intelligent and strategic, it would not create such a messy army. That's a good place to make a rough mistake. Spiritual domination is also sweet... in contrast to the" sin of whoredoms (last) "you mentioned earlier. Generate numbers and capture them for now. A monster specializing in hypertrophy."

Once again, recalling the "crime of bulimia (Gratney)", Tina decides that she is not essentially a fearless monster. Of course, that's why it's not good not to be alarmed. That's the size. That's a good reason to be vigilant. But that's all. So, for a while, they were discussing measures for < >, but fireflies contacted us there.

"Master, Mother"

"What is it?

All ships are ready to depart. Personnel, everything is fine. The output of each ship is stable. No problem.

"Really... how much output do you think we can get?

I wonder if 90% of the cruise speed is limited if safety is considered for each ship.

"Hmm... at present, each ship is undergoing emergency measures. I can't help it if I'm going to be late."

As mentioned earlier, the airship that was damaged this time was only given emergency measures so that it could withstand several days of cruising speed. But that's not all speed either. Because it is damaged, that part falls off. That's why Tina decided she had no choice.


"Yes, Mother."

"Ask Laelia to leave. If there's no problem, just fly."

"Jesus... fireflies, make sure you can fly at any time. I'll be in touch with Laelia."

Copy that.

Fireflies and Aegis work on Tina's instructions. Then about twenty minutes later. With permission to depart, the airship on board was to leave La 'alia and proceed far towards the Empire.